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Von Hoff disrupts Drapac sprinting to the win

Steele Von Hoff (Garmin Sharp) opens his 2013 season at Tour Down Under

Steele Von Hoff (Garmin Sharp) opens his 2013 season at Tour Down Under (Image credit: Sirotti)

Steele von Hoff has won the men's national criterium title while Drapac, who had controlled the race, finished empty handed. Anthony Giacoppo and Bay Crits winner, Brenton Jones, came in second and third for Avanto while Ballarat boy Pat Shaw won the points jersey. With a large crowd cheering on the riders all afternoon and into the evening, von Hoff explained how the atmosphere helped him to the win. "The crowds were amazing today, I heard many people yelling out my name so it was really good," von Hoff said.

"I’ve been on the podium, bronze, silver, gold. I can’t be happier than this. It was an unfortunate mishap by the Drapac guys who laid it down on the top corner at a crucial moment and AJ (Giacoppo) and myself got away down the bottom straight and just drove it to the line," von Hoff said.

The race had been controlled by Drapac and Avanti with a blur of red and blue ever present on the 40km circuit. A crash on the top corner of the course on the final lap derailed the Drapac train with Jonothan Cantwell, Adam Phelan and Robbie Hucker all hitting the deck and effectively ending the race. "There was a mishap in the top corner with some sort of dust up but this is a race you just have to take advantage of that stuff," von Hoff said.

Having won his first senior road title, von Hoff won't be resting on his laurels, explaining that he will target Sunday's race with the goal of taking another green and gold jersey home. "I’d love to challenge for that jersey with all the Drapac and Orica-GreenEdge boys going its going to be very difficult," he said. Von Hoff will have the advantage of teamates there as well having been the only Garmin-Sharp rider today.

"I hate to say it, but I’m a confidence rider and I when I get a few bad results I get down on myself but then to get a win boosts everything and I start to ride better and everything goes well. I’m hoping that this gets the ball rolling in 2014," von Hoff said after winning the race.

With a slight tailwind on the Sturt St course, the pace from the get go was frenetic as the sole Orica-GreenEdge rider and defending champion, Cam Meyer, played his hand early and forced counter-moves from Drapac led by Cantwell.

Cantwell was patrolling the peloton and getting various teammates to ride off the front. Avanti were sitting back letting Drapac control the race and when Phelan got away with four others to quickly gain 10 seconds on pack, there was little response from the men in blue.

Patrick Shaw won the three intermediate sprint points largely uncontested and as local rider was a popular winner of the MARS jersey. "My plan was to win the bike race. I am in the best form that I've had for years. I wanted to give myself a chance for a result tonight. Unfortunately a big crash at the end derailed me, otherwise I'd be guarantee a top five spot," Shaw said. "I am very proud how of my guys raced tonight. They were really riding well. We don't have the respect this team yet, but we are gaining it very quickly."

Another Meyer attack proved to be not much more than a fizz before Chris Jory was the last rider to launch an attack of any substance and was out the front for a lap but once the bell went, Drapac looked like having it in the bag with Cantwell on his way to repeating his 2011 win.

The crash on the top corner slowed the entire peloton and ended Drapac’s chance for a second green and gold jersey this week while von Hoff, positioned perfectly, pounced and struck gold.

Meyer ended the race in fourth place while out of contract Allan Davis who spent most of the race mid-pack came in eighth place.



#Rider Name (State)Result
1Steele Von Hoff (VIC)1:00:55
2Anthony Giacoppo (WA)0:00:02
3Brenton Jones (VIC)
4Cameron Meyer (WA)0:00:04
5Michael Fitzgerald (WA)
6Rico Rogers (VIC)
7Neil Van Der Ploeg (VIC)
8Allan Davis (QLD)
9Craig Hutton (NSW)
10Darren Lapthorne (VIC)0:00:08
11Eric Sheppard (VIC)
12James Rendall (VIC)
13Jonathan Bolton (WA)
14Dominik Dudkiewicz (VIC)
15Michael Cupitt (ACT)0:00:13
16Nicholas Wood (SA)
17Luke Pledger (WA)
18Daniel Nelson (VIC)
19Daniel Braunsteins (VIC)0:00:17
20James Szollosi (QLD)0:00:21
21Jake Magee (NSW)0:00:24
22Daniel Bonello (NSW)0:00:31
23Joshua Prete (QLD)0:00:36
24Jacob Kauffmann (NSW)0:01:07
25Cameron Bayly (SA)0:01:09
26Shannon Johnson (VIC)
27Jay McCarthy (QLD)0:01:10
28Joshua Taylor (NSW)0:01:14
29Bernard Sulzberger (TAS)0:01:34
30Patrick Shaw (VIC)0:01:43
31Nathan Earle (TAS)0:01:47
32Chris Jory (NSW)0:01:50
DNFThomas Donald (QLD)
DNFTim Guy (NSW)
DNFJames Hepburn (QLD)
DNFMarc Williams (ACT)
DNFTroy Herfoss (NSW)
DNFAaron Donnelly (NSW)
DNFJacob Sutherland (VIC)
DNFChris Stack (SA)
DNFEwyn Carter (VIC)
DNFAndrew Williams (WA)
DNFLee Burchell (VIC)
DNFKane Walker (VIC)
DNSWilliam Clarke (TAS)
DNSThomas Palmer (ACT)
DNSTommy Nankervis (VIC)
DNSZakkari Dempster (VIC)
DNSDaniel O’Keefe (NSW)
DNSLuke Fetch (VIC)
DNSReuben Donati (NSW)


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