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Galyean wins Gravity East round 2 at WISP

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Elite men's podium at the Gravity East Series - WISP

Elite men's podium at the Gravity East Series - WISP (Image credit: Gravity East Series)
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Elite women's podium at the Gravity East Series - WISP

Elite women's podium at the Gravity East Series - WISP (Image credit: Gravity East Series)

The Gravity East Series rolled into Wisp Resort for round 2. Wisp Resort is tucked away in the mountains of Western Maryland.

It rained on Friday evening and a downpour late on Saturday evening dampened and muddied the course but did not dampen the spirits of the riders.

In the elite women's category, Anne Galyean (East Coast Gravity) from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, continued her winning ways by edging out 18-year-old Lauren Daney (Specialized/Grom Racing) from Stafford, Virginia, for the second time in two weeks.

In the elite men's category, a great competition is beginning to develop. Leland O'Connor from Los Osos, California, edged out Trevyn Newpher (Grom/Snowshoe/Chainsmoke) Snowshoe, West Virginia, in GES Race #1 at Snowshoe by just a mere nine tenths of a second. In GES Race # 2 at Wisp Resort, Newpher returned the favor and took first over O'Connor by five seconds to create a tie among the elites early in the season.

The Gravity East Series round three will happen in three weeks at Windham Mountain in Windham New York for the UCI World Cup Festivities and the GES Race on Saturday the weekend of July 7, 8 & 9.

Full Results

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anne Galyean (East Coast Gravity/Kovachchapel Hill)0:02:39
2Lauren Daney (Grom/Specialized)0:00:04
3Becky Gardner (Kona/Beacon Cylcles)0:00:11
4Rae Gandolf (Sierranevadabrewco)0:00:13
5Hannah Trimble0:00:18
6Hillary Elgert (Racers Edge)0:00:21

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Trevyn Newpher (Grom/Chansmke/Snoshu)0:02:13
2Leland O'Connor (Slo To The Bone)0:00:05
3Justin Gregory (7Springs/Trek)0:00:09
4Ryan Gardner (Kona/Beacon Cylcles)0:00:10
5Jason Beckley (Kenda/Foxshoxracing)0:00:10
6Samuel Pensler (Grom/Specialized)0:00:10
7211 Cody Gray (Trails End Cycling)0:00:10
8Brian Yannuzzi (Generation Gap Racing)0:00:13
9Harrision Reynolds (Hornshill/Spinbkeshp)0:00:14
10Cody Stagner (Bluegrass Bicycles)0:00:17
11Bj Treglia (Gunghobikes/Foxshox)0:00:21

Cat. 1 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elinor Zeller (Fastlanercing/Knapps)0:03:12

Cat. 1 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Heath Boedecker (Sierranevadabrewco)0:02:34
2Bob Brien0:00:02
3Ted Briggs (Generation Gap Racing/Luplebanon)0:00:05
4John Leslie (High Gear Racing)0:00:06
5Phil Cook (Racers Edge)0:00:13
6George Bodycoat0:00:17
7Ian Star (Team Flying Dog)0:00:18

Cat. 1 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kevin Liebig0:02:25
2Tom Schueler (Racers Edge)0:00:04
3Shawn Metcalf (Horn's Hill/Edge)0:00:06
4Chad Kelly (Bikeline Of Allentow)0:00:06
5Joseph Orsini (Mason Dixon Velo)0:00:18
6Jason Rudy (Team Flying Dog)0:00:24

Cat. 1 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Burke Saunders0:02:25
2Vance Nonno (Xfusion/Oakley/Kenda)0:00:09
3Matt Hofherr0:00:13
4Anthony Tutor (Two Wheeler)0:00:19
5Brett Hixon0:00:34

Cat. 1 Men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Walker Shaw (Specialized/Grom)0:02:21
2Luca Shaw (Specialized/Grom)0:00:00
3(116 Nikolas Dudukovich1Ghost Ind/Big T Rac)0:00:03
4Jimmy Leslie (Specialized/Grom)0:00:03
5Noah Fairburn (High Gear Racing)0:00:06
6Shane Leslie (High Gear Racing)0:00:12
7Robert Lewis (Trek/Tsprings)0:00:12
8Ace Saverese (Bicyclebyexperience)0:00:15

Cat. 2/3 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jim Crowley Jr0:02:46
2Colin Dierman (Wamsleycycles)0:00:02
3Rick Burchfield (Horns Hill Collectiv)0:00:03
4Anthony Jefferson Racer's Edge0:00:09
5Darryl Reed0:00:13
6Steven Coleman (Gravety Soul)0:00:15
7Chip Gray0:00:21
8Anthony Carafa (Antdog Dh)0:00:26
9Alan Daun (Nittanymba.Org)0:00:28
10David Gray0:00:29
11Bruce Mccann (Team Amigos)0:00:34
12Joe Olivas (Morpheus Cycles)0:00:56

Cat. 2 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nick Devore (Sierranevadabrewco)0:02:38
2David Binkley (Paradise Garage)0:00:04
3Tom Nieri (Knolly Bikes)0:00:06
4Floyd Macheska (West Newton Bikeshop)0:00:10
5Dave Huff (Horns Hill Collectiv)0:00:11
6Jason Gadeach (Chainlick)0:00:16
7Ritch Ricker (Racers Edge)0:00:17
8Jamie Jones0:00:18
9Corey Tucker (Mfii/Scutellaro Rcng)0:00:18
10Todd Faust0:00:23
11Ben Zimmerman (Trails End)0:00:26
12Wayne Adkins (Pedal Pusher)0:00:26
13Carl Rodio0:00:31

Cat. 2 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brian Benini0:02:28
2Daniel Ertel (East Bound & Down Racing Bethel)0:00:02
3Corey Zell (Racer's Edge)0:00:04
4Gus Micheals (Edge Outdoors/Oakley)0:00:04
5Nic Varec0:00:06
6Ian Lupo (Hopecyclery/Smx Optics Coraopolis)0:00:08
7Brandon Sbordone (Oliver Racing)0:00:14
8Mike Monger (Race Pace Bicycles)0:00:14
9Michael Oliver (Oliver Racing)0:00:16
10Matt Rush (Launch Racing/Royal/Hayescollegeville)0:00:19
11Jesse Borror (Wamsleycycles/Azonic)0:00:20
12Joseph Burkell (Xfusion/Fox/Gopro)0:00:20
13Jeffrey Nelson (Http://Macpod.Net)0:00:23
14Justin Mchenry (Fastlaneracing)0:00:24
15Gustan Zimmerman (Trails End)0:00:24
16Andrew Kiefer (Dirtyharry's)0:00:26
17Alan Tarwater (Adam Cain Bti)0:00:33
18Rick Reed (Cake For Breakfast)0:00:37
19Lexington Bittle (Gravety Soul)0:00:43
20Zachary Price0:00:46

Cat. 2 Men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John Duffy (Goon Monster Racing)0:02:32
2Sam Skidmore0:00:01
3Davis Nanno (Xfusion/Geminibkeshp)0:00:02
4Connor Gorman0:00:16
5Levi Whitaker (Steve Peat Syndicate)0:00:16
6Doug Widdows0:00:16
7Ben Bodycoat (Cutting Edge Cycles / Konburlington)0:00:19
8Turner Turner (Trails End)0:00:23
9Kohl Aumer (Probikes)0:00:26
10Joshua Cott0:00:29
11Nick Gray (Bikeline)0:00:35

Cat. 2/3 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Corrine Miller (Bike Hub)0:03:24
2Heather Cowell0:00:15
3Elizabeth Jones0:00:18

Cat. 3 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Fred Mudd (Bluegrass Specialized/Nemla Grange)0:02:55
2Ronald Wesner (Wheel N Heel)0:00:11
3Walter Connare (Chainsmoke Racing)0:00:28
4Scott Hokowski (Oneal/661/Sockguy)0:00:29

Cat. 3 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nicholas Zinzer (Generation Gap Racing/ Lubrewster)0:02:46
2Eddie Mazurski0:00:09
3Andrew Pavlica (Nema/Azonic/Otf)0:00:25
4Pj Dailey (Team Performance)0:00:33
5Jacob Hostetler (Horn's Hill Collective)0:00:34
6Keith Stanley0:01:01
7Justin Bacon0:01:07
8Oliver Sedner0:01:09

Cat. 3 Men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lucas Bayus0:02:40
2Kyle Supple (Recycles)0:00:02
3Duncan Miller (Team Sewickley)0:00:14
4Eric Hickman (Chainsmoke Racing)0:00:19
5Brian Anthony0:00:22
6Shane Ball0:00:39
7Evan Picinotti (Racer's Edge)0:00:43
8Sam Houston0:00:50
9Phillip Steele (Chainsmoke Racing)0:01:03
10Austin Harney (Racers Edge)0:01:12
11Anthony I (Jeffersoracer's Edge)0:01:35
12Tanner Crowley0:01:36

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