Sheppard wins inaugural High Cascade 100

Endurance racers descended on Bend, Oregon, on August 23 for the inaugural High Cascade 100 mountain bike race. The rugged, high-desert course featured a mix of 70 percent singletrack, 10 percent ATV trails and 20 precent doubletrack that began in Wanoga Sno-Park 11 miles west of Bend and included a loop around Mt Bachelor.

Bikes and bodies were tested through technical lava rock sections, challenging singletrack and over 11,000 feet of climbing. Racer rolled through well-stocked aid stations including top-notch mechanical support and plenty of cheering and bumpin' rock 'n' roll music.

The field included endurance specialists Chris Sheppard (Santa Cruz WTB/ Shimano/ NoTubes), Evan Plews (Capitol Subaru Cycling) and Sloane Anderson (Pro Air/HFA) as well as renowned singlespeeder John"Fuzzy" Mylre (Niner/Ergon) and Angela Sucich (Voodoo/Recycled Cycles) .

After a chilly start with temps in the 30s (degrees Fahrenheit), things quickly heated up as Sheppard put in an attack up the long dusty climb to the Mt. Bachelor ski area parking lot. Only Mylre and Plews were able to match his acceleration, and the gaps quickly formed that would set the scene for the rest of the race. Sheppard continued to increase his lead around Mt. Bachelor, up and over the uber-technical Kwol Butte and past the race half-way point. Flat tires, high race pace and the technical ascents / descents began to take their toll as numerous riders DNF'd after the second aide station.

The battle in the for second through fifth stayed tight as riders bombed the buff Swede Ridge singletrack, climbed the steep, wooded South Fork trail and headed back to Wanoga Snopark for the final 11-mile loop. Sheppard kept the pedal to the metal and smoked the course in 8:37 taking the win, Anderson hung on to second at 9:26 and Paul Clark rounded out the men's podium with third at 9:55.

"I think attacking at the beginning of the race was a mistake," said winner Sheppard, "but it worked out in the end."

Singlespeeder "Fuzzy" Mylre was able to keep pace with the top geared riders and completed the course in a speedy 9:33.

Angela Sucich put in a great effort to stay in front of the rest of the women's field to take the win in 11:55.

Mudslinger Events, the race's organizers, donated US$3,500 to the local trail-building alliance, COTA, to help maintain the existing trail network, extend and connect new trails and preserve access to to the trails.


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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chris Sheppard (USA) Santa Cruz WTB/ Shimano/ NoTubes8:37:57
2Sloane Anderson (USA) Pro Air/HFA0:48:45
3Paul Clark (USA)1:17:13
4Cordino Longiotti (USA) Desalvo Custom Cycles1:44:38
5Ben Parsons (USA) Hammer Nutrition1:51:29
6Bruce Cole-Baker (USA)1:56:58
7Jeff Dengel (USA) webcyclery.com2:03:02
8Aaron Vanderwaal (USA) NW Mafia Racing2:36:03
9Scotty Vincik (USA)2:40:19
10Rob Landauer (USA) Cascade Couriers2:44:10
11Darrell Finlayson (USA)3:14:58
12James Cerrocilli (USA) Team Dirt3:24:42
13Tyler Campbell (USA)3:49:06
14Matt Millin (USA)4:11:27
15Andy Vaughn (USA) Team Dirt4:49:30
DNFEvan Plews (USA) Capitol Subaru CyclingRow 15 - Cell 2
DNFKevin Gest (USA)Row 16 - Cell 2
DNFDavid Baker (USA) Sunnyside SportsRow 17 - Cell 2
DNFLandon Winter (USA)Row 18 - Cell 2
DNFJames Graham (USA)Row 19 - Cell 2
DNFBrandon Marshall (USA) Life CycleRow 20 - Cell 2
DNFDaniel Gilmour (USA)Row 21 - Cell 2
DNFBrennan Wodtli (USA)Row 22 - Cell 2
DNFErik Long (USA) Sagebrush CyclesRow 23 - Cell 2
DNSRoss Kenney (USA)Row 24 - Cell 2
DNSJerry Long (USA)Row 25 - Cell 2
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Angela Sucich (USA) Voodoo/Recycled Cycles11:55:07
DNFCrissie Lukacs (USA)Row 1 - Cell 2
DNFLea Julson (USA)Row 2 - Cell 2
DNFSummer Northern (USA)Row 3 - Cell 2
DNFStacey LaPresta (USA)Row 4 - Cell 2
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Singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John "Fuzzy" Mylne (USA) Niner/Ergon9:33:31
2Geoff Huber (USA) Team Lost Coast0:26:18
3Tom Letsinger (USA) GVH Bikes1:37:49
4Matt Erlenbusch (USA)1:53:50
5John Gillilian (USA)2:52:19
6Scott Clark (USA)3:28:20
7Greg Bigler (USA)3:42:23
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Master 45+ Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rich Cramer (USA) bicycleattorney.com10:10:18
2Cully Todd (USA) Cannondale Factory Racing0:06:18
3Jay Palubeski (USA)1:34:03
4Jeffery Otto (USA) Portland Velo1:35:47
5Don Leet (USA) Sunnyside Sports2:01:12
6John Solomito (USA) Marks Baywood Bikes2:30:53
7Larry Jenson (USA)2:43:24
8Marcum Martz (USA)2:48:48
9Henry Gertje (USA)3:12:55
10DJ Brooks (USA)3:21:23
11Joseph Marek (USA)3:26:20
DNFBlake Bockius (USA)Row 11 - Cell 2
DNFStephen Crozier (USA)Row 12 - Cell 2
DNFBill Thomas (USA)Row 13 - Cell 2
DNFTodd Davidson (USA)Row 14 - Cell 2
DNFDanny Barnett (USA)Row 15 - Cell 2
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Veteran Men 35-44
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John Weathers (USA) Sunset Cycles10:04:40
2Sean Allan (USA) Auburn Bike Works0:14:28
3Eirik Schulz (USA)0:24:09
4Todd Meier (USA)0:41:29
5Graham Tutti (USA)0:43:42
6James Brighten (USA)0:59:08
7Mike Schindler (USA) Sunnyside Sports1:10:10
8Trevor Norland (USA)1:19:28
9Tim Turk (USA) Cyclesport1:37:28
10Ron Miller (USA) Physio Therapy1:40:43
11Jason Smoker (USA)2:02:23
12Dirk De Bruyker (USA) MTBGuru.com2:11:39
13Ivan Anderholm (USA) GT Dirt Coalition2:12:02
14Marcus Biancucci (USA) Webcyclery.com2:23:42
15John Miller (USA) Flywheel Bicycle Solutions2:53:38
16Scott Wazny (USA)2:59:12
17Konrad Binder (USA) Great Northern Cycles3:09:57
18Scott Brennan (USA)3:13:11
19Glenn Rodgers (USA) Hammer Nutrition3:13:14
20Jeff Clausen (USA) Deschutes Brewery3:13:21
21Simacha Lachman (USA)3:21:21
22Jamie Poelker (USA) Green Line 6/NORCO3:21:51
23Charlie Wilcox (USA)3:27:03
24Eli Gerhard (USA)3:31:37
25Rich Letsinger (USA)3:32:30
26Scott Jones (USA)3:52:38
DNFBrody Anderson (USA)Row 26 - Cell 2
DNFJeff Seifred (USA)Row 27 - Cell 2
DNFNelson Snyder (USA) CyclepathRow 28 - Cell 2
DNFGreg Creswick (USA)Row 29 - Cell 2
DNFKen Lynn (USA)Row 30 - Cell 2
DNFScott Carroll (USA) Team DirtRow 31 - Cell 2
DNSJeff Browning (USA)Row 32 - Cell 2
DNSSteven Gustafson (USA)Row 33 - Cell 2
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Women 35+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ann Mattson (USA)13:33:08
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Overall (all categories)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chris Sheppard (USA) Santa Cruz WTB Shimano NoTubes8:37:57
2Sloane Anderson (USA) Pro Air/HFA0:48:45
3John"Fuzzy" Mylre (USA) Niner/Ergon0:55:34
4Paul Clark (USA)1:17:13
5Geoff Huber (USA) Team Lost Coast1:21:52
6John Weathers (USA) Sunset Cycles1:26:43
7Rich Cramer (USA) bicycleattorney.com1:32:21
8Cully Todd (USA) Cannondale Factory Racing1:38:39
9Sean Allan (USA) Auburn Bike Works1:41:11
10Cordino Longiotti (USA) Desalvo Custom Cycles1:44:38
11Eirik Schulz (USA)1:50:52
12Ben Parsons (USA) Hammer Nutrition1:51:29
13Bruce Cole-Baker (USA)
14Jeff Dengel (USA) webcyclery.com2:03:02
15Todd Meier (USA)2:08:12
16Graham Tutti (USA)2:10:25
17James Brighten (USA)2:25:51
18Tom Letsinger (USA) GVH Bikes2:33:23
19Aaron Vanderwaal (USA) NW Mafia Racing2:36:03
20Mike Schindler (USA) Sunnyside Sports2:36:53
21Scotty Vincik (USA)2:40:19
22Rob Landauer (USA) Cascade Couriers2:44:10
23Trevor Norland (USA)2:46:11
24Matt Erlenbusch (USA)2:49:24
25Tim Turk (USA) Cyclesport3:04:11
26Jay Palubeski (USA)3:06:24
27Ron Miller (USA) Physio Therapy3:07:26
28Jeffery Otto (USA) Portland Velo3:08:08
29Darrell Finlayson (USA)3:14:58
30Angela Sucich (USA) Voodoo/Recycled Cycles3:17:10
31James Cerrocilli (USA) Team Dirt3:24:42
32Jason Smoker (USA)3:29:06
33Don Leet (USA) Sunnyside Sports3:33:33
34Dirk De Bruyker (USA) MTBGuru.com3:38:22
35Ivan Anderholm (USA) GT Dirt Coalition3:38:45
36John Gillilian (USA)3:47:53
37Tyler Campbell (USA)3:49:06
38Marcus Biancucci (USA) Webcyclery.com3:50:25
39John Solomito (USA) Marks Baywood Bikes4:03:14
40Matt Millin (USA)4:11:27
41Larry Jenson (USA)4:15:45
42John Miller (USA) Flywheel Bicycle Solutions4:20:21
43Marcum Martz (USA)4:21:09
44Scott Clark (USA)4:23:54
45Scott Wazny (USA)4:25:55
46Konrad Binder (USA) Great Northern Cycles4:36:40
47Greg Bigler (USA)4:37:57
48Scott Brennan (USA)4:39:54
49Glenn Rodgers (USA) Hammer Nutrition4:39:57
50Jeff Clausen (USA) Deschutes Brewery4:40:04
51Henry Gertje (USA)4:45:16
52Simacha Lachman (USA)4:48:04
53Jamie Poelker (USA) Green Line 6/NORCO4:48:34
54Andy Vaughn (USA) Team Dirt4:49:30
55DJ Brooks (USA)4:53:44
56Charlie Wilcox (USA)4:53:46
57Ann Mattson (USA)4:55:11
58Eli Gerhard (USA)4:58:20
59Joseph Marek (USA)4:58:41
60Rich Letsinger (USA)4:59:13
61Scott Jones (USA)5:19:21
DNFEvan Plews (USA) Capitol Subaru CyclingRow 61 - Cell 2
DNFKevin Gest (USA)Row 62 - Cell 2
DNFDavid Baker (USA) Sunnyside SportsRow 63 - Cell 2
DNFLandon Winter (USA)Row 64 - Cell 2
DNFJames Graham (USA)Row 65 - Cell 2
DNFBrandon Marshall (USA) Life CycleRow 66 - Cell 2
DNFDaniel Gilmour (USA)Row 67 - Cell 2
DNFBrennan Wodtli (USA)Row 68 - Cell 2
DNFErik Long (USA) Sagebrush CyclesRow 69 - Cell 2
DNFBlake Bockius (USA)Row 70 - Cell 2
DNFStephen Crozier (USA)Row 71 - Cell 2
DNFBill Thomas (USA)Row 72 - Cell 2
DNFTodd Davidson (USA)Row 73 - Cell 2
DNFDanny Barnett (USA)Row 74 - Cell 2
DNFCrissie Lukacs (USA)Row 75 - Cell 2
DNFLea Julson (USA)Row 76 - Cell 2
DNFSummer Northern (USA)Row 77 - Cell 2
DNFStacey LaPresta (USA)Row 78 - Cell 2
DNFBrody Anderson (USA)Row 79 - Cell 2
DNFJeff Seifred (USA)Row 80 - Cell 2
DNFNelson Snyder (USA) CyclepathRow 81 - Cell 2
DNFGreg Creswick (USA)Row 82 - Cell 2
DNFKen Lynn (USA)Row 83 - Cell 2
DNFScott Carroll (USA) Team DirtRow 84 - Cell 2

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