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Spotted: Roglic rides all-new Cervélo road bike at La Flèche Wallonne

Primoz Roglic New Cervelo
(Image credit: Bettini Photo)

For his second-place finish at La Flèche Wallonne on Wednesday, Primož Roglič was riding what looks to be an all-new Cervélo road bike. 

On the exact same day that the brand launched its all-new racier Aspero gravel bike, Cervélo has teased even more new tech, with what looks like a new lightweight road bike in the pipeline. 

Judging by the aesthetics of the bike and the terrain on which it was raced, it's likely to be the new R5 Disc. However, the brand's recent form of bike model nomenclature - namely the Aspero and Caledonia - does throw doubt on this theory. 

Of course, at this stage, no official word has come from Cervélo and details, therefore, are in short supply, but there are a few things we can surmise from photographs taken during the race.  

Overall, the bike's update looks to be evolution, rather than revolution. There's no groundbreaking additions or omissions, but a few modernisations to an otherwise popular lightweight road bike.

Primoz Roglic New Cervelo

Notable by their absence are the gear cables and brake hoses at the bike's cockpit (Image credit: Bettini Photo)

The most apparent change comes at the front. The bike's cockpit is notably void of any cables, suggesting Cervélo is following the recent integrated cockpit trend by fully containing Roglič's Shimano Di2 cables and brake hoses within the handlebars and through the stem. 

Beyond the cockpit, it looks as though tube shapes have been given the aero treatment, too, but aside from that and the jazzy paint scheme, much of the rest of the bike remains the same, which brings us onto one notably unchanged feature; the positioning of the seat stays.

Primoz Roglic New Cervelo

The position of the seat stays remains unchanged, but the seatpost junction looks to have been updated (Image credit: Bettini Photo)

In recent years, the majority of road bike brands have switched to dropped seat stays for their combination of improved aerodynamics and vertical compliance. Cervélo has even followed suit with its Caledonia and S5 road bikes, yet this new road bike has clearly eschewed the idea. 

Trek is one of the few other brands to stick with the traditional seat stay position, claiming during the launch of the new Emonda that it enabled the frame weight to remain beneath 700 grams. If Trek's reasoning is anything to go by, this new Cervélo could be seriously light. 

Looking closer, despite a lack of clear imagery it looks as though the seatpost-frame interface could feature some comfort-enhancing technology. The seatpost itself looks to be thinner than the seat tube, and there looks to be room for the seatpost to flex inside the frame. 

Roglic new Cervelo

While the evidence is inconclusive, it looks as though the seatpost has room to flex for added comfort (Image credit: Bettini Photo)

Specification-wise, the rest of Roglič's bike remains as expected, with a sponsor-correct FSA cockpit, Shimano Dura-Ace R9170 Di2 disc brake groupset and Dura-Ace C40 tubular wheels from the same R9100-series range.

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