Suzuki-Trek dominate team time trial

The Suzuki/Trek Team opened the team's account with victory in the Honda Hybrid Women's Tour Team Time Trial today at Drysdale in perfect race conditions.

The Canberra team had specifically targeted this stage of the tour and clearly has paid off for them. They took out stage 3 of the Tour by 19 seconds from the VIS Women's Road Team, who came within striking distance but fell short on the day and Team SASI rounding out the podium.

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Team Time Trial Result
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
2VIS Womens Road Team0:00:19
3Team SASI0:00:23
4Bundaberg Sugar0:00:26
5Russian National Team0:00:28
6Pure Tasmania & Deloitte0:00:32
7Team SiS - NSW0:00:56
9Team Blue0:01:30
10St Kilda Cycling Club0:02:07
11Team Red0:02:11
12TDT Bikeforce RACE Team0:02:59
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Individual Result
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rebecca Wiasak (Suzuki/Trek)0:20:19
2Allison Rice (Suzuki/Trek)Row 1 - Cell 2
3Ailie Mcdonald (Suzuki/Trek)Row 2 - Cell 2
4Kendelle Hodges (VIS Womens Road Team)0:00:19
5Lisa Jacobs (VIS Womens Road Team)Row 4 - Cell 2
6Chloe Mcconville (VIS Womens Road Team)Row 5 - Cell 2
7Sinead Noonan (Team SASI)0:00:23
8Rebecca Werner (Team SASI)Row 7 - Cell 2
9Jess Mundy (Team SASI)Row 8 - Cell 2
10Amy Bradley (Bundaberg Sugar)0:00:26
11Zoe Watters (Bundaberg Sugar)Row 10 - Cell 2
12Loren Rowney (Bundaberg Sugar)Row 11 - Cell 2
13Venera Absaliyamova (Russian National Team)0:00:28
14Svetlana Boubnenkova (Russian National Team)Row 13 - Cell 2
15Natalia Boyarskaya (Russian National Team)Row 14 - Cell 2
16Grace Sulzberger (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte)0:00:32
17Emma Lawson (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte)Row 16 - Cell 2
18Georgia Baker (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte)Row 17 - Cell 2
19Taylah Jennings (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte)Row 18 - Cell 2
20Sarah Cox (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte)0:00:48
21Sue Forsyth (Team SiS - NSW)0:00:56
22India Faehndrich (Team SiS - NSW)Row 21 - Cell 2
23Trudy Van Der Straaten (Team SiS - NSW)Row 22 - Cell 2
24Miranda Griffiths (Xosize)0:01:04
25Bridget Officer (Xosize)Row 24 - Cell 2
26Stephanie Ives (Xosize)Row 25 - Cell 2
27Lucy Coldwell (Xosize)Row 26 - Cell 2
28Katherine O'shea (VIS Womens Road Team)0:01:13
29Lauretta Hanson (Team Blue)0:01:30
30Gracie Elvin (Team Blue)Row 29 - Cell 2
31Ingrid Trotter (Team Blue)Row 30 - Cell 2
32Evgenya Romanyuta (Russian National Team)0:01:32
33Liz Georgouras (Team SASI)0:01:38
34Katherine Baker (Bundaberg Sugar)0:01:45
35Narelle Hards (Team SiS - NSW)0:01:47
36Victoria Kondel (Russian National Team)0:01:49
37Philippa Read (St Kilda Cycling Club)0:02:07
38Justyna Lubkowski (St Kilda Cycling Club)Row 37 - Cell 2
39Heidi Buntrock (St Kilda Cycling Club)Row 38 - Cell 2
40Melina Bernecker (Team Red)0:02:11
41Hayley Giddens (Team Red)Row 40 - Cell 2
42Carly Williams (Team Red)Row 41 - Cell 2
43Nicole Whitburn (Team Red)0:02:48
44Delphine Astier (TDT Bikeforce RACE Team)0:02:59
45Sarah Riley (TDT Bikeforce RACE Team)Row 44 - Cell 2
46Kate Finegan (TDT Bikeforce RACE Team)Row 45 - Cell 2
47Patricia Palmer (Bundaberg Sugar)0:03:08
48Megan Bagworth (Suzuki/Trek)0:03:10
49Laura Meadley (Suzuki/Trek)0:03:11
50Cassandra Dodd (Nexgen)0:03:19
51Rebecca Stevenson (Nexgen)Row 50 - Cell 2
52Claire Trembath (Nexgen)Row 51 - Cell 2
53Marlena Klaic (St Kilda Cycling Club)0:03:29
54Kayla Salopek (Team SiS - NSW)0:03:53
55Alice Wallett (Team Blue)0:03:57
56Chloe Mcintosh (Team Blue)Row 55 - Cell 2
57Alison Raaymakers (St Kilda Cycling Club)0:03:57
58Nicole Mcnamara (TDT Bikeforce RACE Team)0:06:42
59Stacey Hocking (TDT Bikeforce RACE Team)Row 58 - Cell 2
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Honda Hybrid General Classification after Stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rebecca Wiasak (Suzuki/Trek)2:30:20
2Allison Rice (Suzuki/Trek)Row 1 - Cell 2
3Loren Rowney (Bundaberg Sugar)0:00:03
4Chloe Mcconville (VIS Womens Road Team)0:00:12
5Lisa Jacobs (VIS Womens Road Team)0:00:19
6Kendelle Hodges (VIS Womens Road Team)Row 5 - Cell 2
7Jess Mundy (Team SASI)0:00:23
8Sinead Noonan (Team SASI)Row 7 - Cell 2
9Rebecca Werner (Team SASI)Row 8 - Cell 2
10Amy Bradley (Bundaberg Sugar)0:00:26
11Svetlana Boubnenkova (Russian National Team)Row 10 - Cell 2
12Emma Lawson (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte)0:00:29
13Grace Sulzberger (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte)0:00:32
14Venera Absaliyamova (Russian National Team)0:00:34
15Sue Forsyth (Team SiS - NSW)0:00:37
16Georgia Baker (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte)0:00:39
17Trudy Van Der Straaten (Team SiS - NSW)0:00:56
18India Faehndrich (Team SiS - NSW)0:01:02
19Bridget Officer (Xosize)0:01:04
20Miranda Griffiths (Xosize)0:01:05
21Natalia Boyarskaya (Russian National Team)0:01:28
22Gracie Elvin (Team Blue)0:01:30
23Ingrid Trotter (Team Blue)0:01:36
24Melina Bernecker (Team Red)0:02:12
25Nicole Whitburn (Team Red)0:02:45
26Kate Finegan (TDT Bikeforce RACE Team)0:02:57
27Patricia Palmer (Bundaberg Sugar)0:03:09
28Ailie Mcdonald (Suzuki/Trek)0:03:10
29Laura Meadley (Suzuki/Trek)0:03:18
30Katherine Baker (Bundaberg Sugar)0:03:21
31Zoe Watters (Bundaberg Sugar)0:03:36
32Taylah Jennings (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte)0:03:43
33Sarah Cox (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte)0:03:58
34Kayla Salopek (Team SiS - NSW)0:03:59
35Lucy Coldwell (Xosize)0:04:15
36Stephanie Ives (Xosize)Row 35 - Cell 2
37Katherine O'shea (VIS Womens Road Team)0:04:24
38Lauretta Hanson (Team Blue)0:04:40
39Evgenya Romanyuta (Russian National Team)0:04:41
40Liz Georgouras (Team SASI)0:04:48
41Narelle Hards (Team SiS - NSW)0:04:58
42Victoria Kondel (Russian National Team)0:04:59
43Heidi Buntrock (St Kilda Cycling Club)0:05:18
44Philippa Read (St Kilda Cycling Club)Row 43 - Cell 2
45Justyna Lubkowski (St Kilda Cycling Club)Row 44 - Cell 2
46Carly Williams (Team Red)0:05:22
47Hayley Giddens (Team Red)Row 46 - Cell 2
48Delphine Astier (TDT Bikeforce RACE Team)0:06:09
49Sarah Riley (TDT Bikeforce RACE Team)Row 48 - Cell 2
50Megan Bagworth (Suzuki/Trek)0:06:21
51Claire Trembath (Nexgen)0:06:30
52Rebecca Stevenson (Nexgen)Row 51 - Cell 2
53Cassandra Dodd (Nexgen)0:08:15
54Alice Wallett (Team Blue)0:08:52
55Chloe Mcintosh (Team Blue)Row 54 - Cell 2
56Alison Raaymakers (St Kilda Cycling Club)0:08:53
57Marlena Klaic (St Kilda Cycling Club)0:09:59
58Stacey Hocking (TDT Bikeforce RACE Team)0:11:38
59Nicole Mcnamara (TDT Bikeforce RACE Team)0:13:13
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Sprint Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Loren Rowney (Bundaberg Sugar)34pts
2Sue Forsyth (Team SiS - NSW)24Row 1 - Cell 3
3Chloe Mcconville (VIS Womens Road Team)12Row 2 - Cell 3
4Nicole Whitburn (Team Red)6Row 3 - Cell 3
5Emma Lawson (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte)6Row 4 - Cell 3
6Evgenya Romanyuta (Russian National Team)4Row 5 - Cell 3
7Svetlana Boubnenkova (Russian National Team)4Row 6 - Cell 3
8Kate Finegan (TDT Bikeforce RACE Team)4Row 7 - Cell 3
9Bridget Officer (Xosize)4Row 8 - Cell 3
10Sinead Noonan (Team SASI)4Row 9 - Cell 3
11Rebecca Wiasak (Suzuki/Trek)4Row 10 - Cell 3
12Grace Sulzberger (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte)2Row 11 - Cell 3
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Scott Peoples Foundation U23 Classification after Stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Allison Rice (Suzuki/Trek)2:30:20
2Loren Rowney (Bundaberg Sugar)0:00:03
3Kendelle Hodges (VIS Womens Road Team)0:00:19
4Jess Mundy (Team SASI)0:00:23
5Sinead Noonan (Team SASI)Row 4 - Cell 2
6Rebecca Werner (Team SASI)Row 5 - Cell 2
7Emma Lawson (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte)0:00:29
8Grace Sulzberger (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte)0:00:32
9Georgia Baker (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte)0:00:39
10Gracie Elvin (Team Blue)0:01:30
11Ailie Mcdonald (Suzuki/Trek)0:03:10
12Taylah Jennings (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte)0:03:43
13Kayla Salopek (Team SiS - NSW)0:03:59
14Lauretta Hanson (Team Blue)0:04:40
15Hayley Giddens (Team Red)0:05:22
16Claire Trembath (Nexgen)0:06:30
17Rebecca Stevenson (Nexgen)Row 16 - Cell 2
18Cassandra Dodd (Nexgen)0:08:15
19Alice Wallett (Team Blue)0:08:52
20Chloe Mcintosh (Team Blue)Row 19 - Cell 2
21Stacey Hocking (TDT Bikeforce RACE Team)0:11:38
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Teams Classification after Stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
2VIS Womens Road Team0:00:12
3Team SASI0:00:16
4Bundaberg Sugar0:00:19
5Pure Tasmania & Deloitte0:00:32
6Team SiS - NSW0:00:55
7Russian National Team0:01:27
9Team Blue0:04:39
10Team Red0:05:15
11TDT Bikeforce RACE Team0:09:12
12St Kilda Cycling Club0:11:31

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