Sornson wins Wilderness 101

The 12th annual Wilderness 101 started on a foggy, drizzly Saturday morning. The ominous cloud cover turned out to be a good thing as it kept temperatures low throughout much of the morning. Later in the day, the summer sunshine broke through the clouds until a few scattered showers fell in the afternoon.  Cheryl Sornson (Team CF) and Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale Factory Racing) raced to victory.


In the women's race, a fierce battle started in the morning with an attack by Cheryl Sornson (Team CF). She opened up an early gap on Vicki Barclay (Stan's No Tubes Womens Elite), Kristen Gavin (Team CF) and Karen Potter ( The trio ended up chasing Sornson for most of the race and then breaking apart in the latter half of the race.

Barclay rode away from the chase group in an attempt to catch Sornson, but the gap was never closed, and Sornson won the race. The winner described the course as more difficult than she remembered and said it was a tough day.

Barclay finished second. The home field advantage seemed to be an advantage for her. "Having friends at the aid stations helped motivate me to race hard."

Gavin was third while Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing) finished in fourth, just ahead of Potter, who was fifth.


In the men's race, Team CF made an early presence at the front, keeping the pace steady. Up the first climb, Christian Tanguy (Team CF) cracked the whip which chiseled the lead group down, but it was Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale Factory Racing) who punched it into the singletrack first and launched what would be for him an impressive race.

A chase group quickly formed, but the only two men who could catch Bishop were Johnathan Schottler (Cannondale) and Justin Lindine (Redline).

Bishop, Lindine, and Schottler rode together until a late race attack by Bishop helped him get away and take the win by five minutes. This left Schottler and Lindine to battle for second.

Schottler, who rides and works for Cannondale, proved the stronger of the two as he slipped away from NUE favorite Lindine and raced to second place. Lindine finished close behind in third place.

The battle for fourth was between late race bloomer Kevin Carter (Gripped Films) and Mr. NUE, Christian Tanguy, but Carter was able to outpower Tanguy in the end. Tanguy rounded out the podium in fifth.

Race note

- Two of the more noteworthy finishers were Mark and Vicki Schow, who traveled from Zhejiang Providence, China to compete in the race for a seventh time. They competed on a full suspension tandem.

Full Results

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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale Factory Racing)6:30:56
2Jonathan Schottler (Cannondale)0:04:46
3Justin Lindine (Redline)0:05:25
4Kevin Carter (Gripped Racing)0:14:49
5Christian Tanguy (Team CF)0:15:07
6Samuel Morrison (The Gear Movement)0:20:04
7Ian Spivack (DCMTB)0:32:12
8Brandon Draugelis (Team CF)0:37:42
9Michael Simonson (RBS/CPA Crossings)0:38:43
10Garth Prosser (Specialized)0:38:44
11Jake Sitler (Shippensburg University)0:41:06
12Rob Spreng (Dirty Harry's)0:42:14
13Troy Barry (Hammer Nutrition/ StansNoTubes)0:44:59
14Dylan Johnson (Scott RC)0:46:58
15Gregory Jancaitis (Riverside Racing)0:52:32
16Andy Gorski (Pro Bikes)0:55:28
17Dan Atkins (Race Pace/Trek MTB)1:00:21
18Joe Fish (Design Physics Racing)1:03:36
19Ryan Heerschap (Cycle Craft/Bulldogs)1:05:18
20Rob Lichtenwalner (Notubes
21Jesse Kelly (Team CF)1:09:55
22Cody LaCosta (High Gear Cyclery)1:12:21
23Noah Mabry (Shirk's 10)1:13:19
24Kevin Campbell (Spokes-n-Skis)1:16:13
25Jason Berry (Gripped Racing)1:16:24
26Stephen Kincaid (Stan's NoTubes/AXA Equitable)1:17:54
27Eric Schofield (Richmond Velo Sports)1:23:40
28Daniel Rapp (Mountainside Racing)1:24:11
29Vanya Temnykh (The Bicycle Shop)1:26:23
30Greg Kuhn (RBS MTB Team)1:26:56
31Jed Prentice (Bike Doctor)1:27:09
32Rich Straub (Stan's NoTubes/Caffeinated Cyclist )1:28:35
33Jonathan Schottler (Cannondale)1:29:56
34Erik Scott (The Bicycle Shop)1:29:58
35Dan Kotwicki (Trek 29er Crew)1:30:14
36Dennis Baldwin (Ellicottville Bike Shop)1:33:27
37Petr Minar (NCVC/United Healthcare)1:34:10
38David Funk (Shirk's 10)1:37:28
39Jeffrey Gilman (Bikebarn Racing)1:38:07
40Alexander Kurland (Blue Ridge Cyclery)1:38:46
41John Petrylak (Blue Ridge Cyclery)1:38:48
42David Silloway (The Bike Zone Rochester)1:44:27
43Brian Wilson (Bike Barn Racing)1:46:35
44Lee Simril (Motor Milr Racing)1:47:48
45Jared Janowiak (None)1:53:53
46Joe Fotia (Mahoning Valley Cycling)1:55:53
47Andy Rhodes (North Mountain Woodworks)1:57:45
48Travis Fowler (First Victory/Cycle South)1:59:16
49Timothy Karabin (Performance Lab p/b Caffeinated Cyclist)2:01:57
50Stu Hess (MBR/The Bicycle Shop)2:06:14
51Jason Wright (Gung Ho)2:07:01
52Neil Popovich (
53John Furtak (Caffeinated Cyclist Racing)2:09:30
54Rich Oneil (NoTubes)2:10:07
55Paul Schow (
56Matt Donahue (DCMTB)2:12:14
57James Burris (Black Dog Bikes)2:12:21
58Jeff Plassman (Design Physics Racing)2:12:58
59Douglas Pepelko (Applied Security Inc.)2:13:00
60Rick Hall (Yo Mama)2:15:00
61Michael Schlegel (Brookmont Racing)2:15:41
62Rob Russell (Gripped Racing)2:17:56
63Michael Quinn (Montclair Bikery)2:18:53
64Bruce Meyer (BMC Builders/Primitive Trails .org)2:19:01
65Jason Stout (Totally Econo)2:19:41
66Thomas Hanrahan (Silent Sports)2:22:54
67Joe Gabor (Cutters Bike Shop)2:23:46
68Brian Younkin (Team Nolan)2:28:40
69Bob Radzwich (The Bicycle Shop)2:29:00
70Hans Schneider (NONE)2:29:14
71Chris Coulston (Team Competitive Gear)2:29:55
72Christian Bowman (Gung Ho)2:31:24
73Matt Kretchmar (Athens Bicycle)2:32:18
74Dave Wagoner (KCV Cycling - Racing For Riley)2:33:37
75Arthur Roti (NEMBA Racing/Team Seven Cycles)2:37:59
76Madison Mattews (MBR/The Bicycle Shop)2:39:39
77Joseph Johnston (Black Bear Cycling)2:41:18
78Grant Matthews (CarboRocket)2:45:49
79Andrew Moore (William and Mary Cycling)2:49:03
80Scott Fitzner (Team Dirt Shack)2:49:07
81Bryan Wright (Black Dog Bikes)2:49:42
82Hans Lellelid (Applied Security, Inc.)2:49:47
83Rob Campbell (Bike Line)2:53:40
84Jeff Carlson (Cadre Racing)2:56:14
85Jared Zabrosky (Lake Effect / Bike Authority)2:58:45
86Donovan Neal (Team Neal)2:59:31
87Pete LoBianco (Mason Dixon Velo/The Cycle Works)3:00:01
88Ben Brown (Moonstompers / SMT)3:01:53
89Brad Beeson (Team Spin)3:02:57
90Mark Milliken (None)3:04:36
91Matt Dallos (None)3:05:38
92Stephen Wilson (
93Jeff Jackson (Gearheads, Petawawa)3:06:46
94Paul Speranza (Corning Notubes Race Team)3:07:47
95Gary Morris (None)3:08:07
96Peri Garite (Team PC)3:12:11
97Joseph Hoskins (C'ville Hash House Mashers)3:12:21
98Joe Tavani (SVVC)3:16:29
99Michael Ryba (CAMBA)3:16:33
100Adolfo Rodriguez (Joyful Cycles Team)3:17:05
101Ricardo Collado (Joyful Cycles Team)3:17:06
102Tom Kapinus (FOCG)3:17:48
103Jack Iacoboni (Ltd4Life#noteeth)3:17:54
104Steve Champa (None)3:21:30
105Fritjof Pameijer (Cycling Concepts)3:21:31
106Pete Green (Adventures for the Cure)3:21:38
107Ron Shealer (Freezethaw Cycles/Hubcap Cycles)3:25:56
108Mark Werkheiser (NMBA Deep N Dark Underground)3:27:21
109Thomas Stritzinger (TEAM STRITZ RACING)3:28:04
110Glen Catalano (Cadre Racing)3:32:28
111Randy Larrison (Cadre Racing)3:32:29
112Joseph Baremore (Clean Currents p/b Beyer Kia)3:32:30
113Michael Bonsby (Team Mt Airy)3:33:04
114Charles Buki (Gripped Racing)3:33:47
115Garett Schreier (Orange Street Velo)3:34:18
116Dean Rogers (None)3:35:25
117James Wholey (Team AAA)3:40:54
118Steve Johnsen (None)3:44:36
119Jason LaBella (Unattached)3:46:33
120Taylor Kruse (None)3:47:20
121Christian Baks (Pauling Cycle and Sport)3:47:49
122Crain Cordaro (Cordaro Bros!)3:48:24
123Jacob Bodway (Team Hollyloft)3:49:04
124Jeff Brown (Joe's Bike Shop)3:49:54
125Chris Joice (Team Ed)3:52:29
126Andrew Krebs (Krebs Cycle..)3:53:42
127Chris Torrance (RACING GREYHOUNDS)3:58:59
128Gary Long (Elk Creek Café + Aleworks)4:02:05
129Kenneth Timm (Delusions of Adequacy)4:04:04
130Victor Lin ( Etc.)4:05:59
131Jan Faller (Bike Barn Racing)4:08:26
132Don Fella (Mac 5 Bikes Webster NY, Hammer Nutrition)4:13:48
133Russell Petts (RACING GREYHOUNDS)4:18:35
134Ron Indelicato (RCNJ)4:18:46
135Jodah Mazur (Cadre Racing)4:23:36
136Raphael Silvestro (Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster)4:34:55
137Andrew Schaaf (Bike Lane)4:37:12
138Aaron Pontzer (Nittany Mountain Bike Association)4:41:25
139David Viens (The Bike Lane)4:42:03
140Scott Sheeder (Team Skin)4:44:46
141Andrew Dutton (Watson Cycles)4:47:53
142Alexander Moore (Pitt Cycling)4:55:30
143Philip Nerges (Jimenez Velo Sport)4:59:49
144Ingo Mayr (Kahler Marlee)5:02:29
145Sean Connelly (Fine Whine)5:05:16
146William Braum (CAMBA)5:12:25
147Dennis Morgan (Team
148Tom Newton (None)5:23:17
149Rodney Reed (None)5:35:40
150Nicholas Kiusalaas (RockDog)5:38:38
151Anthony Griffin (Bike Depot)6:09:46
152John Cox (Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing)6:26:37
153David Carleton (RPR Reactive)6:26:38
154John Little (Pickle Power)6:32:56
155David Juneau (Target Trainning)6:42:40
156Anthony Cottone (Tony No Bologna)7:03:37
157Ross Riley (NYSP SORT)7:17:07
158Brad Wilcox (Northern Allegheny MTB Association)7:36:24
DNFMike Zobrest (Hollyloft)Row 158 - Cell 2
DNFJoe Hnatishion (Stoudts Brewing / 159 - Cell 2
DNFSven Cole (Team 160 - Cell 2
DNFDavid Reid (Design Physics Racing)Row 161 - Cell 2
DNFRoy Vaccaro (Jimenez Velo Sport)Row 162 - Cell 2
DNFCarlos Espinoza (Spokes Etc Vienna)Row 163 - Cell 2
DNFRicardo Tenorio (Spokes Etc Vienna)Row 164 - Cell 2
DNFTyler Stimely (Bul-E-Rum)Row 165 - Cell 2
DNFAdolfo Rodriguez (Joyful Cycles Team)Row 166 - Cell 2
DNFBruce Stauffer (Cycle Works)Row 167 - Cell 2
DNFScott Clarke (Team NS)Row 168 - Cell 2
DNFNorman Haendler (None)Row 169 - Cell 2
DNFKeith Cordaro (Cordaro Bros!)Row 170 - Cell 2
DNSBradley Schmalzer (Team Magazine)Row 171 - Cell 2
DNSMike Kuhn (NoTubes Trans-Sylvania Epic)Row 172 - Cell 2
DNSChad Lawrence (Overlook Mtn Bikes)Row 173 - Cell 2
DNSJohn Inglese Jr. (Team Owl)Row 174 - Cell 2
DNSSteve Perkins (Team Persay)Row 175 - Cell 2
DNSRobert Jimenez (ROB-MODS)Row 176 - Cell 2
DNSRandall Lewis (Bike Line)Row 177 - Cell 2
DNSJason Linscott (Backroom Coffee Roasters)Row 178 - Cell 2
DNSNick DiSalle (Trek/Backroom Coffee roasters)Row 179 - Cell 2
DNSRob Brawley (W107)Row 180 - Cell 2
DNSJoe Catalano (Farting Picassos)Row 181 - Cell 2
DNSRoy Huber (Velocavore)Row 182 - Cell 2
DNSMatthew Schoman (Watson Cycles)Row 183 - Cell 2
DNSAlasdair Gledhill (Scrap Easy)Row 184 - Cell 2
DNSRichard Brown (None)Row 185 - Cell 2
DNSJoel Torretti (University Orthopedics)Row 186 - Cell 2
DNSTrevor Booz (Unattached)Row 187 - Cell 2
DNSTravis Cardoza (Trestle Bridge Racing)Row 188 - Cell 2
DNSKeith White (Cadet Investments)Row 189 - Cell 2
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cheryl Sornson (Team CF)7:44:37
2Vicki Barclay (Stan's NoTubes Women's Elite)0:10:37
3Kristin Gavin (Team CF)0:23:48
4Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing)0:34:06
5Karen Potter (
6Pam Frentzel-Beyme (Gripped Racing)1:19:12
7Linda Shin (Blacksmith Cycle)1:43:02
8Rebecca Frederick (Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV)2:04:26
9Shannon Tenwalde (Combo Race Team / Whole Foods / Roll)2:04:28
10Christina Buerkle (TOP)2:22:54
11Christina Markarian (bikebarnracing)2:36:16
12Angela Paterna (None)3:52:33
13Esther Schaftel (Adventures for the Cure)4:09:29
DNFRachel Curtin (Hollyloft)Row 13 - Cell 2
DNFDanelle Manthey (None)Row 14 - Cell 2
DNFMolly Wolf (Gore Bike Wear)Row 15 - Cell 2
DNFBeth Wurster (Darkhorse Cycles)Row 16 - Cell 2
DNFMichelle Dulieu (None)Row 17 - Cell 2
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Masters men 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Roger Masse (Trek)7:39:51
2Ron Sanborn (Einstien Bikes)0:21:02
3Richard LaBombard (Joe's Garage)0:29:24
4Mike Ramponi (Independent Fabrication)0:37:42
5William Simms (Cycle Lodge)1:06:39
6Mark Drogalis (Team CF)1:10:13
7David Jolin (Stark Velo)1:11:52
8Nate Simms (Cycle Lodge)1:18:09
9David Belknap (Cycle Lodge)1:18:10
10Henry McCullough (POA Cycling)1:24:21
11Gary Musgrove (Bikebarnracing,com)1:30:18
12Erik Lenzig (Freeze Thaw Cycles)1:53:22
13Charles Richter (None)1:54:03
14Robert Pilato (Crankskins/Park Ave Bike)2:03:17
15Paul Tarter (Crofton Bike Doctor)2:07:40
16Mark Johnson (Northstar Bicycles/Dedicated Athlete)2:34:03
17Paul Livornese (Darkhorse Cycles)3:26:20
18Chris Wurster (Independent Fabrication)3:26:21
19James Wilson (Team CF)3:31:39
20Will Farrell (Teamster Team Man)3:31:44
21Philip Plouffe (Watson Cycles)3:38:59
22John Urkuski (IM Able Foundation)3:42:43
23Dan Matthews (Fine Whine)3:56:19
DNFRick Cline (Team Tillman)Row 23 - Cell 2
DNFJoe Levis (Hollyloft)Row 24 - Cell 2
DNFCharles Richter (None)Row 25 - Cell 2
DNFPaul Rounds (None)Row 26 - Cell 2
DNFPaul Barsom (The Weed Garden)Row 27 - Cell 2
DNSMatthew Davies (Bikeway)Row 28 - Cell 2
DNSDonald Sisto (Team Marley)Row 29 - Cell 2
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Singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Patrick Blair (Adventures For the Cure)7:10:05
2Gerry Pflug (Salsa/NoTubes/Top Gear)0:13:44
3Matt Ferrari (Freeze Thaw/ Hubcap Cycles/ Stans NoTubes)0:16:31
4Justin Pokrivka (Top Gear, Cohen and Associates)0:26:04
5Hal Batdorf (
6Robert Lochner (ynSSr/xxcmag)0:46:46
7Nate Kraxberger (Sid's NYC)0:50:32
8Allen Runkle (Freeze Thaw Cycles)0:51:58
9James Mayuric (Pro Bikes/Oberg Medical)1:00:36
10Aaron Shelmire (YnSSr)1:03:26
11Kelly Klett (Trips for Kids-Triangle/Grassroots Bikes)1:04:23
12Michael Tressler (EDG/Hoosac Hype)1:12:39
13Jason Pruitt (Peoples Brewing/LAS/Hodsons Bay/CRC)1:16:36
14Donald Powers (ynSSr / Pro Bikes / Twin Six)1:17:33
15Scott Livingston (Team Horst Engineering)1:20:50
16Scott Green (SPUD Racing)1:28:12
17Mike Mazzarese (KBS - Lateral Stress Velo)1:47:11
18Mark Peterman (SVVC)1:47:51
19Andrew Watson (Watson Cycles)1:49:56
20Watts Dixon (The Revolting Cogs)2:02:51
21Josh Hepler (Anti-cramp-omatic)2:06:10
22Daniel Ingerdal (NYCMTB)2:13:28
23Scott Rath (Cadre)2:19:12
24Mike Cordaro (Matt Sturbator/Bubba Booey)2:57:16
25George Hollerbach (Newtown Bike)2:58:07
26Daniel Ness (Gung Ho)4:54:19
27Lance Russell (LR Cycles)6:25:55
DNFMike Montalbano (Tomac/Gu/Schwalbe/Industry Nine)Row 27 - Cell 2
DNFScott Altland (None)Row 28 - Cell 2
DNFCraig Fleetwood (None)Row 29 - Cell 2
DNSMichael Benoski (7Hills Racing)Row 30 - Cell 2
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Singlespeed women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jocelyn Linscott (Dark Horse Cycles)11:08:35
2Hannah Johnston (TBR)0:45:50
Swipe to scroll horizontally
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mark Schow (
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Clydesdale men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alan Funk (None)8:57:37
2David Nembhard (None)0:23:05
3Keith DeVore (Buckeye Cycling)0:25:12
4Scott Warren (Bicycle Depot)0:26:57
5Luis Rivera (NYCMTB)1:16:54
6Adam Krop (NYCMTB)1:23:07
7Jeff Stickle (Black Bear Cycling)1:52:04
8Jason Sparks (RACING GREYHOUNDS)2:07:00
9Steven Hecht (TBR Racing)2:32:34
10Mike Daubenspeck (Peaks coaching Group)3:03:16
11Andrew Cappella ()3:21:24
12Jim Gallagher (Team Narbs)3:43:06
DNFGrant Cunningham (KCV Cycling Racing For Riley)Row 12 - Cell 2
DNFGerard Arantowicz (Cowtown Cycling Team/ 13 - Cell 2
DNFScott Warren (Bicycle Depot)Row 14 - Cell 2
DNSPeter Muench (Park Ave Bike Specialized)Row 15 - Cell 2
DNSJeremy Lincoln (Lincoln Recycling)Row 16 - Cell 2


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