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Starzengruber tops Totschnig for Austrian title

Harald Starzengruber of the elite team UNION Raffeisen Radteam Tirol took the Austrian road championship on Sunday in the Kalkalpen National Park. He won ahead of Harald Totschnig (Tyrol – Team Radland Tirol) and Josef Kugler (ARBO KTM Gebrüder Weiss).

On the very first of five laps of the circuit course, a lead group formed and went on to build a lead of seven and a half minutes. On the third lap a chase group including Starzengruber, Totschnig and Milram's Peter Wrolich attacked and eventually caught the leaders.

A six-man group formed on the final lap and went together into the final kilometre. Starzengruber attacked at the 500 meter mark and was able to win the sprint.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Harald Starzengruber (UNION Raiffeisen Radteam Tirol)4:51:08
2Harald Totschnig (Tyrol - Team Radland Tirol 0:00)
3Josef Kugler (ARBÖ KTM Gebrüder Weiss )
4Rupert Probst (RC ARBÖ Wels Gourmetfein )
5Peter Wrolich (Team Milram)0:00:09
6Matthias Krizek (Tyrol - Team Radland Tirol)0:00:22
7Werner Faltheiner (Union-Radland Kärnten-VIPERbike-WSA)0:02:08
8Stephan Rabitsch (RC ARBÖ Wels Gourmetfein )
9Norbert Dürauer (Tyrol - Team Radland Tirol)0:03:08
10Dominik Hrinkow (RV vor dem Arlberg)0:03:13
11Matthias Schröger (RC ARBÖ Wels Gourmetfein)0:06:04
12Michael Gaubitzer (RSC Amplatz)0:08:27
13Josef Benetseder (RV vor dem Arlberg)0:13:23
14Daniel Schorn (APP Team Netapp )
15Michael Knopf (ARBÖ KTM Gebrüder Weiss )
16Alexander Schrangl (ARBÖ ASKÖ RC Linz Mc Donald's KTM )
17Franz Grassmann (RC ARBÖ Wels Gourmetfein)0:13:28
18Daniel Rinner (Tyrol - Team Radland Tirol )
19Gerhard Trampusch (RC ARBÖ Wels Gourmetfein)0:13:32
20Hannes Gründlinger (ARBÖ KTM Gebrüder Weiss )
21Philip Schinagl (ARBÖ KTM Gebrüder Weiss )
22Christoph Sokoll (RV vor dem Arlberg )
23Hans-Jörg Leopold (ARBÖ ASKÖ T. Graf St. Andrä )
24Thomas Blaßnig (Tyrol - Team Radland Tirol)0:13:37
25Stefan Mair (Tyrol - Team Radland Tirol )
26Patrick Konrad (Tyrol - Team Radland Tirol )
27Roman Gredler (UNION Raiffeisen Radteam Tirol )
28Peter Pichler (UNION Raiffeisen Radteam Tirol)0:13:40
29Jan Sokol (RC ARBÖ Wels Gourmetfein )
30Andreas Hofer (Tyrol - Team Radland Tirol )
31Jürgen Hauk (ARBÖ Rapso Knittelfeld)0:13:48
32David Wöhrer (Tyrol - Team Radland Tirol )
33Stefan Praxmarer (UNION Raiffeisen Radteam Tirol)0:13:51
34Lukas Winter (ARBÖ Denzel Cliff Pioneer UNIQA )
35Christian Pavitschitz (ARBÖ KTM Gebrüder Weiss )
36Dominik Brändle (Tyrol - Team Radland Tirol )
37Willibald Vorderderfler (ÖAMTC Hrinkow Bikes Steyr )
38Marc Obkircher (Tyrol - Team Radland Tirol )
39Günther Flatscher (Roadbike-Holidays-KTM)0:13:57
40Lukas Stoiber (Die Niederösterreichische Rad Union )
41Georg Preidler (RC ARBÖ Wels Gourmetfein )
42Daniel Egert (Radsp. Stanger Kitzbühel)0:14:04
43Alexander Tuma (Die Niederösterreichische Rad Union)0:14:06
44Christoph Täubel (Die Niederösterreichische Rad Union)0:14:08
45Stefan Rucker (ARBÖ Rapso Knittelfeld)0:14:16
46Stefan Probst (ARBÖ KTM Gebrüder Weiss )
47Philipp Ludescher (RV vor dem Arlberg)0:14:33
48Stefan Pöll (ARBÖ KTM Gebrüder Weiss )
Andreas Graf (RC ARBÖ Wels Gourmetfein)0:15:28
Michael Pichler (RC ARBÖ Wels Gourmetfein )
Christian Pirker (ARBÖ ASKÖ T. Graf St. Andrä)0:15:45
Florian Arnold (ARBÖ ASKÖ T. Graf St. Andrä)0:16:23
Thomas Gutmann (ARBÖ Rapso Knittelfeld)0:16:28
Sandro Jennewein (RC ARBÖ Wels Gourmetfein)0:16:36
Benedikt Ruetz (Tyrol - Team Radland Tirol)0:16:45
Matthias Wieneroither (RC ARBÖ Wels Gourmetfein)0:18:33
Mario Schädle (UNION Raiffeisen Radteam Tirol )
Christian Wildauer (UNION Raiffeisen Radteam Tirol)0:19:49
Marco Haller (Tyrol - Team Radland Tirol)0:19:51
Ricco Obkircher (UNION Raiffeisen Radteam Tirol)0:20:02
Thomas Kals (ARBÖ Denzel Cliff Pioneer UNIQA)0:20:19
Michael Singer (ARBÖ KTM Gebrüder Weiss)0:20:29
Andreas Schmid (Die Niederösterreichische Rad Union)0:20:40
Bernd Markt (UNION Raiffeisen Radteam Tirol)0:20:57
Riccardo Zoidl (RC ARBÖ Wels Gourmetfein )
Thomas Hasibeder (ARBÖ KTM Gebrüder Weiss)0:23:14
DNFMarkus Eibegger (FOT Footon Servetto)
DNFMatthias Brändle (FOT Footon Servetto)
DNFBernhard Eisel (THR Team HTC - Columbia)
DNFThomas Rohregger (Team Milram)
DNFStefan Denifl (CTT Cervelo Test Team)
DNFClemens Fankhauser (RV vor dem Arlberg)
DNFRené Haselbacher (RV vor dem Arlberg)
DNFGernot Auer (RC ARBÖ Wels Gourmetfein)
DNFWerner Riebenbauer (RC ARBÖ Wels Gourmetfein)
DNFPhillip Grömer (ARBÖ KTM Gebrüder Weiss)
DNFDaniel Reiter (ARBÖ KTM Gebrüder Weiss)
DNFFlorian Gaugl (Tyrol - Team Radland Tirol)
DNFHannes Kapeller (Tyrol - Team Radland Tirol)
DNFStefan Kirchmair (Tyrol - Team Radland Tirol)
DNFMario Schoibl (Tyrol - Team Radland Tirol)
DNFMartin Weiss (Tyrol - Team Radland Tirol)
DNFMarkus Hens (ASKÖ Tri Linz)
DNFRupert Hödlmoser (ASKÖ Tri Linz)
DNFLukas Hofer (ASKÖ Tri Linz)
DNFPaul Kasis (ASKÖ Tri Linz)
DNFChristoph Klaner (ASKÖ Tri Linz)
DNFAndreas Willdoner (ASKÖ Tri Linz)
DNFPhilipp Gröfler (Die Niederösterreichische Rad Union)
DNFLawrence Grün (Die Niederösterreichische Rad Union)
DNFMartin Comploi (UNION Raiffeisen Radteam Tirol)
DNFWolfgang Murer (ARBÖ Rapso Knittelfeld)
DNFJohannes Reiser (ARBÖ Rapso Knittelfeld)
DNFJosef Tatschl (ARBÖ Rapso Knittelfeld)
DNFHans-Jörg Thalhammer (ARBÖ Rapso Knittelfeld)
DNFFelix Zechling (ARBÖ Rapso Knittelfeld)
DNFWolfgang Tenor (ARBÖ Denzel Cliff Pioneer UNIQA)
DNFManuel Dörfler (ARBÖ ASKÖ T. Graf St. Andrä)
DNFRoland Brandl (Roadbike-Holidays-KTM)
DNFWolfgang Geisler (Union-Radland Kärnten-VIPERbike-WSA)
DNFDavid Schöggl (Union-Radland Kärnten-VIPERbike-WSA)
DNFThomas Täubel (RSC Amplatz)
DNSDaniel Gollmann (RC ARBÖ Wels Gourmetfein)
DNSPaul Illenberger (RC ARBÖ Wels Gourmetfein)
DNSRobert Gaßmayr (ARBÖ KTM Gebrüder Weiss)
DNSDavid Ludwig (Die Niederösterreichische Rad Union)
DNSJulius Benkö (UNION Dornbirner Radfahr-Verein 1886)


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