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As it happened: Big breakaway fights for stage 19 as GC action pauses behind


Buongiorno and welcome to Cyclingnews' live coverage of stage 19 of the 2024 Giro d'Italia!

After yesterday's sprint stage, we're back into the uphill territory with an 157km stage starting in Mortegliano and heading north to Sappada.

If you missed out on stage 18, catch up with our race report from yesterday:

Here's a look at today's profile with a lumpy route all the way until the line. An almighty fight is expected for the break in what could be the last chance for a group of escapees to make it to the line. 

The riders are currently in Mortegliano completing sign-ons and the team presentation ahead of the neutralised start at 13:05 local time (CEST).

We've unfortunately had another rider leave the Giro this morning as Nick Schultz has left after fighting illness. His DNS leaves Israel-Premier Tech with just three riders after 18 attritional days of racing in Italy.

This is the closest this year's Giro will get to Slovenia so it is no surprise to see a lot of love for Jan Tratnik at the start and the reception will be similar for superstar Tadej Pogačar. 

Make sure you read Barry Ryan's great preview for today's stage which details the importance of today's finish location, Sappada. Due to its role in the 1987 Giro d'Italia where a controversial stage played out for Carrera and Roberto Visentini which eventually saw the Irishman claim the Giro en route to a Triple Crown.

Riders are lining up now with unofficial start just minutes away.

Stage start

Here's race leader Pogačar on what is his 17th day in the maglia rosa. He has just three more stages to navigate until victory is confirmed and today should just be for following with a much tougher day incoming tomorrow.


Polti-Kometa get things going and straight onto the wheel are Visma-Lease a Bike. Its Bais for the former.

Immediately following the pair comes around 15-20 riders also interested in the move. The flat-ish start will allow a lot of the rouleurs to chance their hand but also to try and bring a climber up to the front with the final all uphill. 

Visma-Lease a Bike are all over the start of this stage after their team was plagued with illness and reduced to four men remaining at the Giro - Tratnik, Affini, Van Dijke and Valter.

Italian champion Simone Velasco (Astana Qazaqstan) is very willing to show of the red, white and green il Tricolore jersey. He's in a big move with the likes of Valter, Mullen, Hoole and Affini for now.


Its a nine-man group up in front for now and they have just more than 11 seconds on the unsettled peloton. Next wave of attacks coming now. 

It will be very tough to bridge across to the leaders as a small climber for now with some very big engines in there: Hoole, Affini, Mullen, Lonardi and Milesi are all very powerful on the flat.

The group ahead are 10 strong, correction. But it is far from over even with their advantage now out to 22 seconds. 

Some disagreement up front with Vendrame gesturing that he is unhappy at the work being done to the rest of the break.

Racing is flying along for the moment with the attacks coming out of the peloton requiring full gas effort to even eke out just a few seconds. Walscheid and Plapp are trying to make a tandem jump for Jayco AlUla.

Kaden Groves (Alpecin-Deceuninck) had a dig but was offered no assistance, prompting him to get on the radio and call for backup. 

A look at the day's break so far being led by Andrea Piccolo (EF Education-EasyPost) - one of the Giro's most aggressive riders in 2024. 


Alpecin's infernal pace has finally had the effect, pulling the gap down to 17 seconds. Will they have anything left when they finally get close enough or pull them back?

Single-file, full gas in the peloton as they go through some of the stunning towns in northeast Italy. 

Another team join the furious pacing on the front - Bahrain Victorious. 

The break look done now. Lots of looking around and a couple of them trying but with the flying peloton now closing in on them, it is time to stop and try again. Still 13 seconds but the motivation for this specific move has gone.


Very odd situation with the break just dangling out in front and in the peloton's view as they head through San Daniele del Friuli. More pace is coming to the front now though.

Peloton is back to full gas and strung out completely again. A small uphill section through the town has seen Alpecin and Quick-Step bringing it back. 

Break Caught

Stage 1 winner Naráez is with him and four others. Stage 6 winner Pelayo Sánchez (Movistar) is also here as is Nicola Conci (Alpecin-Deceuninck).

That Alaphilippe attack has put a lot of people in trouble behind. Many of the Jayco and Alpecin riders who injected the furious pain will have been shot out the back. 

Luke Plapp has another dig to ensure his teammates' work was not in vain.

Splits all over the road after that short hill. Plapp is making great progress in the green and gold jersey and looks like he's going to make contact. 


Three stage winners from this year's Giro in the group - Narváez, Sánchez and Alaphilippe. Hermans and Plapp have also both been in the top three of stages.

Just nine seconds of a lead for the six in front with more and more attacks still coming as they navigate some more technical, undulating roads. 

Alaphilippe had a big moment in one of the high speed corners and nearly took out Sánchez, angering the Spanish rider. Both thankfully stayed rubber-side down. 

The race is crossing over the Tagliamento river, close to the birthplace of both Alessandro De Marchi and Jonathan Milan. Neither have made it into this breakaway, however. 

Lots of short, sharp hills incoming in the next 20km, so expect more attacks to come on the launchpads. No chance this break is over again with just 16 seconds to the leaders. 

Here's the moment Alaphilippe made his attack. Truly back to his best at this Giro. 

There was a momentary lull in place with peloton looking to have let the break go until Arkéa-B&B Hotels reignited the pace and kicked off another big attack. Gap is out to 36 seconds though so they need to get a move on. 

Milan is now making a move on home roads. He's got none of his climbing teammates on his wheel so doesn't keep it going. Jayco are still trying for more even with Plapp up the road. 


Juanpe Lopez (Lidl-Trek) is not giving up on making this as makes another dig on the front. But he's dragging a huge group with him and not being offered much assistance for now. 

We're on an unclassified climb, the perfect time to try and close the 19-second gap. The six men in front are still working together nicely. 

Crash for Narváez as he led the break down the descent. He was up very quick after leaning into the corner and should still be with the leaders but the adrenaline will be pumping. 

The same corner has taken Mauri Vansevenant who crashed in the exact same way to Narváez. Break's gap is down to 12 seconds with Juanpe Lopez still doing the work in the peloton. 

Lots of riders getting back onto the long, strung out peloton but this is all out racing after 18 already brutal days at the Giro. Pain all over the road. 

The first 50km of today's stage was done in under an hour. Rapid speeds again on what has been the fastest Giro d'Italia ever so far.


The group of four are doing great work and should be making in 10 at the front of the race in just a moment. The peloton is around 36 seconds down with attacks still coming. 

Lots of looking around in these moves behind, however, with a lot of teams completely spent and unable to mount a chase after the rapid opening 60km of racing. 

Visma and EF are still interested and their chase behind has ended up forming a group in between the leaders and the peloton. Van Dijke, Tratnik, Steinhauser and Valgren among the group trying to get across. 


The chase group of around 9 riders is just 20 seconds down on the lead. Behind, the peloton's easy pace has dropped them 2:20 down.

Here's the group of 10 that are at the front of stage 19. They sit 20 seconds from the chasing group of nine but should join together soon and they will fight for the stage with the peloton sitting up behind. 

EF have done very well after missing the early break but taking their chance to get into this chasing move with Steinhauser, Honore and Valgren all making it into a move. 

UAE have moved to the front of the peloton to "control". They won't be chasing with any urgency at all as no one up front is a threat to leader Pogačar. 

Cooperation in the leading 10 hasn't been amazing so becoming a group of 19 will not make that any easier. The chasing group is at 13 seconds from the lead - the fight for the break may be relatively over but the fight to make it into the group which will fight for victory is by no means over. 


As we close in on the midpoint of the stage, the breakaway is all together and 19 riders strong in front. Harmony for now between the two groups but things will break up on the first climb to Passo Duron (6.9 km to 5.8%) which we will reach the foot of in around 20km.

UAE Team Emirates sitting calmly in a line at the head of the peloton, sat comfortably 6:07 away from the leaders. 

A calm day for the pink jersey Tadej Pogacar. His day will come tomorrow on the double ascent of Monte Grappa. 


Alessandro Verre has valiantly been on the solo chase in between the peloton and breakaway but his gap is being posted at 4:25. Bad day for Arkéa-B&B Hotels who were very active in the early attacks but have missed out. 

UAE having a very relaxing day in the peloton on stage 19. Reminder that the closest man to Pogačar on GC is Narváez, who started the day one hour and five minutes down on the leader.

We're on a long uncategorised section of climbing with a descent to the Intergiro sprint to come. After heading through Paularo, this is where the first categorised climb of the day will start - the first of three. 

Another look at the day's very strong breakaway that will be fighting out the stage win in 63km. 


Manuele Tarozzi is the first to bite as he attacks for the Intergiro. This could also be the launch of an attack as the group behind all look at each other. 

Here's the profile of the climb the breakaway are just starting. Some really steep gradients with a good chance to split up the group of 19. 

Tarozzi is weaving side to side, showing just how steep the gradients are. 

Alaphilippe makes an acceleration! This is the steepest climb of the day and the Frenchman wants to make the difference on his rivals in the group. 

Flat tire for Pogačar in the peloton but he's calmly stopping to get it changed. 

Big selection in the break with Narváez jumping across to Alaphilippe's move. Lots of the 19 struggling behind on the steeper slopes. 

Narváez, Alaphilippe, Tarozzi, Sánchez and Steinhauser are the strongest five for the moment with 2.3km to go on the climb. 


The leading group of now six are in the downhill section closing in on the final intermediate sprint of the day in Cercivento where they will start the next categorised climb of the day - Sella Valcalda (8.9 km à 3.7%).

Velasco, Valgren, Tarozzi, Tratnik, Plapp and Bais are reportedly the chasing group who are making an impression on the gap but they've been away from the cameras since the climb. 


Plapp and Tratnik are working the hardest in the chasing group and could make it a 14-man break back at the front of the race. The Australian champion has been suffering with illness but he's recovered somewhat.

Alaphilippe knows the group are coming with 38.5km to go and he puts in a huge attack! No one can follow him but Steinhauser and Narváez are tapping away on the pedals behind to try and pull him back. 

The two-time World Champion's big dig has put Vendrame, Hermans and Sánchez out the back. Valgren and Narváez have now made it a leading trio after getting back swiftly. 

Sanchez has re-found his legs and is closing in solo on the three at the front. 

Plapp, despite his illness, has ridden the chasing group off of his wheel and set off in pursuit of the leaders. Behind the now four in front, Vendrame is also working his way back in.


All together at the front of the race: Steinhauser (EF), Narváez (Ineos), Sánchez (Movistar), Hermans (Alpecin), Vendrame (AG2R), Plapp (Jayco) and Alaphilippe (Quick-Step). 

Some stunning views up the Passo Duron earlier in the day. 

This descent will be tricky coming off the Sella Valcalda climb. Also only two of the leading seven have managed to put on an extra layer.

Unfortunately, there's been another abandon at the Giro with Andrea Piccolo (EF Education-EasyPost) after a horrific crash at the back of the peloton. 


Sanchez, Steinhauser, Hermans and Plapp are swapping turns to try and rejoin Alaphilippe and Narvaez but Vendrame has got some way up the road after his daredevil descent. 20 seconds to the lone leader. 

The next 20km or so will all be uphill as the breakaway heads towards the Cima Sappada. 

Here's the profile of the Cima Sappada climb which should make the selection in the break. Reminder that although they are already heaving uphill at the start of the race, the final climb proper begins 14.2km from the finish. 

Splits in the break - Hermans has dropped out the back while Plapp and Steinhauser are struggling in the gap between the Belgian and the trio of Alaphilippe, Narvaez and Sanchez. 

Plapp and Steinhauser have made contact again. Vendrame's advantage has melted away to 11 seconds in the rain with the break working hard. 

Team cars for the five chasers have been put back into the gap to offer up a final round of feeding before it closes in 2km time. This re-fueling has allowed Vendrame the chance to rebuild his advantage to 26km.


All about staying safe behind for this man Pogačar. The GC group is 13 minutes behind and has safely navigated most of the day's descending. 

Vendrame has really been allowed to get away as the chasers prepare for the final categorised climb of the day. 48 seconds to make up.

Hermans returns with the pace-easing but after being dropped earlier in the day, it would take a miracle for him to win the stage. 

There's lots of looking around in the chase group as they approach the climb proper - Vendrame is already on it and has a 1:05 advantage. 


Narvaez snaps onto the German's wheel but they have 7.5km to get back to the Italian one minute up the road. Sanchez, Alaphilippe, Plapp and Hermans all out of the saddle and trying to stay alive. 

Hermans starts to struggle first which is no surprise given he dropped earlier in the day. The other five continue to chase Vendrame. 

Been some brutally tough conditions out there on stage 19. 

The longer the chase continue to mark each other out, the better it looks for Vendrame. Steinhauser and Narvaez were caught and it is all back together behind with even Hermans getting back on. 

Alaphilippe goes! But it doesnt last long with no one in the chase group wanting to waste too much too early as he's caught. 

Steinhauser said he was struggling after his stage win but he's had enough of the tactics and has attacked again. A new star from this Giro. 


Sánchez now makes a move for Movistar as he looks for a second stage win. Narváez is following with Alaphilippe and Plapp not too far behind. 

Here's lone leader Vendrame, looking for a second stage win at the Giro d'Italia to add to the one he has from the 2021 race. He's cheered on by the Italian fans. 

Steinhauser is being closed by Sánchez as the Italian in front hits the hardest inclines. Vendrame looks fantastic, though, with his gap stable at 1:09 from the chasers. 

Vendrame is increasing his gap as Decathlon AG2R La Mondiale continue to show just how great of a season they are having. Flying form for the French team in 2024. 


Vendrame crests the Cima Sappada with a 1:10 advantage still intact. Sánchez is the second strongest on the road but he would need the leader to make a mistake for a second stage win. 

Andrea Vendrame is closing in on victory now as he descends off the climb and heads for the finish. He made his move with a flying descent 30km from the line and has only extended his lead on the final climb. 

This will be the second win at the 2024 Giro d'Italia for Decathlon AG2R La Mondiale after Valentin Paret-Peintre won stage 10. Dream season continues for the team on fire. 


His last Giro win came on stage 12 of the 2021 Giro d'Italia and since them he's only won 1 race, without a win for near three years but Andrea Vendrame has returned to winning ways at one of the biggest possible races. 

Celebrations in the final run to the line with a high five at the team car. Fantastic scenes for Decathlon and the 29-year-old Italian after a brilliant breakaway win. 

Stage finish

Great rides behind Vendrame from stage winners already at this race, Pelayo Sánchez (Movistar) and Georg Steinhauser (EF Education Easy-Post) who take second and third. 

The rest of the valiant breakaway are coming home in ones and twos but we've got around eight minutes to wait for the maglia rosa group to come home. 

The group behind has been thinned down and Einer Rubio (Movistar) is feeling good and having a dig. Pogačar is following him with the rest of the top 10 also in the wheels. 

The GC group is close to the top of the final climb as Bardet attacks. He's marked by Tiberi so knocks off his effort. 

Geraint Thomas (Ineos Grenadiers) crashes and his chain is off! Disaster for the Welshman as he screams on the radio for a new bike. 

That was such an innocuous moment and Thomas went down as he just looked around and clipped Tiberi's back wheel. No one is riding at the front and they have slowed down to allow Thomas to get back in as they should.

Panic over for Geraint Thomas as he's back in. All calm again at the front of the GC group. 

Here's Andrea Vendrame's winning moment in Sappada.

UAE Team Emirates have brought everyone safely to the finish now. GC action will be saved for tomorrow's double ascent up Monte Grappa. Just one more GC day left before Pogačar confirms overall victory at the Giro ahead of the procession into Rome on Sunday. 

Here's what stage winner Andrea Vendrame had to say after a big day in the break:

"It's a nice day today. The important thing was to get in the breakaway. I was there straight away from the start and then in the end, the all called me a joker and well I tried to do that," said Vendrame.

Top 10 on stage 19 of the Giro d'Italia, powered by FirstCycling. Shows the brilliance of Vendrame's descent attack with a 54-second gap at the line even after celebrating early. 

And here's how the GC sits heading into the final day for GC action on a 184km route from Alpago to Bassano del Grappa which takes in a double ascent of the 18.1km climb. Again powered by FirstCycling.

Here's what race leader Tadej Pogačar had to say after stage 19:

Here it is then, the beast that is stage 20 of the Giro d'Italia. 184km and two ascents of the hellish 18.1km Monte Grappa stand between the final GC standings of this year's race.

That wraps things up for our live coverage of stage 19 but make sure to read our full race report below which includes a gallery of the day's action. Also, look out for any news coming out of the race from our team on the ground in Italy and head to CN's homepage to see all the results from a busy day of racing including, the Tour of Norway and RideLondon Classique. 

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