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Schalk victorious in Mohican 100

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Jeff Schalk (Trek Co-op) on his way to winning the 2010 Mohican 100 miler.

Jeff Schalk (Trek Co-op) on his way to winning the 2010 Mohican 100 miler. (Image credit:
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The Mohican 100-miler open men's podium was topped by Jeff Schalk.

The Mohican 100-miler open men's podium was topped by Jeff Schalk. (Image credit:
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100km women's winner Amanda Mckay (Shamrock Cycles)

100km women's winner Amanda Mckay (Shamrock Cycles) (Image credit:
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At 68 years young, Mike Deitlin (Kenda) from Johnstown, Ohio, was the oldest finisher of the Mohican 100.

At 68 years young, Mike Deitlin (Kenda) from Johnstown, Ohio, was the oldest finisher of the Mohican 100. (Image credit:
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100km women's podium at the Mohican 100

100km women's podium at the Mohican 100 (Image credit:
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100km singlespeed men's podium at the Mohican 100

100km singlespeed men's podium at the Mohican 100 (Image credit:
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Mohican 100-miler singlespeed men's podium

Mohican 100-miler singlespeed men's podium (Image credit:
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15-year-old Peter Joyal from Mohican Country became the youngest racer to finish the Mohican 100k.

15-year-old Peter Joyal from Mohican Country became the youngest racer to finish the Mohican 100k. (Image credit:
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National Ultra Endurance (NUE) Series defending champion Betsy Shogren

National Ultra Endurance (NUE) Series defending champion Betsy Shogren (Image credit:
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Bob Rodgers gives a thumbs up during the men's 100-miler at the Mohican 100.

Bob Rodgers gives a thumbs up during the men's 100-miler at the Mohican 100. (Image credit:
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100km men's open podium at the Mohican 100

100km men's open podium at the Mohican 100 (Image credit:
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Men Masters 50 100km podium

Men Masters 50 100km podium (Image credit:
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Stephen Cummings won the $200 prime just after the start of the race.

Stephen Cummings won the $200 prime just after the start of the race. (Image credit:
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Vicki Barclay rides to third in the Mohican 100 women's 100-miler category.

Vicki Barclay rides to third in the Mohican 100 women's 100-miler category. (Image credit:

Severe electrical thunderstorms knocked out power and produced winds in excess of 60mph, swollen streams, several local tornados, and unusually large hail that greeted a record 600+ racers at the Mohican Mountain Bike 100, round number two of the National Ultra Endurance (NUE) Series in Ohio on Saturday. Jeff Schalk (Trek Racing Co-op) and Amandy Carey (Kenda) won the open men's and women's races.

"Registration opened with hail the size of golf balls raining down as racers began showing up for packet pickup. We were forced to temporarily close the doors of the Mohican Adventure's convention center as the largest and most severe hail I've seen in my lifetime began pounding cars and bouncing in through the doors and sliding across the floor," said Race Director Ryan O'Dell.

This was followed by an intense night of passing thunderstorms and the constant rumble of thunder and lightning throughout the night. What resulted was severe flooding, reminiscent of the 2005 race, when storms the night before flooded the entire Walhonding Valley.

This year's race was no different with soaking rains creating the muddiest conditions in Mohican's eight-year history. Several racers, including Spin Bike Shop owner and former downhill pro, Greg Jackson, claimed that this year's race was the most difficult thing he had completed in his life. However, he also followed up that statement by saying, "and I will be back next year too!"

Jackson's sentiment appeared to sum up how many racers felt after finishing Saturday's grueling event as racers discussed their harrowing day over a Mongolian BBQ and six kegs of brew provided by Bells Brewery of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Coming off his first Mohican victory in 2008, defending NUE Series Champion, Jeff Schalk finished third at Mohican last year, just one minute behind race winner Jeremiah Bishop, who set a record time of 6:50:26. However, Bishop was absent at this year's race - he was racing the Trans-Sylvania Epic instead.

This year's race began again in downtown Loudonville at Liberty Park with racers competing for a US$200 prime, courtesy of Kim's Bike's in Loudonville, awarded to the first finishing racer to reach the city limits. Schalk crossed the city limits in the number two spot behind Stephen Cummings, who went on to take second place in the men's 100k open race.

Once the larger race was underway, well beyond the city limits and into the Mohican State Forest, Schalk took charge through the covered bridge, rolling in first at aid station one, leading Michael Simonson (Team Fraser) by one minute and Josh Tostado, five-time winner of the Breckenridge100, by three minutes.

By the time the lead pack reached Camp Mohaven, a few miles past aid station 3, Schalk had stretched that lead to 11 minutes. With a 15-minute lead, brake rotor difficulties threatened to derail his chance for a second victory since his 2008 win. Wasting little time, he was able to make the necessary repairs and extend that lead even further, leading Simonson by 20 minutes and Tostado by 30 at aid station 5, just five miles from the finish.

Despite the worst conditions in its eight-year history, Schalk obtained his second sweet victory at Mohican, 7:33:08, 39 minutes off last year's pace. Tostado, who finished seventh in 2008 and 13th last year, went on to his best finish ever at Mohican with a third place finish behind Simonson, who also had his best finish after a sixth place finish in 2008 and fourth place in 2009. Simonson's steady rise in the ranks heading into NUE Series round 3 on his home turf at the sold out Lumberjack 100 in Michigan on June 19 makes him a threat to Schalk and a serious contender for this year's NUE Series.

Tostado is showing the same type of resolve and improvement at Mohican. He continues to be the favorite at high altitude with the upcoming Breckenridge 100, NUE Series round four, on July 17.

Carey continues winning ways in women's race

The women's 100-mile open mirrored the men's race with Amanda Carey putting 16 minutes on second place and 36 minutes on third. Carey, coming off her NUE Series season opening victory at the Cohutta 100 in Ducktown, Tennessee, appears to be making a serious run for the title with back-to-back NUE wins. 2008 NUE Women's Champion, Cheryl Sornsen (Team CF) stepped up this year to capture the second spot on the podium. The surprise finish of the day came from Vicki Barclay (Freeze Thaw Cycles) who managed to stay just ahead of Brenda Simril and Shogren for an impressive third place finish.

In a mass start endurance race, one of the biggest concerns for the top women racers is getting outgunned to the singletrack by stronger, but less skilled riders.  Goal number one for Carey and Sornson was to make it up the opening climb without a school of men floundering on the rain-soaked trails in front of them.  Both riders managed to get a good position into the woods together and proceeded to take turns swapping the lead for the next 35 miles.  Not too far back was Barclay.

Carrey had to stop at aid station 1 to deal with a hydration pack malfunction while Sornson rode through. Soon enough, Carrey was able to catch Sornson after she stopped to lube her chain on her mud caked bike. After the second aid station, Carrey started establishing a new protocol and for who would be out front. Sornson slowly but steadily slipped off her wheel and continued slipping to the final deficit of 16 minutes by the end of the day.

"The first 35 miles were exciting because the guys could see that we were really racing and they gave us the right of way as we came through," Sornson said about the day.

Barclay continued to polish her 100-mile racing skills with a third place finish on one of the harshest days to date for a dirty century.

Hiding her mental and physical toughness beneath her ever cheerful personality, like a kitten with the heart of a tiger, defending NUE Champion, Betsy Shogren (Cannondale) of Morgantown, West Virginia, finished with an impressive 8:35:43 last year at Mohican and went on to win the NUE Series. This year, Shogren rolled across the finish line in fifth place but is by no means out of the competition.

Singlespeed and Masters races

The 100-mile singlespeed division featured defending NUE Champion, Gerry Pflug (Solon Bikes), facing down the barrel of 2005 NUE Men's Open Champ, Harlan Price (Team CF), who was coming off a decisive victory at the Cohutta 100 in April. However, in the end, it was newcomer, Mike Montalbano (Dark Horse), who views Price as a sort of mountain bike god, edging out his hero by six minutes for his first Mohican victory at 8:16:50. Pflug finished third behind Montalbano and Price.

When the race courses get wet and muddy, the simplicity of just one gear benefits the singlespeed rider.  Saturday was no different, but one factor a singlespeeder can't simplify is the need for brakes.  By the end of the day, most people had worn through at least one set of brakepads.

Montelbano rode a patient race to save strength for the end of the day. He started slow and worked his way up past Pflug and eventually caught Price.  Montelbano and Price rode together till aid station 3, where Price managed to leave Montelbano behind.

On the infamous eight-mile buggy path, both riders had a geared bike to pull them and it was Price who came in to aid station 4 first with about a three-minute lead. Soon after, Montelbano caught Price, and they continued to ride together till the Dark Horse rider managed to drop Price on the last paved climb of the day with about 13 miles to go. Montelbano took the win and fourth place overall. Price rolled across the finish line five minutes back and in sixth overall for the day.

By the end of the race, both of the top two singlespeed riders had lost either one or both their brakes.

Last year's men's master 50+ winner, John Williams (Bikeline) from Wilmington, Deleware, smoked the entire field by 45 minutes in 2009, however, some relative newcomers braved the storms and rolled through the mud to take top honors this year. Robert Herriman grabbed the top spot in just 9:20:11. It was nearly an hour later before Bill Nagel and Joseph Monga rolled across the finish to capture second and third place, respectively.

At the finish line, 68-year-old Mike Deitlin (Kenda) from Johnstown, Ohio, stated that he was determined to finish the Mohican 100 mile before he expires, however, his performance clearly indicates this retiree is far from dead. Deitlin, the former OMBC Grand Masters Champion, won an award from BikeSource of Columbus by becoming the oldest racer to finish the Mohican 100 miler.

100km races

Men's 100k open racer Brad Wilhelm (GT) the 2008 Ohio Mountain Bike Championship Series Champion, wanted the 100k race win badly. Always in the lead pack, however, the win had remained elusive to Wilhelm who finished fourth in 2007 and 2009 and third in 2008. But yesterday was a new day, and you could see it in the joy on his face as he crossed the line in 5:44:29 for his first Mohican 100k win.

Prime winner Stephen Cummings showed up 10 minutes behind Wilhelm and Mike Naughton just one minute later to capture the podium. The next three would come in just seconds apart with Ross Clark, Solon Bicycle, having his best finish ever, and Chip Meek, finishing fifth. Meek was the first to raise the 24-hour solo bar from Tinker Juarez in 2008 by completing 17 laps at the 24 Hours of Mohican, the equivalent of 170 miles with 18,700 feet of vertical. Just one second behind Meek was Martin Sanders.

He wasn't first but he was the youngest ever to complete the Mohican 100k. Peter Joyal won an award from BikeSource of Columbus as the youngest 100k finisher at age 15.

Amanda McKay (Team CF) continued to dominate the Mohican 100k with her third straight victory. Covered in mud from head to toe, Mckay flashed a Hollywood smile as she crossed the finish line in 7:23:39. Less than three minutes behind, Heidi Shilling proved she is a contender as the first racer to ever to close in on McKay. A last minute register, Bridget Donovan (Trek Cincinnati) finished third., maker of custom carbon fiber insoles, owned the singlespeed 100k podium with last year's winner, John Lorson finishing second to race winner Jason Suppan, 6:16:41. Jake Scott and Nathan Grubbs finished third and fourth respectively, less than a minute apart.

At 53, Rudy Sroka gained his second victory since 2008 in the 100k Master 50+ with a decisive win in just 6:36:26. Mark Virello (Michelob Ultra) finished second in 2008 and again in 2010. 2009 winner Joe Orlando of Wadsworth finished third. Ohio racers took the next three spots with OMBC Series Master's Champion, Terry Campbell (Sierra Nevada) of Zanesville finishing fourth and Mark Jones (Orrville Cycling of Wooster) in fifth. Before becoming a cyclist, Tim Bonifant had become overweight and was a pack a day smoker. Years later, in 2010, it is a testament to the major changes in his lifestyle that allowed him to finish sixth place in Ohio's largest mountain bike race.

BikeSource of Columbus also gave the "hairiest legs" award to Master's 50+ Phillip Wadsworth.

In all, the Mohican 100 paid out over $10,000 in cash and merchandise and will make a donation to Aid Station Headquarters, Buckhaven Learning Center, to benefit physically challenged bow hunters and youth.

Race notes

The conditions were reminiscent of 2005, the year the race was forced to change course on the fly. "I was out there, just ahead of the lead pack of racers, consulting my map and placing new signage up to get racers away from the flooded valley," recalled O'Dell. "Often, I could see the lead pack of professional racers roaring over the next hill toward me as I jumped into my truck, nearly flooring the accelerator to race off and put up the next sign!"

That year, Garth Prosser, unaware that the course had been rerouted, was the only racer who passed through the Walhonding Valley that day, reportedly holding his bike above his head in chest deep water for nearly a mile before rejoining the newly marked race course. Prosser went on to finish fourth place, just 27 minutes behind race winner Jeremiah Bishop. Racers that year recalled slogging through nearly foot deep mud on some of the horse trails, describing the feeling as "like riding through a freshly plowed field".

Ryan O'Dell and Harlan Price provided editorial assistance with this race report.

Full Results

Men Open 100-miler
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeff Schalk (Trek Mountain Co-Op)7:33:08
2Michael Simonson (Gary Fisher/Sram XX/Notubes)0:35:51
3Josh Tostado (Bach Builders, Santa Cruz)0:43:32
4Greg Kuhn (Team Fraser)0:44:34
5Travis Mullen (29Er Crew)0:53:18
6David Wood (Fisher 29Er Crew)0:55:46
7Will Baker (Touring Gear Bike Shop)1:04:59
8Dustin Manotti (Earl Bicycle Store)1:07:06
9Andy Gorski1:10:03
10Charles Clarkson (Ellsworth Handcrafted Bikes)1:10:35
11Charlie Storm (Inland Construction)1:15:25
12Andy Applegate (Champion Systems/ Cannondale)1:20:45
13Ryan Heerschap (Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft)1:23:45
14Jed Prentice (Bike Doctor)1:26:31
15Ernesto Marenchin (Speedgoat.Com)1:27:57
16Joe Fritsch (College Park Bicycles)1:30:41
17Kent Mcneil1:35:41
18Ian Dunlop (F.T.S.)1:36:51
19Adam Naish (Rochester Bike Shop)1:38:30
20John Burns (Bikeman.Com)1:40:34
21Bradley Schmalzer (Team Bikeman.Com/Kenda Usa)
22Tim Finkel (Gary Fisher 29Er Crew/Wolverine/Acfstores.Com)1:42:08
23Matt Williams (Mtbracenews.Com)1:49:52
24Theo Procopos (Engin Cycles)1:51:27
25Ian Spivack (Dcmtb)1:57:26
26Doug Andrews (Www.Geoladders.Com)2:00:11
27Sean Van Dongen2:01:22
28Harry Precourt (Twin Six)2:03:02
29Dan Mcdermott (Bike Line)2:06:09
30Tom Buday2:06:17
31Steven Buday2:06:18
32Claude Laberge2:10:14
33Jason Lummis (Bells Brewery/Quiring Cycles)2:13:59
34Gabe Rainwater2:16:22
35Thomas Burke (Lathrup Industries/Giant Bicycles)2:17:31
36Brian Rohr (Pearl Street Brewery)2:21:13
37Daniel Atkins (Adventures For The Cure)2:22:25
38Bradley Cobb (Motor Mile Racing)2:24:38
39Michael Koballa (Inland Construction)2:26:04
40Chris Quinn2:30:40
41Karl Burk (Colavita Ohio)2:32:48
42Lee Simril (Motor Mile Racing)2:42:22
43John Barney2:42:51
44John Roden (Handlebars)2:45:59
45Ben Shaklee (Ellicottville Bike Shop)2:47:25
46Chris Kim2:48:31
47Dave Vesper (Y-Not Cycling & Fitness)2:49:27
48Dennis Baldwin (Ellicottville Bike Shop)2:49:57
49Joe Slonecki (Farm Team)2:52:35
50Jeff Minnerick (Wife)2:55:40
51Zachary Morrey (Boo Bicycles, Hokie Spokes)2:58:10
52Ethan Millstein (Gt Gold Diggers)2:58:31
53Calvin Cheung (College Park Bicycles)2:59:42
54Steve Schwarz (Speedgoat Bicycles)3:06:02
55John Proppe (Lake Effect Racing)3:07:09
56Johnny Rivera3:09:28
57Kevin Daum (Solon Bicycle, 331Racing.Com)3:10:57
58Rob Hillyard (Pearl Street)3:15:27
59Ben Bonney (Bike Shop 1919)3:16:31
60David Wagoner (Aldefer Bergen Racing)3:20:59
61Michael Moscato (Dick Chainring)3:26:10
62Anthony Hergert (Nouveau Velo Cycling)3:26:32
63Dennis Wilson3:28:50
64Jeff Plassman (Design Physics/Rowletts)3:33:32
65Doug Milliken (Abrt / Bike Doctor - Frederick)3:39:57
66Ryan Wayne (Idutri)3:40:40
67Eric Model (Hammer Nutrition)3:42:35
68Ray Smith3:46:59
69Mark Quist3:58:02
70Jonathan Bennett (Team Mongo)4:00:56
71Tom Payn4:02:44
72Chris Bryce4:05:32
73Andre Odendaal4:17:18
74Brian White4:18:27
75Sean Geary4:18:34
76Samuel Hollingsworth4:28:31
77Gregory Dudash4:36:39
78Rusty Brown (Camba)4:46:16
79Jody Bailey (Hpc/Spokes Etc.)4:47:41
80Charles Parsons (Excel Cycle)4:50:35
81Peter Rajcani4:52:16
82Jeff Zimmerman (Lonesomemountain.Com/Cyclefit Multisport)4:52:22
83Greg Witt (Rbs Cycling Team)4:54:59
84Charles Buki5:20:27
85Kevan Millstein (The Gt Gold Diggers)5:24:06
86Adam Sturbois5:29:55
87Ross Mckegney5:34:53
88Mike Purcell (Elkay Companies)5:44:08
89Aaron Mccready (Racing Greyhounds)5:46:12
90Christopher M. Roper (Racing Greyhounds)5:46:14
91John Van Alsburg (Www.Runjohnrun.Net)5:53:27
92Laurence Etgen (Halter's Cycles)5:56:40
93George Gilham5:58:22
94Todd Fiore (Wnymba /El Nino/ Farting Picassos)5:58:23
95Michael Lukowiak (Team Bulldog Cyclecraft)5:58:24
96Evan Barr-Beare5:59:10
97Mark Farmer (Ohio Orthopedic Center Of Excellence/Moro Cycling)6:03:31
98Jim Gilmore6:03:32
99Jeremy Larson6:16:43
100Mark Shellhamer (Trek Ohio Valley)7:01:41
DNFAndrew Barlage
DNFHowie Beattie
DNFMike Belanger (Racing Greyhounds)
DNFBrian Bieger (High Gear Cyclery)
DNFMichael Bonsby
DNFShane Brenner
DNFTony Bruce (Paint Creek Bicycles)
DNFLeonardo Cardona
DNFJay Chesterman
DNFAndrew Christman (Caffeine Racing)
DNFJoshua Cohen
DNFScott Cole (Adventure212/Specialized)
DNFMark Cole (Adventure 212/Specialized)
DNFJoe Collins
DNFKeith Connolly (Self)
DNFDavid Cook
DNFDonald Crites
DNFDevin Deboer
DNFStephen Dempsey (Bells Brewery/Quring Cycles)
DNFDoug Trojan
DNFPhillip Esempio (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Lsv)
DNFDerek Eysenbach (Lagunitas Brewing Company)
DNFBlair Fraley (Trek Bicycle Stores Of Columbus)
DNFJamieson Giefer
DNFChris Goddard (Fraser Bike)
DNFMark Gorman (Ohiooutside.Com)
DNFJake Grantham (Upmc Cycling / Dirty Harrys)
DNFAndrew Green
DNFJoseph Hall (National Engineering)
DNFBrent Harlos
DNFSamuel Hayward
DNFScott Henry (Titus)
DNFKevin Hofmann (Cycle Haus/Gt)
DNFRyan Houston
DNFStephen Huddle
DNFPaul Incognito (Henry's Bikes)
DNFBrian Kaminski
DNFKen Kazmierczak
DNFDean Kilton (Life Time Fitness)
DNFDan Kotwicki (29Ercrew.Com / Sram Xx)
DNFMartin Kozera
DNFMatt Leizinger
DNFRandall Lewis
DNFRobert Lucia (Rbs Cycling Team)
DNFDariusz Maciag (Paul Miller Audi)
DNFMarcus Mancini
DNFThomas Markley (Roll Models Bike Shop)
DNFRichard Mcculloch
DNFR.B. Mcwhorter
DNFNathan Mirus (Biowheels)
DNFJason Murrell (Larry Hill Ford/Scott's Bikes)
DNFBurt Newell
DNFMichael Niebauer
DNFJohn Oakes (Bikes Plus)
DNFRich Oneil
DNFChris Peariso (Adventure212/Specialized)
DNFLayne Peters (Team Awesome)
DNFJ.R. Petsko (Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling)
DNFColin Ridge
DNFAndrew Riess (Self)
DNFKarl Rubeck
DNFKurt Rubeck
DNFSam Ruff (Team Nebo Ridge)
DNFMichael Scales
DNFSteve Scandlen (Lagunitas Brewing Company)
DNFMike Schultz (Highland Training/Dirty Harrys)
DNFRobert Spreng
DNFGeorge Stefek
DNFRich Straub (Freeze Thaw Cycles P/B Bikeflights.Com)
DNFSimon Testa (Wife)
DNFChristopher Wiederhold
DNFPaul Wilczek
DNFStephen Wilson
DNFDominic Wisler
DNFJames Wolfe
DNFMike Weisgerber
DNFNick Elliott (Bicycles And More Cincinnati Ohio)
DNSBob Butsch
DNSMarcin Gembicki
DNSJoe Henry (Half Acre Cycling)
DNSJamie Ingalls (Daddymart.Com/Hammer Nutrition)
DNSTimothy Lim
DNSTom Mcardle
DNSJared Medler (Morgans Garage)
DNSBrian Michaud
DNSSamuel Morrison (Ffr/Ag3R/Probikes)
DNSAdam Schmidt (Biowheels/ Reece-Campbell Racing)
DNSLee Unwin (Cycleops)
DNSWilliam Weismantel (Mason-Dixon Velo / The Cycle Works)
DNSThori Wolfe

Women Open 100 miler
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Amanda Carey (Kenda/Felt)9:15:20
2Cheryl Sornson (Team CF)0:15:49
3Vicki Barclay0:35:42
4Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing)1:00:09
5Betsy Shogren (Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling)1:29:24
6Laureen Coffelt (Velosoul/ The Natural Way)3:09:46
7Kelly Ayer (Camba/Bike Authority)4:11:16
8Beth Del Genio4:20:18
9Miki Kedo4:34:30
DNFSherry Downing (Sir Carlos Menenguez)
DNFCissy Fowler (Sycamore Cycles/Flat Rock Village Bakery)
DNFJocelyn Linscott (Dark Horse Cycles)
DNFDanielle Musto (Salsa/Twin Six)
DNFShannon Tenwalde
DNFLisa Vible (Henry's Bikes)
DNFAndrea Wilson
DNSCarolyn Ash Gallaway (Trails-Edge.Com)

Women singlespeed 100 miler
#Rider Name (Country) Team
DNFKathy Roche-Wallace (Team Active Racing)

Men singlespeed 100 miler
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mike Montalbano (Dark Horse Cycles)8:16:50
2Harlan Price (Team Cf)0:05:42
3Gerry Pflug (Salsa/Spk/Pro Bikes)0:36:49
4Ron Sanborn (Mclain Cycle & Fitness)0:47:36
5Jason Pruitt (29Ercrew)0:48:14
6Robert Lochner1:07:00
7John Gorrilla (My Wife)1:07:08
8Ramunas Katkus (High Gear)1:27:51
9Montana Miller1:32:28
10Roger Masse (Gary Fisher 29Er Crew)1:32:49
11Gunnar Shogren (Dynamic Physical Therapy)1:42:34
12Donald Powers (Pro Bikes / Twin Six)1:56:53
13Chris Mcgill (Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team P/B Cannondale/I9)1:59:44
14Jeffrey Bushong (Hodson's Bay Co., Haybush, Allstate Ins.)2:00:45
15Clay Chiles2:16:41
16Bob Radzwich (The Bicycle Shop)2:21:11
17Eddie Velasquez3:21:38
18Jereme Noffke (East Bound And Down Racing)3:39:18
19Thomas Hanrahan3:52:56
20Brett Wyckoff (Saucon Valley Bikes/ Magic Hat Racing)3:56:53
21Jeremy Russell4:58:55
22Brian Gillies (Aberdeen Bike & Outdoors)5:09:47
DNFBlake Bricker
DNFMichael Gorman (Orrville Cycling & Fitness)
DNFWilliam Hill
DNFErik Ling
DNFJoseph Queen (Moots/Swiftwick/Yazoo)
DNFJordan Reigel
DNFCorey Volz
DNFJorden Wakeley (Racing Greyhounds)
DNFMike Woods (Racing Greyhounds)
DNFTab Tollett (Motor Mile Racing)
DNFGregory Brandes
DNSPatrick Merrick

Master 50+ Men 100 miler
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Robert Herriman (Gary Fisher 29Er Crew/Wsc/Acfstores.Com)9:20:11
2Bill Nagel1:14:36
3Joe Catalano (Me)1:45:14
4Jack Kline (Boone's Long Lake Inn)2:01:04
5Eric Schroeder (Turin)2:13:38
6James Wilson (Team CF)2:39:56
7Erik Lenzing (Freeze Thaw Cycles)2:47:21
8Michael Dietlin (Kenda Tires/White Brothers)5:14:37
DNFWill Botens (RBS Cycling Team)
DNFWilliam Feiges (Poweraide/IF)
DNFArt Fleming (Rbs Cycling)
DNFDavid Grauer (Orthopro)
DNFArt Lilly
DNFMichael Mcclintock
DNFJoseph Monga
DNFCraig Morris (Racing Greyhounds)
DNFMark Singleton
DNFJohn Williams (Bike Line Of Newark)
DNFJohn Wyrick
DNFKevin Sparks
DNFDennis Murphy (Founders Alger Racing)
DNSDavid Coar (DRT Consulting)
DNSMatthew Davies
DNSDavid Hall (Chainheart Cycling Studio)
DNSTim Morgan (Morgans Garage)
DNSMorris Wheeler (Curaflo)

Men Open 100km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brad Wilhelm (Gary Fisher)5:44:29
2Stephen Cummings (Indiana Regional Medical Center)0:10:31
3Mike Naughton (Guinness)0:12:10
4Ross Clark (Solon Bicycle)0:13:02
5Chip Meek (spin bike shop/dieringer frames)0:15:46
6Martin Sanders (Wellington/reser/fusion)0:15:47
7Greg Flecher0:28:39
8Jacob Virostko (Shamrock Cycles)0:29:54
9Theodore Rauh (IDUTRI)0:34:40
10Peter Baughman (bike authority)0:43:19
11Scott Gartman0:44:49
12Jon Clous (Combo / Whole Foods Mkt)0:46:53
13Bradley Smith0:49:06
14Wesley Jones (soupcan racing)0:50:31
15Dirk Kostoff0:52:52
16Greg Jackson (Spin Bike Shop)0:53:23
17Kristofer Karwisch0:58:48
18Mitch Graham (BioWheels Racing)1:04:25
19James Hurst (Motor Mile Racing)1:04:57
20Robert Goetz1:05:21
21Brian Collier (Bio Wheels Racing)1:09:56
22Jared Zabrosky (Team Lake Effect)1:10:07
23Andrew Brown1:12:51
24Bob Rodgers (Solon Bicycle)1:12:52
25Perry Thomas (Cycle South/New Leaf Adventures)1:15:11
26Bruce Pisarek (Bicycle One)1:15:51
27James Mayuric1:15:55
28Joe Pallutto (Advanced Rehab)1:20:07
29Brett Davis (Solon Bicycle)1:20:34
30Dave Tingley1:23:20
31Dane Sink1:23:34
32Trent Lundberg (COMBO Race Team / Whole Foods Market)1:27:23
33Justin Mace (Motor Mile Racing)1:28:10
34Tom Keller (Spin / RR Donnelly)1:29:51
35Nate Loman (Hammer Nutrition)1:30:23
36James Billiter (BioWheels/Reese-Campbell)1:31:20
37Todd Bolgrin (Team Lake Effect)1:37:03
38John Willse (Spin/Second Sole Multisport)1:37:57
39Brad Beeson (Club Spin)1:44:42
40Jeff Schoeny (Team Michelob Ultra)1:47:37
41Mike Riley (Ohio Orthopedic/ Moro Cycling)1:49:00
42David Farnham (B1 Bicycles)1:49:39
43Stephen Cullen2:05:05
44Stefan Garcia (Orrville Cycling Club)2:07:16
45Gary Lunsford (Cannondale Factory Racing / Infinit Nutrition)2:07:56
46Todd Harper (West Liberty cyles/Team Mojo)2:12:07
47Mike Fletcher (Camba)2:15:19
48Roger Sommers (CAMBA)2:17:06
49Katsuhiro Tanda (Team Athens / KT Prototype)2:24:46
50Erik Dworsky2:25:26
51David Groen2:25:51
52Patrick Miranda (Snakebite Racing)2:32:01
53Nick Perrow2:34:50
54Scott Holquist (Paint Creek Bikes)2:42:12
55Jeff Rice (COMBO Race Team)2:43:28
56Dan Mesh2:45:39
57Christopher Connelly (Biowheels)2:47:00
58Vincent Schultz2:53:39
59Rick Parr (1.21 GigaWatts Racing)2:55:47
60Jake Walters2:55:49
61Jim Snyder (Rolex, Oakley)2:57:35
62Jim Crowley3:03:55
63Tim Sholl (Ohio Orthopedic Center of Excellence)3:07:13
64Dustin Vuiller3:08:01
65Andrew Holland (
66Dameon Rinehold3:09:41
67Tom Decker (Roll, Whole Foods)3:10:53
68Thomas Humphrey (Spin/RR Donnelley)3:13:16
69Bruce Macdonald (Spin/Second Sole)3:13:17
70Steve Burden (Y-Not Cycling)3:13:51
71Brad Rogers3:13:53
72Adam Moore3:14:25
73Mike Howard (Bushwhackers/Ergon/Maxxis)3:14:30
74Bruce Miner (Wheelcraft-Valley Harley Davidson)3:15:07
75Michael Henry3:15:47
76Jason Pilato (Marty's Reliable)3:16:43
77Bob Casey3:17:10
78Edward Brzezinski3:19:51
79Hank Ingram (Team Sewickley)3:19:54
80Jordan Bates3:23:25
81Jason Wren3:27:01
82Keefe Jaten3:34:11
83John Pimenidis3:35:30
84Rodney Reed3:39:58
85Eric Bales3:41:49
86Adam Thompson (Pure Dirt Ministries)3:46:45
87Charlie Mcnamara3:52:50
88Yuri Bredle3:54:20
89Joe Merry3:56:24
90Lee Ransdell3:59:08
91Bill Ostrowski (World Bicycle Relief)4:02:55
92David Cramer4:04:09
93Farzad Nahai4:04:48
94Kyle Russ4:14:31
95Randy Patton4:14:32
96Larry Ayer (CAMBA/Bike Authority)4:18:44
97Lars Andersen4:22:16
98Scott Morman4:28:14
99Alan Potter4:30:58
100Ralph Oppermann4:42:04
101Mark Mccloskey4:43:14
102John Stevens4:43:40
103Nace Farwick4:44:32
104Sean Huber4:47:16
105Tim Carson4:49:20
106Martin Zakes4:58:37
107Ross Lubrani (Xcell Chiropractic and Rehab.)5:06:18
108Chris Lewis5:06:23
109Steve Little (Rick Miller)5:21:59
110Mike Devylder5:25:20
111Brian Orwat5:33:12
112Gary Schering Ii (Self)5:51:56
113Alexis Roccos6:32:11
114Peter Joyal6:35:53
115Christopher Crofford6:37:06
116Chris Casa7:30:41
DNFMark Ames (Breakaway Cycling)
DNFMichael Anderson (
DNFLenny Baker (Kenda)
DNFErik Beke (1.21 Gigawatt Racing)
DNFJoe Bellante (BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing)
DNFGregg Blanton
DNFGregg Brekke
DNFAaron Brlas (myself)
DNFMatt Bruns
DNFBrent Bucey
DNFSteve Buelterman
DNFJay Capers
DNFDan Clark
DNFEvan Clark
DNFForrest Conrad
DNFColin Derhammer
DNFNick Disalle
DNFBrian Donahue
DNFJoe Donahue
DNFBrent Eysenbach (Lagunitas Brewing Company)
DNFJames Farrow
DNFMarshall Foust
DNFJeff Frasz
DNFSteven Fronk
DNFGlen Gardner (Vortechs Group)
DNFSteven Gers
DNFKevin Gerstenslager
DNFMathew Hall
DNFPaul Hamad
DNFBrian Hazelwood
DNFFrank Heidebrink
DNFScot Herrmann (team DAYTON/Michelob Ultra)
DNFJustin Hoblet
DNFJoshua Hoblet
DNFMike Hufhand
DNFTodd King
DNFMichael Koch
DNFKevin Kovach
DNFBrian Lennon (CAMBA/Bike Authority)
DNFRyan Lindsay (Zephyr Wheel Sports/Cyclesport)
DNFDavid Link
DNFJason Linscott
DNFTod Linton
DNFJoseph Lydic
DNFJason Mahokey (XXC Magazine/Pro Bikes)
DNFJohn Massaro (1.21 GigaWatts Racing)
DNFPatrick Mcconnell
DNFCharles Mcpheeters
DNFJim Mermis
DNFLance Miller
DNFJake Mohoric (Team Bates)
DNFJay Moncel (Wolverine/American Cycle & Fitness)
DNFTim Mould (Pro Bikes)
DNFRon Munro
DNFDave Placke
DNFMike Plank (spin bike shop)
DNFPaul Potter (
DNFJayson Raphael (COMBO Race Team)
DNFDavid Ray
DNFPeter Rock
DNFMichael Ryba
DNFEric Schumacher
DNFKurt Shoemaker
DNFRob Smith (Learning Through Sports)
DNFTim Snyder
DNFPat Stiles
DNFRandy Tegowski
DNFBen Trimble
DNFMatthew Tuskan
DNFSteve Twining (Groovy Cycleworks)
DNFTodd Ufferman
DNFKevin Vanwert
DNFJeffery Vogt
DNFScott Warren
DNFChris Whitman
DNFBill Williams
DNFJamie Williamson (Queen City Wheels)
DNFJoe Williamson
DNFVictor Allen
DNFScott Lyle (Zephyer Wheel Sports)
DNFMichael Campana (SixSixOne)
DNFPatrick Sweeney (ODIN)
DNFChris Popovic
DNFMichael Hoblet
DNFCharles Snyder
DNFDave Burnett
DNFBill Watters (Northcoast MTB)
DNSKirk Allgood
DNSNick Barbieri (Backwoods Racing Project)
DNSChristopher Carville (Biowheels Racing)
DNSJason Cox
DNSEvan Decker-Spence (Saucon Valley Bikes/Magic Hat Racing)
DNSKeith Devore
DNSAustin Francescone (Trek Store Columbus)
DNSMichael Frey
DNSChris Gorman (Gears 4 Beers)
DNSCorey Green (My Wife)
DNSSteve Herbst
DNSJonathan Kaye
DNSMichael Mark
DNSPeter Acton
DNSJoseph Perkins
DNSScott Rubert
DNSKevin Sitler
DNSJerrod Vastag
DNSMatt Verona (Wolverine /
DNSPeter Muench (Park AveBike)

Women open 100km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Amanda Mckay (Shamrock Cycles)7:23:39
2Heidi Shilling (Roll)0:02:40
3Bridget Donovan (Trek Store-Cincinnati)0:33:38
4Becky Sears (Rock N' Roll Sports)1:07:58
5Betsy Silzer1:39:00
6Jackie Mckay2:34:20
7Melissa Liebling3:10:11
8Emily Terlop3:46:17
DNFLeslie Conrad
DNFMaureen Jende
DNFJillian Kellbach (COBC)
DNFLisa Markley (Roll Models bike Shop)
DNFLauren Mika (Pro Bikes)
DNFJulie Parrish
DNFKelly Paterson (Wolverine/American Cycle & Fitness)
DNFSandie Reynolds (Mason Dixon Velo/The Cycle Works)
DNFNina Wilczek
DNFMolly Wolf (Chas Herdrich)
DNSCara Applegate (Performance Bicycle)
DNSCara Bonney
DNSKim Krimpenfort
DNSAlyssa Mease

Men singlespeed 100km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jason Suppan (SoupCan Racing)6:16:41
2John Lorson (
3Jake Scott (Comboraceteam)1:05:47
4Nathan Grubbs (University of Cincinnati)1:06:45
5Shawn Jones1:39:54
6Jonathan Kersting (East End Massive)1:55:55
7Max Kellogg (East End Massive)1:55:56
8Ryan Knopf (
9James Gomez (cross country cycle)2:10:19
10Patrick Barrett2:12:36
11Andrew Norris (EVMA)2:15:31
12Matthew Cunningham (Trek Cincinnati)2:24:14
13Michael Miller ( 9)3:00:09
14Danyal Gork (Motor Mile Racing)3:24:13
DNFKen Blakey-Shell (The Outpost of Manistee)
DNFPatrick Conneely
DNFJim Turner
DNFStanley Skotnicki

Master 50+ men 100km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rudy Sroka (CLIF Bar & Cannondale)6:36:26
2Mark Virello0:29:03
3Joe Orlando0:58:39
4Terry Campbell (Sierra Nevada)1:44:41
5Mark Jones (Orrville Cycling)1:51:09
6Steve Pusker (GAPA)3:42:14
7Tim Bonifant4:13:44
8Gregory Ratcliff (COMBO Race Team / Whole Foods Market)4:23:04
9Dan Ward (Ray's MTB)4:51:54
10Jim Stephen5:11:30
DNFJames Aufderheide
DNFJohn Blakemore
DNFAndrew Combs
DNFEdward Ellis
DNFChip Ellison
DNFMichael Hoffacker
DNFMichael Jarosick
DNFBill Korte (udf)
DNFBrad Lindner (United Dairy Farmer)
DNFCharles Miller (BioWheels - Reese Campbell Racing)
DNFDan Mock
DNFJohn Mumaw
DNFDaniel Musgrave
DNFScott Nichols
DNFDavid Nonno
DNFMartin Ruhl (Hodson's Bay Co)
DNFPhillip Wadsworth
DNFJohn Warrington (United Dairy Farmers)
DNFGregory Worsnop
DNFMark Thompson
DNSBill Combs
DNSFraser Cunningham
DNSD.A. Fleischer
DNSMarty Swanson

Master 50+ women 100km
#Rider Name (Country) Team
DNFDebbie Snyder
DNFLaura Singleton


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