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Strombergs repeats as Olympic champion in men's BMX

Men's BMX - Semifinal Heat 1
1Connor Fields (United States of America)6pts
2Raymon van der Biezen (Netherlands)8
3Liam Phillips (Great Britain)9
4Andres Eduardo Jimenez Caicedo (Colombia)12
5Edzus Treimanis (Latvia)14
6Quentin Caleyron (France)18
7Rihards Veide (Latvia)18
8Khalen Young (Australia)25

Men's BMX - Semifinal Heat 2
1Sam Willoughby (Australia)5pts
2Twan van Gendt (Netherlands)8
3Maris Strombergs (Latvia)10
4Carlos Mario Oquendo Zabala (Colombia)11
5David Herman (United States of America)15
6Joris Daudet (France)16
7Roger Rinderknecht (Switzerland)19
8Marc Willers (New Zealand)26

Men's BMX - Final
1Maris Strombergs (Latvia)0:00:37.576
2Sam Willoughby (Australia)0:00:37.929
3Carlos Mario Oquendo Zabala (Colombia)0:00:38.251
4Raymon van der Biezen (Netherlands)0:00:38.492
5Twan van Gendt (Netherlands)0:00:44.744
6Andres Eduardo Jimenez Caicedo (Colombia)0:00:53.377
7Connor Fields (United States of America)0:01:03.033
8Liam Phillips (Great Britain)0:02:11.918

Women's BMX - Semifinal Heat 1
1Caroline Buchanan (Australia)4pts
2Shanaze Reade (Great Britain)5
3Brooke Crain (United States of America)14
4Laetitia le Corguille (France)15
5Stefany Hernandez (Venezuela)15
6Alise Post (United States of America)18
7Sandra Aleksejeva (Latvia)19
8Lauren Reynolds (Australia)19

Women's BMX - Semifinal Heat 2
1Mariana Pajon (Colombia)3pts
2Magalie Pottier (France)6
3Laura Smulders (Netherlands)11
4Sarah Walker (New Zealand)12
5Aneta Hladikova (Czech Republic)16
6Romana Labounkova (Czech Republic)17
7Vilma Rimsaite (Lithuania)19
8Squel Stein (Brazil)28

Women's BMX - Final
1Mariana Pajon (Colombia)0:00:37.706
2Sarah Walker (New Zealand)0:00:38.133
3Laura Smulders (Netherlands)0:00:38.231
4Laetitia le Corguille (France)0:00:38.476
5Caroline Buchanan (Australia)0:00:38.903
6Shanaze Reade (Great Britain)0:00:39.247
7Magalie Pottier (France)0:00:39.395
8Brooke Crain (United States of America)0:00:40.286

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