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Bishop, Sawicki add to stage win tally

All lined up for the start on stage 3.

All lined up for the start on stage 3. (Image credit: Liam Doran)

As the week wears on at the Breck Epic mountain bike stage race, one epic day follows another. In stage 3, racers climbed over the Continental Divide twice in 44 miles, gaining over 9,400 feet. Atop French Pass, it's almost as if racers were on "another planet" as Jeremiah Bishop described it. They encountered alpine tundra snow fields.

"I saw thick heavy black clouds and thought it was mountain mist," said stage winner and race leader Bishop. "It was probably 40 degrees (Fahrenheit) at the top and a rainy day on the other side."

Racers then crossed Georgia Pass, where the winds and rain grew in intensity. Cannondale's Bishop crossed the line first in a time of 3:26:15, closely followed by teammate Alex Grant.

Josh Tostado (Bach Builders/Santa Cruz) managed an unbelievable third place despite a broken rear deraileur. His "just get me to the end" chanting must have worked. Tostado finished just three minutes off the lead.

All the riders felt the effects of today's stage. Ivonne Kraft (Squirt/Bionicon) described it as the "the frozen day", saying her whole body hurt descending the Colorado Trail without a jacket or arm warmers. She took another second place finish in the stage and maintained her second overall to Pua Sawicki ( the women's leader. Sawicki finished rolled in eighth today with a time of 3:49:40, giving her over an hour lead in the GC.

Sonya "just let me take a dip in the big mud puddle" Looney crossed the line with teammate Jeff Kerkove (Team Topeak-Ergon) with a time of 4:30:45, moving their GC lead to 43 minutes over the Eriksen Team in Duo Co-ed category.

Evan Plews ( smashed the singlespeed field again, despite a broken pedal just 10 minutes into it. Plews rode to aid station 1 and was given a pedal and cleat by the Organic Mechanic and a very generous race supporter. He was followed by Mike Melley stepping onto the podium for the first time this week followed by Niner's Dejay Birtch.

Stage 4 Preview

Stage 4 has been described as the hardest stage of the week by race promoter Mike McCormick. "It's like a slobbering rabid dog, it's going to come at you and come at you and come at you." The stage will take riders 42 miles and out to Keystone and back. Stay tuned for the aftermath.

Full results for stage 3

Solo men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale)3:26:16
2Alex Grant0:00:01
3Josh Tostado (Bach Builders/Santa Cruz)0:03:00
4Macky Franklin (Yeti-Sunflower)0:04:33
5Ben Sonntag (Cannondale Factory Racing)0:05:16
6Matt Shriver (Ft Lewis College)0:11:57
7Chuck Gibson0:17:46
8Gregy Gibson (
9Colby Pearce (Panache)0:20:09
10Ross Schnell (Crank Bros/SRAM)0:24:32
11Blake Harlan (Team Jamis)0:26:06
12Shannon Boffeli (Iride Adventures/MTB)0:26:19
13Jorge Espinoza (
14Peter Butt0:28:26
15Max Taam (Honey Stinger/Trek)0:34:56
16Daine Zaffke (Giro)0:39:17
17Ezejiel Hersh (Ellsworth/Hammer/NoTubes)0:39:23
18Ryan Hamilton (Honey Stinger/Trek)0:41:45
19Jerry Oliver (The Kind Bike)0:50:23
20Thom Parsons0:57:06
21Bernie Romero1:00:03
22Sam Young1:00:49
23Benjamin Jones (Celo Pacific/B&L Bikes)1:01:02
24Kevin Ormerod (Team Sante Fe)1:15:22
25Jordan Carr (Mountain Flyer)1:17:11
26Sam Chovan (Moots/SSWCC)1:18:58
27Cousins & Cadman (Deadgoat 57)1:24:17
28Richard Digeronimo1:28:10
29Adam Naish1:33:09
30Jasen Thorpe (Thorpe Media)1:34:24
31Hvizdos Grant (Ring of Fire)1:37:37
32Bryan Vanvleet (KHS/Brian Van Vleet)2:00:57
33Grant Clayton (Rocky Mounts/Izze)2:19:00
34Andrew Jauquet2:21:43
35Ben Welnak (Rockit)2:30:48
36Jairo Vargus2:34:36
37Robert Lee2:45:11
38Tyler Benedict (

Solo women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pua Sawicki (
2Ivonne Kraft (Squirt/Bionicon)0:19:09
3Wendy Lyall (Yeti Beti)0:55:30
4Jill Damman (Fitzgerald's/Ibex)1:03:25
5Mireille Montminy (Cycles Lambert)1:11:39
6Ciara Macmanus (Team Summit)1:12:53
7Jennifer Tilley (Team Tilley/Velo Bella)1:15:15
8Sara Uhl (Space Cowgirls)1:28:36
9Katie Declercq (Giro/Easton)1:39:30
10Amy Thomas (Yeti Beti)1:54:23
11Mimi Mather2:07:50
12Claire Garcia-Webb3:48:47

Solo Singlespeed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Evan Plews (
2Michael Melley0:03:05
3Dejay Birtch (Niner)0:07:25
4Dan Durland (ProCycling)0:17:29
5Jake Kirkpatrick (New Belgium)0:21:00
6Montana Miller (Speedgoat/Wilderness)0:25:22
7Jenne Doug (High Gear Cyclery)0:43:21
8Jeff Wu (Alchemist Threadwork)1:01:07
9Peter Kieller (Misfit Psycles)1:19:10
10Rich Dillen (Team Dicky)1:30:19

Solo 40+ Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Patrick West (Moots/SBS Velo)4:03:15
2Garth Prosser (Cannondale Factory Racing)0:00:44
3Mark Sevenoff (Western Spirit)0:02:45
4Brian Maslach (Pro Cycling)0:17:22
5Geoff Clark (Deadgoat Racing)0:19:17
6Scott Patterson0:24:06
7Todd Smith (The Amazing Car Velo)0:24:17
8Matt Ohran (Cannondale)0:30:42
9Ken Boyer (DeathRow Velo)0:32:42
10Craig Vandelist0:36:57
11Ernie Johnson (OES/Bike Source)0:38:16
12Keenan Cannady (TCR Sport Lab)0:42:34
13Charlie Hayes (Trek Bicycle Store)0:48:00
14Gregg Pattison0:49:16
15Sergio Correa0:53:52
16Juan Gutierrez0:58:22
17Anthony Maguire (Taos Roasters)1:10:09
18Chris Castilian1:26:50
19Sinjin Eberle (Bach Builders)1:44:51
20Brad Shield (Team Advocare)1:50:58
21Mark Vandelist (Sparky)1:58:49
22Ty Garber (Team Advocare)2:13:32
23Michael Bowen2:17:24
24John Roy3:13:21

Solo 40+ Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elizabeth Winfield (Wilderness Sports)5:10:03
2Kathy Eckert0:17:34
3Kara Durland (ProCycling)0:50:10

Solo 50+ Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Russell Kappius (Tokyo Joe's)3:59:01
2Russell Asleson0:26:53
3Eric Davis (Feedback Sports)0:34:56
4Dean Cahow (Team Evergreen Racing)0:42:00
5Bruce Wilson (DrpAGear/Cycopath)0:46:55
6Tom Quinn1:31:56
7Carl Gable (Team
8Greg McKennis2:16:26
9Greg Kidd (3 Taps)2:23:12

Solo 50+ Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kim Bear (Team Sante Fe Mama)6:02:02
2Prusack Kate0:36:50
3Devora Peterson (Tokyo Joe's)0:58:22
4Wendy Skean (Wendy Skean)1:37:21

Duo men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Parsons & Muhlfeld (Hammer/Sportsman)3:54:48
2Zahnd & Iten (swiss longdistance r)0:13:37
3Pemberton & Pemberton (Panache Houndstooth)1:13:53

Duo Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gates & Ranoa Shalyn (Intense Cycles)5:47:09

Duo Coed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sonya Looney & Jeff Kerkove (Team Topeak-Ergon)4:30:45
2Eriksen & Lindquist (Eriksen)0:13:27
3Rishel & Rishel (Zia Velo/Velo Bella)1:00:49
4Kreb & Malmberg (Elevation Racing)1:08:44
5Dowling & Olson (Pennwood)1:10:41
6Angel & Angle (Tokyo Joe's)1:14:36

Duo 80+ Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Overstreet & Thompson (Wilderness Sports)4:16:10
2Brezsnyak & Piker (Deadgoat Racing/Fitz)0:05:33
3Bednarski & Munger (City of Lakes Loppet)0:15:16
4Brodzinksi & Roddy0:23:18
5Dossett & Rudd (City of Lakes Loppet)0:38:44
6Bauer & Darwin (Team KFC)1:16:53
7Hayes & Miller1:31:57
8Gauvin & Pennacchiol (CinemaParadiso)1:48:17

Duo 100+ Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bear & Johnson5:35:17
2Darling & Hardisty (Bicker Brothers)0:45:14

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ken Dreidl (Alchemist Threadwork)4:43:44
2Steven Thompson (Fly Bye Racing)0:27:01
3Matt Blevins2:15:46

Team Relay
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pete Pierpont (Town of Breckenridge)4:29:33
2Chris Brown (Mountain 2 Mountain)0:12:03

General classification after stage 3

Solo men general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale)9:43:08
2Alex Grant0:00:00
3Josh Tostado (Bach Builders/Santa Cruz)0:09:38
4Ben Sonntag (Cannondale Factory Racing)0:14:25
5Matt Shriver (Ft Lewis College)0:23:46
6Macky Franklin (Yeti-Sunflower)0:26:45
7Chuck Gibson0:50:06
8Max Taam (Honey Stinger/Trek)0:59:02
9Ross Schnell (Crank Bros/SRAM)1:04:55
10Jorge Espinoza (
11Shannon Boffeli (Iride Adventures/MTB)1:08:31
12Gregy Gibson (
13Blake Harlan (Team Jamis)1:11:53
14Colby Pearce (Panache)1:17:03
15Peter Butt1:27:22
16Daine Zaffke (Giro)1:43:47
17Ryan Hamilton (Honey Stinger/Trek)1:52:36
18Ezejiel Hersh (Ellsworth/Hammer/NoTubes)1:54:23
19Bernie Romero2:28:25
20Jordan Carr (Mountain Flyer)2:34:57
21Jerry Oliver (The Kind Bike)2:45:09
22Sam Young2:52:01
23Benjamin Jones (Celo Pacific/B&L Bikes)3:09:08
24Jasen Thorpe (Thorpe Media)3:09:26
25Thom Parsons3:18:00
26Sam Chovan (Moots/SSWCC)3:20:01
27Richard Digeronimo3:35:02
28Kevin Ormerod (Team Sante Fe)3:44:37
29Adam Naish3:45:29
30Ben Welnak (Rockit)4:14:47
31Hvizdos Grant (Ring of Fire)4:20:00
32Bryan Vanvleet (KHS/Brian Van Vleet)5:14:42
33Cousins & Cadman (Deadgoat 57)5:28:23
34Grant Clayton (Rocky Mounts/Izze)5:39:29
35Andrew Jauquet6:16:09
36Tyler Benedict (
37Jairo Vargus6:44:55
38Robert Lee7:29:40

Solo women general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pua Sawicki (
2Ivonne Kraft (Squirt/Bionicon)1:05:36
3Wendy Lyall (Yeti Beti)2:43:07
4Mireille Montminy (Cycles Lambert)3:13:47
5Sara Uhl (Space Cowgirls)3:26:56
6Jill Damman (Fitzgerald's/Ibex)3:37:49
7Jennifer Tilley (Team Tilley/Velo Bella)3:40:58
8Ciara Macmanus (Team Summit)3:40:59
9Katie Declercq (Giro/Easton)4:27:12
10Amy Thomas (Yeti Beti)5:04:01
11Mimi Mather5:45:54
12Claire Garcia-Webb9:28:10

Solo Singlespeed general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Evan Plews (
2Dejay Birtch (Niner)0:29:59
3Jake Kirkpatrick (New Belgium)0:47:13
4Michael Melley0:53:24
5Dan Durland (ProCycling)0:53:43
6Montana Miller (Speedgoat/Wilderness)1:01:34
7Jenne Doug (High Gear Cyclery)2:06:51
8Jeff Wu (Alchemist Threadwork)2:37:21
9Peter Kieller (Misfit Psycles)3:15:26
10Rich Dillen (Team Dicky)3:56:33

Solo 40+ Men general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mark Sevenoff (Western Spirit)11:20:45
2Patrick West (Moots/SBS Velo)0:12:57
3Garth Prosser (Cannondale Factory Racing)0:18:03
4Todd Smith (The Amazing Car Velo)0:18:51
5Geoff Clark (Deadgoat Racing)0:39:59
6Brian Maslach (Pro Cycling)0:47:58
7Ken Boyer (DeathRow Velo)1:10:22
8Matt Ohran (Cannondale)1:10:57
9Charlie Hayes (Trek Bicycle Store)1:12:12
10Scott Patterson1:12:15
11Keenan Cannady (TCR Sport Lab)1:48:24
12Ernie Johnson (OES/Bike Source)1:57:14
13Craig Vandelist1:59:10
14Gregg Pattison2:33:22
15Sergio Correa2:47:47
16Juan Gutierrez2:56:29
17Anthony Maguire (Taos Roasters)2:57:21
18Sinjin Eberle (Bach Builders)3:52:25
19Chris Castilian4:01:47
20Brad Shield (Team Advocare)5:35:39
21Michael Bowen6:03:17
22Mark Vandelist (Sparky)6:07:53
23Ty Garber (Team Advocare)6:43:49
24John Roy8:06:50

Solo 40+ Women general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elizabeth Winfield (Wilderness Sports)14:16:53
2Kathy Eckert1:01:41
3Kara Durland (ProCycling)1:54:47

Solo 50+ Men general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Russell Kappius (Tokyo Joe's)11:25:38
2Russell Asleson0:56:11
3Dean Cahow (Team Evergreen Racing)1:45:41
4Bruce Wilson (DrpAGear/Cycopath)1:56:10
5Eric Davis (Feedback Sports)2:15:18
6Tom Quinn3:36:16
7Carl Gable (Team
8Greg McKennis5:18:23
9Greg Kidd (3 Taps)6:39:44

Solo 50+ Women general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kim Bear (Team Sante Fe Mama)16:52:23
2Prusack Kate1:34:03
3Devora Peterson (Tokyo Joe's)2:13:36
4Wendy Skean (Wendy Skean)4:19:13

Duo men general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Parsons & Muhlfeld (Hammer/Sportsman)11:09:05
2Zahnd & Iten (swiss longdistance r)1:01:27
3Pemberton & Pemberton (Panache Houndstooth)3:36:24

Duo Women general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gates & Ranoa Shalyn (Intense Cycles)15:24:39

Duo Coed general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sonya Looney & Jeff Kerkove (Team Topeak-Ergon)12:34:47
2Eriksen & Lindquist (Eriksen)0:42:24
3Rishel & Rishel (Zia Velo/Velo Bella)2:20:56
4Angel & Angle (Tokyo Joe's)3:17:57
5Dowling & Olson (Pennwood)3:41:22
6Kreb & Malmberg (Elevation Racing)3:42:31

Duo 80+ Men general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Overstreet & Thompson (Wilderness Sports)12:04:02
2Brezsnyak & Piker (Deadgoat Racing/Fitz)0:09:51
3Bednarski & Munger (City of Lakes Loppet)0:49:48
4Brodzinksi & Roddy1:12:15
5Dossett & Rudd (City of Lakes Loppet)1:56:45
6Bauer & Darwin (Team KFC)3:21:21
7Hayes & Miller3:50:36
8Gauvin & Pennacchiol (CinemaParadiso)4:41:40

Duo 100+ Men general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bear & Johnson15:47:30
2Darling & Hardisty (Bicker Brothers)1:39:51

Clydesdale general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ken Dreidl (Alchemist Threadwork)13:32:31
2Steven Thompson (Fly Bye Racing)0:42:53
3Matt Blevins5:07:47

Team Relay general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pete Pierpont (Town of Breckenridge)14:11:55
2Chris Brown (Mountain 2 Mountain)1:22:01

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