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Andersen denies knowledge of Leopard-RadioShack merger

Kim Andersen gives out the orders for the day

Kim Andersen gives out the orders for the day (Image credit: Daniel Simms)

Kim Andersen says he has no comment and no information on the possible merger of Leopard Trek and RadioShack.  The Leopard Trek sports director said that he knows nothing about the story, but denies that there are problems at the team.

L'Equipe reported earlier that the teams would merge and operate under Johan Bruyneel's leadership.  Further rumours had Leopard Trek manager Brian Nygaard becoming press spokesman for the new GreenEdge team.

Nygaard has not commented on the stories.  “I cannot comment on  Brian's situation,” Andersen told the Ritzau news agency.  “He is in his office and you may call and ask him.”

He also refused to comment on the general situation, or on the rumour that team financier Fabio Becca has put pressure on Nygaard because the Dane has still not found a name sponsor for the team.

“It's not something I know anything about, but I've been out at the races,” Andersen said.  He denied being under any pressure himself.  “No, I am not under much pressure. I don't have anything like that.”

He added the team is doing well right now.  “It is going well in Spain.  It went well in Colorado and the Tour was good, and the same with the Tour of Denmark.  So there is not much to complain about.”

The team has 22 victories this season, including stages at both the Tour de France and the Vuelta a Espana.  Six of those wins have come from Fabian Cancellara.  Brothers Andy and Fränk Schleck finished second and third in the Tour.