Tanguy, Carey earn top spots in Mohican 100-miler

A decade of racing at the Mohican has included some unusual occurrences including an overnight flood of the entire Walhounding Valley that forced on the fly course changes during the race, searing heat the next year, and baseball-size hail before packet pickup followed by soaking rains and two tornados crossing the course in 2010.

For racers who completed the 2010 race, the weather reports coming into this year's race were less than optimistic with a threatening front of thunderstorms rolling in on Thursday night and again on Friday before packet pickup. However, the dry conditions before the storms arrived allowed the ground to soak up the moisture much like a record 600+ racers soaked up nearly 23 kegs of Great Lakes Brew  following the race. Gentle winds continued throughout the day and late into the night, creating ideal course conditions would produce record finish times and good memories of the 2012 anniversary race including the first ever finish by Tandem duo Devin DeBoer and Mark Quist, who crossed the line in 9:58:35.

Women: Carey makes it two in a row

Two-time NUE Champion, Amanda Carey (Kenda/Felt) made it two in a row in her bid to defend her title this year finishing in 7:42:26.

"Course conditions were far better than I thought they would be. The trails weren't too muddy," said Carey. "Mostly the ground was just saturated so, at times, it felt like your tires were really sticking to the ground. I felt good most of the day. Other than the vicious wind, the weather was ideal for a long day in the saddle.

"Looking at the times from last year, I knew it was possible to go sub-eight hours, so I was focused on that goal. I tried to just stay on the gas all day, trying to chase down men ahead of me, sort of riding it like a personal time trial. I caught onto a few people here and there but never really had a group to work with for a long period of time although I rode with two awesome singlespeeders for the entire rail trail.

"As much as I love singlespeeders, they are pretty useless in terms of taking pulls!" she said.

However, that section was really key for me. Having their company was awesome during what I think is the hardest part of that entire race. If you crack during the rail trail section it can be very, very hard to get through it mentally, without being demoralized. They gave me the motivation to drill it off the front and ride for them and for myself as hard as I could."

Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing) took second in 8:26:30, building on her strong finish at Syllamo's Revenge. "I couldn't have asked for much more...perfect weather, great course conditions, and stellar support at the aid stations. Everyone was absolutely fantastic. Mohican is always one of my favorite events and yesterday definitely did not disappoint. I felt that I had a solid race and once I was able to get a little gap, my focus was just on staying strong and holding on to second."

Andrea Wilson, known for riding a rigid singlespeed, opted to change things up for one race by going geared. Wilson minions need not fear however, when asked about the change to gears, Wilson responded with a wink and a smile, confirming that she was not abandoning rigid singlespeed racing altogether. She took third at 8:44:28.

Kathleen Harding (Team CF) rolled in just two minutes behind Wilson in 8:46:20, and Linda Shin (Blacksmith Cycle) finished in 8:59:12 while Carmen Sweet (Reactivated) in 9:26:38 rounded out the top six.

Men: Redemption for Tanguy

Reigning NUE Champion Christian Tanguy (Team CF), still recovering from an over the bars crash into the rocks at Syllamo's Revenge, made a late entry into the race, seizing his first victory of the season at a blistering pace of 6:37:58.

For Tanguy, who promised after Syllamo's that he would redeem himself, did just that! The Mohican MTB 100 may prove to be the race that got him back on track toward defense of his title following a narrow loss to US Olympic hopeful Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale) at Cohutta before crashing out at Syllamo's.

Michael Simonson (RBS MTB Team) nudged ever closer to the NUE Champ, finishing less than eight minutes back at 6:45:36. Rob Spreng (Dirty Harry's) rolled in at 6:47:37, two minutes behind a pack of three with mere seconds separating third, fourth and fifth place. Leading the three-pack was Chris Peariso (Adventure212/Specialized), who broke it down this way. "I decided to go into this year's Mohican 100 with a bit more of a relaxed attitude after my past two attempts didn't turn out that well."

"So, when the horn sounded, I leisurely clipped in and followed wheels. This worked well for me with the start hill up (Maple Heights) since the steep hills treat me well. I thought the first three quarters of the climb was fairly chill, then someone decided to punch it over the top. I kept patient and decided to ride my pace and settled into a group of four of us that included Jordan Wakely (Einstein Racing), Simonson, and Kevin Carter (Gripped Films/ Dogfish Head Brewing). I think, at this time, Christian Tanguy, Brandon Draugelis (Team CF), and Rob Spreng were in front of us.

"Our group rode together with either Simonson or Carter pushing the pace most of the time with Jordan and me in tow. Then, on the run up section of the trail, the SiMonster (Simonson) attacked everyone and created a small gap. I did not chase much because I actually did not realize I was riding with Mike? I thought it was his teammate and I would bring him back in on the horse trail climb after the road. That decision almost cost me though because I didn't get back on when we came out onto the road sections before aid two and, by then, they had formed a group of five guys.

"I just hit the hills hard and managed to keep them at a distance that became neutralized at aid two, thanks to the volunteers there being right on cue with my bottles! That allowed me to roll out with the group that now included Rob, Jordan, Mike, Brandon, eventual 100k winner Steve Twinning, and me.

"After my hard chase I sat in the back of the group and was not able to do much work as the rest of them got down to business in the search for Christian. Then, at aid three, I got caught out with everyone else having support so their stops were much shorter than mine so I was once again forced to chase. While chasing, I also had a quick mechanical that forced me off the bike to pull a stick out of my rear derailleur.

"I got back onto the group and, just as I did, the SiMonster attacked again on the road section. I chased a bit with help from Rob but we were not bringing any time back on him. Then the cramping started for me so I was forced to chill again and follow Rob and Jordan. That was pretty much the way the rest of the race went. We did lose Brandon just after the equestrian area and Ii knew I had to stay with Jordan and Rob so I dug pretty deep to make it to the rail trail section with them.

"The three of us continued to work together with most of the work coming from Rob and Jordan. Because of this I told the two of them they could sort out third and fourth for themselves. When we hit the last section of singletrack, Rob went first and I just followed Jordan's wheel trying to encourage him to get up to Rob. Then, Jordan crashed right before the wrought Iron bridge to the campground. I waited up for him to get back on his bike and we rolled across the line together, fourth and fifth respectively."

Eight minutes later, Brandon Draugelis (Team CF) finished in 6:55:29 to round out the top six.

Singlespeed: Pokrivka get his first win at Mohican

With the Gerry Pflug (Salsa Cycles/NoTubes/Top Gear) dropping out at aid three, Justin Pokrivka (Top Gear/Cohen & Associates) led the way to Mohican victory. Pokrivka led the tight field by just over five minutes finishing in 7:17:06.

Ron Harding (Trestle Bridge Racing) came in at 7:22:48, followed closely by Matt Ferrari (Hubcap-Freeze Thaw) who edged out Dwayne Goscinski by just two seconds to take third finishing in 7:31:24.

Not far behind, James Mayuric rounded out the podium in fifth place with Jason Suppan (Soup Can Racing) in 7:43:38.

Masters 50+: Sanborn goes sub eight

Ron Sanborn (Einstein Racing) crushed it on Saturday, finishing 7:43:56. "The course was in great shape considering the rain a day earlier. It is always a pleasure to race here. The singletrack is such a blast to ride," said Sanborn.

"I was definitely more relaxed for this one than Cohutta. I tend to get a little stressed for the season opener. My legs were pretty fresh, only racing once since then, so I had some confidence and my win at Cohutta helped in that regard.

"I lined up in the front, and Roger Masse saw me and took a spot next to me, wanting to keep an eye on me. I welcomed that because it would give me the same opportunity with him. He and I are closely matched, so attacking the first climb leaving town would give me a good idea of where I stood. I soon found myself on the tail of the elite guys at the front entering the first singletrack. Without Roger in sight, I just got into my own rhythm and tried to ride smart at that point. I was caught by Justin Pokrivka (singlespeed division winner) and shortly after that I heard somebody coming up behind me say ‘There they are!'

"I feared it was Roger Masse or Chris Irving. A quick glance over my shoulder revealed Gerry Pflug (NUE Singlespeed Champion) and hot on his tail was Matt Ferrari. Relieved but nervous, I tried to match their pace. Seeing a big gap behind them, I settled back into my game plan. On top of one of the gravel road climbs, I found Gerry off his bike adjusting his saddle height. He jumped on my wheel and I pulled him to just before aid three. After three I found myself riding alone with nobody in sight in front or behind. I caught Jim Mayuric (fifth place singlespeed division) and pulled him along the buggy trail and we traded pulls after aid four. I was starting to fade at that point but after aid five I stepped up my pace and crossed the line feeling better than I expected."

Roger Masse (Trek), who took second place, 8:01:40, behind an elusive Sanborn said, "Great race, as always. I like the course changes, particularly the start/finish changes. I lined up at the start next to Ron Sanborn knowing he was the man to beat but somehow lost track of him in the starting frenzy. I had a decent start so I wasn't sure if he was ahead or behind me. I felt pretty good though through Aid four and then started slowing down and going backwards. When Ron didn't catch me there, I kind of knew he must be leading. He's a great rider. I'm going to have to show up with a better game to challenge him. We'll see what I can do for the Wilderness 101."

Full Results

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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christian Tanguy (Team CF)6:37:58
2Michael Simonson (RBS MTB Team)0:07:38
3Rob Spreng (Dirty Harry's)0:09:39
4Chris Peariso (Adventure212 / Specialized)0:09:53
5Jorden Wakeley (Einstein Racing)0:09:55
6Brandon Draugelis (Team CF)0:17:31
7Ryan Krayer (Adventure212 / Specialized)0:31:21
8Greg Kuhn (RBS MTB Team)0:37:59
9Ernesto Marenchin (Pivot Cycles)0:39:06
10Troy Barry (Hammer/NoTubes)0:40:37
11Patrick Blair (Adventures For the Cure)0:41:42
12Mike Montalbano (Tomac Bikes/Gu Energy/Schwalbe/Industry Nine)0:42:22
13Gregy Gibson (www.TruckerCo.com)0:45:07
14Charlie Storm (Storm Racing Team)0:45:48
15Andy Gorski (Pro Bikes)0:48:06
16Jed Prentice (Bike Doctor)0:52:36
17Ryan Heerschap (Cycle Craft/Bulldogs)0:55:44
18Robert Pilato (crankskins/park ave bike)1:15:40
19Joe Fish (Design Physics Racing)1:15:42
20Michael Tabasko (DCMTB)1:18:38
21Scott Cole (Adventure212 / Specialized)1:18:51
22Dan Kotwicki1:21:02
23Brent Mayer (Trek Store Cincinnati, Maxxis)1:21:44
24Daniel Atkins (Race Pace Bicycles Mountain Bike Project)1:29:02
25David Reid (Design Physics Racing)1:29:08
26Bill Crank (Commonwealth Eye Surgery/Pedal the Planet)1:32:16
27Greg Jackson (Spin Bike Shop)1:32:42
28Brett Carper (Shirk's 10)1:36:56
29David Wagoner (Aldefer Bergan Racing/Racing for Rileys)1:38:31
30Mark Donakowski (RACING GREYHOUNDS)1:39:12
31Jack Anderson1:39:32
32Mitch Moen (r-bikes.com)1:40:20
33Jody Cagle (Racing Greyhounds)1:45:27
34Scott Morman1:47:18
35Lee Simril (MotorMile Racing)1:48:37
36Brad Rogers (Y-Not Cycling)1:52:33
37James Burris (Black Dog Bikes)1:54:02
38Steven Sherman (Storm Racing)1:56:55
39Brian Collier (BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing)1:57:17
40Tim Smith (Motor Mile Racing)1:57:20
41Bradley Smith (Orrville Cycling Club)1:57:22
42Mark Rucker (BioWheelsReece-Campbell Racing)1:59:10
43James Billiter (BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing)1:59:11
44Greg Giles (RACING GREYHOUNDS)2:08:50
45Christian Baks (Pawling Cycle and Sport)2:09:51
46Jeff Plassman (Design Physics Racing)2:10:10
47Tyler Eusden (bikebarnracing.com)2:10:28
48Jake Walters (Stark Velo)2:13:02
49Thomas Hanrahan2:13:15
50Jeff Landry (Hamilton Cycling Club)2:14:54
51Peri Garite (Team PC)2:16:51
52Steven Johnsen (Mac5 bikes)2:26:49
53Brent Thompson (Summit Freewheelers)2:27:10
54Tom Wiseman (McClintock Race Team/ Century Cycles)2:27:13
55Patrick Warren2:27:46
56Lee Carmichael (Motor Mile Racing)2:28:14
57Greg Witt (RBS MTB Team)2:32:28
58Jeff Carlson (Cadre Racing)2:34:22
59Travis Fowler (First Victory/ Cycle South)2:39:49
60Steve Fields2:40:26
61Jake Davidson (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes)2:46:42
62Ross Mckegney2:48:12
63Russell Petts (Racing Greyhounds)2:48:22
64Brad Verstegen (Brone's RVCC)3:06:11
65Jon Clous (Combo Race Team/Whole Foods Market)3:08:53
66Chris Torrance (Racing Greyhounds)3:09:21
67Adam Truog (Left 4 Dead)3:11:21
68Jeff Rodelas (Left 4 Dead)3:11:22
69David Grant (Racing Greyhounds)3:14:02
70Kevin Dittmer (Racing Greyhounds)3:14:07
71Eric Headrick3:14:54
72Michael Sommer (R-bikes.com Race Team)3:15:10
73Pete Green (Adventures for the Cure)3:17:41
74Macadam Foy (Team Purple)3:19:33
75Joe Czempoyesh (Team Purple)3:19:34
76Rodney Reed3:20:37
77Nathan Updyke (Base Tri Fitness)3:22:07
78Jarom Thomas3:22:31
79James Wholey (AAA)3:24:12
80Jeff Hartz (Alderfer Bergen / Racing For Riley)3:29:43
81James O'loughlin (TEAM HUNGRY!)3:30:01
82Christopher Davis (Stanky Creek Cycling)3:30:31
83Bruce Macdonald (Spin/Second Sole Multisport)3:32:32
84Joseph Delaney (Black Dog Bikes)3:35:19
85Cooper Fowler (BCD Racing)3:35:56
86Daniel Sterling (Racing Greyhounds)3:36:31
87Tim House (C'ville Hash House Mashers)3:43:20
88Bryan Harrington3:45:17
89Ken Kazmierczak (Ellicottville Bike Shop)3:47:15
90Andrew Goddard (Team GG)3:47:35
91Christopher Hannegan (Base Tri Fitness)3:47:43
92Rob Mitzel (Team rJr)3:48:06
93Kevin Sparks3:57:10
94Glen Catalano3:58:56
95George Stefet3:59:02
96Patrick Conneely (JBV Coaching)4:01:34
97Michael Lukowiak (Cycle Craft/Bulldogs)4:02:36
98Taylor Kruse4:06:02
99Mark Shellhamer (Trek Ohio Valley)4:08:05
100Jason Sparks (Racing Greyhounds)4:09:02
101Jeremy Coleman4:09:06
102William Weismantel (Mason-Dixon Velo / The Cycle Works)4:09:08
103Alex Echavarria (Shut-up Leggs/ ALTO GROUP)4:10:18
104Steve Gray (The Motion Initiave (mibike.org), Michigan)4:12:36
105Randy Larrison (Cadre Racing)Row 104 - Cell 2
106Brian Scharp4:20:44
107Jamie Williamson (Team Hungry!)4:21:02
108Jim Havey (Commonwealth Eye Surgery/Pedal the Planet)4:21:10
109Chris Karpowicz (Pirate Cycling League/ Hammer Nutrition)4:21:21
110John Percassi4:36:26
111Keith Putnam (Glory To God)4:41:54
112Michael Starr (Team Hungry!)4:45:15
113Jeremy Kilchenstein4:46:00
114Nicholas Seaman (Team DNF)4:46:11
115William Kerr4:51:32
116Tony Barrett (Memphis Velo)5:06:15
117David Hofmann (Die kleine Kaffeerösterei)5:06:16
118Jim Thacker (Cora)5:13:52
119Emmanuel Tinga Jr.5:17:32
120David Marshall (Team Whayne Cycling)5:22:01
121Joe Williamson (Kissena)5:42:35
122Mike Sealey (Rbikes.com Racing)5:43:19
123Felbert Edrada5:43:20
124Paul Freibert5:45:53
125Ron Indelicato (CLIMB)5:59:31
126Christopher Hicks5:59:32
127Brennan Thornton6:03:28
128Scott Dennis (The Unattainable Taco)6:04:49
129Kenny Lucas (A1 Heating and Air Conditioning)6:06:22
130Man Yeung Chung6:24:58
131Brad Mullins6:29:41
132Tony Cottone (Tony No Bologna)6:30:03
133Jason Leonard6:42:33
134Matt Harbaugh (Team Hungry)6:57:27
DNFThomas Anderson (Team Hungry)Row 134 - Cell 2
DNFAlekzandr Benedict (XXC Magazine)Row 135 - Cell 2
DNFBilly Bergen (bikebarnracing.com)Row 136 - Cell 2
DNFMichael Bonsby (MT Airy Bicycle)Row 137 - Cell 2
DNFKani Brown (Candle with a Cause)Row 138 - Cell 2
DNFKevin Carter (Gripped Racing)Row 139 - Cell 2
DNFNathan CherryRow 140 - Cell 2
DNFTom ColeRow 141 - Cell 2
DNFLee CookRow 142 - Cell 2
DNFJoe Downs (Team Do Work)Row 143 - Cell 2
DNFJason FlynnRow 144 - Cell 2
DNFPeter Gurney (Twisted Stone/Latitude 45)Row 145 - Cell 2
DNFAlex HawkinsRow 146 - Cell 2
DNFAnthony Hergert (Deeds Publishing)Row 147 - Cell 2
DNFJoseph Hoskins (C'ville Hash House Mashers)Row 148 - Cell 2
DNFHank Ingram (Team Sewickley)Row 149 - Cell 2
DNFJeremiah Johnson (Speedway Wheelman)Row 150 - Cell 2
DNFBradley KolbRow 151 - Cell 2
DNFTom Kruse (Cycle Craft/Bulldogs)Row 152 - Cell 2
DNFAndrew Lavicka (Dental Ceramics Inc)Row 153 - Cell 2
DNFDylan MengesRow 154 - Cell 2
DNFJeremy MichalkeRow 155 - Cell 2
DNFForrest Omland (Team Catfarm)Row 156 - Cell 2
DNFJeff Poirier (JTree Factory Racing)Row 157 - Cell 2
DNFDes RaffertyRow 158 - Cell 2
DNFBradley Schmalzer (Bikeman.com/XXCMag)Row 159 - Cell 2
DNFIan Spivack (DCMTB)Row 160 - Cell 2
DNFRoss SwisherRow 161 - Cell 2
DNFKyle Taylor (Team Bikers Choice)Row 162 - Cell 2
DNFDoug Trojan (Onondaga Cycling)Row 163 - Cell 2
DNFLee Unwin (Specialized/CycleOps)Row 164 - Cell 2
DNFJerry Urry (team luna-ticks)Row 165 - Cell 2
DNFChristopher Vineyard (KLM Cold Stone racing)Row 166 - Cell 2
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Amanda Carey (Kenda/Felt)7:42:26
2Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing)0:44:04
3Andrea Wilson (Outdoors, Inc.)1:02:02
4Kathleen Harding (Team CF)1:03:54
5Linda Shin (Blacksmith Cycle)1:16:46
6Carmen Sweet (Reactivated)1:44:12
7Laureen Coffelt (Los Locos)1:53:52
8Jessica Tomazic2:23:33
9Beth Del Genio (Ellicottville Bike Shop)2:25:14
10Shannon Tenwalde (COMBO Race Team / Whole Foods / Roll)2:30:46
11Jocelyn Linscott (Dark Horse Cycles)3:11:40
12Stephanie Smith (US Stove / Trek / Vantaggio Fitness)3:31:23
13Jeni Roosen (Rogue Racing Project 513)4:01:46
14Lee Ann Werner (Team Hungry)4:14:14
15Sandie Reynolds (Mason Dixon Velo)4:17:32
16Esther Schaftel (Adventures for the Cure)4:41:24
DNFKelly MuirRow 16 - Cell 2
DNFDebra ZupancicRow 17 - Cell 2
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Justin Pokrivka (Top Gear /Cohen & Associates)7:17:06
2Ron Harding (Trestle Bridge Racing)0:05:42
3Matthew Ferrari (FreezeThaw/Hubcap Cycles/Stans NoTubes)0:14:18
4Dwayne Goscinski (Team NoahG Foundation / Dogfish)0:14:20
5James Mayuric (Pro Bikes/Oberg Medical)0:22:04
6Jason Suppan (SoupCan Racing)0:26:32
7Jason Pruitt (Peoples Brewing, LAS, Hodson Bay)0:26:48
8Trevor Rockwell (Decorah Bicycles/Twin Six)0:27:10
9Nathan Annon (Pro Mountain Outfitter/Yeti Cycles)0:31:03
10Donald Powers (ynSSr / Pro Bikes / Twin Six)0:37:33
11Robert Lochner (ynSSr / Pro Bikes / XXC Mag)1:05:22
12Michael Tressler (EDG/Hoosac Hype)1:10:37
13Adam Wheeler (PrecisionMTB.com)1:13:53
14Jeffrey Bushong (Chicken Ranch Crew/Hodson's bay)1:17:48
15Ian Dunlop (Algoma Bicycle Company)1:18:57
16Chris Bryce (Specialized Trail Crew)1:19:46
17Wilson Pyle (Team Sewickley)1:27:26
18Robin Oscar (Motor Mile Racing)1:33:36
19Vinni Kish (athens bicycle)1:38:46
20Scott Green (Spud Racing)1:39:27
21Richard Long (Cycle-Smart Grassroots Team)2:14:09
22Seth Gunderson (Lancaster Regional Cycling)2:33:42
23Blake Bricker (Mason Dixon Velo/The Cycle Works)2:37:27
24Gregory Brandes3:09:10
25Bill Ostrowski (World Bicycle Relief)3:24:17
26Brian Gillies (PBJ)3:42:33
27Zachary Slaybaugh (Bones Brews Gears)4:39:35
28Christopher Warren4:58:57
DNFCraig Fleetwood (Blacksmith Cycles)Row 28 - Cell 2
DNFDavid Herbold (Drunkcyclist.com)Row 29 - Cell 2
DNFGerry Pflug (Salsa Cycles/NoTubes/Top Gear)Row 30 - Cell 2
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Masters 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ron Sanborn (Einstein Racing)7:43:56
2Roger Masse (Trek)0:17:44
3David Jolin (Stark Velo)0:48:02
4Chris Irving (Los Locos)1:09:43
5Mark Drogalis (Team CF)1:42:28
6Michael Johnson1:57:30
7Mark Johnson (Northstar Bicycles/Dedicated Athlete)2:17:17
8Mark Jones (Orrville Cycling Club)2:21:19
9Martin Shinsky2:25:39
10John Wyrick (Team Brad/Biowheels)2:29:38
11David Grauer (orthopro)2:41:53
12Matthew Davies (Team Bikeway MTB)2:42:49
13Andrew Riess (self)3:11:36
14Michael Dietlin (Kenda)3:45:33
15Ralph Mezel (Hometown Bikes)3:56:52
16Christian Echavarria (Shut-up Leggs)4:01:40
17Jeff Smart (fit livin')4:40:47
18Richard Allesee (Orrville Cycle and Fitness)4:47:03
DNFLes BravermanRow 18 - Cell 2
DNFFraser Cunningham (Zephyr Wheel Sports)Row 19 - Cell 2
DNFScott HolquistRow 20 - Cell 2
DNFKeith LittleRow 21 - Cell 2
DNFJeff Smith (CycleWerx)Row 22 - Cell 2
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Devin Deboer9:58:35
2Mark QuistRow 1 - Cell 2
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Men 100km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Steve Twining (Team Lake Effect Cycling)4:29:00
2Ross Clark (Edge Outdoors)0:12:00
3Brian Schworm (Pedal Power)0:12:30
4Timothy Carson (Cannondale/Probikes/ Bruce Construction/Dirty Harrys)0:22:00
5Bradley Cobb (motor mile racing/scv)0:30:00
6Thomas Franek (edge outdoor)0:31:18
7Jason Cyr (Team Type 1 Elite)0:34:20
8Eric Hamann (Trek Ohio Valley)0:41:32
9Tim Mould (Pro Bikes)0:45:24
10Jeff Adamcik (Bicycle HQ / Shorts)0:49:35
11Jake Grantham (Fit Squared/Top Gear)0:54:40
12Dan Campbell0:56:14
13Michael Bergen (Samhain Racing)0:56:41
14Benjamin Scherf (HBI)0:57:29
15Daniel Cunkelman (Team Type 1 Elite)0:59:32
16Brad Beeson (Spin Bike Shop)1:03:40
17Jason Blodgett (Team Spin/ Crankbrothers)1:04:15
18Dirk Kostoff (Groovy Cycleworks)1:04:45
19John Willse (Spin/Second Sole)1:05:02
20Adam Naish (RBS MTB Team)1:10:56
21Andrew Uithoven1:15:44
22Donald Haradem1:16:20
23Joe Lautzenheiser (Orrville Cycling Club)1:16:53
24Brett Davis (Spin/ RR Donnelly)1:17:20
25Codi Crippen (Trek Ohio Valley)1:19:40
26Daniel Pike (BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing)1:20:24
27Nate Loman (Team Lake Effect/Hammer Nutrition)1:21:15
28Edward Brzezinski1:22:15
29John Proppe (Lake Effect Racing)1:23:32
30Matt Fox (BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing)1:23:46
31Sean Van Dongen (Gears Bike Shop)1:24:03
32Mark Cole (Adventure212 / Specialized)1:24:40
33Brent Evans (Team Spin)1:25:07
34Christopher Koch (USAF)Row 33 - Cell 2
35Tony Mellott1:27:58
36Russell Verlinger (scum city racing/ club spin)1:29:19
37Russell Schmidt (Tender Gooch Racing)1:29:50
38Gary Hocke (team roll/combo)1:30:32
39Darrin Grosch (Rogue Racing Project 513)1:30:43
40Ryan Knopf (Soupcan Racing)1:31:20
41Sam Ruff (Team Nebo Ridge)1:31:41
42Mike Janeiro (Steel City Endurance)1:33:38
43Dan Clark (COMBO Race Team / Whole Foods / Roll)1:33:44
44Dave Tingley (Trek/Backroom Coffee)Row 43 - Cell 2
45Rick Parr (Stark Velo)1:33:46
46Rick Mace1:33:48
47Larry Rust1:33:50
48Martin Flinn (HBI Cycling)1:33:54
49Jamieson Giefer (ynot cycling)1:33:58
50Butch Farrell (Rogue Racing Project ::513::)1:34:03
51John Mitchell (Bellum Racing)1:34:30
52Jack Berry (Team Cyclist onnection)1:34:34
53Dave Placke (Rogue Racing Project)1:34:38
54Aaron Stevenson (Red Bike)1:35:29
55Austin Francescone (Backroomcoffeeroaster)1:36:26
56Stefan Garcia (RideOn Wooster Bike Shop)1:39:26
57Jason Crockett1:39:45
58Michael Campbell (Trestle Bridge Racing)1:40:20
59Jason Fischer (Cycle Symphony)1:41:16
60Eric Bales (Chicken Ranch Crew/Hodson's Bay Company)1:42:03
61Mark Milliken1:42:10
62Lou Grkman (Cycle Symphony)1:44:30
63Jonathan Kersting (East End Massive)1:44:35
64Brent Harlos (chicken ranch crew)1:44:40
65Peter Deucher (Marian University)1:45:40
66Wesley Jones (soupcan racing)1:45:45
67Michael Martinez (ADVANCED HEALTH)1:45:50
68Patrick Miranda (Mirco Racing)1:46:38
69Kyle Russ1:52:05
70Randy Patton (COMBO Race Team / Whole Foods / Roll)1:52:06
71Julius Buhawe (fmtbe-c)1:52:25
72Lee Ransdell1:52:27
73Rusty Brown (CAMBA/Eddy's Bike Shop)1:52:30
74Dave Ruller1:52:52
75Yianni Pimenidis1:52:55
76Burgess Gow (Ghisallo Cycling)1:53:14
77Jordan Bates (Team Bates)1:56:25
78Jeff Schoeny (Merrill Lynch Cycling)1:57:28
79Drew Purcell (Kim's Bikes)1:58:19
80Chris Knapp (Team Six One Four)1:58:26
81Peter Hills (Merrill Lynch Cycling)2:00:40
82Adam Sturbois (Team MTB Culture)2:01:20
83Tony (Jose Antonio) Chau (The Rockets MTB)2:01:29
84Michael Gottfried2:01:58
85Randy Slaubaugh (Ride On Wooster)2:03:29
86Mark Farmer (Team SIX ONE FOUR)2:03:36
87Glen Gardner (Team Six One Four)2:04:00
88Wayne Bowers (CAMBA)2:04:26
89Jeff Curry (Sargent Electric Koeles Cycling Club)2:04:44
90Chad Braunbeck2:05:10
91Ben Trimble2:05:15
92Keith Devore (Buckeye Cycling)2:05:20
93Drew Bogner (Rogue Racing Project 513)2:09:06
94Ben Corcetti (HBI Cycling)2:09:08
95Jonathan King (RBS Cycling Team)2:09:28
96Matthew Turi (Stark Velo)2:10:58
97Nate Cross (Cystic Fibrosis Foundation/Northcoast Mountain Bikers/TEAM CF)2:11:00
98Christopher Huck (Snakebite Racing)2:13:02
99Matthew Olearchick2:13:25
100Jeff Cyrus (Rogue Racing Project ::513::)2:13:42
101Roger Sommers (Pure 121)2:14:02
102Matthew Tinkey (HighlandTraining.net/Maxxis/Butler Bicycle)2:14:13
103John Hoffman, Jr. (Spin / RR Donnelly)2:15:20
104Nathan Eastlake (USMC)2:16:37
105Aaron Schicker2:18:48
106Trevor Stith (Scheller's Fitness & Cycling)2:20:12
107Aaron Campbell (Spin Bike Club)2:21:50
108Paul Remonko (COMBO Race Team / Whole Foods / Roll)2:22:01
109Tom Decker (COMBO Race Team / Whole Foods / Roll)2:22:02
110Nick Disalle2:22:22
111Jeff Mason (Team Nebo Ridge)2:22:40
112Jeffery Vogt (1.21 Gigawatts)2:23:12
113Scott Kearley (portage cyclery)2:23:34
114Keefe Jaten2:23:55
115Michael Chapman (Orrville Cycling Club)2:25:01
116James Thompson (HBI Racing)2:28:20
117Troy Jones (Mid-Carolina Multisport)2:28:38
118Doug Rubel (135 Orchard Lane)2:30:10
119Paul Archer (Team Bicycle Hub)2:31:57
120Dave Marsi (Team Bicycle Hub)2:32:25
121Christopher Cadotte2:32:51
122Ryan Wayne2:35:09
123Dan Heichel (Kim's Bikes)2:35:41
124Scott Sheeder2:36:50
125Todd Devore2:36:56
126Michael Bircheat (Cog Racing Riverside Bicycle)2:38:40
127Martin Zakes (Edge Outdoors)2:38:57
128Michael Frey2:42:38
129Larry Ayer (CAMBA/Eddy's Bike Shop)2:43:23
130Gary Burkholder (SnakeBite Racing)2:44:07
131Ryan Heichel (Kim's Bikes)2:44:08
132Jason Linscott (Backroom Coffee Roasters)2:44:20
133Matt Rouse2:44:50
134Josh Mckinney (Y-Not Cycling)2:45:08
135Paul Adams2:45:14
136Tony Beursken (RedBike)2:47:28
137David Treese (Great Lakes Brewing/Bonbright Distributors)2:48:00
138Cory Knight2:48:58
139Scott Jaenke (Pure121)2:49:15
140Jason Cox (Rogue Racing Project)2:49:20
141Scot Herrmann (Fuji pb team DAYTON)2:51:51
142Mike Devylder (Mach Schnell)2:53:19
143Ian Newcomb (Ghisallo Cycling Team)2:53:29
144Boris Yanovsky2:53:40
145Geoffrey Tolley2:54:42
146James Wolfe (ADVICS)2:55:16
147Rob Quinn2:57:02
148David Akerman (bishop Bicycles)2:57:33
149Mark Hepp (K&G Bike Center)2:58:42
150Charles Bossart (DarkHorse Racing Cincinnati)2:58:57
151David Primm (Team Nebo Ridge)3:00:45
152Robb Shirey3:00:50
153Scott Warren3:01:04
154Kevin Larson3:01:44
155Kurtis Payton (COMBO Race Team / Whole Foods / Roll)3:04:05
156Chris Kim3:04:07
157John Carr (Rangeline Nature preserve)3:05:59
158Don Spalding (Sewickley Cycling)3:06:16
159Peter Rock (University of Kentucky Mountain Bike Club)3:07:43
160Justin Becker (Truckerco)3:08:57
161Chris Mastramico3:09:08
162Kevin Madzia (Century Cycles)3:10:02
163Joe Merry3:10:12
164Richard Hedge3:10:15
165Sam Props (Alien Slaves trail reaserch group)3:10:25
166Aaron Ruggles (CAMBA/Eddys)3:10:35
167Todd Turner (The Edge Outdoors)3:10:40
168Lavern Yoder3:12:39
169Dan Vonderwish3:13:05
170Tom Buday3:14:20
171Tim Birt (C.O.M.B.O. Race Team)3:14:29
172David Izlakar (Team Purple)3:16:43
173Zachary Chappell (Snakebite Racing)3:17:10
174Adam Thompson (pure 12-1)3:17:44
175Andrew Crow3:18:21
176Arthur Anderson3:20:05
177George Howard3:20:50
178George Jones3:21:11
179Lars Andersen (7-hills)3:24:22
180Chris Durand3:24:24
181Allen Loy3:24:26
182Eric Schumacher (UBS / 7 Hills Racing)3:24:28
183Ross Lubrani (4 Play the Hard Way)3:24:30
184Kenny Kocarek (KNOBby Side Down)3:24:32
185Terry Duff3:25:31
186John Betit (Alger Bike Shop)3:26:10
187Mike Steele (Steel Edge)Row 186 - Cell 2
188John Stevens (4 Play The Hard Way)3:27:21
189Brandon Render3:27:27
190Jason Church3:28:17
191Jimmy Ruggles (Team ER (eddys bike shop))3:28:20
192Stuart Hunter (COMBO Race Team / Whole Foods / Roll)3:30:27
193Jason Clipse3:31:46
194Brian Birch (Bad Lads Cycling/Pro Bikes)3:35:29
195Mark Mcclanahan (Team Dystonia)3:36:15
196Aaron Holmes (Orrville Cycling)3:36:30
197Eric Banks3:36:34
198Jeff Minnich (LunaTick racing)3:37:31
199Kennard Wonnacott (United Boob Lovers)3:38:34
200Matt Bruns3:38:37
201Jake Mohoric (Team Bates)3:38:50
202Pat Stiles (COMBO Race Team / Whole Foods / Roll)3:39:02
203Nathan Leonard3:39:24
204Jerry Urry3:39:26
205Jeff Frasz3:41:36
206Ron Munro3:41:37
207Mark Macnaughton3:41:38
208Kurt Shoemaker (7 Hills Racing/UBS)3:41:39
209Bryan Deal (Precision MTB)3:46:06
210Jakob Bills (Red Bike)3:46:16
211Michael Huizingh3:47:16
212Stuart Mattix (COMBO Race Team / Whole Foods / Roll)3:50:11
213Arthur Haan (Team Ritalin)3:50:20
214Scott Lang3:50:25
215James Connolly3:50:26
216Doug Bernard (pure 121)3:52:05
217Chase Shroyer3:52:10
218Peter Joyal (cycle Youth)3:54:48
219Steve Foreman (Back Room Coffee Roasters)3:55:00
220Chris Vandenbosch3:55:03
221Christopher Crofford (4 Play The Hard Way)3:56:32
222Michael Campana3:57:06
223Chris Reese3:58:20
224J. Brody Wakefield (COMBO Race Team / Whole Foods / Roll)3:58:38
225Joel Bell3:59:49
226David Clark (Team Purple)4:00:57
227Bob Turanchik (My Uncle's Nutz)4:01:30
228Thomas Morris (Backroom Coffee Roasters)4:02:55
229J. Hibler4:06:10
230Joe Cambron4:07:50
231Adam Brandt4:08:47
232Thomas Bell4:09:10
233Jason Wolf4:09:11
234Phillip Wichman (North Coast Mountain Bikers)4:09:38
235Aaron Brlas4:09:40
236Ben Doohan4:13:10
237Justin Hamilton4:13:13
238Jason Shoulders (High Heels Racing)4:15:30
239Steve Little (Team of Bad Priorities)4:17:30
240Ernie Baker (12oz. Curl Champs)4:17:40
241Robert Guss4:20:50
242Paul Neidhard4:20:51
243Miles Barrera4:22:00
244John Messner4:24:53
245Aaron Oyster4:25:11
246Tom Eshelman (Pure121/Aerotech / Honey Stinger)4:26:22
247Russ Musolf4:26:48
248Ross Krieg4:26:50
249Kevin Sitler4:33:26
250Christian Ambjorn (Team CNC)4:35:31
251Dominic Calvarese (Orville Cycle Club)4:36:28
252Ryan Bibb (backroom coffee roasters)4:37:41
253Ben Norton (Snake Bite Racing)4:43:25
254Eric Mayes4:53:54
255Brice Gordon4:55:10
256Yasuhiro Oka4:55:45
257Yasunari Yoda (AMERICAN SHOWA, INC.)4:55:57
258Bill Stockall5:01:25
259Joe Donahue5:06:57
260Patrick Roehrer5:06:58
261Stephen Yarman5:14:52
262Steve Thompson5:14:55
263Kevin Park (Sewickley)5:17:51
264Rick Maier (Merrrill Lynch Cycling)5:22:27
265Mark Hahn5:23:50
266Jordan Hart5:27:48
267Russell Johnson5:29:48
268Daniel Saltzmann (Left 4 Dead)5:32:05
269David Hodgson (Left 4 Dead)5:37:32
270Charles Mcdonald (Paralyzed Veterans Racing/CNC)5:48:35
271Eli Orth6:12:40
272Greg Andersen (12oz. Curl Champs)6:32:06
274Jim Pinter6:44:50
275Matt Dunlop6:45:29
DNFPeter ActonRow 275 - Cell 2
DNFMax AgeeRow 276 - Cell 2
DNFKirk AllgoodRow 277 - Cell 2
DNFDaniel Antoon (Team Jeni's)Row 278 - Cell 2
DNFDave BardRow 279 - Cell 2
DNFMatthew Bjurman (Roos Roast Coffee)Row 280 - Cell 2