Kabush and Batty top Canadian Cup round

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Elite men
1Geoff Kabush (Can) Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain1:41:56
2Derek Zandstra (Can) 3 Rox Racing0:00:00
3Andrew Watson (Can) Norco Factory Team0:01:03
4Tim Heemskerk (Ned) United Cycle Racing0:04:30
5Matthew Hadley (Can) XPREZO0:04:31
6Adam Morka (Can) Trek Store Race Team0:04:35
7Peter Glassford (Can) Trek Store Racing Team0:05:18
8Craig Richey (Can) Blue Competition Cycles0:06:29
9Stefan Widmer (Can) Rocky Mtn Factory Team0:07:00
10Andrew Thomas (Can) Team SASK / ERTC0:07:05
11Leni Trudel (Can) Equipe du Qc/Specialized0:07:09
12Eric Batty (Can) Trek Store Toronto0:07:09
13Daniel Sessford (Can) Blue Competition Cycles0:09:31
14Roddi Lega (Can) Pedalhead Bicycle Works0:09:47
15Brian Bain (Can) CMC/Bowcycle0:10:03
16Shawn Bunnin (Can) Bicisport!0:11:20
17Manuel Fehlmann (Can) Pedalhead/Balance Point Racing0:12:01
18Ryan Atkins (Can) EMD Serono Specialized0:12:31
19Thomas 'The Tank' Skinner (Can) Oak Bay Bikes/Specialized0:12:46
20Nicholas Weighall (USA) RadRacing HerriottSportsPerformance0:14:45
21Zachary Hughes (Can) Norco Evolution0:16:02
22Francis Morin (Can) Specialized/ Team Quebec0:16:28
23Mark Leishman (NZl) Manawatu MTB Club0:16:31
24Andre Sutton (Can) Hardcore Cycling Club0:17:14
25Craig Stappler (Can) Deadgoat0:18:13
26Devin Erfle (Can) Deadgoat Racing0:20:19
27Steve Martins (Can) Hardcore Cycling Club0:21:18
28Matthew Krahn (Can) Redbike0:24:11
29Cory Zetterstrom (Can) BCW0:24:33
30Bailey Mcknight (Can) Team Alberta0:25:44
31Peter Knight (Can) Team Alberta0:26:18
32Peter Lawrence (Can) H&R Block - Kona0:30:51
33Justin Middleton (Can) Team Alberta0:37:50
34Mike Blennerhassett (Can) Hardcore Cycling Club0:38:20
35Nicolas Andrichuk (Can) BowCycle/Cyclemeisters0:50:35
DNFJulien Fillion (Can) Équipe du Québec/DevinciRow 35 - Cell 2
DNFCameron Jette (Can) Trek Store Race TeamRow 36 - Cell 2
DNFSébastien Cadieux-Duval (Can) Équipe du québec/ CVM Val-DavidRow 37 - Cell 2
DNFCody Canning (Can) Team AlbertaRow 38 - Cell 2
DNFJason Siegle (USA) Bear Valley BikesRow 39 - Cell 2
DNFMike Bidniak (Can) Pedalhead Road WorksRow 40 - Cell 2
DNFMitchel Thornton (Can) GiantRow 41 - Cell 2
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Elite women
1Emily Batty (Can) Trek Store Race Team1:33:22
2Karine Travaillaud (Can) Equipe du Québec/Specialized0:01:28
3Mical Dyck (Can) Trek Toronto Store/ Terrascape0:02:35
4Mikaela Kofman (Can) 3 Rox Racing0:03:15
5Amanda Sin (Can) 3 Rox Racing0:04:44
6Joanna Harrington (Aus) Fineline Racing Whistler - Trek0:06:15
7Bianca Adolf (Can) Local Ride Womens Mtb0:06:54
8Catherine Vipond (Can) Norco Factory Team0:07:45
9Rébecca Beaumont (Can) Équipe du Québec/Cyclone0:07:55
10Danelle Kabush (Can) The Luna Chix Pro Team0:08:13
11Pepper Harlton (Can) Juventus`0:10:04
12Kate Aardal (Nor) Hardcore Cycling Club0:11:28
13Stéphanie Lacoursière (Can) Équipe Qc/ Cyclones0:12:01
14Bridget Linder (Can) Hardcore Cycling Club0:12:03
15Loni Klettl (Can) Freeskool0:13:08
16Nicola Leary (NZl) Manawatu MTB Club0:16:27
17Margie Smith (Can) Wilson Mountain Sports0:17:30
18Krystyn Ong (Can) Team Alberta / Juventus0:17:50
19Trish Grajczyk (Can) Deadgoat Racing0:20:15
20Sarah Moore (Can) Equipe du Quebec- CVM Val-David0:20:59
21Andrea Bunnin (Can) Team Saskatchewan0:22:47
22Shantel Koenig (Can) redbike0:26:03
23Erica Musyj (Can) BCW0:41:55
24Kelly Hall (Can) Team Alberta / Juventus0:52:07
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Expert men
1Jeff Neilson (Can) Terrascape Racing1:31:15
2Gabor Csonka (Can) Deadgoat - wiseracer.com0:00:57
3Paul Green (Can) n/a0:02:07
4Brad Pilling (Can) Dead Goat Racing0:03:06
5Dave Jetz (Can) Calgary Cycle p/b Top Gear0:03:36
6Andy Reed (Can) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club0:04:38
7Alaric Fish (Can) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club0:04:39
8Peter Yez (Can) Mud Sweat and Gears0:05:37
9Dave Crewe (Can) Eurotech / Ellsworth0:05:50
10Dan Peters (Can) Independent0:06:45
11Dion Clark (Can) Cyclemeisters/ Bow Cycle0:07:56
12Ryan Correy (Can) Team Bow Cycle / Cyclemeisters0:07:57
13Geoff Clark (Can) Deadgoat Racing0:08:13
14Luke Marshall (Can) CMC / Bow Cycle0:08:20
15Simon Williams (Can) Speed Theory0:08:34
16Steve Walsh (Can) Schmoe Racing0:08:42
17Tim Brezsnyak (Can) Deadgoat Racing0:11:21
18Ryan Leibel (Can) Regina Cycle Club0:11:46
19Wade Bourassa (Can) City Park Cycle0:12:58
20Tom Brodzinski (Can) Deadgoat Racing0:15:09
21Shane Macnaughton (Can) Fresh Air Experience0:16:37
22Douglas Hallett (Can) RMCC0:17:22
23Darcy Kuss (Can) Pedalhead Racing0:17:46
24Rick Vircavs (Can) OffRoad Syndicate0:19:02
25Mike Sarnecki (Can) Intact Racing0:19:03
26Peter Wellsman (Can) ProCity Racing0:22:15
27Jason Duffy (Can) Commencal0:30:32
28Brennon Martin (Can) Rock 'n' Road Cycle Club0:36:16
DNFTodd Barraclough (Can) Velocity Clycling Clubcan19701108Row 28 - Cell 2
DNFDwayne Ellis (Can) The Bike ShopRow 29 - Cell 2
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Expert women
1Alana Heise (Can) Terrascape Racing1:12:43
2Carrie Tuck (Can) Calgary Cycle Top Gear0:00:49
3Nicole Muzechka (Can) terrascape0:01:58
4Alyssa Barker (Can) United Cycle0:07:39
5Judy Harlton (Can) Independant0:08:05
6Lisa Crowe (USA) Dons Bikes/Intense Cycles0:08:39
7Lauren Lankester (Can) bicisport0:12:18
8Sandy Anhel (Can) Hardcore0:17:26
9Lisa Le Poole (Can) Terrascape0:23:19
10Jessica Kisell (Can) Bicisport0:25:39
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Junior expert men
1Evan Guthrie (Can) Rocky Mountain Factory Team1:22:31
2Tyler Allison (Can) Trek/Nike 6.0/Team BC0:00:02
3Mitch Bailey (Can) Jetpower0:03:13
4Nicolas Tremblay (Can) Équipe du Québec/Spécialized0:04:19
5Antoine Caron (Can) Equipe du Quebec / Subway-Genetik0:04:32
6Steven Noble (Can) Jetpower0:04:55
7Patrick Chartrand (Can) Equipe Qc / CVM Val-David0:05:10
8Eric Emsky (USA) Rad Racing NW/ Hagens Berman LLC0:05:46
9Kris Dahl (Can) Team Alberta0:13:12
10Jayden Aldrich (Can) Team Sask0:33:00
DNSMac Garvin (Can) Cyclemeisters/ Bow CycleRow 10 - Cell 2
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Under 17 Expert men
1Daniel Varga (Can) Jet Power1:00:22
2Felix Wilberg (Can) Team Alberta0:01:53
3Ty Andrews (Can) Cyclemeisters0:09:24
4Ragnar Robinson (Can) Rock n Road0:09:35
5Michael Lankester (Can) Cyclemeisters/Team Bow Cycle0:12:17
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Junior expert women
1Laura Bietola (Can) 3ROX Racing1:09:50
2Samantha Grover (Can) Team Alberta / Hard Core Cycling0:00:48
3Cayley Brooks (Can) Team Hardwood/Trek0:02:36
4Natasha Oldcorn (Can) jetpower0:03:03
5Kristina Laforge (Can) Équipe du Québec/Club Cyclone0:04:53
6Lauren Rosser (Can) Team Squamish0:06:25
7Marjorie Lavoie (Can) Équipe du Québec/CVM Val-david0:06:27
8Anna Schappert (Can) Team Manitoba/ Bikes and Beyond0:07:29
9Caeli Barron (Can) Team Alberta0:12:29
10Gina Kisell (Can) Synergy0:49:03
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Sport men
1Ian Auld (Can) Veloplzen1:01:04
2Brent Rosvold (Can) RMCC0:02:32
3Brent Bittner (Can) RMCC0:02:37
4Darren Freeman (Can) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club0:03:08
5Pierre Boivin (Can) Couloir ski and bike0:03:10
6Brent Clark (Can) Schmoe Racing0:03:30
7Gary Brown (Can) RMCC0:03:35
8Brett Zagozewski (Can) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club0:04:27
9Trevor Pombert (Can) United cycle0:06:02
10Pat Dodge (Can) Bike Shop0:06:12
11Roderick De Leeuw (Can) Rundle Mountain CC0:07:29
12Neil Reid (Can) ERTC (Edmonton Road and Track Club)0:07:40
13Tim De Freitas (Can) RMCC0:07:54
14Sean Qi (Can) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club0:07:57
15John Clark (Can) Hardcore0:08:09
16Brad Chisholm (Can) Pedalhead Racing0:08:38
17Jeff Bell (Can) Highwood0:08:44
18David Gauvreau (Can) couloir ski and bike0:09:53
19Marc Bailey (Can) United Cycle Race Team0:10:27
20Evan Wishloff (Can) Pedalhead0:10:41
21Kirk Schmiedge (Can) CMC/Bowcycle0:11:05
22Dustin Dollar (Can) deadgoat racing0:11:11
23Ed Garvin (Can) Cyclemeisters/ Bow Cycle0:12:16
24Eric Trouillot (Can) CNSC0:13:15
25Evan Armstrong (Can) Rebound0:13:19
26Lorne Allaby (Can) Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle0:13:43
27Lorne Short (Can) Rundle Mountain C. C.0:14:18
28Gerry Mccuaig (Can) Deadgoat Racing0:17:51
29Andrew Spahr (Can) RMCC & Couloir Bike0:20:58
30Henry Yau (Can) Deadgoat Racing0:21:03
31John Mcknight (Can) independant0:23:38
DNFBruce Wick (Can) Cyclemeisters / Bow CycleRow 31 - Cell 2
DNFDavid Todd (Can) JuventusRow 32 - Cell 2
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Sport women
1Kelly Matheson (Can) Deadgoat Racing1:20:07
2Stephanie Wilkinson (Can) Rundle Mountain Cycling0:09:09
3Megan Dalrymple (Can) RMCC0:13:20
4Shelley Gillett (Can) Independent0:14:39
5Heidi Schaffer (Can) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club0:16:00
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Junior sport women
1Allison Beveridge (Can) Bicisport0:40:33
2Emily De Freitas (Can) Biccisport0:00:07
3Zoe Dahl (Can) CMC/bow cycle0:00:17
4Erin Middleton (Can) Juventus0:10:30
5Sara Witzke (Can) Juventus0:10:44
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Novice men
1Stan Magee (Can) Rundle Mt. Cycling Club1:07:43
2Craig Marshall (Can) Deadgoat Racing0:00:02
3Mark Stephenson (Can) Deadgoat Racing0:00:52
4Brian Gustafson (Can) none0:01:03
5Murray Oshanyk (Can) RMCC0:05:03
6Dave Asselstine (Can) Independent0:05:16
7Jeff Amirault (Can) indepentant0:06:18
8Cam Baty (Can) rundle mountain cycling0:07:27
9Chris Muzechka (Can) independent0:07:57
10Steve Smith (Can) Cyclemeisters/ Bow Cycle0:11:18
11Jeannot Desaulniers (Can) Hinton Mountain Bike Club0:14:22
12Harry Roberts (Can) Rundle Mountain Cycle Club0:17:52
13Rob Price (Can) none0:19:26
14Rick Metzger (Can) Deadgoats0:20:40
15Josh Hines (Can) Intact Racing0:21:42
16Joe Royle (Can) independent0:29:58
17Stewart Hutchings (Can) United Cycle0:36:29
18Philip Mark (Can) Hinton Mountain Bike Club0:39:51
19Allan Spahr (Can) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club1:03:32
DNFJason Reid (Can) The Sean Fahlman ExperienceRow 19 - Cell 2
DNSJoseph Danay (Can) IndependentRow 20 - Cell 2
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Novice women
1Karen Hache (Can) Independent0:42:11
2Carthy Chan (Can) Spin Sisters0:02:51
3Sandy Mergler (Can) RMCC0:03:08
4Claire Lepage (Can) Rundle Mountain Cycle Club0:03:50
5Kim Kawaja (Can) Spin Sisters0:04:21
6Lauri Wischoff (Can) United Cycle0:04:30
7Sara-Jane Saranchuk (Can) Spin Sisters0:05:33
8Kayla Bonham (Can) Spin Sisters0:06:29
9Marcy Kimpton (Can) spin sisters0:06:49
10Alison Goodman (Can) Spin Sisters0:07:22
11Jennifer Savage (Can) Spin Sisters0:07:57
12Ramona Hill (Can) Spin Sisters0:09:02
13Clare Neville (Can) Spin Sisters0:11:21
14Niccole Germscheid (Can) SpinSisters0:11:23
15Deanna Van Dam (Can) Spin Sisters0:12:39
16Shawna Donaldson (Can) Spin Sisters0:14:13
17Janice Olsthoorn (Can) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club0:17:10
18Barbara Irwin (Can) Spin Sisters0:17:55
19Carey Thomson (Can) Spin Sisters0:18:27
20Betsy Mawdsley (Can) no club0:25:52
21Judy Mackasey (Can) none0:30:10
DNSRebecca Myers (Can) Spin SistersRow 21 - Cell 2
DNSLindsey Snyder (Can) Spin SistersRow 22 - Cell 2
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Youth novice men
1Samuel Beaudoin (Can) Juventus Cycling Club of Edmonton0:35:43
2Isaac Niles (Can) Bicisport0:04:05
3Eric Ewert (Can) Bow Cycle0:04:11
4Graham A Todd (Can) Juventus0:05:43
5Alex Steneker0:06:56
6Ben Marquardt (Can) cyclemeisters0:07:08
7Robert Dunn (Can) Cyclemeisters0:09:09
8Peter Swart (Can) Bici Sport0:14:17
9Alexander Cresswell (Can) FNSC0:16:20
10William Kemp (Can) Bicisport0:17:32
DNSSam Ratzke (Can) Cyclemeisters/Bow CycleRow 10 - Cell 2

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