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Trek Factory Racing Team win Brasil Ride prologue

Prologue: Mucugê - Mucugê

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Sergio Mantecón and Ricardo Pscheidt won the men's Brasil Ride 2014 prologue

Sergio Mantecón and Ricardo Pscheidt won the men's Brasil Ride 2014 prologue (Image credit: Brasil Ride 2014)
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Gorgeous landscape near Mucuge city

Gorgeous landscape near Mucuge city (Image credit: Brasil Ride 2014)
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Sonya Looney and Nina Baum won the Brasil Ride 2014 women's prologue

Sonya Looney and Nina Baum won the Brasil Ride 2014 women's prologue (Image credit: Brasil Ride 2014)
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The start of the Brasil Ride 2014 prologue

The start of the Brasil Ride 2014 prologue (Image credit: Brasil Ride 2014)

The Brasil Ride 2014 kicked off with a prologue. The first 20km of a total of 600km had tight trails, rocks and sandy sessions in a very technical circuit around the town. Trek Factory Racing team finished with the best time of the day – 51 minutes and 47 seconds.

“Today is just the first day, we have the whole stage race ahead, and the idea today was to keep a good time, however we knew that there were very fast teams, like last year champions Avancini and Shermann that for us are a reference," said Ricardo Pscheidt from Trek Factory Racing.

“I believe this was one of the races I felt better. It was pure cross-country, very technical, very complete with physical demand. This is my specialty and I felt well for this race”, added  Pscheidt's teammate Sérgio Mantecón, considered one of the best Olympic cross-country riders in the World.

Caloi Elite Team riders Henrique Avancini and Shermann Trezza also started strong. “The start was strong and we wanted to do the best prologue as possible to take the yellow jersey (leader Jersey) in the first day. We really gone to the limit and I believe we ended doing some mistakes, so Shermann crashed and we lost a lot of time. The plan for the first day was to finish as best as possible From now on we are going keep a “paced” race, Sherman usually feels better day-by-day so I think that we have a lot of track ahead," said Avancini.

The women’s category Brasil Ride 2014 promises the biggest competition in history as the best Brazilian cyclists race against international elite riders in Bahia terrain.

“Racing in Brasil can be an advantage for us. Having to travel faraway, with different food and culture in other countries can affect us in race. Also, in Brasil we are close to friends, family, boyfriend and they can be an extra motivation, and having Brasil Ride classified in S2 level by UCI makes the race even more important to whom is looking for the Olympic Games," said Isabella Lacerda, Brazilian XCO Champ.

“Brasil Ride is fundamental in the fight for a place in the Olympic Games, it will be 80 points in UCI Ranking. Besides scoring the nation, individual points are very important as between May 2014 and May 2016 the accumulated points will define who’s going to be chosen to represent Brazil in the Olympic Games. Having international athletes increases the level of the competition, and it promotes an improvement in the Brazilian development," added Isabella that competes with Érika Gramiscelli – five-time Brazilian champion that raced Brasil Ride in 2010.

It was the North American women's team from Topeak Ergon that did well during the first day of the mountain bike stage race event. “Brasil Ride have changed my life since my first participation back in 2010," said Sonya Looney that is racing for the third time in Chapada Diamantina – Bahia. “It was magnificent," said Nina Baum – Team Topeak Ergon, the fastest women of the day that finished with 55 minutes and 40 seconds (non-official time).

The Latin America biggest challenge on mountain bikes offers a unique opportunity for pro and amateur riders, with seven days of racing in the heart of the Country, with a lot of pedaling, self-knowledge and contact if nature. There will be a total of nine “leader's jerseys” fighting for the tittle, divided in Men, Women, Mix, Master (40 plus), Grand Master (50 plus), America Men, America Women, Corporative and Nelore, that stars for cyclists weighting over 90kg.

The second day is going to be 147km from Mucugê to Rio de Contas and a total of 3,355 metres of elevation gain.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez (Esp) / Ricardo Pscheidt 3 (Bra) Trek Factory Racing Team I0:51:47
2Hans Becking (Ned) / Jiri Novak 4 (Cze) Superior-Brentjens Mountain Bike Racing Team0:00:41
3Henrique da Silva Avancini (Bra) / Sherman Trezza de Paiva 1 (Bra) Caloi Elite Team0:01:31
4Marcelo Candido da Silva (Bra) / Guilherme Gotardelo Muller 20 (Bra) Lm/ Shimano Team0:02:16
5Hugo Prado Neto (Bra) / Lukas Kaufmann 6 (Sui) Focus Oce Racing Team0:03:50
6Tiago Ferreira (Por) / Periklis ilias 2 (Gre) Protek Team0:04:10
7Luis Leao Pinto (Por) / Matthias Leisling 35 (Ger) Rei Leao0:04:27
8Alexandre Arthur Sousa (Bra) / Anilton Marques Rocha 15 (Bra) Chapada Diamantina0:04:31
9Raphael Mesquita Mendes (Bra) / Halysson H. Ferreira 14 (Bra) Jc Bikes I0:05:06
10Guilherme Saad (Bra) / Daniel Grossi 18 (Bra) Equipe Groove Bikes0:06:08
11Martin Horak (Cze) / Michal Kanera 5 (Cze) Ghost-Rubena Racing0:06:55
12Sharlys Silva (Bra) / Jose Alberto Nunes Feitosa 65 (Bra) Cafe Brasil Ride0:07:13
13Bart Brentjens (Ned) / Abraao Azevedo 40 (Bra) Brentjens Mountainbike Racing Team0:07:23
14Daniel Gathof (Ger) / Jochen Weisenseel 12 (Ger) Craft - Rocky Mountain0:07:47
15Valmor Hausmann (Bra) / Gustavo Henrique Zorzo 26 (Bra) H100:07:59
16Rosinha Edicarlos Oliveira Silva (Bra) / Thiago Drews Elias 9 (Bra) Brou Tripp Kailash Aventuras0:08:39
17Christopher Maletz (Ger) / Krenn Wolfgang 66 (Aut) Fujibikes/ Bici Esteve0:08:45
18Silvio Otavio Neves Amorim (Bra) / Junio Alves Vieira 11 (Bra) Cemil (Beba Saude Beba Cemil)0:08:59
19Valerio Ferreira (Por) / Marco Fernandes 19 (Por) Algarve Bike Challenge Team Bcf/Btt Loule Bpi0:09:03
20Cid Barbosa (Bra) / Josias Emiliano da Silva 225 (Bra) Ecocil Terral Bike0:09:39
21Rich Weis (Usa) / Leandro Donizete dos Santos 7 (Bra) Trek Factory Racing Team Ii0:09:50
22Gustavo Ricardo Santos (Bra) / Guilherme Rabelo 223 (Bra) Duas Rodas/ Construtora Mr0:11:04
23Mateus Ferraz (Bra) / Ivonne Kraft 46 (Ger) Niner0:11:44
24Hernani Broco (Por) / Luis Manuel Alendouro Cordeiro 16 (Por) Hernani Broco - Fisioterapia E Desporto0:12:25
25Andre Luis Pinheiro Guimaraes (Bra) / Paulo Borges de Freitas 41 (Bra) Piri Atomico0:12:36
26Favario Boris (Fra) / Bely Julien 246 (Fra) Mtb Brazil0:13:02
27Frederic Ischard (Fra) / Emeric Turcat 21 (Fra) Open-Rotor-Starbikecom0:13:18
28Ernesto (Bra) / Joaab (Bra) Pedalocal Mucuge0:13:58
29Eduardo (Bra) / Rogerio (Bra) Aroeira0:14:07
30Sonya Looney (Eua) / Nina Baum 57 Topeak Eegon/Notubes0:14:32
31Bob Nogueira (Bra) / Douglas Moi 8 (Bra) Martini Racing0:14:43
32Normando (Bra) / Diego (Bra) Ciclovil Bike/ Bikenamidiacom/Moluxco Mtb Team I0:14:49
33Cesar Lettoli (Arg) / Agustina Maria Apaza 48 (Arg) Merida Sram Biking Team Argentina0:14:58
34Gustavo Nahas (Bra) / Thiago Carvalho 245 (Bra) Mountain Bike Bh 020:15:12
35Robson (Bra) / Ricardo (Bra) Ciclovil Bike/Bikenamidiacom/Moluxco Mtb Team Ii0:15:32
36Remerson Geraldo Neri de Souza (Bra) / Bruno Oliveira 214 (Bra) Br Soul Riders - Pilotos De Alma0:15:33
37Ulisses (Bra) / Caio (Ita) Tutan Camom
38Marcio Ravelli (Bra) / Claudio Antonio Palamartchuk 233 (Bra) Gt Bicycles0:15:43
39Bruno Rodrigues (Bra) / Leonardo Miranda 232 (Bra) Gomao Bikes Team0:16:01
40Giovane de Carvalho Rufino (Bra) / Jose Ribeiro Barbosa Santos 316 (Bra) Dbike Dinamica Aaz Esparta Seguranca0:16:17
41Annabella Stropparo (Ita) / Piero Pellegrini 59 (Ita) Team Hersh Amici Di Annabella0:16:28
42Luan Antonio Tofoli Pavan (Bra) / Denisval Alves de Souza 252 (Bra) Nutri Ocean Bike Team0:16:39
43Marcelo Sampaio (Bra) / Gustavo Astolphi 259 (Bra) Pedal Urbano Ii0:16:42
44Fausto Goncalves de Oliveira (Bra) / Cristiano Juliani 27 (Bra) Jekyll And Hide0:16:54
45Dorivaldo Correia de Abreu (Bra) / Adolfo Jose Mariano de Oliveira 53 (Bra) Alimentos Tia Sonia Faz Atleta0:17:04
46Isabella Lacerda (Bra) / Erika Gramiscelli 61 (Bra) Brasil Nation Team / Cbc / Caixa0:17:51
47Rodrigo Rodrigues dos Santos (Bra) / Luiz Eduardo Rocha de Luca Vilela 266 (Bra) Renegados Bike Team0:18:01
48Paulo Cesar M Jeveaux (Bra) / Everton Correia T de Siqueira 23 (Bra) Caveiras Bike Team0:18:02
49Diego Trigueiro (Bra) / Filipe Santos de Melo 264 (Bra) Rbj Race Team0:18:11
50Aecio Flores (Bra) / Adriano Alves de Oliveira 301 (Bra) Aguiar Transportes/Jc Bikes/Granola Tia Sonia0:18:19
51Luiz (Bra) / Daniel (Bra) Dynels Solucoes Ambientais0:18:24
52Stephan Kuhnel (Ger) / Holger Neumann 308 (Ger) Fahrradschmidt Germany0:18:45
53Rodrigo (Bra) / Thiago (Bra) Integralmedica0:19:34
54Lucas Soares (Bra) / Agnes Naumann 67 (Ger) Niner Bikes Brasil0:19:40
55Eduardo Soares (Bra) / Daniel Aliperti 300 (Bra) Pedal Power Brasil0:20:05
56Alex Bertone Oliveira da Silva (Bra) / Alonso Silva Santos 270 (Bra) Serra Verde0:20:27
57Adriano Sanick Padilha (Bra) / Fabiano Sanick Padilha 280 (Bra) Vamoqvamo0:20:30
58Juliano Arce Nunes (Bra) / Eduardo Dagostim 201 (Bra) 3Z / Tchebikers0:21:01
59Jonathan Jorge (Bra) / Fabio Robles 284 (Bra) Xco Bikes0:21:06
60Leandro Camargo (Bra) / Edilberto Aristo 68 (Bra) Lb Copias E Plotagens0:21:11
61Carlos Lopes (Bra) / Wagner Comodoro 33 (Bra) Vida De Atleta0:21:17
62Alcir Masetti (Bra) / Gerson Muhlbauer Junior 254 (Bra) Orphans Africa Mtb Tean/Tayoba Bike Shop0:21:27
63Marcio Pinheiro Fidelix (Bra) / Fabricio Colombo 271 (Bra) Sllalom / Zumbi0:21:32
64Heleno Caetano Borges (Bra) / Paulo Felipe Vasconcelos 331 (Bra) Team Konsk / Ciclorace0:21:45
65Marcelo Oliveira (Bra) / Baru Yuste 222 (Bra) Dossel Ambiental0:21:50
66Daniel Viol Diana (Bra) / Paulo Henrique Cardoso Maia 244 (Bra) Mountain Bike Bh 010:22:10
67Flavio Diniz (Bra) / Fernando de Paula 200 (Bra) 220 E Loirin0:22:22
68Kirk Nordgren (Eua) / Scott Rake 13 (Bra) Cts0:22:29
69Eduardo Marques Braz (Bra) / Claudio Mata 312 (Bra) Oce Masters0:22:32
70Gustavo Ferreira (Bra) / Alexandre F Teles 282 (Bra) X0:22:46
71Denio Roberto Magalhaes Franco (Bra) / Jiovane Paulino 56 (Bra) Marathonbike Alagoinhas0:22:47
72Fabricio Tourinho (Bra) / Rodolfo Lins Froes 247 (Bra) Mucuge0:22:57
73Rebecca Rusch (Usa) / Ally Stacher 36 (Usa) Team Specialized0:22:59
74Roberta Stopa (Bra) / Julyana Machado 38 (Bra) No Limits Team0:23:02
75Anton Peeters (Ned) / William Beurskens 260 (Ned) Peel Em Maas Mtb0:23:12
76Leonardo (Bra) / Renato (Bra) So Team 20:23:17
77Fernando Melo (Bra) / Daniel Silvestrini 274 (Bra) Team Solaris / Sinapse / Nakashima Bike Shop / Laguens Race Fit0:23:23
78Evandro Jose Gomes de Araujo Junior (Bra) / Marcos Porto Falcao 255 (Bra) Ortobom0:23:31
79Marcelo Dieguez Protzner Peixoto (Bra) / Giulliano Mendes 265 (Bra) Regful Team0:23:34
80Werner Wiedenbrug (Bra) / Ricardo Ferret 321 (Bra) Thule0:24:00
81Leonardo Loes de Almeida Coelho (Bra) / Bruno Ryker Moraes 206 (Bra) Aptidao Assessoria Esportiva0:24:22
82Felipe Miranda Pais (Bra) / Daniela Genovesi 47 (Bra) Oce-Treinenet / Girus0:24:27
83Rodrigo Carvalho de Gouvea (Bra) / Thiago Cardoso 208 (Bra) Bm Bikers / Adriana Nascimento / Oce0:24:34
84Pedro Ricciardi Neto (Bra) / Jose Luiz Reginato Lopes 330 (Bra) Pedal Power - Adriana Nascimento0:24:52
85Leandro Mendonca Caram Santos (Bra) / Diego Gomes 281 (Bra) Walter Tuche / Renato Estrella Bicicletas0:25:00
86Alessandro David (Bra) / Alexandre Augusto Albuquerque 202 (Bra) Planeta Pedal0:25:03
87Paulo (Bra) / Wadson (Bra) Agil - Tia Sonia0:26:02
88Matheus Sodre de Almeida (Bra) / Oscar Goncalves 29 (Bra) Madeira Marmore Mtb Team Ii0:26:27
89Joao Erildo Silva (Bra) / Marcos Antonio Soares 45 (Bra) Movimec-Socabota0:26:30
90Marcos Viana (Bra) / Leonardo Bortolaco 273 (Bra) So Team 10:26:35
91Sandra Klomp (Ita) / Sofia Pezzatti 58 (Sui) 4Wheelsonline0:26:55
92Jayme (Bra) / Adriana (Bra) Trek / Adriana Nascimento0:26:56
93Willam Sousa Brito (Bra) / Jose Ivanildo de Souza Silva 43 (Bra) Shopping Savana Bike0:27:08
94Carlos Jorge Chuva Morgado (Por) / Fabio Yukio Hossaki 32 (Bra) Sushi E Bacalhau0:27:33
95Julio Silva (Bra) / Denis Israel Barbosa 237 (Bra) Itajubikers0:27:52
96Humberto Ribeiro Junior (Bra) / Anderson Oliveira 44 (Bra) Dague Paia0:28:15
97Joao Urbano Dias (Bra) / Rogerio Matos 317 (Bra) Rotacon0:28:16
98Celina Carpinteiro (Bra) / Isabel Caetano 37 (Por) Btt Loule Bpi/Berg Cycles Sram0:28:18
99Luiz Felipe Viani (Bra) / Daniel Bender 235 (Bra) Hupi Bikes0:28:35
100Pedro Roberto Batista Filho (Bra) / Ricardo Abrao de Toledo 205 (Bra) Acoriber - Forca Local Motos0:28:40
101Victor Han (Bra) / David Taveira 249 (Por) Nataltri0:28:44
102Roberto (Bra) / Rafael (Bra) Endurance/Regina/Santos Ataide/Belgo0:29:07
103Silvio Ricardo Ferrari (Bra) / Guilherme Wilhelms 24 (Bra) F & W0:29:09
104Lucca Dias (Bra) / Roberto Oshiro Junior 239 (Bra) Jc Bikes Ii0:29:11
105Nelson Olmedo Junior (Bra) / Joao Fernandes Brandao de Freitas 243 (Bra) Madeira Marmore Mtb Team Ii0:29:19
106Adriano Jose Malinowski (Bra) / Joao Pedro de Jesus Carvalho 30 (Por) Probike / Charlotte0:29:25
107Fabricio Fontoura Bezerra (Bra) / Sergio Eduardo Albernaz 325 (Bra) Ciclo Race0:29:27
108Odilon de Castro Maia (Bra) / Gabriel Salgado 253 (Bra) Oce Race Team0:29:39
109Daniel Schnitzer (Bra) / Rodrigo Nicolas Forcinito 251 (Arg) Nirihuau - Malibu0:29:44
110Belini Freire Maia (Bra) / Raimundo Nonato Souza Monteiro 310 (Bra) Lost Lizard0:29:46
111Pedro Cardeira (Por) / Carlos Mendonca 261 (Por) Petethazouk0:30:22
112Filipe Castro (Bra) / Vinicius de Azevedo Silva 212 (Bra) Bm Bikers / Sb / Oce 20:30:23
113Tani Oregiia (Bra) / Roberto Liber 319 (Bra) Team Kailash Mtb Brasil0:30:28
114Emanuel Pires (Por) / Antonio Arnaldo Monteiro 327 (Por) Gold Nutrition0:30:33
115Adriano Vieira Lima Conceicao (Bra) / Celio Junio de Souza 28 (Bra) Madeira Marmore Mtb Team I0:30:53
116Jose Antonio Ferreira Filho (Bra) / Walter Germano 54 (Bra) Coroas Do Cerrado Ii0:31:08
117Reginaldo Emilio Lonardi (Bra) / Charles Rodrigues 309 (Bra) Lontra0:31:13
118Marco Melo (Bra) / Jairo Marques 326 (Bra) Direction0:31:16
119Marcelo Araujo (Bra) / Luiz Eugenio Sanches Dutra Camara 236 (Bra) Imagem Optica0:31:20
120Rodrigo Argenta (Bra) / Herivelto Paiva 269 (Bra) Serra Grande/Senso0:31:41
121Kelvey Costa Andrade (Bra) / Francisco Alan Costa e Silva 227 (Bra) Equipe Dataged0:31:42
122Daniel Zenon (Bra) / Juliana Fernandes 50 (Bra) Sonic Sports0:31:44
123Joao (Bra) / Gabriel (Bra) Horizonte Mtb0:31:50
124Paulo Souss (Bra) / Erick Azzi 302 (Bra) Azzi & Souss Syndicate0:32:08
125Leon Van Den Schoor (Ned) / Rob Wijnbergen 306 (Ned) Death On Arrival
126Joao Marcio Gama Filho (Bra) / Sostenes Nascimento 64 (Bra) Cycling0:32:23
127Danillo Rodrigues da Silva (Bra) / Savio Alves de Souza 231 (Bra) Fortium Contabilidade0:32:24
128Cleber (Bra) / Leandro (Bra) Gt Lambari Iron Team0:32:33
129Rodrigo Mioni (Bra) / Eduardo Sotana 267 (Bra) Saoze0:32:35
130Alex Dos Santos Goncalves (Bra) / Mauro Tenorio 216 (Bra) Cariocas0:32:52
131Viviane Favery (Bra) / Marcelo Mandetta 292 (Bra) Os Protegidos0:33:23
132Antuerpio Valentino Cunha (Bra) / Ariel Amaral Neto 17 (Bra) Bike Brothers / Cwb0:33:30
133Robson Tavares Souza (Bra) / Josias Jose 257 (Bra) Oticas Diniz Pernambuco0:33:47
134Antonio Carlos Rodrigues (Bra) / Claudio Marinho de Andrade 320 (Bra) Teiu 10:34:03
135William Max Muller (Bra) / Constantino Dimon 63 (Bra) Construtora Espindola0:34:05
136Joana Nobrega (Bra) / Felipe Mateus Barbosa Rodrigues 291 (Bra) Endurance 10:34:31
137Adroilzo Fonseca Junior (Bra) / italo Cesar Bezerra Duarte 279 (Bra) Urutu - Eq Bike -Go Funcional Fight0:34:44
138Ailton Pereira da Silva Junior (Bra) / Guilherme Campos Gusmao 240 (Bra) K-70:34:45
139Leandro Saldini (Bra) / Alessandro Ribeiro Walter 221 (Bra) Discovery Ride Race Team0:34:53
140Carles Arias Aguila (Esp) / Javier Moracho 55 (Esp) Tricon Energy0:35:07
141Lourivan Gomes Filho (Bra) / Alex Oliveira 272 (Bra) Smel Sertaozinho/Prisma Turismo0:35:14
142Claudia Tollendal (Bra) / Guilherme Balbani 290 (Bra) Bike Bem0:35:27
143Roberta Rocha (Bra) / Carlo Endrigo Guimaraes Peroni 51 (Bra) Faith Team I0:35:29
144Bruno (Bra) / Elso (Bra) Bm Bikers / Sb / Oce0:35:30
145Marcio Henrique Monteiro (Bra) / Israel Tomaz Ferreira 242 (Bra) Lider Condominios / Picc Pedal0:35:33
146Marcio Prado (Bra) / Thiago Burgers 220 (Bra) Day10:35:57
147Wagner Meneguim (Bra) / Jose Marcelo Dell Aqua 303 (Bra) Botucuesta0:35:59
148Francisco Cassio Andrade (Bra) / Marcos Cesar Gelbcke Lima 262 (Bra) Pontual Factori E Metalcon0:36:05
149Klaus Rubensaal (Ger) / Andreas Wittmann 332 (Ger) Team Mrbike Lichtenfels0:36:07
150Thevoz Jeff (Sui) / Doffin Didier 328 (Fra) Jeff & Didier0:36:09
151Jose Julio Resenes Neto (Bra) / Jordan Juliani 229 (Bra) Fanaticos Mtb0:36:15
152Renato Pineda Sartori (Bra) / Gerson Luiz Doll 318 (Bra) Sierra Bikes0:36:25
153Vanessa Cabral (Bra) / Pamela Tafner 297 (Bra) Gp Ravelli / Frigo Charque0:37:01
154Marcio Pimentel Marquesini (Bra) / Fabio Lourenco 228 (Bra) Equipe Sabia / Giro Bike0:37:05
155Lucas Benjamin (Bra) / Daniel Cassettari Oliveira 213 (Bra) Br Esportes Mtb Team0:37:06
156Antonio Marcos Alves da Silva (Bra) / Paula Cristina Barros Pereira 287 (Bra) Gigabike0:37:12
157Raul Magnus Fava (Bra) / Gabriela Lima Barbosa 296 (Bra) Terra De Santa Cruz / Corredores De Aventura0:37:46
158Jose Emilio de Araujo Menegatti (Bra) / Gustavo Jose Manso Vieira 217 (Bra) Cascavel Bikers0:37:48
159Guilherme Turano Trindade (Bra) / Denis Henriques 277 (Bra) Turano Mais Design0:37:54
160Moises (Bra) / Alfredo (Bra) Savana Race Team0:38:07
161Vantuir Meira (Bra) / Elciones Valdameri 263 (Bra) Pro Bike 10:38:11
162Raquel Gontijo (Bra) / Alexa Claudia Diekhaus 39 (Ger) Alles Klar0:38:14
163Luis Felipe Monteiro Praca (Bra) / Carlos Eduardo Fonseca 268 (Bra) Selva0:38:43
164Frederico Nascimento Mariano (Bra) / Renato Ruiz 10 (Bra) Caloi Team0:39:42
165Andre Viana (Bra) / Rodrigo Roux Valentini Coelho Cesar 355 (Bra) Azeitonas Rolantes0:40:22
166Flavio Passos Barbosa (Bra) / Stanlley Loyola 304 (Bra) Bv Hills0:40:35
167Renan Chieregate (Bra) / Claudio Penedo 210 (Bra) Bm Bikers / Sb0:40:55
168Luciano Candido de Paula Silva (Bra) / Homero Leite Nunes 307 (Bra) Espaco Bikecom/Focus0:41:14
169Alessandro Calvete Nuez (Bra) / Sidnei Marques 315 (Bra) Pedala Cavalo Ride0:41:42
170Romulo Ribeiro Guedes (Bra) / Rafael Coelho Gomes 209 (Bra) Bm Bikers / Carvao Guedes0:41:54
171Raimundo Lopes de Vasconcelos Neto (Bra) / Elyson Lobao da Cunha 226 (Bra) Endurance/Clinicar0:41:56
172Willian Costa Caetano (Bra) / Lamartine de Carlo g Rocha 241 (Bra) Leao Da Serra0:42:00
173Marco Tulio Domingos Silva e Reis (Bra) / Gusthavo Carvalho Navarro 275 (Bra) Teto Preto Team - Mg I0:42:02
174Fernando Leonardo (Bra) / Andre Valadao 276 (Bra) Teto Preto Team - Mg Ii
175Feres Nader (Bra) / Carlos Alberto Bhering 324 (Bra) Bm Bikers 100 / Adriana Nascimento0:42:34
176Rubem Barreto (Bra) / Fernando Aguiar dos Santos Junior 42 (Bra) Aguiar Transportes 10:42:38
177Rafael Bergton Andrade (Bra) / Graziela Takay 289 (Bra) Mix Distribuidor / Adriana Nascimento0:42:52
178Adriano Barbosa (Bra) / Fabio Roberto Ribeiro e Silva 207 (Bra) Batraquios Truculentos0:43:09
179Tasso Carvalho Silva Araujo (Bra) / Marco Serodio 234 (Bra) Horto Bicicletas0:43:43
180Geraldo Piquet (Bra) / Marcelo Pincinato 34 (Bra) Piquet Sports0:44:27
181Lucio Alves da Silva (Bra) / Carlos Alberto Boaretto 215 (Bra) Canelas Dry / Chat Vtb0:45:02
182Henrique Bernardes de Andrade (Bra) / Weimar Pettengill 218 (Bra) Cbn / Desbravacom0:45:35
183Vinicius Correia (Bra) / Frederico Augusto Feitosa 346 (Bra) Pelote Do Japa0:45:42
184Joao Meireles (Bra) / Helio Vinicius Oliveira da Silva 238 (Bra) Jampa Xcm Racing
185Jose (Bra) / Rui (Bra) Cristal Pigmentos 10:45:48
186Michel Amaral (Bra) / Felipe Cotecchia 25 (Bra) Granja Rj0:45:50
187Paulo Eduardo Ignacio (Bra) / Juliano Ricardo Galimbertti Lunardi 203 (Bra) Acesso Run/Bike Center Pedrinho I0:46:00
188Maria Schollin-Borg (Sui) / Andreas Bergman 295 (Sui) Team Picnic0:46:17
189Paulo (Bra) / Carlos (Bra) Cristal Pigmentos0:47:23
190Guilherme Rosa da Costa (Bra) / Geberson Geraldo de Jesus 248 (Bra) Mulisha Team0:47:38
191Rogerio Gomes (Bra) / Pedro Joel Barboza 314 (Bra) Zport/Gd Trading0:48:20
192Karina Danieli (Bra) / Antonio Alberto do Vale Cerqueira 52 (Bra) Cerqueira Do Vale Advocacia0:48:56
193Luiz Fernando Zocco (Bra) / Mauricio Ribas Saccani 258 (Bra) Pedais Vermelhos0:49:43
194Gabriel (Bra) / Jose (Bra) Teiu 20:51:45
195Felipe Padua (Bra) / Ricardo Colombelli 256 (Bra) Ortotrauma/Colunacot0:52:23
196Fabiana Papini (Bra) / Anisse Marques Chami 298 (Bra) Oney0:52:27
197Luiz Fernando Arruda (Bra) / Breno Francisco do Nascimento 204 (Bra) Acesso Run/Bike Center Pedrinho Ii0:53:31
198Marcelo (Bra) / Rodrigo (Bra) Bm Bikers0:55:21
199Thiago Gomes Araruna (Bra) / Ademir Freitas 313 (Bra) Pe Da Pedra Pedal0:55:34
200Camila Marques Ercolim (Bra) / Mario Fernal 70 (Bra) Kailash Team0:57:14
201Leonardo Morroni (Bra) / Marla Piovesan 293 (Bra) Papucos Da Sapiranga1:03:22
202Wilson Ribeiro de Moura (Bra) / Otavio Souza e Silva 299 (Bra) Abaira1:04:13
203Carlos Nardi (Bra) / Luciano Santalucia 230 (Bra) Flg1:14:32
204Joao Ramos (Bra) / Jose Bezerra Sb 311 (Bra) Mural De Aventuras/Muralriders1:16:03
205Juliana (Bra) / Francisca (Bra) Endurance/Savana
206Laercio Alex Esperanca (Bra) / Leandro Amaral de Albuquerque 211 (Bra) Bm Bikers / 13
207Luciana Cox (Bra) / Adriana Dalman Boccia 60 (Bra) Flower People Team


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