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Goodyear expands with a new range of road tyres

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Goodyear tyres

Topping the range, Goodyear's Eagle F1 SuperSport is available as tube-type or tubeless (Image credit: Goodyear)
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Goodyear tyres

New to the lineup, Goodyear Vector 4Seasons will be the winter tyres in the range (Image credit: Goodyear)
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Goodyear tyres

Eagle F1 and Eagle F1 SuperSport tyres will be available with tan sidewalls (Image credit: Goodyear)
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Goodyear tyres

Eagle F1 is the all-rounder in the range, also available in tube-type or tubeless guises (Image credit: Goodyear)
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Goodyear tyres

Eagle Sport will be the entry-level offering (Image credit: Goodyear)

Two years on from its return to the cycling market, Goodyear has today announced that it is expanding its road tyre range offering. 

With the announcement comes a range of new features, including a trademarked tubeless technology called Tubeless Complete, tan sidewalls, an all-new set of winter tyres called Vector and an entry-level road tyre called Eagle Sport. Updates to the Eagle F1 and Eagle F1 SuperSport performance tyres round out the new Goodyear road tyre range. 

Goodyear has introduced tyres targeted at all corners of the road tyre spectrum. Sitting as the best road bike tyres in the Goodyear range, the Eagle F1 Supersport comes in sized ranging from 23 to 28c widths in a choice of clincher or tubeless, with the 25c tube-type option available with tan sidewalls. 

Eagle F1 sees an update too, offering a more all-round option compared to the SuperSport. This model sees a wider range of sizes available, ranging from 23c up to 32c, with both 25c or 28c tube-type options available with tan walls. Both Eagle F1 options come with a 120TPI casing, an R:Shield breaker, a dual-angle bead, and the graphene infused Dynamic:GSR compound. 

The entry-level Eagle Sport is available in a choice of 25c, 28c or 30c, and uses a 60TPI casing, a Dynamic:Pace compound with a more traditional aramid folding bead. 

Focussing on the winter months, Goodyear has introduced Vector 4Seasons, a range of winter road bike tyres that claim to offer reduced rolling resistance with increased grip, and bring ultra-high-performance to a broader range of conditions. Foregoing graphene, the Vector 4Seasons use a Dynamic:Silica4 compound to increase wet-weather grip and the R:Shield breaker is backed up by R:Armor protection which wraps around the 120TPI casing. Available in sizes ranging from 25c to 32c, the Vector can also be had in a choice of tube-type or tubeless. 

Tubeless Complete™

Aiming to take the crown of the best tubeless road tyres, the brand has introduced 'Tubeless Complete', a proprietary design that, according to Goodyear, takes all the benefits of a typical tubeless-ready tyre but with a multi-compound layer added to the UHP casing. This is said to allow for improved air retention and provide additional puncture resistance. The other claimed benefit from Goodyear is that less sealant is needed to help seal the tyre during installation, leaving more available for when you may later need it. 

Rim compatibility

All of Goodyear's new additions are designed around the modern trend of wider rims. In fact, Goodyear has even provided a guide to the optimal and allowable inner rim diameters for its new tyres, suggesting the optimal width for a 25c and 28c tyre to be 19mm. The increasingly common 21mm rim bed is claimed to be optimal for 30c and 32c rubber. 

Goodyear's new Tubeless Complete wheels are compatible with both Tubeless Crochet (TC) - commonly known as hooked - or Tubeless Straight Sidewall (TSS) - commonly known as hookless rims. The tube-type tyres in the range are designed for use with hooked rims only. 

Specs and prices

  • Eagle Sport: $30 / £25 / AU$50
  • Eagle F1 tube type: $60 / £45 / AU$90
  • Eagle F1 tubeless: $65 / £50 / AU$90
  • Eagle F1 Supersport tube type: $60 / £45 / AU$90
  • Eagle F1 Supersport tubeless: $60 / £50 / AU$90
  • Vector 4Season tube type: $65 / £47 / AU$90
  • Vector 4Season tubeless: $70 / £52 / AU$90
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