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Hushovd finally back on track after virus wiped out 2012 season

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Former World champion Thor Hushovd (BMC)

Former World champion Thor Hushovd (BMC) (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Thor Hushovd (BMC)

Thor Hushovd (BMC) (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Thor Hushovd (BMC Racing Team)

Thor Hushovd (BMC Racing Team) (Image credit: Isabelle Duchesne)

Thor Hushovd has recovered from the virus that severly hampered his 2012 season. He is back full in training now and said, “It is lovely to ride when you know that your body works. It has not been that way for a while, but it is now.”

The former World champion had only 28 race days this year, and did not race after mid-July. His illness was not diagnosed until September, when BMC Racing Team said that he suffered from a  viral infection causing muscle inflammation which weakened his performance on the bike.

In October he started training again in Norway, before moving back to his home in Monaco, where the good weather encourages more work. “I am training more and more, and am on track,” he told

“I have not explored how much my body can handle, or gone to the limit. During this period, it is important to build my body up gradually, so that I get a proper foundation,” he said.

He now looks forward to the first team get-together. “The first real test comes 10 December. Then I will  meet the BMC collective, and it's going to be more - and harder - training than I've had in months.”