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Price speeds to Hoo Ha! super D victory

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Men's super D podium at the Hoo Ha!

Men's super D podium at the Hoo Ha! (Image credit: Chris Scott)
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Women's super D podium at the Hoo Ha!

Women's super D podium at the Hoo Ha! (Image credit: Chris Scott)

Harlan Price and Olivia Harkness won the super D at the Massanutten Hoo Ha! on Saturday afternoon.

"The super D course has a great mix of sketchy technical sections, where you feel like you're going to shoulder a tree, and it has these nice berms, where you feel like you're going to shoulder the ground," said Price. "Overall, it's a balance between being anerobic and going not-to-fast. It's my favorite way to ride right now."

"It was reminiscent of New England riding, so I felt right at home," said Harkness, who is from Massachusetts but living in North Carolina for the summer. "I've been doing some of the SERC races which have been fast, but it was fun to do a course that was well suited to me. I had a good run, with a bobble up top, but didn't get off the bike and it was smooth after that."

Full Results

Pro/Expert men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Harlan Price (Santa Cruz Bicycles)0:12:17
2Wesley Lamberson (Cy-Kenda-Thomson-Notubes)0:00:05
3Collin Vento (Jv Squad)0:00:11
4Keith Jennings (Team Hazel)0:00:17
5Daniel Fudala (SVBC)0:00:32
6Bradford Perley (Champion System/Cannondale)0:00:33
7Chris Scott (Shenandoah Mtn. Touring)0:00:43
8Thomas Jenkins (SBC)0:00:46
9Scott Frederick (Champion Systems/Cannondale)0:00:47
10Tim Richardson
11Jeff Dickey (Scott RC Mountain Bike Team)0:00:54
12Daniel Delli-Colli (Turner)0:01:11
13Jed Prentice (Bike Doctor Racing Team)0:01:15
14Ross Anderson (Scott RC Mountain Bike Team)0:01:20
15Byron Rice (Inland)
16Matt Smith (Shenandoah Mtn Touring)
17Alex Ryan (Champion-System/Cannondale)0:01:26
18Nathan Shearer (Dick Grips)0:01:33
19Tj Rickard (SVBC)0:01:46
20Thomas Cooper0:01:55
21Martin Kell (Giant Mid-Atlantic)0:02:04
22Jordan Kahlenberg (Giant Mid-Atlantic)0:02:06
23Spinning Lizard (Spinning Lizard Racing)0:02:20
DNSJason Berry (Gripped Racing)
DNSChristopher King (Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle)
DNSMatt Lough (Gripped Racing)
DNSEric Schofield (Richmond Velo Sport)
DNSColby Waller (Gripped Racing)
DNSWilson Hale (Jrvs/American Pride Auto)
DNSKurt Rosenberger (Radical Roots)
DNSRich Edwards

Pro/Expert women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Olivia Harkness (Mafia Racing)0:15:38
2Misty Tilson (Shenandoah Mtn. Touring)0:00:56
3Sue George (Shenandoah Yoga)0:02:06
5Pam Frentzel-Beyme (Gripped Racing)0:02:29

Junior men 17 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cameron Richter (SVBC)0:14:30
2Derek Elliot (Rocktown)0:00:11
3Adam Croft (Trek Mountain Co-Op)0:02:03
DNSHayden Proto-Newton (Red Dragons)

Junior women 17 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emily Croft (Jrvs / American Pride Auto)0:22:11

Sport/Beginner men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Adam Osterholz (Yo Momma!)0:14:16
2Jeffrey Sheehan (Bike Doctor Waldorf)0:00:22
3Erik Falk0:00:29
4Steve Simmons (Gripped Racing)0:00:42
5Greg Mead0:00:58
6Adam Martin0:01:08
7Alex Fuller0:01:10
8Travis Muhler (Vcu)0:01:14
9Sean Denham0:01:20
10Gerry Creighton0:01:31
11Mark Newton (Red Dragons)0:01:50
12Nick Pantano (Chezz)0:01:52
13Stewart Heider0:02:32
14Kevin Ford (Smokin' Gears)0:02:50
15Tom Nonnenmacher0:03:02
16Matthew Cole (Pedal Pushers Bike Shop)0:03:17
17Kyu Kwak (Chezz)0:03:29
18Jayson Raphael (Combo Race Team / Whole Foods / Roll)0:03:30
19Glenn Bennett0:03:46
20Raymond Epstein (Evil)0:05:04
21Chad Simms (Massanutten)0:05:55
22Steve Kwak (Chezz)0:06:47
23George Johnson0:07:25
24Finn Supan0:09:58
25Paul Pineo (SVBC)0:25:18
DNFRichard Pence
DNFSteven Prestyly
DNSAllen Mccorkle (Winchester Wheelmen)
DNSMatthew Mccorkle (Unattached)
DNSBrett Ferguson (Badd Ass Bike Club)
DNSJordan Fuhr

Sport/Beginner women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jessica Kelleher (Gripped Racing)0:18:08
2Melisa Davis0:00:33
3Elizabeth Fulton (The Bike Lane)0:00:46

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