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Schalk squeaks out another win

If you were Pua Sawicki (Team Mata/ Ellsworth) you’d probably be breathing a deep sigh of relief after Saturday’s performance in the wilds of central Pennsylvania. After her win by almost an hour over the women’s field and an eighth place finish overall, she can finally feel her luck changing.

July was a tough month for Sawicki that saw three chances at national championship races hurt by sinus infections and injuries. That seems to be firmly behind her, and it’s just in time as she prepares for the Marathon World Championships in Austria later this month.

Sawicki’s race win was heightened by the fact that it was the largest women’s field ever to show at the 101. Some 27 women showed for this year’s race, including past winner Betsy Shogren (Cannondale Factory Racing), retired pro Sue Haywood (Turner Mo’chines), 2008 NUE series winner Cheryl Sorenson (Trek Racing Co-Op) and Karen Potter (

The pace of Sawicki off the front saw her hanging with the top men to mile 20 and aid station one. “After the first checkpoint, on the climb I saw the field split,” said Sawicki. “I was at back of group of about 20 but I caught a lot of the guys as they went hard at the start. About then I moved up to eighth place and stayed in no-man’s land for ever.”

While Sawicki was off the front the race for second place heated up with the climbing skills of last year’s winner Shogren countered by Haywood’s descending techniques. The two came into aid station three together at the 60 mile mark and stayed close enough to be forced in to a sprint finish after almost nine hours in the saddle. Haywood just pinched Shogren at the line, but you could tell there was nothing but respect and a new sense of camaraderie after battling for so long.

Karen Potter stepped off the bike at the end of the day in fourth place, while Pennsylvania resident Sorenson secured a fifth place. Shogren still leads the series, which next visits the Fools Gold race in Georgia on August 15.

Schalk maintains series lead as pressure increases

Christian Tanguy (Fraser/ Cannondale) has an unassuming persona. Family man, engineer and French expatriate. Jeff Schalk might have won on the day, but it is this humble, bespectacled man that has the men’s field shaking their head at his incredible display of strength. At the opening climb of the day Tanguy went to the front and set a pace that didn’t seem to impress and as the group hit the second climb of the day he was actually dropped from the top 10.

As the field split, Schalk went on to have a day that first saw him and Chris Beck (Subaru/ Gary Fisher) pair up to take on the lead through mile 70 with Chris Eatough (Trek Racing Co-Op) and Josh Tostado (Bach Builders/ Santa Cruz) sitting back about two minutes. Slick bridges and rocks eventually gave Eatough and Tostado enough of an advantage on the downhills to catch the two leaders about two thirds into the race. Meanwhile in the back Tanguy was slowly working his way through the trails and trying to use his climbing skills to cruise back to the front.

After finding himself in fifth place Tanguy said to himself that he was happy to be there, but was not complacent enough to slow down. Somewhere around mile 80, after being 10 minutes back at one point and getting lost for two minutes at a confusing corner, he found himself passing Beck who was beginning to fade after hanging with Schalk’s pace and hitting the deck on a slick bridge. Next to be caught was Tostado who was having in his own words a ‘stellar day’.

Schalk had no idea that Tanguy was on the move and was more concerned with Eatough and Tostado. “I had no Idea that Christain was coming back,” said Schalk. “Apparently he walked through everyone insanely fast. I was looking back for Chris and Josh.”

Eatough’s experience with the Tanguy’s train was one of helplessness. “When Christian came pass me it was on a section that would have been good to do some drafting, but he blew by so fast I didn’t even have the strength to latch on,” said Eatough.

It might have been the earlier battles amongst the rest of the top five that took the late punch out of their legs. In the last 20 miles everyone was trading spots and sitting within two minutes of each other, but it can’t be denied that the Frenchman from Michigan is a force to be wary of.

Schalk has a tentative lock on the series at this point, and barring a sweep of the last three races by Tanguy, looks set to take the title

Pflug overcomes early issues for single-speed win

Slick bridges and strong local riding by Matt Ferrari (Freeze Thaw Cycles) put series leader Gerry Pflug (Speedgoat/SPK) in early trouble when he flatted in the famous three bridges section of the opening single track. It wasn’t until the climb after aid station three that Pflug was able to role up on the two men in front of him.

Ferrari was in second place within sight of Joe Kedrowski (Founder’s Ales/ Alger Racing) who was just ahead at the start of the brutal climb out of aid station three. While the battle was raging at mile 60, eventual second place rider, Roger Masse (Trek Racing Co-Op) was apparently eating cookies at earlier aid stations waiting for his moment to attack.

On the climb out of aid station three, Kedrowski was pushing up the single track climb as Ferrari stood up and mashed a few more yards and seconds out of Kedrowski before stepping off. It was a short wait to see Pflug also standing up, keeping his rear wheel locked to the ground and his eyes locked on the two men in front of him.

Pflug pushed through the last few sections of new rollers that were added to the race and rode into the finish line just under ten minutes ahead of the late charging Masse. Ferrari came in five minutes later with Kedrowski in fourth and Nathan Kraxberger (Sid’s-Cannondale) in fifth.

Nagel Punishes the Masters

Guy’s Racing masters rider Bill Nagel came to the 101 to set some new standards for the master’s category. His 8:48:03 was almost an hour fast than any other masters on the day, but more impressive was the fact that as a record it blew away the previous record by almost half an hour.

Left to battle amongst themselves were 22 other masters riders. Jim Mathews (MBR), John Williams (Bike Line Newark, DE), John Wyrick (Biowheels) and James Wilson (Human Zoom) rounded out the top five. Interestingly to note that the Masters category had the least amount of DNF’s amongst all categories.

Andrea Slack (Bike Line) was the only masters female to finish and did so in style with an 11:18:35 finish.

1Jeff Schalk (Trek Racing Cooperative)6:58:43
2Christian Tanguy (Fraser / Cannondale)0:01:12
3Chris Eatough (Trek)0:05:50
4Josh Tostado (santa cruz, bach building)0:07:07
5Christopher Beck (Subaru/Gary Fisher)0:09:12
6Jesse Jakomait (Cannondale Factory)0:14:31
7Rob Lichtenwalner (
8Pua Sawicki (Ellsworth)0:45:03
9Garth Prosser (Cannondale Factory Team)0:50:52
10Andy Gorski (SPK / Speedgoat / Salsa)0:53:06
11Jacob Loverich (Undercover Brotha')0:55:07
12Ryan Fawley (Gripped Racing)0:57:42
13John Burns (
14Peter Ostoski (Red Jersey/Michelin)0:59:58
15Stephen Cummings (Indiana Regional Medical Center)1:01:37
16Terry Tomlin (OPUS/GIRO/OAKLEY)1:03:24
17Gerry Pflug (Speedgoat/SPK)1:06:45
18Scott Henry (Team Adrenaline / Titus)1:08:27
19Andy Applegate (champion systems/cannondale)1:10:33
20Roger Masse (Trek Racing Cooperative)1:15:36
21Rich O'Neil (Giant - State College Bike Shops)1:18:15
22Jimmy McMillian (Giant/ Richmond MORE)1:20:46
23Matt Ferrari (Freeze Thaw Cycles)1:21:02
24Alistair Siebert (Nycmtb - Peak bikes)1:25:52
25Joe Kedrowski (Founder's Ales/Alger Racing)1:31:08
26Nathan Kraxberger (Sid's-Cannondale)1:31:19
27Michael Simonson (Gary Fisher)1:32:14
28Samuel Morrison (Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem)1:32:20
29Ron Sanbron (Mclaw Cycle & Fitness)1:32:38
30Peter Schildt (Engin Cycles)1:32:44
31Mike Ramponi (IF)1:32:56
32Jeff Simms (HubCycle)1:34:19
33Jon Burgess (Cyclesmith/Oakley)1:34:22
34Bill Alcorn1:34:37
35Harry Precourt (Internat'l Bike Center MTB Team/Twin Six)1:35:33
36Jed Prentice (Bike Doctor)1:36:45
37Dustin Manotti (-)1:38:43
38Sue Haywood (Turner Mo'chines)1:41:18
39Betsy Shogren (Cannondale Factory Racing Team)1:41:19
40Bradley Schmalzer (Team Six/Kenda)1:41:55
41Joshua West (
42Gunnar Shogren (Cannondale Factory Racing Team)1:46:28
43Dave Murphy (Red Jersey Cyclery)1:46:41
44Bill Nagel (Guy's Racing)1:49:20
45Ryan Heerschap (Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft)1:49:22
46John Hughson (High Adventure Ski & Bike)1:53:07
47Brian Wilson (
48Justin Pokrivka (Pro Bikes/Cohen & Assoc. )1:55:45
49Steve Thorne (Freeze Thaw Cycles)1:57:12
50Jason Pruitt (privateer)1:58:36
51Tomi McMillar (Tomi Cog / Cupcake Factory)2:00:25
52Daniel Atkins (UMBC Cycling)2:03:09
53Kyle Lawrence (Gary Fisher 29er Crew / SBC)2:03:41
54Jason Morgan (Industry Nine)2:05:05
55Allen Runkle (
56Russel Henderson (Industry Nine)2:06:55
57Paul Belknap (Bay City Cycles)2:07:53
58Peter Buckland (Freeze Thaw Cycles)2:09:10
59Karen Potter (
60Don Gustavson (Zama Racing)2:10:14
61Matt Hudson2:10:31
62Kris Weber (Team Bulldog Cycle Craft)2:10:37
63Calvin Cheung (College Park Bicycles)2:10:40
64Jeff Whittingham (Independent Fabrication)2:11:49
65Albert Ciesielka ('s Reliable)2:14:07
66Daniel Rapp (no)2:16:56
67Brian Younkin (Stackin' Cheddah - The Bicycle Shop!)2:16:59
68Robert Lochner (Iron City Bikes)2:17:25
69Shawn Tevendale (Trek/DT Swiss/BF Racing)2:17:56
70Cheryl Sornson2:24:35
71Michael Tressler (Rad Racing)2:25:00
72Lee Simril (Motor Mile Racing)2:25:22
73Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing)
74Aaron Cruikshank (The Bicycle Shop)2:25:46
75Watts Dixon (Revolution Cycles, NC)2:25:50
76Martin Kozera (sweetsingletrack)2:27:02
77John Proppe (Team TOMS)2:27:39
78Rich Straub (Freeze Thaw Cycles)2:31:32
79Chris McGill (Cannondale Factory Racing)2:31:46
80Todd Erdley (Freeze Thaw)2:33:43
81Bob Radzwich (The Bicycle Shop NMBA)2:35:58
82Jake Colvin (North Haven Bike )2:36:30
83Craig Dupree (milk pail racing)2:38:36
84Noah Mabry (Shirk's)2:39:56
85Matthew Donahue (DCMTB-Fueled by Whole Foods Market)2:40:07
86Sean Smith (team me)2:40:15
87Mike Mazzarese (Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV)2:42:00
88Stu Hess (MBR)2:42:04
89Vicki Barclay (Freeze Thaw Cycles)2:45:26
90Jim Matthews (MBR)2:46:11
91Ian Palermo (Trek of Pittsburgh)2:46:40
92Jonathan Scroggin (spud racing)2:49:22
93Donald Hosaflook (dirty
94Ben Shockey (Vassago Cycles)2:50:01
95Andrew Webster (Lowe Riders)2:51:39
96Douglas Pepelko (Applied Security Inc.)2:51:44
97Theo Procopos (Engin Cycles)2:53:11
98Nate Collamer (Flannel)2:53:17
99Geoffrey Lenat (Team Marty's)2:54:54
100Doug Milliken (Team Latitude/ARBT)2:55:00
101Kevin Chichlowski (
102Jason Walder (Conte's Arlington)2:57:26
103Denelle Grant (Gary Fisher 29er Crew/BF Racing)2:58:02
104Aaron Hofelt (THE Nittany Mtb Assoc)2:58:04
105John Williams (Bike Line of Newark, DE)2:58:44
106Brandon Knotts (GDR)3:00:48
107Justin Farmer (Jf2r)3:01:01
108Richard Bilson (
109Nathan Mirus (Biowheels cincy)3:01:24
110Todd Link3:01:50
111Emily Brock (Faster Mustache)3:02:08
112John Wyrick (Biowheels)3:02:14
113Matthew Berdine (None)3:02:16
114Dave Bisers (Veloshop)3:02:28
115Clay Chiles (Freeze Thaw Cycles)3:05:02
116Thomas Hurley (Colavita New England)3:05:36
117Daniel Healy (lisa's farm)3:07:35
118Johanna Kraus (Velo Bella)3:08:49
119Montana Miller (Smartparts)3:09:46
120Carolyn Popovic (Bike Line)3:10:17
121Robert Thomas (Secret Henry's Team)3:10:20
122Matt Keller (Gung-Ho/Spring House)3:13:37
123Jonathan Wheaton (DCMTB Fueled by Whole Foods Market)3:13:52
124Tom Gagliardi (CT-29ers)3:14:49
125Timothy Koch (Gripped Racing)3:15:02
126Brett Wyckoff (memyselfandi)3:15:58
127Brent Lester (29er Crew)3:16:27
128David Pontzer (NMBA/the bike shop)3:17:24
129James Wilson (HumanZoom)3:18:33
130Peter Werner (
131Josh Lincoln (The WHM Group)3:19:08
132Ryan Hilaman (Bike Line)3:19:24
133Christopher Steffens (Spin / RR Donnelley)3:19:33
134Erik Lenzing (
135Jody Bailey (Spokes)3:20:40
136James Deschaine (Competitive Edge Ski & Bike Shop)3:21:57
137Martin Schamis (JB Mountain Bikes)3:24:16
138Chris Wurster3:24:51
139Andy Harrold (Shirk's)3:27:53
140David George (Team Screechy Beast)3:29:27
141David Kelnberger (Fisher29ercrew)3:30:26
142Jeff Maycock (Unattached)3:30:41
143Gary Musgrove (
144Craig Barlow (Vassago & Big Ring Racing)3:31:21
145Flemming Heilmann (ZAMA Racing)3:31:46
145Kent Baake (DCMTB/Continuum Solar)
146Jonathan Zerbe (West Virginia University)3:32:45
147Thomas Harris (Team Cycle Works)3:33:23
148Marcin Gembicki (martys)3:35:58
149Andreas Eisenberger (Team Marty's)3:37:47
150James Miller (Ghostriders)3:38:24
151Hugh Melling (WHYNOT Cycles)3:38:48
152Roy Melling (WHYNOT Cycles)3:38:49
153Bill Gardner (MBR)3:39:27
154Brad Beeson (Spin / RR Donnelly)3:40:35
155Maxwell Kellogg (none)3:41:26
156Jonathan Kersting (West Liberty Cycles)3:41:28
157Jason Burdette (None)3:41:30
158Ken Heil (Flannel)3:41:47
159Tim Burton (CVC/Subaru of New England)3:42:29
160James Gomez (My Wife/Breakaway Bikes)3:43:37
161Greg Bell (Revolution Cycles, NC)3:43:50
162Matt Lough (GRIPPED RACING)3:44:57
163David Olsen (Gripped Racing)3:44:58
164Barry Rauhauser (Team Cycle Works)3:45:16
165David Cook (Sycamore Cycles)3:48:04
166Brian Bieger (me)3:48:43
167Johan Nel (Marty's Reliable Cycles)3:48:57
168Yuri Eliashevsky (Sycamore Cycles)3:49:15
169Misty Tilson (Shenandoah Mountain Touring)3:49:29
170Christian Baks (Pawling Cycle)3:49:59
171Jamie Webster (The A List)3:52:54
172Peri Garite (Team Avalanche)3:55:18
173Pat McCarthy (Boston Wall Beds Cycling Team)3:55:59
174Samuel Albarano (Nittany Mountain Bike Association)3:58:13
175Myles McPartland (
176John Rogers (DCMTB-Fueled by Whole Food)3:59:00
177Eddie Hogan (EQC)3:59:43
178Jan Faller (Bikebarn)3:59:44
179Carl June (Human Zoom)3:59:50
180Jason Mahokey ( Bikes/Salsa Cycles)3:59:52
181Ryan Kleman4:01:43
182Patrick Cusack4:03:22
183Chris Cunningham (Bike Factory Racing)4:03:24
184Dave Stauffer (Team Cycle Works)4:03:26
185Neil Popovich (
186Laureen Coffelt (RB's Cyclery)4:04:44
187David Wrona (Team RRR)4:05:40
188Scott McConnell (Northampton Cycling Club)4:05:42
189Ruth Cunningham (WVMBA)4:05:58
190Steve Mabry (Shirks)4:06:08
191Jessica Kutz (Freeze Thaw Cycles/ Hubcap Cycles)4:09:56
192Jordan Drayton (Freeze Thaw Cycles)4:09:57
193Michael Ryba (C.A.M.B.A)4:12:25
194Rob Brawley4:14:41
195Mike Kulakowski (Mom, Dad, Beer)4:15:50
196Ted McDaniel (the sh-t)4:16:34
197Jeff Plassman (Margaret)4:18:03
198Andrea Slack (Bike Line)4:19:52
199Roger Petersen (Team Sull Dog)4:24:55
200Daniel Cramer (The Bike Rack DC)4:24:58
201Chris LaSalle (College Street Cycles)4:25:09
202Bob Jacobson (College Street Cycles)4:25:10
203David Koehl (Payin' My Own Way)4:26:21
204George Hollerbach (Newtown Bike and Fitness)4:26:23
205Mike Weispfenning (LCM)4:27:02
206Angela Webster (None)4:31:04
207Mike Cusato (ZAMA Racing)4:35:00
208Jerry Jackson (
209Thomas ONeill (Team Lowe Riders)4:36:11
210Michael Cras (DGLMOSPORTS.COM)4:36:12
211Andrew Palmgren (landrys bicycles)4:37:00
212David Welty (Blue Ridge School)4:38:34
213Rachel Lauer (Freeze Thaw Cycles)4:43:45
214Eric Model (SoMojo)4:44:35
215Kevin Campbell (Spokes-N-Skis)4:47:34
216Raymond Crew4:53:12
217Jeff Donald Gibson (Gemini Training)4:55:23
218Mark & Vicki Schow (
219Eric Cudmore (fair isle farms)4:55:58
220Donja Lang (The Bicycle Shop Inc.)4:57:40
221Larry Schlaline (Spud Racing)4:57:43
222John Ford (Family Bike Team RRR)5:02:16
223Lars Andersen5:05:33
224Joe Ross (Dirty Harry's)5:07:11
225Jamie Myers (Fats in the Cats Beacon Cycles)5:07:44
226Mike Daubenspeck (GT Dirt Coalition)5:11:22
227Raymond Harmer (Elise & Bek)5:14:30
228Mike Fornecker (Silver Bullet Racing)5:17:44
229Michael Cherubini (Tri-State Velo)5:18:44
230Jeff Cherubini (Tri-State Velo)5:18:46
231John Friel (New Town Bike & Fitness)5:20:51
232Bryan Martin (beachwood bicycles)5:20:53
233John Griffiths (NYCMTB-Peak Bikes)5:22:21
234Todd Bones (Peanut Puff and Jam)5:22:24
235Charles O'Donnell (Dean Chase SJo JAAT)5:24:18
236Luis Rivera (NYCMTB-Peak Bikes)5:24:19
237Jeff James Carlson (Cadre Racing)5:27:06
238Bradley Youse (team sawbones)5:27:10
239Robert Alexander (My Girls)5:29:43
240Mathew Davies (Hudson Valley Velo Club)5:30:02
241Steven Campanelli5:31:26
242Ben Hess (DURX)5:33:09
243Charles Buki (Johnny Utah)5:37:37
244Geoffry Fix (Fixed By Dan Squared)5:37:47
245Matt Linderman (None)5:40:50
246Jason Zerbe (Spokes Bike Shop)5:42:23
247Cissy Fowler (Greenville Womens Cycling)5:49:21
248John Mcleod (LoweRiders)5:49:23
249Jonathan Seibold (Family Bike Shop/DCMTB)5:56:27
250Trevor Miller (Family Bike Shop)5:56:29
251Justin Carpenter (None)5:59:05
252George Phinney (Franks Bike Shop, NYC)5:59:07
253James Bennetch (Down Hill From Here)5:59:11
254Dan Gingerich (Fixed By Dan Squared)
255Kurt Rubeck (Toulon Oconnor Racing)6:05:38
256Karl Rubeck6:05:41
257Hamid Hariri (Gripped Racing)6:15:42
258Chauncy Cone (Driven by Veggies)6:16:48
259Leah Wasser (Larke Chaya de Cacao)6:21:33
260Dan Gemperline (Fixed By Dan Squared)6:24:16
261Frank Vaughan (NONE)6:27:38
261Aaron Pontzer (Nittany Mountian Bike Assoc.)6:28:58
262Roberto Galindo (Galindo Consulting Group, INC.)6:35:23
263Brad Wagner (AFD/ Twin Six)6:38:22
264Mac Johansen (Eyes Only)
265Vince Schultz (AFD)6:38:23
266Ralph Oppermann (Team AFD)6:38:25
267Ron Shealer6:42:10
268Mark Sondeen (Manchester Cycle)6:47:26
269Myles Glisson (Team Nitro)6:55:46
270JR Petsko (West Virginia Mountain Bike Association)6:56:22
271Jim Airgood (HUP United)6:59:29
272Mattison Crowe (HUP United/ Seven Cycles)6:59:31
273John Davis (none)7:00:01
274Jae Choi (NYCMTB-PEAK Bikes)7:04:40
275Scot Rosenthal (Franks Bike Shop, NYC)7:31:26
276Chad Chaumont (Cadre - Motorola)7:31:28
277Mark Dent (Speegoat Bicycles)7:31:44
278Jeffrey Clinton (No Sponsor)7:38:37
279Ed Strauss (NA)7:38:44

1Jeff Schalk (Trek Racing Cooperative)6:58:43
2Christian Tanguy (Fraser / Cannondale)0:01:12
3Chris Eatough (Trek)0:05:50
4Josh Tostado (santa cruz, bach building)0:07:07
5Christopher Beck (Subaru/Gary Fisher)0:09:12
6Jesse Jakomait (Cannondale Factory)0:14:31
7Rob Lichtenwalner (
8Garth Prosser (Cannondale Factory Team)0:50:52
9Andy Gorski (SPK / Speedgoat / Salsa)0:53:06
10Jacob Loverich (Undercover Brotha')0:55:07
11Ryan Fawley (Gripped Racing)0:57:42
12John Burns (
13Peter Ostoski (Red Jersey/Michelin)0:59:58
14Stephen Cummings (Indiana Regional Medical Center)1:01:37
15Terry Tomlin (OPUS/GIRO/OAKLEY)1:03:24
16Gerry Pflug (Speedgoat/SPK)1:06:45
17Scott Henry (Team Adrenaline / Titus)1:08:27
18Andy Applegate (champion systems/cannondale)1:10:33
19Roger Masse (Trek Racing Cooperative)1:15:36
20Rich O'Neil (Giant - State College Bike Shops)1:18:15
21Jimmy McMillian (Giant/ Richmond MORE)1:20:46
22Matt Ferrari (Freeze Thaw Cycles)1:21:02
23Alistair Siebert (Nycmtb - Peak bikes)1:25:52
24Joe Kedrowski (Founder's Ales/Alger Racing)1:31:08
25Nathan Kraxberger (Sid's-Cannondale)1:31:19
26Michael Simonson (Gary Fisher)1:32:14
27Samuel Morrison (Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem)1:32:20
28Ron Sanbron (Mclaw Cycle & Fitness)1:32:38
29Peter Schildt (Engin Cycles)1:32:44
30Mike Ramponi (IF)1:32:56
31Jeff Simms (HubCycle)1:34:19
32Jon Burgess (Cyclesmith/Oakley)1:34:22
33Bill Alcorn1:34:37
34Harry Precourt (Internat'l Bike Center MTB Team/Twin Six)1:35:33
35Jed Prentice (Bike Doctor)1:36:45
36Dustin Manotti (-)1:38:43
37Bradley Schmalzer (Team Six/Kenda)1:41:55
38Joshua West (
39Gunnar Shogren (Cannondale Factory Racing Team)1:46:28
40Dave Murphy (Red Jersey Cyclery)1:46:41
41Bill Nagel (Guy's Racing)1:49:20
42Ryan Heerschap (Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft)1:49:22
43John Hughson (High Adventure Ski & Bike)1:53:07
44Brian Wilson (
45Justin Pokrivka (Pro Bikes/Cohen & Assoc. )1:55:45
46Steve Thorne (Freeze Thaw Cycles)1:57:12
47Jason Pruitt (privateer)1:58:36
48Tomi McMillar (Tomi Cog / Cupcake Factory)2:00:25
49Daniel Atkins (UMBC Cycling)2:03:09
50Kyle Lawrence (Gary Fisher 29er Crew / SBC)2:03:41
51Jason Morgan (Industry Nine)2:05:05
52Allen Runkle (
53Russel Henderson (Industry Nine)2:06:55
54Paul Belknap (Bay City Cycles)2:07:53
55Peter Buckland (Freeze Thaw Cycles)2:09:10
56Don Gustavson (Zama Racing)2:10:14
57Matt Hudson2:10:31
58Kris Weber (Team Bulldog Cycle Craft)2:10:37
59Calvin Cheung (College Park Bicycles)2:10:40
60Jeff Whittingham (Independent Fabrication)2:11:49
61Albert Ciesielka ('s Reliable)2:14:07
62Daniel Rapp (no)2:16:56
63Brian Younkin (Stackin' Cheddah - The Bicycle Shop!)2:16:59
64Robert Lochner (Iron City Bikes)2:17:25
65Shawn Tevendale (Trek/DT Swiss/BF Racing)2:17:56
66Michael Tressler (Rad Racing)2:25:00
67Lee Simril (Motor Mile Racing)2:25:22
68Aaron Cruikshank (The Bicycle Shop)2:25:46
69Watts Dixon (Revolution Cycles, NC)2:25:50
70Martin Kozera (sweetsingletrack)2:27:02
71John Proppe (Team TOMS)2:27:39
72Rich Straub (Freeze Thaw Cycles)2:31:32
73Chris McGill (Cannondale Factory Racing)2:31:46
74Todd Erdley (Freeze Thaw)2:33:43
75Bob Radzwich (The Bicycle Shop NMBA)2:35:58
76Jake Colvin (North Haven Bike )2:36:30
77Craig Dupree (milk pail racing)2:38:36
78Noah Mabry (Shirk's)2:39:56
79Matthew Donahue (DCMTB-Fueled by Whole Foods Market)2:40:07
80Sean Smith (team me)2:40:15
81Mike Mazzarese (Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV)2:42:00
82Stu Hess (MBR)2:42:04
83Jim Matthews (MBR)2:46:11
84Ian Palermo (Trek of Pittsburgh)2:46:40
85Jonathan Scroggin (spud racing)2:49:22
86Donald Hosaflook (dirty
87Ben Shockey (Vassago Cycles)2:50:01
88Andrew Webster (Lowe Riders)2:51:39
89Douglas Pepelko (Applied Security Inc.)2:51:44
90Theo Procopos (Engin Cycles)2:53:11
91Nate Collamer (Flannel)2:53:17
92Geoffrey Lenat (Team Marty's)2:54:54
93Doug Milliken (Team Latitude/ARBT)2:55:00
94Kevin Chichlowski (
95Jason Walder (Conte's Arlington)2:57:26
96Aaron Hofelt (THE Nittany Mtb Assoc)2:58:04
97John Williams (Bike Line of Newark, DE)2:58:44
98Brandon Knotts (GDR)3:00:48
99Justin Farmer (Jf2r)3:01:01
100Richard Bilson (
101Nathan Mirus (Biowheels cincy)3:01:24
102Todd Link3:01:50
103John Wyrick (Biowheels)3:02:14
104Matthew Berdine (None)3:02:16
105Dave Bisers (Veloshop)3:02:28
106Clay Chiles (Freeze Thaw Cycles)3:05:02
107Thomas Hurley (Colavita New England)3:05:36
108Daniel Healy (lisa's farm)3:07:35
109Montana Miller (Smartparts)3:09:46
110Robert Thomas (Secret Henry's Team)3:10:20
111Matt Keller (Gung-Ho/Spring House)3:13:37
112Jonathan Wheaton (DCMTB Fueled by Whole Foods Market)3:13:52
113Tom Gagliardi (CT-29ers)3:14:49
114Timothy Koch (Gripped Racing)3:15:02
115Brett Wyckoff (memyselfandi)3:15:58
116Brent Lester (29er Crew)3:16:27
117David Pontzer (NMBA/the bike shop)3:17:24
118James Wilson (HumanZoom)3:18:33
119Peter Werner (
120Josh Lincoln (The WHM Group)3:19:08
121Ryan Hilaman (Bike Line)3:19:24
122Christopher Steffens (Spin / RR Donnelley)3:19:33
123Erik Lenzing (
124Jody Bailey (Spokes)3:20:40
125James Deschaine (Competitive Edge Ski & Bike Shop)3:21:57
126Martin Schamis (JB Mountain Bikes)3:24:16
127Chris Wurster3:24:51
128Andy Harrold (Shirk's)3:27:53
129David George (Team Screechy Beast)3:29:27
130David Kelnberger (Fisher29ercrew)3:30:26
131Jeff Maycock (Unattached)3:30:41
132Gary Musgrove (
133Craig Barlow (Vassago & Big Ring Racing)3:31:21
134Flemming Heilmann (ZAMA Racing)3:31:46
135Kent Baake (DCMTB/Continuum Solar)
136Jonathan Zerbe (West Virginia University)3:32:45
137Thomas Harris (Team Cycle Works)3:33:23
138Marcin Gembicki (martys)3:35:58
139Andreas Eisenberger (Team Marty's)3:37:47
140James Miller (Ghostriders)3:38:24
141Hugh Melling (WHYNOT Cycles)3:38:48
142Roy Melling (WHYNOT Cycles)3:38:49
143Bill Gardner (MBR)3:39:27
144Brad Beeson (Spin / RR Donnelly)3:40:35
145Maxwell Kellogg (none)3:41:26
146Jonathan Kersting (West Liberty Cycles)3:41:28
147Jason Burdette (None)3:41:30
148Ken Heil (Flannel)3:41:47
149Tim Burton (CVC/Subaru of New England)3:42:29
150James Gomez (My Wife/Breakaway Bikes)3:43:37
151Greg Bell (Revolution Cycles, NC)3:43:50
152Matt Lough (GRIPPED RACING)3:44:57
153David Olsen (Gripped Racing)3:44:58
154Barry Rauhauser (Team Cycle Works)3:45:16
155David Cook (Sycamore Cycles)3:48:04
156Brian Bieger (me)3:48:43
157Johan Nel (Marty's Reliable Cycles)3:48:57
158Yuri Eliashevsky (Sycamore Cycles)3:49:15
159Christian Baks (Pawling Cycle)3:49:59
160Jamie Webster (The A List)3:52:54
161Peri Garite (Team Avalanche)3:55:18
162Pat McCarthy (Boston Wall Beds Cycling Team)3:55:59
163Samuel Albarano (Nittany Mountain Bike Association)3:58:13
164Myles McPartland (
165John Rogers (DCMTB-Fueled by Whole Food)3:59:00
166Eddie Hogan (EQC)3:59:43
167Jan Faller (Bikebarn)3:59:44
168Carl June (Human Zoom)3:59:50
169Jason Mahokey ( Bikes/Salsa Cycles)3:59:52
170Ryan Kleman4:01:43
171Patrick Cusack4:03:22
172Chris Cunningham (Bike Factory Racing)4:03:24
173Dave Stauffer (Team Cycle Works)4:03:26
174Neil Popovich (
175David Wrona (Team RRR)4:05:40
176Scott McConnell (Northampton Cycling Club)4:05:42
177Steve Mabry (Shirks)4:06:08
178Jordan Drayton (Freeze Thaw Cycles)4:09:57
179Michael Ryba (C.A.M.B.A)4:12:25
180Rob Brawley4:14:41
181Mike Kulakowski (Mom, Dad, Beer)4:15:50
182Ted McDaniel (the sh-t)4:16:34
183Jeff Plassman (Margaret)4:18:03
184Roger Petersen (Team Sull Dog)4:24:55
185Daniel Cramer (The Bike Rack DC)4:24:58
186Chris LaSalle (College Street Cycles)4:25:09
187Bob Jacobson (College Street Cycles)4:25:10
188David Koehl (Payin' My Own Way)4:26:21
189George Hollerbach (Newtown Bike and Fitness)4:26:23
190Mike Weispfenning (LCM)4:27:02
191Mike Cusato (ZAMA Racing)4:35:00
192Jerry Jackson (
193Thomas ONeill (Team Lowe Riders)4:36:11
194Michael Cras (DGLMOSPORTS.COM)4:36:12
195Andrew Palmgren (landrys bicycles)4:37:00
196David Welty (Blue Ridge School)4:38:34
197Eric Model (SoMojo)4:44:35
198Kevin Campbell (Spokes-N-Skis)4:47:34
199Raymond Crew4:53:12
200Jeff Donald Gibson (Gemini Training)4:55:23
201Eric Cudmore (fair isle farms)4:55:58
202Larry Schlaline (Spud Racing)4:57:43
203John Ford (Family Bike Team RRR)5:02:16
204Lars Andersen5:05:33
205Joe Ross (Dirty Harry's)5:07:11
206Jamie Myers (Fats in the Cats Beacon Cycles)5:07:44
207Mike Daubenspeck (GT Dirt Coalition)5:11:22
208Raymond Harmer (Elise & Bek)5:14:30
209Mike Fornecker (Silver Bullet Racing)5:17:44
210Michael Cherubini (Tri-State Velo)5:18:44
211Jeff Cherubini (Tri-State Velo)5:18:46
212John Friel (New Town Bike & Fitness)5:20:51
213Bryan Martin (beachwood bicycles)5:20:53
214John Griffiths (NYCMTB-Peak Bikes)5:22:21
215Todd Bones (Peanut Puff and Jam)5:22:24
216Charles O'Donnell (Dean Chase SJo JAAT)5:24:18
217Luis Rivera (NYCMTB-Peak Bikes)5:24:19
218Jeff James Carlson (Cadre Racing)5:27:06
219Bradley Youse (team sawbones)5:27:10
220Robert Alexander (My Girls)5:29:43
221Mathew Davies (Hudson Valley Velo Club)5:30:02
222Steven Campanelli5:31:26
223Ben Hess (DURX)5:33:09
224Charles Buki (Johnny Utah)5:37:37
225Geoffry Fix (Fixed By Dan Squared)5:37:47
226Matt Linderman (None)5:40:50
227Jason Zerbe (Spokes Bike Shop)5:42:23
228John Mcleod (LoweRiders)5:49:23
229Jonathan Seibold (Family Bike Shop/DCMTB)5:56:27
230Trevor Miller (Family Bike Shop)5:56:29
231Justin Carpenter (None)5:59:05
232George Phinney (Franks Bike Shop, NYC)5:59:07
233James Bennetch (Down Hill From Here)5:59:11
234Kurt Rubeck (Toulon Oconnor Racing)6:05:38
235Karl Rubeck6:05:41
236Hamid Hariri (Gripped Racing)6:15:42
237Chauncy Cone (Driven by Veggies)6:16:48
238Dan Gemperline (Fixed By Dan Squared)6:24:16
239Frank Vaughan (NONE)6:27:38
240Aaron Pontzer (Nittany Mountian Bike Assoc.)6:28:58
241Roberto Galindo (Galindo Consulting Group, INC.)6:35:23
242Brad Wagner (AFD/ Twin Six)6:38:22
243Mac Johansen (Eyes Only)
244Vince Schultz (AFD)6:38:23
245Ralph Oppermann (Team AFD)6:38:25
246Ron Shealer6:42:10
247Mark Sondeen (Manchester Cycle)6:47:26
248Myles Glisson (Team Nitro)6:55:46
249JR Petsko (West Virginia Mountain Bike Association)6:56:22
250Jim Airgood (HUP United)6:59:29
251Mattison Crowe (HUP United/ Seven Cycles)6:59:31
252John Davis (none)7:00:01
253Jae Choi (NYCMTB-PEAK Bikes)7:04:40
254Scot Rosenthal (Franks Bike Shop, NYC)7:31:26
255Chad Chaumont (Cadre - Motorola)7:31:28
256Mark Dent (Speegoat Bicycles)7:31:44
257Jeffrey Clinton (No Sponsor)7:38:37
258Ed Strauss (NA)7:38:44

1Pua Sawicki (Ellsworth)7:43:46
2Sue Haywood (Turner Mo'chines)0:56:15
3Betsy Shogren (Cannondale Factory Racing Team)0:56:16
4Karen Potter (
5Cheryl Sornson1:39:32
6Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing)1:40:19
7Vicki Barclay (Freeze Thaw Cycles)2:00:23
8Denelle Grant (Gary Fisher 29er Crew/BF Racing)2:12:59
9Emily Brock (Faster Mustache)2:17:05
10Johanna Kraus (Velo Bella)2:23:46
11Carolyn Popovic (Bike Line)2:25:14
12Misty Tilson (Shenandoah Mountain Touring)3:04:26
13Laureen Coffelt (RB's Cyclery)3:19:41
14Ruth Cunningham (WVMBA)3:20:55
15Jessica Kutz (Freeze Thaw Cycles/ Hubcap Cycles)3:24:53
16Andrea Slack (Bike Line)3:34:49
17Angela Webster (None)3:46:01
18Rachel Lauer (Freeze Thaw Cycles)3:58:42
19Donja Lang (The Bicycle Shop Inc.)4:12:37
20Cissy Fowler (Greenville Womens Cycling)5:04:18
21Leah Wasser (Larke Chaya de Cacao)5:36:30

Open men
1Jeff Schalk (Trek Racing Cooperative)6:58:43
2Christian Tanguy (Fraser / Cannondale)0:01:12
3Chris Eatough (Trek)0:05:50
4Josh Tostado (santa cruz, bach building)0:07:07
5Christopher Beck (Subaru/Gary Fisher)0:09:12
6Jesse Jakomait (Cannondale Factory)0:14:31
7Rob Lichtenwalner (
8Garth Prosser (Cannondale Factory Team)0:50:52
9Andy Gorski (SPK / Speedgoat / Salsa)0:53:06
10Jacob Loverich (Undercover Brotha')0:55:07
11Ryan Fawley (Gripped Racing)0:57:42
12John Burns (
13Peter Ostoski (Red Jersey/Michelin)0:59:58
14Stephen Cummings (Indiana Regional Medical Center)1:01:37
15Terry Tomlin (OPUS/GIRO/OAKLEY)1:03:24
16Scott Henry (Team Adrenaline / Titus)1:08:27
17Andy Applegate (champion systems/cannondale)1:10:33
18Rich O'Neil (Giant - State College Bike Shops)1:18:15
19Jimmy McMillian (Giant/ Richmond MORE)1:20:46
20Alistair Siebert (Nycmtb - Peak bikes)1:25:52
21Michael Simonson (Gary Fisher)1:32:14
22Samuel Morrison (Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem)1:32:20
23Peter Schildt (Engin Cycles)1:32:44
24Jeff Simms (HubCycle)1:34:19
25Jon Burgess (Cyclesmith/Oakley)1:34:22
26Harry Precourt (Internat'l Bike Center MTB Team/Twin Six)1:35:33
27Jed Prentice (Bike Doctor)1:36:45
28Dustin Manotti (-)1:38:43
29Bradley Schmalzer (Team Six/Kenda)1:41:55
30Joshua West (
31Dave Murphy (Red Jersey Cyclery)1:46:41
32Ryan Heerschap (Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft)1:49:22
33John Hughson (High Adventure Ski & Bike)1:53:07
34Brian Wilson (
35Steve Thorne (Freeze Thaw Cycles)1:57:12
36Daniel Atkins (UMBC Cycling)2:03:09
37Kyle Lawrence (Gary Fisher 29er Crew / SBC)2:03:41
38Allen Runkle (
39Paul Belknap (Bay City Cycles)2:07:53
40Don Gustavson (Zama Racing)2:10:14
41Matt Hudson2:10:31
42Kris Weber (Team Bulldog Cycle Craft)2:10:37
43Calvin Cheung (College Park Bicycles)2:10:40
44Jeff Whittingham (Independent Fabrication)2:11:49
45Albert Ciesielka ('s Reliable)2:14:07
46Daniel Rapp (no)2:16:56
47Brian Younkin (Stackin' Cheddah - The Bicycle Shop!)2:16:59
48Shawn Tevendale (Trek/DT Swiss/BF Racing)2:17:56
49Lee Simril (Motor Mile Racing)2:25:22
50Martin Kozera (sweetsingletrack)2:27:02
51Rich Straub (Freeze Thaw Cycles)2:31:32
52Todd Erdley (Freeze Thaw)2:33:43
53Jake Colvin (North Haven Bike )2:36:30
54Noah Mabry (Shirk's)2:39:56
55Matthew Donahue (DCMTB-Fueled by Whole Foods Market)2:40:07
56Stu Hess (MBR)2:42:04
57Ian Palermo (Trek of Pittsburgh)2:46:40
58Donald Hosaflook (dirty
59Andrew Webster (Lowe Riders)2:51:39
60Theo Procopos (Engin Cycles)2:53:11
61Nate Collamer (Flannel)2:53:17
62Doug Milliken (Team Latitude/ARBT)2:55:00
63Kevin Chichlowski (
64Jason Walder (Conte's Arlington)2:57:26
65Aaron Hofelt (THE Nittany Mtb Assoc)2:58:04
66Justin Farmer (Jf2r)3:01:01
67Richard Bilson (
68Nathan Mirus (Biowheels cincy)3:01:24
69Todd Link3:01:50
70Matthew Berdine (None)3:02:16
71Thomas Hurley (Colavita New England)3:05:36
72Daniel Healy (lisa's farm)3:07:35
73Robert Thomas (Secret Henry's Team)3:10:20
74Tom Gagliardi (CT-29ers)3:14:49
75Brent Lester (29er Crew)3:16:27
76Peter Werner (
77Ryan Hilaman (Bike Line)3:19:24
78Jody Bailey (Spokes)3:20:40
79David George (Team Screechy Beast)3:29:27
80Jeff Maycock (Unattached)3:30:41
81Flemming Heilmann (ZAMA Racing)3:31:46
82Kent Baake (DCMTB/Continuum Solar)
83Jonathan Zerbe (West Virginia University)3:32:45
84Thomas Harris (Team Cycle Works)3:33:23
85Marcin Gembicki (martys)3:35:58
86Brad Beeson (Spin / RR Donnelly)3:40:35
87Maxwell Kellogg (none)3:41:26
88Jonathan Kersting (West Liberty Cycles)3:41:28
89Jason Burdette (None)3:41:30
90Ken Heil (Flannel)3:41:47
91James Gomez (My Wife/Breakaway Bikes)3:43:37
92Matt Lough (GRIPPED RACING)3:44:57
93David Olsen (Gripped Racing)3:44:58
94Brian Bieger (me)3:48:43
95Johan Nel (Marty's Reliable Cycles)3:48:57
96Yuri Eliashevsky (Sycamore Cycles)3:49:15
97Christian Baks (Pawling Cycle)3:49:59
98Jamie Webster (The A List)3:52:54
99Peri Garite (Team Avalanche)3:55:18
100Pat McCarthy (Boston Wall Beds Cycling Team)3:55:59
101Samuel Albarano (Nittany Mountain Bike Association)3:58:13
102Myles McPartland (
103John Rogers (DCMTB-Fueled by Whole Food)3:59:00
104Eddie Hogan (EQC)3:59:43
105Jan Faller (Bikebarn)3:59:44
106Jason Mahokey ( Bikes/Salsa Cycles)3:59:52
107Patrick Cusack4:03:22
108Chris Cunningham (Bike Factory Racing)4:03:24
109Dave Stauffer (Team Cycle Works)4:03:26
110Neil Popovich (
111David Wrona (Team RRR)4:05:40
112Scott McConnell (Northampton Cycling Club)4:05:42
113Jordan Drayton (Freeze Thaw Cycles)4:09:57
114Michael Ryba (C.A.M.B.A)4:12:25
115Rob Brawley4:14:41
116Mike Kulakowski (Mom, Dad, Beer)4:15:50
117Ted McDaniel (the sh-t)4:16:34
118Jeff Plassman (Margaret)4:18:03
119Daniel Cramer (The Bike Rack DC)4:24:58
120Chris LaSalle (College Street Cycles)4:25:09
121Bob Jacobson (College Street Cycles)4:25:10
122David Koehl (Payin' My Own Way)4:26:21
123Jerry Jackson (
124Thomas ONeill (Team Lowe Riders)4:36:11
125Michael Cras (DGLMOSPORTS.COM)4:36:12
126Andrew Palmgren (landrys bicycles)4:37:00
127David Welty (Blue Ridge School)4:38:34
128Eric Model (SoMojo)4:44:35
129Kevin Campbell (Spokes-N-Skis)4:47:34
130Jeff Donald Gibson (Gemini Training)4:55:23
131Lars Andersen5:05:33
132Joe Ross (Dirty Harry's)5:07:11
133Jamie Myers (Fats in the Cats Beacon Cycles)5:07:44
134Raymond Harmer (Elise & Bek)5:14:30
135Mike Fornecker (Silver Bullet Racing)5:17:44
136Michael Cherubini (Tri-State Velo)5:18:44
137Jeff Cherubini (Tri-State Velo)5:18:46
138Bryan Martin (beachwood bicycles)5:20:53
139John Griffiths (NYCMTB-Peak Bikes)5:22:21
140Charles O'Donnell (Dean Chase SJo JAAT)5:24:18
141Jeff James Carlson (Cadre Racing)5:27:06
142Bradley Youse (team sawbones)5:27:10
143Robert Alexander (My Girls)5:29:43
144Ben Hess (DURX)5:33:09
145Charles Buki (Johnny Utah)5:37:37
146Geoffry Fix (Fixed By Dan Squared)5:37:47
147Matt Linderman (None)5:40:50
148Jason Zerbe (Spokes Bike Shop)5:42:23
149John Mcleod (LoweRiders)5:49:23
150Jonathan Seibold (Family Bike Shop/DCMTB)5:56:27
151Trevor Miller (Family Bike Shop)5:56:29
152Justin Carpenter (None)5:59:05
153George Phinney (Franks Bike Shop, NYC)5:59:07
154Kurt Rubeck (Toulon Oconnor Racing)6:05:38
155Karl Rubeck6:05:41
156Hamid Hariri (Gripped Racing)6:15:42
157Chauncy Cone (Driven by Veggies)6:16:48
158Frank Vaughan (NONE)6:27:38
159Aaron Pontzer (Nittany Mountian Bike Assoc.)6:28:58
160Roberto Galindo (Galindo Consulting Group, INC.)6:35:23
161Vince Schultz (AFD)6:38:23
162Ralph Oppermann (Team AFD)6:38:25
163Ron Shealer6:42:10
164Mark Sondeen (Manchester Cycle)6:47:26
165Myles Glisson (Team Nitro)6:55:46
166Jim Airgood (HUP United)6:59:29
167Mattison Crowe (HUP United/ Seven Cycles)6:59:31
168Jae Choi (NYCMTB-PEAK Bikes)7:04:40
169Scot Rosenthal (Franks Bike Shop, NYC)7:31:26
170Chad Chaumont (Cadre - Motorola)7:31:28
171Mark Dent (Speegoat Bicycles)7:31:44
172Jeffrey Clinton (No Sponsor)7:38:37
173Ed Strauss (NA)7:38:44

Open women
1Pua Sawicki (Ellsworth)7:43:46
2Sue Haywood (Turner Mo'chines)0:56:15
3Betsy Shogren (Cannondale Factory Racing Team)0:56:16
4Karen Potter (
5Cheryl Sornson1:39:32
6Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing)1:40:19
7Vicki Barclay (Freeze Thaw Cycles)2:00:23
8Denelle Grant (Gary Fisher 29er Crew/BF Racing)2:12:59
9Emily Brock (Faster Mustache)2:17:05
10Johanna Kraus (Velo Bella)2:23:46
11Carolyn Popovic (Bike Line)2:25:14
12Misty Tilson (Shenandoah Mountain Touring)3:04:26
13Laureen Coffelt (RB's Cyclery)3:19:41
14Ruth Cunningham (WVMBA)3:20:55
15Jessica Kutz (Freeze Thaw Cycles/ Hubcap Cycles)3:24:53
16Angela Webster (None)3:46:01
17Rachel Lauer (Freeze Thaw Cycles)3:58:42
18Donja Lang (The Bicycle Shop Inc.)4:12:37
19Cissy Fowler (Greenville Womens Cycling)5:04:18
20Leah Wasser (Larke Chaya de Cacao)5:36:30

SS Men
1Gerry Pflug (Speedgoat/SPK)8:05:28
2Roger Masse (Trek Racing Cooperative)0:08:51
3Matt Ferrari (Freeze Thaw Cycles)0:14:17
4Joe Kedrowski (Founder's Ales/Alger Racing)0:24:23
5Nathan Kraxberger (Sid's-Cannondale)0:24:34
6Ron Sanbron (Mclaw Cycle & Fitness)0:25:53
7Mike Ramponi (IF)0:26:11
8Bill Alcorn0:27:52
9Gunnar Shogren (Cannondale Factory Racing Team)0:39:43
10Justin Pokrivka (Pro Bikes/Cohen & Assoc. )0:49:00
11Jason Pruitt (privateer)0:51:51
12Tomi McMillar (Tomi Cog / Cupcake Factory)0:53:40
13Jason Morgan (Industry Nine)0:58:20
14Russel Henderson (Industry Nine)1:00:10
15Peter Buckland (Freeze Thaw Cycles)1:02:25
16Robert Lochner (Iron City Bikes)1:10:40
17Michael Tressler (Rad Racing)1:18:15
18Aaron Cruikshank (The Bicycle Shop)1:19:01
19Watts Dixon (Revolution Cycles, NC)1:19:05
20John Proppe (Team TOMS)1:20:54
21Chris McGill (Cannondale Factory Racing)1:25:01
22Bob Radzwich (The Bicycle Shop NMBA)1:29:13
23Craig Dupree (milk pail racing)1:31:51
24Sean Smith (team me)1:33:30
25Mike Mazzarese (Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV)1:35:15
26Jonathan Scroggin (spud racing)1:42:37
27Ben Shockey (Vassago Cycles)1:43:16
28Geoffrey Lenat (Team Marty's)1:48:09
29Brandon Knotts (GDR)1:54:03
30Dave Bisers (Veloshop)1:55:43
31Clay Chiles (Freeze Thaw Cycles)1:58:17
32Montana Miller (Smartparts)2:03:01
33Matt Keller (Gung-Ho/Spring House)2:06:52
34Jonathan Wheaton (DCMTB Fueled by Whole Foods Market)2:07:07
35Brett Wyckoff (memyselfandi)2:09:13
36Christopher Steffens (Spin / RR Donnelley)2:12:48
37Erik Lenzing (
38Martin Schamis (JB Mountain Bikes)2:17:31
39Craig Barlow (Vassago & Big Ring Racing)2:24:36
40Greg Bell (Revolution Cycles, NC)2:37:05
41Barry Rauhauser (Team Cycle Works)2:38:31
42Ryan Kleman2:54:58
43Roger Petersen (Team Sull Dog)3:18:10
44Raymond Crew3:46:27
45Eric Cudmore (fair isle farms)3:49:13
46Larry Schlaline (Spud Racing)3:50:58
47Mike Daubenspeck (GT Dirt Coalition)4:04:37
48Todd Bones (Peanut Puff and Jam)4:15:39
49Steven Campanelli4:24:41
50James Bennetch (Down Hill From Here)4:52:26
51Dan Gemperline (Fixed By Dan Squared)5:17:31
52Brad Wagner (AFD/ Twin Six)5:31:37

Master men
1Bill Nagel (Guy's Racing)8:48:03
2Jim Matthews (MBR)0:56:51
3John Williams (Bike Line of Newark, DE)1:09:24
4John Wyrick (Biowheels)1:12:54
5James Wilson (HumanZoom)1:29:13
6James Deschaine (Competitive Edge Ski & Bike Shop)1:32:37
7Chris Wurster1:35:31
8Andy Harrold (Shirk's)1:38:33
9David Kelnberger (Fisher29ercrew)1:41:06
10Gary Musgrove (
11James Miller (Ghostriders)1:49:04
12Hugh Melling (WHYNOT Cycles)1:49:28
13Roy Melling (WHYNOT Cycles)1:49:29
14Bill Gardner (MBR)1:50:07
15Carl June (Human Zoom)2:10:30
16Steve Mabry (Shirks)2:16:48
17George Hollerbach (Newtown Bike and Fitness)2:37:03
18John Ford (Family Bike Team RRR)3:12:56
19John Friel (New Town Bike & Fitness)3:31:31
20Mathew Davies (Hudson Valley Velo Club)3:40:42

Master women
1Andrea Slack (Bike Line)11:18:35

Clydesdale Men
1John Davis (none)13:58:44


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