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Specialized announces e-bike battery recycling programme

Specialized e-bike
Specialized e-bike riders enjoying their active commute (Image credit: Specialized )

Specialized has announced a joint venture with Ecolamp, setting out a brand new recycling plan for its e-bike batteries.

There is no question that the e-bike revolution is here, with sales of electric bikes of all variety surging. According to Specialized, its Turbo range of e-bikes has seen sales triple in only two years, but as a brand with a deep e-bike product strategy, Specialized is aware of the issues that lurk in the future of an increasingly bigger e-bike market: more e-bikes and wider e-bike use will eventually result in a greater volume of spent lithium-ion battery packs. 

To tackle this, Specialized has partnered with Ecolamp, a UK waste disposal carrier with a proven record of recycling most household electronics, creating a natural pivot into the e-bike segment. Ecolamp has now become the nationwide recycling partner for Specialized e-bikes.

The agreement with Specialized will see Ecolamp recycling e-bike batteries, with a commitment to ensuring that no material whatsoever ends up in landfill.

Specialized’s stewardship of its e-bike battery legacy in the United Kingdom is an extension of the company’s recently-announced strategy in North America, where the company has partnered with recycling start-up Redwood Materials. 

According to Specialized, the project will be underway before the end of 2021 in the USA, before extending into other countries in 2022.