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Leopard-RadioShack merger announcement came as a surprise to Andersen

Kim Andersen has come over from Saxo Bank

Kim Andersen has come over from Saxo Bank (Image credit: Daniel Simms)

The announcement of the new RadioShack-Nissan-Trek team for the coming season came as a surprise to Leopard Trek sports director Kim Andersen, who was informed of the deal only by a Danish television station after the press release was issued.

When asked him his opinion on the new team, he responded “I don't know, because I have not seen the press release,” and said he did not know what the agreement was about.

He said that he was not told about the press release beforehand.  “I had heard rumours about it, and I have my opinion, but it is not something I will comment upon.”

The management structure of the new team was not immediately disclosed, but as Andersen pointed out, “I have a contract.'”  He added that as far as he can tell, RadioShack “is coming in as a partner. This means that our company continues.”