Boyer and Picton prevail at Mt. Baw Baw

Backing up their victories in Hobart, Newcastle's Rick Boyer and Maffra's Leonie Picton were again too strong in the elite downhill competition at round two of the 2010-2011 Jayco Australian Mountain Bike Series in Mt Baw Baw on Sunday.

Meanwhile, reigning junior world champion Troy Brosnan recovered from a horrible seeding run yesterday to narrowly take out the under 19 men's competition in a lightning quick time of 3:09.24.

After breaking through for his first win in over 10 years of competition last month, Boyer again found himself at the top of the podium after an impressive run that saw him stop the clock at 3:13.08.

The 29-year-old finished two seconds ahead of fastest qualifier Rhys Atkinson (3:15.18) who eventually took out second position. Canberra's Tim Eaton (3:16.00) was third.

Coming off a run which "couldn't have gone any better", Boyer struggled to put his finger on his sudden string of success.

"I really don't know why this season has been so successful. I haven't done that much different preparation-wise, I just think it is finally all coming together," Boyer said.

"I think that the confidence has started to play a little bit into it. To know that I could definitely make it onto the top step and that it was just a matter of doing it again.

"I am stoked to shave so much time of my qualifying performance. The track has got faster all weekend, it was really wet on Friday, yesterday was a bit slippery but faster and today it has the perfect amount of moisture to give you the most amount of traction."

Benefiting from the home track, Picton (3:46.09) was too good in the elite women's competition finishing over eight seconds ahead of Canberra's Julia Boer (3:54.87) and New South Wales' Genieve McKew (4:00.75).

The back-to-back victory in front of friends and family was as good as it gets for the 25-year-old.

"The track is really great, not too technical just flat out. After it rained yesterday, it was nice and dry this morning and it was great to see everyone getting some faster times," Picton said.

"Even though I have a home town advantage here, it is quite a sweet win with two in a row to start the season.

"Last year I had a few fifth and sixth finishes and quite a few crashes so I spent the off season training really hard, on the bike almost every weekend, got into the gym and it is paying off.

"Going into Tassie I was unsure of where I would be at, I was hoping all of the hard work would have paid off and so far so good."

Qualifying over four seconds slower than South Australia's Connor Fearon (3:09.49) in seeding yesterday, Brosnan showed his international class in the final of the men's under 19 competition, slicing over 12 seconds off his qualifying time to take out his second win for the season.

Fearon pushed the world champion right to the line, his gallant effort just 0.25 seconds slower than Brosnan for second place. Queensland's Brandon Yrttiaho rounded up the minor placings in a time of 3:12.52 with all three boys clocking faster times than the elite men's field.

Disappointed with his performance in yesterday's seeding run, Brosnan was pleased to recover and keep his 2011 campaign on track.

"In my qualifying I just wasn't focused enough, didn't really attack it and just sat down a bit. Looking back on it, it was probably the worst seeding I have ever had but I learned from my mistakes and put it all into my run today," Brosnan said.

"The course was a lot drier today. There was not many puddles so I didn't have to wear tear-offs.

"I knew it was going to be hard sprinting at the top, and I left it all out there as I motored through the technical sections of the course. I didn't really have too much left for the bottom section but I gave it everything I had and only just got there."

In other results, New South Wales' Thomas Crimmins took out the under-17 male division in 3:22.95 whilst brother Andrew Crimmins (3:35.84, under-15 male), Sam Brownlie (3:41.35, expert male), Andy Murnane (3:57.49, master male) and Karl Peel (3:28.44, veteran male) also posted victories.

The Australian Mountain Bike Series continues when the nation's best downhill riders join cross country and short track riders at Mt Buller from Friday, February 4 to Sunday, February 6.

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Elite Men
1Rick Boyer (OGIO/GoPro/ODI/Orange/Pinstripe/SRAM)0:03:13.08
2Rhys Atkinson (World Trail/Specialized)0:03:15.18
3Tim Eaton (Onyabike Belconnen/Marzocchi)0:03:16.00
4Joel Panozzo0:03:16.07
5Aden Wyber0:03:18.20
6Cillian Kennedy0:03:19.35
7Liam Panozzo0:03:20.13
8Kaine Cannan (Bike Ride/Track X Clothing)0:03:20.19
9Matthew Vincent0:03:20.98
10Cody Eichhorn0:03:22.47
11Aaron Bashford (Onya Bike Belconnen)0:03:22.61
12Kirby Watts (Midland cycles)0:03:22.71
13Ezra Bartholdt (Bicycle Centre Cairns)0:03:23.18
14Marcus Fairbanks0:03:24.50
15Nathan Rennie0:03:24.52
16Scott Grundy0:03:24.74
17Lincoln Verass0:03:25.03
18Ben Goff (Santacruz Bike/Drift Bike Shop)0:03:25.36
19Daniel Paine0:03:25.77
20Charlton Durie (Phantom Cycles/
21David Hetherington0:03:27.47
22Tom Wyatt0:03:27.62
23Kent Hamilton0:03:28.19
24Daniel Lavis (Giant Bikes/Spearmans Cycles/Maxxis0:03:28.48
25Dean Gibson0:03:28.50
26Jeremy Powell (Onya bike Civic & Belconnon)0:03:28.91
27Clint White (Kona/SRAM/Rock Shox/Adidas)0:03:29.78
28Chris Barlin0:03:30.19
29Jacob Hunter (Tripp Industries)0:03:30.30
30Nathan Murphy (GU Energy All4Bikes
31Jesse Beare (berratas bike hub)0:03:32.00
32Ryan Hunt0:03:32.27
33Michael Illing (bikeology)0:03:32.68
34Ricky Lee (Monza Imports/Turner Bikes/Fox Clothing)0:03:34.28
35Blake Nielsen (apply here)0:03:34.67
36Matt Swann (YVC/Norco)0:03:35.55
37Jesse Sutton0:03:37.78
38Ngari Jenkins0:03:39.03
39Ben Morrison (Trek Australia/Rock Star Energy/SRAM)0:03:39.48
40Nicholas Bailly0:03:40.12
41James Mercer0:03:40.60
42Mathew Dodd0:03:41.44
43Chris O'Brien (Bicycle Recycle)0:03:41.64
44Chris Piribauer0:03:42.78
45Ian Jones (Edge Cycleworks Cairns)0:03:45.21
46Nick King (MC*Racing/Mallard Cycles/iTrain)0:03:45.71
47Michael Bienvenu (Yarra Valley Cycles)0:03:53.22
48Alex Leech0:03:53.97
49Kye Hore (Urcchque clothing/smx optiocs/epic vetiro)0:04:10.12
50Ben Barrett0:04:32.39
DNSShaun O'ConnorRow 50 - Cell 2
DNSPeter DooleyRow 51 - Cell 2
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Elite Women
1Leonie Picton (Yarra Valley Cycles)0:03:46.09
2Julia Boer0:03:54.87
3Genieve McKew0:04:00.75
4Julie Berry (Bikeology/Corsair Bikes and Bushwacker)0:04:09.72
5Holly Baarspul (Kona Bicycles/Mavic/Pedros)0:04:13.93
6Sarah Booth (Kona/Adidas Eyewear)0:04:24.71
7Samantha Gambrill0:04:45.70
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Under 19 Men
1Troy Brosnan (Monster Energy/Specialized)0:03:09.24
2Connor Fearon (Kona Factory Team)0:03:09.49
3Brandon Yrttiaho (Giant Australia/
4Joe Vejvoda (Redass/Revolution Pro Transition Bike)0:03:20.03
5Henry Blake (Norco Bikes/Mitcham Cycles)0:03:22.41
6Jai Motherwell (Yarra Valley Cycles)0:03:23.09
7Ben Power (Banshee Bikes NS
8Jordan Prochyra0:03:24.46
9Jake Newell (the edge cycles)0:03:25.01
10Daniel Bender (Insane Cycles Steelmx/SMX Optics)0:03:26.53
11Dean Evans0:03:27.09
12David McMillan (OnyaBike Civic)0:03:27.62
13Trent Piribauer0:03:28.39
14Phillip Piazza (Fox/Tekin Suspension/Schwalbe)0:03:28.87
15James Kelly (Torquay cycling factory)0:03:29.71
16James Green (Downhill Direct/Imperial/Anxious Mother)0:03:30.47
17Nicolas Bohle (The Bike Shed Mortdale)0:03:31.63
18Angus McCarthy (OnyaBike Belconnen and Civic)0:03:31.97
19Ben Matthews0:03:32.13
20Flinders Johnston (Cyclingo)0:03:33.58
21Spencer Morris (Mallards Cycles/HRain)0:03:33.94
22Mac West-moore0:03:35.07
23Grant Womersley0:03:35.14
24Oscar Ottesen0:03:35.72
25Andrew Meagher (Croydon Cycleworks)0:03:36.61
26Elijah Marinov (Bike Edge [ Wodonga ])0:03:36.84
27Adam Flower (None)0:03:37.18
28Jackson Crowe (Fearless cycles/Solid bikes)0:03:37.64
29Conor Bullard (Bilt Bikes)0:03:38.50
30Stephen Matthews (Bike Ride/Track X Clothing)0:03:39.64
31Campbell McIver0:03:41.56
32Bradley Trembath0:03:42.38
33Max Nielsen (Adelaide hills cycles Mt barker)0:03:45.78
34Robbie Trotter0:03:47.13
35Josh Mitchell (Wheel King)0:03:48.82
36Ryan Connell (CycleLogic/Rotec Cycles)0:03:49.29
37Nelson Kreilis0:03:50.63
38Tom Morrison0:03:50.68
39David Manton (Spearman Cycles)0:03:53.86
40Zenon Murtagh0:03:54.02
41Jake Souter0:04:02.07
42Sam Green0:04:02.69
43Alexander McKinlay0:04:05.88
DNFAngus Jackson (Bike Barn Scott Goggles)Row 43 - Cell 2
DNSAngus MaddernRow 44 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Under 15 Men
1Andrew Crimmins (Rouler Imports/The Sacred Ride)0:03:35.84
2Joel Willis (Insane Cycles Santa Cruz)0:03:47.15
3Callum Morrison0:03:54.40
4Matthew Taylor0:03:56.62
5Jackson Frew (Lennock Motors/Commencal/High Roller)0:04:09.82
6Hugh Napier0:04:51.68
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Under 17 Men
1Thomas Crimmins (Rouler Imports/The Sacred Ride)0:03:22.95
2Dean Lucas0:03:26.74
3Brent Smith (TWE Wheelsets / Knolly Bikes / Endeavour)0:03:30.73
4Lachlan McLaren (Banshee Bikes/Edge Cycles)0:03:32.22
5Brent Capel (ulverstone bikes)0:03:34.70
6Liam Towers (Spearman Cycles Giant Utopia Optics)0:03:37.29
7Matthew McCorkell (Cycle City)0:03:40.10
8Ben Hill0:03:41.72
9Wade Budden (Drift Bikes)0:03:43.79
10Oliver Zwar0:03:44.70
11Luke Ellison0:03:45.19
12Sam Keugh0:03:49.96
13Cameron Schmidt0:03:51.28
14Connor O'Dwyer0:03:57.17
15Justin Schryver0:03:59.08
16Darcy Reynolds (Bike Culture ACT)0:04:00.71
17Stephen Johnson (Bicycle Recycle)0:04:00.83
18Oskar Catoggio0:04:09.52
19Koe Bowmaker0:04:26.11
20Jayk Bloomfield0:04:29.50
DNSJack McCoskerRow 20 - Cell 2
DNSTom Gibson (VertigoMTB Sprung)Row 21 - Cell 2
DNSRyan SouterRow 22 - Cell 2
DNSKaine TrevorRow 23 - Cell 2
DNSAusten HawkinsRow 24 - Cell 2
DNSEddie Powell (Onya bike Civic & Belconnen)Row 25 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Under 17 Women
1Tegan Molloy (South East MTB co/SERAS)0:04:31.10
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Expert Men
1Sam Brownlie (My Mountain)0:03:41.35
2Ben Hardman0:03:45.59
3Tom Riella0:03:45.61
4Max Janes0:03:45.96
5Josh Webster0:03:49.13
6Brad Ahern (Thredbo/South East MTB)0:03:49.73
7Tim Garrecht0:03:50.78
8Andrew Kirk (Mallard Cycles Racing)0:03:53.55
9Lewis Kerr0:03:54.21
10Jared Lockley0:03:59.35
11Michael Light0:04:03.14
12Ben Bloomfield (Mallard Cycles Racing)0:04:10.68
13Dael Veldman0:04:36.72
14Christopher Hetherington0:05:12.29
15Hayden Meney0:05:58.10
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Veteran Men
1Karl Peel (Tekin Suspension)0:03:28.44
2Nathan Chilcott0:03:47.33
3Anthony Mitchell0:03:52.16
4Andrew Cleaver0:03:55.57
5Andrew Barlow0:03:59.19
6Glenn Fairweather0:04:00.87
7Andrew Pannam0:04:09.62
8Matthew Evans0:04:21.61
9Shane Duno (Me/Mallard Cycles TCD)0:04:24.94
10Ben Reynolds (Streamline Cycles)0:04:27.80
11Justin Armstrong (Kona Grass Roots)0:05:19.40
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Veteran Women
1Kelly Bayliss0:04:19.47
2Jacinta Nelsson0:05:21.91
3Philippa Rostan0:05:56.64
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Master Men
1Andy Murnane0:03:57.49
2David Badman0:03:58.15
3Steve McRae0:04:33.18
4Patrick Loe0:04:41.28
5Darryn Wesbster0:05:10.25
DNSAllan ClementsRow 5 - Cell 2
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Super Master Men
1Les Crowe0:04:34.76
2Mark Baines0:04:56.38
3Roger Green0:04:59.97
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Hardtail Senior
1Scott Mynard (Mallard cycles)0:04:01.14
2Matt West0:04:18.10
3Brad Giles (Mallard cycles)0:04:21.91
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Sport Men
1Ian Price0:03:56.21
2Ty Bowmaker0:04:08.48
3Andrew Watts0:04:12.61
4Michael Brentnall0:04:16.14
5Luke Ashton0:04:17.57
6Cale Anderson0:04:28.54
7Michael Watts0:04:32.29
8Sean Stoney0:04:44.61

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