Jongewaard and Mullens celebrate at Otway Odyssey

South Australian Chris Jongewaard battled mud sodden trails and a recent concussion to emphatically register his third Otway Odyssey Mountain Bike Marathon title.

Jongewaard crossed the line six minutes ahead of Ben Mather, having fended off repeated attacks as the pair muscled through 100 kilometres of rain-lashed wilderness. 24-Hour Solo World Champion Jason English took a close-run third, a mere half minute further back from Mathers. Last year’s winner Adrian Jackson came home fifth behind Lachlan Norris, an early favourite who overcame mechanical problems to remain in the top Five.

Jongewaard’s win is all the more impressive given the revelation that he knocked himself out riding trails on a new dual suspension bike in his home state only last weekend.

“I had concussion for three days,” said Jongewaard, who admitted to still being a “little cloudy in the head” at the start line.

“I wasn’t feeling great early on; I just didn’t have my usual confidence. Lachie Norris was going hard and broke away early. I just kept on his wheels and hung on. Once I got the lead back, I just concentrated on blocking any attacks. Unfortunately for Lachie his chain broke. If that hadn’t have happened I think it would have been a much tighter battle all the way today.”

While Jongewaard seemed to be in cruise mode having stretched his lead of Mathers in the latter stages, the cross country national series leader reckons he was hurting all the same. “I could feel the wall coming, so I just concentrated on staving it off. The [final climb of the] Sledgehammer still got me, though. I tried to tell myself it would be rideable - I got 50 metres in before I was off the bike.”

Jongewaard rates this, his third win at Forrest, as a huge mental boost as he heads to the National Championships next weekend with visions of the Olympics (London 2012) beyond that.

“I’ve been given leave (under parole conditions) to travel interstate, so I’m hoping the powers that be – so long as I keep performing as well as I have been – see that this is my job and perhaps I’ll be able to travel to compete internationally. We’ll see – but the win certainly gives me confidence going into the Nationals in Adelaide next weekend.”

Second-placed Ben Mathers was happy with his podium, and acknowledged that Jongewaard’s strength on the descent was a game changer.

“He was just super strong on the singletrack and the timed descent. I just couldn’t go with him. From then on I was just trying to make sure I held ground on the guys behind me, which thankfully I managed to do. I would have been happy with a top ten, so I’m wrapped with second place.”

Protest and heartbreak in women’s elite standings

It was a case of jubilation and then tears in the women’s elite field when U23 national champion Gracie Elvin crossed the line first only to discover she had been handed a 30-minute time penalty by race officials for a rule-breaking indiscretion.

Elvin overcame crippling cramp at the 80-kilometre mark to hold off Peta Mullens by nearly five minutes. It was ultimately to no avail, however, as her time penalty relegated her result from a win - “possibly the biggest of my life,” said Elvin before learning of her penalty – to a sixth placing.

The ruling caused Peta Mullens to move up a place on the dais to take the official race title and $4,000 prize money, with Jo Wall elevated to second place, coming in less than a minute behind Mullens’ 5:51:53 time. Rebecca Locke took the official third place in 6:08:19.

Elvin, who like Jongewaard has her sights set on the National Championships and the London Olympics in 2012, was visibly upset at the decision, taken after she took a hydration pack from crew while on the course, which she did not realise was against race rules.

The race directors were sympathetic to Elvin’s case but determined that as a professional she should have known the rules.

“Gracie had a brilliant ride, no doubt,” says Rapid Ascent’s Sam Maffett. “But we’ve had complaints from competitors in the past years about riders gaining assistance on the course, so we made it perfectly clear in all rider briefing information that such assistance outside of the designated area at Forrest Football Ground was against the rules.

“Having been made aware of the situation, it would be unfair on other riders not to follow through on a penalty for a broken rule – even if that transgression was made unawares by a competitor. We applaud her for crossing the line first and respect her for the talent that she clearly has. Hopefully she will accept the decision gracefully and return next year to have another crack – she’s a champion rider and we’d welcome her back to prove herself again.”

The Otway Odyssey lived up to its name in the minds of the 1700-strong field, with 15km, 50km and 100km category riders all facing wet, slippery and muddy conditions on the trails surrounding the township of Forrest in Victoria’s south west. Riders crossed the line smiling with mud-caked faces and limbs, and only the odd broken collarbone, injured ankle or claret-tinged body part, all just grist for the storytelling mill come tomorrow.

Full Results

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Women open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Peta Mullens5:51:53
2Joanna Wall0:00:24
3Rebecca Locke0:16:26
4Niki Fisher0:19:40
5Jessica Douglas0:22:15
6Gracie Elvin0:25:10
7Naomi Williams0:25:45
8Amity Mc swan0:31:40
9Felicity Wardlaw0:32:36
10Sam Reinhardt0:40:08
11Libby Adamson1:11:09
12Courtney Shin1:12:08
13Christy Harris1:12:43
14Claire Stevens2:01:38
15Jacqui Clynes2:02:24
16Philippa Rostan2:06:52
17Liz Meakin2:16:51
18Ev Burrell2:39:37
19Jane Shadbolt2:52:45
20Anna Sutton2:54:41
21Kerrie Noonan3:04:44
22Annette Braagaard3:07:37
23Bree Webb3:08:44
24Nikki Collins3:17:11
25Karina Vitiritti3:19:38
26Belinda Harrison3:46:30
27Bethany Thompson4:06:07
28Kate Bourchier4:50:14
29Eliza Jenkins4:57:34
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Men open
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chris Jongewaard4:22:06
2Ben Mather0:06:16
3Jason English0:08:59
4Lachlan Norris0:10:15
5Adrian Jackson0:14:30
6Luke Fetch0:16:09
7Matthew Fleming0:17:07
8Shaun Lewis0:29:15
9Andrew Fellows0:35:09
10Robbie Hucker0:38:25
11John Groves0:38:57
12Rhys Pollock0:39:43
13Mitchell Anderson0:40:49
14Sam Chancellor0:42:26
15Rohin Adams0:42:37
16Phillip Orr0:43:58
17Matt Molan0:45:08
18Mike Blewitt0:47:11
19Brett Anderson0:47:46
20Floris Goesinnen0:49:55
21Ashley Bleeker0:50:24
22Ben Hogarth0:50:54
23Mathew Gray0:55:37
24Tim Calkins0:56:14
25Duncan Murray0:59:22
26Matt McAuliffe1:01:30
27Andrew Downie1:01:54
28Craig Borham1:02:09
30Justin Morris1:02:11
29Andrew BellRow 29 - Cell 2
31Peter Casey1:04:00
32Jesse Carlsson1:06:23
33Scott Needham1:07:10
34Matthew Lorenz1:09:08
35Stu Shaw1:09:40
36Ryan Moody1:10:58
37Mark Tupalski1:12:50
38Josh Marsland1:13:15
39Luke Haines1:13:31
40Ashley Hayat1:15:05
41Grant Lebbink1:15:18
42Ben May1:16:29
43Jason Spencer1:18:05
44Richard Gristede1:21:23
45Reece Stephens1:22:17
46Ivan Kallaur1:23:00
47john darcey1:23:30
48Andrew Stalder1:23:49
49Jordy Davis1:25:04
50Adam Franklin1:25:49
51Tom Paton1:26:11
52Matt Ligtermoet1:28:06
53Scott Chancellor1:28:07
54David Collins1:30:26
55Nick Kennedy1:30:37
56Wade Wallace1:31:12
57Eric Maddocks1:31:27
58Conan Daley1:31:29
59Simon Easy1:31:34
60Gavin Burland1:31:37
61Brendan Adair1:32:00
62Tom MacMunn1:34:57
63Dylan Newell1:36:55
64Warrack Leach1:38:22
65Sam Moorhouse1:38:44
66Scott Pomroy1:38:47
67James Aylmer1:39:29
68Daniel Skerry1:39:41
69Andrew Shaw1:40:07
70Jeremiah Vella1:40:16
71Alexander Haas1:41:06
72Warren Faneco1:42:47
73Tim Corbett1:43:05
75Kevin Skidmore1:44:21
74Steve ChinnerRow 74 - Cell 2
76Alistair Tune1:44:42
77Christian Caceres1:45:02
78Jason Hegart1:45:05
79Mark Oakshott1:46:10
80Mark Ferguson1:46:19
81Jamie Burton1:47:22
82Bryce Young1:50:49
83Brett Henderson1:51:47
84Jeremy Doolan1:51:58
85Chris Wakelin1:51:59
86Adam Kelly1:52:21
87Steven Lee1:52:51
88Minter Barnard1:54:53
89Drew Blatchford1:55:30
91Luke Aggett1:55:32
90Mark BellewRow 90 - Cell 2
92Ben Cirulis1:56:19
93Sam Walcher1:58:38
94Maaawwwwww Calkins1:59:53
95Neil Robinson2:01:33
96Dean Phillips2:01:42
97Trent Perry2:02:39
98Jack Garnett2:03:09
99Julian Morton2:03:56
100Jason Archer2:04:21
101Michael Brill2:04:54
102Matthew Beattie2:05:02
103Luke Hanley2:05:26
105Liam O'Dea2:05:52
104Shane HayesRow 104 - Cell 2
106Mark Tickle2:08:48
107Shane Roberts2:09:00
108Matthias Schwarze2:09:10
109Harry Miriklis2:10:30
110Laurence Guttmann2:10:33
111Michael Scicluna2:11:41
112Mark Hester2:12:23
113John AndersonRow 112 - Cell 2
114Matt Tait2:12:36
115Andrew Strain2:13:04
116Alistair Miller2:13:23
117Travis McMahon2:14:04
118Jason Briggs2:15:00
119Matt Nash2:17:16
120Jono KeaneRow 119 - Cell 2
121Marc Fox2:17:28
122Dave Arnup2:17:34
123Seb Dunne2:17:50
124Roger Dudziak2:17:55
125Mack Clarkson2:21:26
126David Butler2:22:17
127David Leach2:22:28
128Mark Rayson2:24:13
129Craig Hutchins2:24:40
130William Hartnett2:24:41
131Ben Larsson2:26:43
132Daniel Miller2:26:56
133Lyle Campbell2:29:03
134Gerard McHugh2:29:24
135Sam Evans2:29:30
136Tom Armytage2:29:54
137Jarrod Stonham2:30:03
138Justin Woolford2:30:07
139Cameron Wade2:30:14
140Jamie Nicol2:30:50
141Dane Heaysman2:30:53
142Shaun Grogan2:31:07
143Jason Hick2:32:01
144Bodin Pollard2:33:52
145P'An-Tau Jiricek-Scott2:34:35
146David Morgan2:34:53
147Robert Heideman2:35:37
148Tim Storer2:36:00
149Steve Allen2:36:38
150Arran Pearson2:37:13
151David Sagnol2:37:50
152James Bowden2:38:56
153Lance Cupido2:39:55
154Tim Nelson2:40:04
155Luke Fitridge2:40:10
156Keith Middleton2:40:16
157Tim Marsh2:40:27
158Matthew Whiting2:42:02
159Brenton Jukes2:42:51
160Nathan Wilson2:43:37
161Jason Birch2:43:54
162Todd Baxter2:46:36
163Gavin Drury2:46:44
164Karri Golding2:47:58
165Ben Healey2:48:22
166Nick Rudzki2:51:17
168Michael Borsh-Mann2:51:20
167Gavin PrenticeRow 167 - Cell 2
169Aaron Mattison2:51:29
170Damian Bromfield2:52:58
171Aaron Lindsay2:53:02
172Glenn Tournier2:53:18
173Jamie Marslen2:54:32
174Clayton Chin Quan2:54:38
175Andrew Cook2:54:59
176Adam Fletcher2:55:48
177Scott Thompson2:55:52
178Michael Veal2:56:01
179Nick Cooke2:57:31
180Andrew McPhail2:57:40
181Andrew Caune2:57:56
182Matthew Turner2:58:10
183Tony Luppino2:58:11
184Malcolm Baguley2:58:44
185Tom Ovens2:59:00
186Mike Back3:00:25
187Angus Crisp3:01:22
188Rhys Davie3:01:33
189Gareth Heitmann3:01:45
190Tait Ovens3:01:50
191Nigel Willoughby3:04:55
192Boyd Furmston3:04:57
193Leigh Stott3:05:00
194Todd Cuthbert3:05:05
195Scott BladeRow 194 - Cell 2
196Mat Donaldson3:05:28
197Ben Hespe3:05:29
198Evan Jones3:05:36
199Geoff Kelly3:05:37
200Marty Rostron3:07:46
201Christopher Miller3:07:58
202Troy Flower3:08:03
203Michael Sneyd3:09:01
204Christopher Sereika3:09:33
205Justin Godfrey3:10:13
206Dan Isaacs3:10:19
207Vaughan Sketcher3:11:17
208Martin Hill3:11:46
209Dustin Dever3:12:04
210Shannon Foy3:12:06
211Gareth Knight3:12:10
212Sam Sole3:13:22
213Shane Dargue3:13:35
214Jeremy Hamilton3:14:38
215Nigel Paroissien3:14:45
216Michael Hibble3:15:51
217Rajan Koo3:17:10
218Benjamin Culton3:18:14
219Scott Grinter3:18:37
220Dallas Jones3:18:42
221Shane Jokela3:19:06
222Donovan de Ligt3:20:07
223Steve Bryan3:20:28
224Jason Nikakis3:20:32
226Richard Q Quinn3:22:03
225Philip CrothersRow 225 - Cell 2
227Francis Jackson3:22:28
228Benn Findlay3:22:29
229Leigh Gilmour3:23:00
230Dave Emerson3:23:17
231Tyler Brooks3:23:57
232Nick Dodwell3:26:14
233Gary Noall3:26:19
234Adrian Dillon3:27:05
235Adam Llewelyn3:27:46
236Benjamin Hunt3:28:16
237Matthew Barron3:28:34
238Raphael Touzel3:29:31
239Christopher Mahony3:29:44
240Kevin Pullen3:30:01
241Frank Miocic3:30:09
242Andrew Yarde3:31:22
243Shane Crowhurst3:31:24
244Troy Wearne3:31:30
245George Mattar3:33:11
246Bryce Dolman3:33:47
247Thomas Power3:33:57
248Adam Furphy3:34:13
249Nigel Woodhouse3:35:58
250Darren Standish3:37:02
251Shannon Batten3:37:25
252Dave McLay3:37:33
253Alex Johnson3:37:49
254Long Vu3:37:53
255Daniel Gardner3:38:51
256Richard Kay3:40:20
257Jonas VarcoeRow 256 - Cell 2
258Tim McKechnie3:40:51
259Travis Newick3:40:57
260Ben Scheid3:42:59
261Nic French3:43:21
262Nick Economos3:43:42
263Brett Jarvis3:44:37
264Brad Fitzgerald3:44:44
265Geoff Gillson3:45:02
266Troy Johnson3:45:32
267Davide Angelini3:45:37
268James Eastham3:45:47
269Justin Franklin3:46:26
270Steven Don3:46:40
272Con Zakis3:47:04
271Mose MinutoloRow 271 - Cell 2
273Josh Dowers3:47:52
274Paul Verrall3:47:55
276Thanh Hoang3:49:02
275Stewart GaultRow 275 - Cell 2
277Dwaine Weston3:49:33
278Mark Hamilton3:50:45
279Jason Denholm3:51:58
280Jon Herd3:54:38
281Stephen White3:54:46
282Frederico Panise3:54:57
283Kevin Vo3:56:24
284James Morton3:56:56
285Angus Sobels3:59:10
286Ryan James4:00:20
287Gerard De La Rue4:03:38
288Ian Filby4:04:31
289Peter Stapleton4:06:34
290Kieran Laughton4:08:14
291David Grosshans4:08:28
292Troy Clayton4:10:42
293Michael Douglas4:11:02
294Torey Crimmins4:11:30
295Jason Beelders4:11:43
296Ashley Manners4:12:00
297Paul Gruber4:12:40
298Ashley Goldstraw4:15:41
299Dirk Schreier4:17:04
300Peter Schmidt4:17:48
301Andrew Blaney4:18:27
302Andy Williams4:19:48
303Steve Woodward4:19:53
304Greg Berryman4:23:21
305Luke Hayward4:23:37
306Hugh Williams4:24:03
307Luke Jackson4:28:05
308Chris Jackson4:28:06
309David Samuel4:28:09
310Craig Lee4:28:36
311Doug Ivey4:30:39
312Paul Jenkins4:30:46
313Simon Wallish4:31:15
314Paul Sheedy4:32:29
315Jeremy Tassone4:32:35
316Andrew Rowan4:33:05
317Leigh Fitzgerald4:33:12
318Brad McCloud4:35:04
319Ashlin Casey4:35:44
320Marcus Bourne4:38:57
321Steve Nichols4:40:08
322Gerard van Raaphorst4:40:18
323Chris Cole4:40:41
324Jason Dawes4:41:13
325Antony Morris4:42:54
327Alex Gott-Cumbers4:44:38
326Jarlath LeydenRow 326 - Cell 2
328Paul Durante4:44:56
329Dan Holthouse4:45:18
330David Lee4:45:20
331Peter Waterhouse4:46:20
332David MacDonaldRow 331 - Cell 2
333David Thornton4:54:08
334Paul Justus5:00:13
335Heath Sommerville5:00:15
336Mark Haebich5:01:43
337Walter Sierra5:05:38
338Rob Jackson5:06:22
339Dean Grundell5:07:43
340Russell Botten5:09:31
341Robby Williams5:09:46
342Paul Inglis5:09:51
343Luke Sperring5:11:25
344Dean Crawford5:12:50
345David Vo5:15:44
346Cameron Senn-Sanger5:16:16
347Glen Janetzki5:16:38
348Russell JohnstonRow 347 - Cell 2
349Colin Brown5:18:52
350Lee Morony5:22:01
351David Fisher5:25:02
352Nick Scott5:27:30
353Luke Colthup5:36:52
354Johannes Oberholster5:39:27
355Mark Morgan5:40:09
356Cameron Stent5:43:23
357Paul Tadich5:44:34
358Jerome Barton5:46:12
359David Macdonald5:46:23
360Matt Jones5:50:22
361Tim Clarke5:52:23
362Scott Murphy5:55:52
363Adam McKane5:59:10
364Clint Murrell6:01:01
365Michael BakerRow 364 - Cell 2
366Dan Gowing6:04:37
367Craig Smith6:07:02
368James Rickard6:11:13
369James Anderson6:11:14
370Ben Rancie6:15:15
371Ben Schmidt6:20:32
372Dan Everitt6:20:36
373Richard Zylan6:22:05
376Michael Boudrie6:48:06
375Lloyd ShanksRow 374 - Cell 2
374Adam VenturaRow 375 - Cell 2
377Jeff Upward6:55:17
378Tim Watson6:58:14
379Dwayne Bridgland6:58:46
380Mark Johnson6:59:31
381Craig White7:01:05
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Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mark Giliberto5:12:34
2Mathew Haymes0:00:03
3Ben Scott1:21:36
4Jeremy Nielsen1:25:54
5Simon De Campo1:41:33
6Shaun Wright1:59:15
7Alex Hockey2:17:58
8Amos Findlay3:17:01
9Michael Salvitti3:20:59
10Joseph Patrick4:03:36
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Veteran women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Meg Carrigan7:09:45
2Kathryn Stolarski0:53:54
3Bettina Terry2:35:39
4Thorlene Egerton3:09:13
5Helen Dorsett3:10:36
6Debra Renn3:46:35
7Alison Forbes4:12:35
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Veteran men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Simon Knowles5:14:37
2Damien Jones0:01:49
3Brad Davies0:10:57
4Brian John0:18:17
5David Rusden0:22:55
6Danny Kah0:30:00
7Vincent Welstead0:33:53
8David Scarlett0:36:05
9Andrew Field0:37:47
10Brian Mctaggart0:38:55
11Michael Walsh0:40:27
12Tim Jamieson0:40:33
13Ollie Klein0:43:22
14Shane Barr0:45:58
15John Clews0:48:45
16Richard Pohl0:48:55
17Carl Maroney0:49:40
18Jamin Hill0:52:55
19Angus Rodwell0:53:01
20Ben Blackman0:54:33
21Martin Grannas0:55:34
22Neville Bird0:56:03
23Matt Sanderson0:59:45
24Dean Clark0:59:50
25Greg Boyall1:01:53
26Gary Thompson1:04:46
27Martin Taube1:04:52
28Paul Haley1:06:34
29Scott Welch1:11:13
30Brent Telford1:12:11
32Jonathan McComb1:16:13
31John WhittingtonRow 31 - Cell 2
33Liam McCrory1:16:50
34Andrew Grant1:16:53
35Michael Anderson1:21:59
36Anthony Caffry1:22:29
37Darran West1:24:27
38Jason Kaul1:24:39
39Steve Brindle1:30:58
40Nick Grosso1:31:44
41Heath Bastian1:32:09
42Royce James1:32:11
43Brett Matson1:33:25
44John Wright1:34:50
45Leigh Barratt1:35:12
46Shane Clayton1:35:28
47Peter Hepworth1:36:00
48Jamie Heritage1:41:21
49Matt Bazzano1:42:53
50Craig Flockhart1:42:57
51Matthew McGill1:43:12
52Bradley McGown1:44:16
53Darren Harris1:44:49
54Bevan Kerr1:44:50
55Jason Dennis1:47:11
56David Crow1:49:08
57Paul Massey1:49:25
58Glenn Lewis1:51:20
59Mark Womersley1:53:24
60Mark Norden1:53:40
61Stuart Ball1:56:28
62Tim Roach1:57:53
63Anthony Breen1:58:25
64Darryl Fourter1:58:40
65Antony Bishop2:02:13
66Spencer Pither2:04:06
67Lee Floyd2:05:27
68Mitchell Mathyssen2:05:40
69Andrew Hollole2:07:49
70Peter Winfield2:09:04
71Gary Birkett2:10:07
72David McDonald2:10:21
73David Croxford2:10:46
74Dave Allardyce2:11:23
75Richard Wright2:12:42
76Matthew Kemp2:12:56
77Mark Cashion2:14:06
78Ross de Kretser2:14:10
79Andre Braakhuis2:15:46
80Marcus Williams2:16:09
81Jason Parker2:16:42
82Johnny Horrocks2:18:26
83Dean Armstrong2:21:04
84David Herrewyn2:23:24
85Geoff Clark2:28:51
86Adam Brown2:28:52
87Mark Weir2:29:58
88Paul Simpson2:30:45
89Duncan Miller2:32:13
90Mark Leng2:33:43
91Pete McCarthy2:34:04
92Steve Mckay2:34:33
93Duncan Casswell2:35:02
94Mick Ritchie2:38:53
95Sam Stapleton2:41:33
96Tim Stevens2:43:09
97Grant Dean2:45:11
98Craig Scott2:45:42
99Peter Svara2:46:26
100Mike Ford2:46:34
101Brian Cameron2:47:07
102Stuart Salt2:52:19
103John Richardson2:54:35
104Glen Higgins2:56:00
105Bernard O'Sullivan2:58:11
106Nicholas Bailey3:01:31
107Les Lindenburg3:02:47
108Bill Taylor3:04:58
109Darrell Sutton3:06:27
110Gary Jeffries3:07:04
111David Perrin3:08:22
114Justin Callahan3:12:00
113Chris CallahanRow 112 - Cell 2
112Mark KellyRow 113 - Cell 2
115Pete Hol3:13:50
116Garry Baker3:13:57
117Adrian Vlok3:14:48
118Bruce Newton3:16:45
119Mark Rimmington3:18:54
120Scott Yaxley3:21:41
121Ben Weiher3:27:55
122Michael Scott3:30:49
123Mark Gare3:30:54
124Jamie Baensch3:31:18
125Franco Cavalieri3:31:44
126Graeme Hill3:32:16
127John Coghlan3:34:50
128Rik Blazevic3:35:37
129Greg Orr3:36:07
130Martin Grant3:37:22
131Darren Rubens3:38:26
132Chris Browne3:38:34
133Martyn Inman3:38:46
134Stephen Goodall3:40:10
135Paul Matton3:42:37
136Paul Chapman3:43:35
137John OBrien3:46:44
138Christian Haidacher3:46:51
139Ricko Stillman3:47:04
140Gregory Norden3:47:43
141Lance Houlihan3:48:11
142Andrew Taylor3:49:42
143Damian Cayzer3:50:24
144Garth Bruce McGregor3:55:19
145Andrew Hocking3:56:43
146Paul Tippett3:57:04
147Gus Dobie3:58:39
148Steve Wright3:59:58
149Andrew Stevens4:04:02
150Hairlip BakerRow 149 - Cell 2
151Andrew Condron4:11:08
152Scott Ramsay4:14:08
153David Riley4:15:13
154Danny Field4:15:58
155Andy Derham4:19:32
156Richard Renn4:20:06
157John Crockett4:23:46
158Jorgen Forsberg4:23:47
159Greg Maren4:29:54
160Chris Whyte4:29:56
161Laz Poumpoulidis4:30:08
162Alex Harratt4:30:45
163Daniel Drake-Brockman4:31:26
164Roger Marek4:31:29
165Clive Milham4:34:55
167Phillip Smale4:35:44
166Mark GardnerRow 166 - Cell 2
168Kornelis van der Laan4:40:07
169Martin Hardwick4:41:15
170Sever Ciutina4:43:27
171Don Maclean4:47:06
172Tony Northwood4:48:27
173Robert Milne4:49:16
174Martin Savage4:51:25
175Stuart Zerbe4:52:02
176Stuart Saward4:52:39
177Darren Gee4:58:35
178Rob Connor5:07:59
179Peter Gallagher5:08:37
180Jeff Balchin5:10:43
181Rod Posner5:10:45
182Johnny Boyd5:11:23
183Damian Weddell5:21:48
184Stephen Cimpoeru5:22:22
185Kirk Peacock5:28:36
186Don Wales5:28:39
187Craig (FAV) Favaloro5:34:51
188Geoff Findlay5:46:04
189Tony Dietachmayer5:47:23
190Chris Harris5:55:37
191David Langdon6:01:51
192Richie Wynd6:02:46
193Gary Livingstone6:03:20
194Mark Cleary6:13:53