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Rally Cycling's Healthy Habits Challenge #4: Move your body

Rally Cycling moved their Healthy Habits Challenge campaign to a new continent for week #4 as sprint ace Chloe Hosking picks up the baton from week #3 host Kyle Muprhy, who discussed the importance of staying in contact with friends and loved ones while everyone is staying home.

Canadian climber Sara Podevin started the ball rolling on the team's campaign with a core session, followed by Robin Carpenter's challenge to make meals healthier.

In the video above, Hosking talks about the need to get creative with your home workouts as people self-quarantine during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. There are more workout opportunities available at home than you may have imagined, and Hosking challenges viewers to seek them out.

Healthy Habits Challenge #4: Move Your Body

Hello, everyone. Welcome to week #4 of the Healthy Habits Challenge. I’m Chloe Hosking and I’m thrilled to announce this week’s “Move Your Body” theme.

I’d like to give a special shout out to the mastermind of this awesome campaign, my teammate Sara Poidevin. You rock, Poido!

Now, we all know it’s hard to find workout equipment right now. Stores are closed, and pretty much everything cool online is sold out. Are we going to let that stop us from getting our fitness on? Heck no!

Let’s get creative with our home workout routines. You can rearrange your furniture for bodyweight exercises, use a jug of water as a homemade dumbbell or even throw a bag of dog food over your shoulder when working on your lunges.

We are inviting you to come up with the most creative ways to workout from home without traditional equipment. Remember to have fun, be creative, and above all, be safe.

To take part in our challenge – simply share a photo or video of your unique in-home workout, and use #HealthyHabitswithPoido in your social media post.

This is your chance to inspire us! We’ll be watching.

- Chloe

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