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Ellen Skerritt wins inaugural Amy's Otway Classic

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Ellen Skerritt wins the inaugural Amy's Otway Classic

Ellen Skerritt wins the inaugural Amy's Otway Classic (Image credit: Con Chronis)
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Ruth Corset, Ellen Skerritt and Rebecca Locke on the podium

Ruth Corset, Ellen Skerritt and Rebecca Locke on the podium (Image credit: Con Chronis)


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ellen Skerritt (Holden Women's Cycling Team)3:15:12
2Ruth Corset (Holden Women's Cycling Team)
3Rebecca Locke (Liv/giant-Shimano)0:03:29
4Alexandria Nicholls (Suzuki Brumby's)
5Kristy Glover (Bicycle Superstore)
6Kate Perry (Total Rush Hyster)0:03:40
7Cassandra Dodd (Specialized Securitor)0:03:44
8Georgina Beech (BikeBug-NextGen Racing)
9Rachel Ward0:03:47
10Nikolina Orlic (Building Champions Squad)0:03:51
11Nicole Moerig (Liv/giant-Shimano)
12Bridie O'Donnell (Total Rush Hyster)
13Allison Rice (Suzuki Brumby's)
14Crystal Wemyss (Bicycle Superstore)
15Laura Darlington (Suzuki Brumby's)
16Verita Stewart (Specialized Securitor)0:04:09
17Rebecca Wiasak (Suzuki Brumby's)0:04:22
18Claire Michel (
19Chloe McConville (VIS)0:07:03
20Lisa Keeling (Bicycle Superstore)0:12:24
21Elizabeth Doueal (BikeBug-NextGen Racing)
22Jessica Huston0:12:53
23Erin Kinnealy (Nicheliving Hall Women's Racing Team)0:12:55
24Tayla Evans (Building Champions Squad)0:14:00
25Emily Cust (
26Penny Brown (BikeBug-NextGen Racing)0:14:51
27Georgia Baker (VIS)0:16:37
28Jessica Toghill (Total Rush Hyster)0:18:02
29Grace Phang
30Joanne Tralaggan (Holden Women's Cycling Team)0:18:06
31Justyna Lubkowski (BikeBug-NextGen Racing)0:18:14
32Claire Trembath (Specialized Securitor)0:18:21
33Brooke Anderson0:18:23
34Margeaux Thompson0:18:30
35Minda Murray (Building Champions Squad)0:18:45
36Veronica Micich (Building Champions Squad)
37Sophie Weston (
38Jessica Lane0:23:18
39Serene Lee (Holden Women's Cycling Team)0:24:08
40Anne Bramley (Nicheliving Hall Women's Racing Team)0:24:15
41Melissa Robinson (Nicheliving Hall Women's Racing Team)0:24:21
42Jasmine McMillan (Specialized Securitor)
43Brittany Lindores (Bicycle Superstore)0:24:25
44Marissa Madden
45Nicole Whitburn (Liv/giant-Shimano)0:26:51
46Emma Scott (Total Rush Hyster)0:31:55
47Chloe McIntosh (Suzuki Brumby's)0:35:01
48Stephanie Lord0:43:08
DNFVictoria Luxton-Bain (Bicycle Superstore)
DNFPrudence Rothwell (BikeBug-NextGen Racing)
DNFElla Scanlan-Bloor
DNSJemma Brown (Holden Women's Cycling Team)
DNSKelly Bartlett (Total Rush Hyster)
DNSNaomi Williams (Liv/giant-Shimano)
DNSGina Ricardo
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