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De Knegt, Franzoi bruised but not broken

Gerben De Knegt suffered a heavy crash in the Superprestige in Gieten on Sunday, and it was feared that he had broken his collarbone, but later tests showed no break, just bruised ribs. De Knegt crashed hard on the second to last lap when his front wheel broke on a descent.

De Knegt hopes to recover from the injuries in time to compete in the next round of the World Cup in Igorre, Spain, on December 2.

On Saturday, Franzoi's race in World Cup in Koksijde lasted just 100 meters. During the rush from the line, the Italian Champion was involved in a crash. Franzoi hit the fences and had to abandon because of an injured ankle and head injuries. He, too, hopes to return in time for the Igorre World Cup.