Fellows takes another stage and keeps lead

Riders left the Snowy Mountains for a grueling 90km race stage followed by a 40km cruise into Bermagui on the NSW South Coast on day 4

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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew  Fellows3:38:10
2Bart  Hickson0:18:01
3Sean  Bekkers0:25:06
4Scott  Pomroy0:28:15
5Kevin  Mullins0:28:51
6Cameron  Godwin0:41:50
7Matthew  Norton0:42:32
8Bud  Chapple0:48:08
9Jayson  ConnacherRow 8 - Cell 2
10Ben  Howarth0:59:18
11Michael  Williams1:27:56
12Td  Phan1:29:15
13David  Lambert1:34:30
14Simon  Roberts1:37:27
15David  Reid1:42:20
16Richard  Harbury1:54:12
17Brady  Espeland2:05:49
18Damien  Pearson2:05:56
19Tony  Curtis2:38:16
20Ray  Overdijk2:41:49
21Jamon  Pool2:51:53
22Michael  Di  Bari3:14:18
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Meg  Carrigan4:25:57
2Helen  Dorsett0:27:08
3Belinda  Porter0:31:31
4Kathryn  Cox0:51:41
5Emily  Garland0:57:05
6Joanna  Battersby0:57:06
7Lauren  Rennick1:26:01
8Melissa  Backhouse2:28:30
9Amy  Bainbridge2:28:31
10Nicole  Barwick2:35:05
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Master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Garry  James3:53:43
2David  Harris0:04:16
3Jason  Kaul0:11:07
4Jeff  Rooney0:12:59
5Lloyd  Newell0:13:00
6Russell  Ford0:37:20
7Robert  Lecons0:39:02
8Anthony  Manning0:44:31
9Mark  Drury0:45:27
10Gregor  Riese0:52:13
11Bruce  Perry0:54:55
12Scott  Rasmussen0:56:14
13Chris  Wilson0:56:50
14Mike  Ford0:59:23
15Scott  Chadwick1:00:33
16Gerard Rennick1:01:39
17Greg  Shepherd1:03:20
18Peter  Waldron1:03:23
19Matthew  Perry1:06:18
20Bill  Taylor1:09:59
21Graham  Bothma1:25:18
22Stephen  Champion1:32:22
23Joseph  Benjamin1:33:47
24Andrew  Smith1:40:32
25Andrew  Bain1:40:41
26Peter  Haley1:54:25
27Xavier  Poirier2:05:52
28Justin  Flood2:22:43
29Martin  FullerRow 28 - Cell 2
30Jason  Hikawai2:34:00
31Alex  Bramford2:36:21
32Jeff  Macdonald3:51:51
DNSGlen  GarsideRow 32 - Cell 2
DNSRichard  PeilRow 33 - Cell 2
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Super master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nikolai  Stahl4:24:54
2Malcolm  Lynn0:06:10
3David  Brunner?Evans0:13:42
4Colin  Boyd0:28:40
5Philip  Mcfarland0:39:31
6Paul  Smith0:40:12
7Steve  BarrettRow 6 - Cell 2
8Geoffrey  Clarke0:46:44
9Peter  Fox0:52:14
10Nic  Carter1:33:38
11John  Grimble1:46:01
12Trevor  Ricardo2:51:20
13David  Owen3:13:57
DNSJohn  BonnettRow 13 - Cell 2
DNSRichard  PullingerRow 14 - Cell 2
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Men general classification after day 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew  Fellows9:59:55
2Bart  Hickson1:04:30
3Scott  Pomroy1:25:41
4Sean  Bekkers1:26:51
5Kevin  Mullins1:27:51
6Cameron  Godwin2:00:04
7Matthew  Norton2:10:30
8Jayson  Connacher2:36:56
9Bud  Chapple2:39:36
10Ben  Howarth3:11:47
11Michael  Williams4:18:37
12David  Reid4:31:58
13David  Lambert4:41:16
14Brady  Espeland5:01:40
15Damien  Pearson5:03:25
16Richard  Harbury5:19:24
17Td  Phan5:25:25
18Simon  Roberts5:50:43
19Ray  Overdijk6:23:11
20Tony  Curtis6:33:07
21Michael  Di  Bari7:22:59
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Women general classification after day 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Meg  Carrigan12:47:21
2Belinda  Porter0:46:29
3Helen  Dorsett1:52:08
4Kathryn  Cox2:00:00
5Joanna  Battersby2:25:01
6Emily  Garland2:42:04
7Lauren  Rennick4:14:34
8Melissa  Backhouse5:18:21
9Amy  Bainbridge6:03:04
10Nicole  Barwick6:55:20
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Master men general classification after day 4
1Garry  James10:56:03
2David  Harris0:16:37
3Jeff  Rooney0:25:16
4Lloyd  Newell0:35:53
5Jason  Kaul0:51:53
6Russell  Ford1:33:54
7Anthony  Manning1:44:26
8Robert  Lecons2:10:40
9Scott  Rasmussen2:25:19
10Mark  Drury2:31:34
11Gregor  Riese2:37:59
12Bruce  Perry2:56:22
13Peter  Waldron2:57:28
14Mike  Ford3:04:21
15Bill  Taylor3:04:31
16Scott  Chadwick3:13:30
17Greg  Shepherd3:25:15
18Chris  Wilson3:26:08
19Matthew  Perry3:33:21
20Gerard Rennick3:43:49
21Graham  Bothma4:10:39
22Stephen  Champion4:17:00
23Andrew  Bain4:36:48
24Xavier  Poirier4:36:49
25Andrew  Smith4:59:28
26Joseph  Benjamin5:09:31
27Justin  Flood7:31:48
28Martin  Fuller7:36:45
29Jason  Hikawai7:58:48
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Super master men general classification after day 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nikolai  Stahl12:49:44
2David  Brunner?Evans0:20:04
3Malcolm  Lynn0:26:44
4Paul  Smith1:21:21
5Colin  Boyd1:21:26
6Philip  Mcfarland1:48:21
7Steve  Barrett1:51:45
8Geoffrey  Clarke1:54:46
9Peter  Fox2:32:06
10Nic  Carter3:00:17
11John  Grimble4:33:00
12Trevor  Ricardo5:43:48
13David  Owen7:13:54

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