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The Musette: Santini Nibali Collection, Vision wheels, Rapha Powerweave and more

The Musette is Cyclingnews’ weekly curation of the world’s best cycling gear. Here, we’ll take a look at pro-level equipment, bikes and components, alongside some of the most desirable clothing and newest accessories in the world of cycling.

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Santini Nibali Collection

The Santini Nibali Collection comprises a jersey, bib shorts, baselayer, cap, gloves and socks (Image credit: Aaron Borrill)
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Santini Nibali Collection

Nibali's personal shark logo and other references to his career adorn the kit (Image credit: Aaron Borrill)
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Santini Nibali Collection

The Santini kit was developed using the latest technology and highest quality materials (Image credit: Aaron Borrill)
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Santini Nibali Collection

Nibali’s nickname, il Squalo di Messina or the Shark of Messina, is the inspiration behind his logo (Image credit: Aaron Borrill)
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Santini Nibali Collection

The three coloured stripes pay homage to his victories in all three grand tours - the Giro, Le Tour and Vuelta (Image credit: Aaron Borrill)
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Santini Nibali Collection

Ancillary items such as the gloves, cap and socks all bear the shark moniker (Image credit: Aaron Borrill)
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Santini Nibali Collection

The jersey offers a streamlined design and race-cut fit (Image credit: Jenna Borrill)
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Santini Nibali Collection

The exquisite level of detailing is seen throughout the collection (Image credit: Jenna Borrill)
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Santini Nibali Collection

The sleeveless base layer mimics the design layout of the jersey (Image credit: Jenna Borrill)

Santini Nibali Collection

Italian kit manufacturer, Santini, has joined forces with Grand-Tour-winning legend Vincenzo Nibali for its latest offering, the Nibali Collection. This partnership comes as no surprise given Santini serves as the technical partner to his current team, Trek-Segafredo.

The kit is a celebration of the Italian rider's career and service to the sport and has been designed as a limited-edition run for the spring/summer season. Naturally, it features Santini's finest materials and manufacturing technologies claimed to assist in both aerodynamics and breathability. 

The entire design is loaded with references and motifs personal to Nibali's success on the bike. For starters, the dark blue is a nod to the coast of his home town in Messina, Sicily. Resting on this oceanic-inspired backdrop is the Nibali wordmark, complete with a stylistic shark logo - a tasteful touch that alludes to his nickname, il Squalo di Messina or Shark of Messina. 

More subliminal, however, are the pink, yellow and red lines underneath the Nibali logo, which serve as a tasteful homage to his Grand Tour wins (Giro, Le Tour and the Vuelta) - they also double up as stylistic ocean waves.

The Nibali Collection can be purchased as individual items or a complete kit. The collection comprises a jersey, bib shorts, sleeveless base layer, gloves, socks and casquette.

Jersey: £89
Bibs: £129
Base layer: £35
Gloves: £29
Casquette: £19
Socks: £20

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Vision SC 55 wheels

Vision's new SC range caters for both the rim- and disc-brake enthusiast (Image credit: Aaron Borrill)
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Vision SC 55 wheels

The new carbon 'camouflage' brake track offers first-class stopping performance (Image credit: Aaron Borrill)
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Vision SC 55 wheels

Wheels feature lightweight spokes laced in a 21/24 front/rear configuration (Image credit: Aaron Borrill)
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Vision SC 55 wheels

Another look at the beautiful weave effect of the new brake track (Image credit: Aaron Borrill)
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Vision SC 55 wheels

They are compatible with both Shimano 10/11-speed and SRAM 12-speed XDR systems (Image credit: Aaron Borrill)

Vision SC 55 wheelset

The new SC range of wheels from Vision is one of the company's lightest racing options currently available. With the growing number of riders migrating to disc-brake actuation, Vision caters for both school of thoughts with options available in rim-brake guise, too.

Developed in the wind tunnel and with real-world feedback from professional riders, the entire SC range has aerodynamics at its heart. The SC 55s are the top-tier offering and feature a contemporary 19mm internal width (24mm external) - an attribute that aids in running wider tyres and lower pressures. Naturally, the SC 55s (and entire range actually) have been built around tubeless tyres technology.

While the SC 55 disc brake option will no doubt account for a large portion of sales, the rim-brake version is still our favourite. Not only does the new carbon 'camouflage' brake track offer first-class stopping performance but the effect looks pretty, too. According to Vision, it has achieved this by using a new weave pattern while only strengthening the necessary areas to keep weight to a minimum. The wheels are compatible with both Shimano 10/11-speed and SRAM 12-speed XDR systems.

We've currently got several sets on test and will be publishing a comprehensive guide to the SL range in the next few weeks.

RRP: £1,059
Weight: 1,650g
Depth: 55mm
Spoke count: 21/24 front/rear
Tyre format: Clincher, tubeless
Brake: Rim/disc

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Rapha Pro Team Powerweave Bib shorts

The long leg length and compressive fit make for a hyper-comfortable fit (Image credit: Josh Croxton)
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Rapha Pro Team Powerweave Bib shorts

The Powerweave is used to add form as well as function to the bib shorts (Image credit: Josh Croxton)
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Rapha Pro Team Powerweave Bib shorts

The laser-cut ergonomic straps are heavier duty than most of the competition, but contour over the shoulders comfortably (Image credit: Josh Croxton)
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Rapha Pro Team Powerweave Bib shorts

The crotch panelling is a stretchier Lycra material to prevent movement restriction (Image credit: Josh Croxton)

Rapha Pro Team Powerweave bib shorts

Back in February, Rapha announced Powerweave; a new weaving technology that allows its engineers to individually control each warp and each weft to "put support where you need it, flexibility and breathability where you don't."

The announcement came alongside the launch of Rapha's best cycling shoes to date, and in the ensuing Rapha Pro Team Powerweave shoes review, I felt they were worthy of the coveted prize of five of Cyclingnews' finest golden stars. 

Now, the technology has been applied elsewhere: Enter the Rapha Pro Team Powerweave bib shorts. They will be positioned as Rapha's best bib shorts, and are claimed to be 20 per cent lighter than Rapha's Pro Team II option. In fact, for the weight weenies out there, a medium pair of Powerweave bibs tip the scales at 170g, 21 grams lighter than the aforementioned. 

Thanks to the Powerweave construction, they are constructed from 50% fewer panels (down to just seven) and feature a completely redesigned chamois pad. The smaller number of panels results in fewer potentially irritating seams and a more compressive fit which is claimed to keep the new chamois pad in place. The pad is narrower and made from a 5mm thick high-density foam that is said to be lighter and more stable. 

While the price of the Powerweave shoes surprised us in its competitiveness, the bib shorts have reverted to the Rapha playbook by being unapologetically expensive, emptying your pocket to the tune of £275 ($375 / AU$465 / €325). 

After a couple of short test rides, I'm mightily impressed, but stay tuned as a full review is in the works.

Colours: Black, Pink (RCC members only)
Price: £275 / $375 / AU$465 / €325

Shop at
To become available 'later this year'

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Merida Adjustable Torque Tool

The ruggedly constructed handle keeps the most needed bits easily accessible (Image credit: Graham Cottingham)
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Merida Adjustable Torque Tool

The tool is adjustable for 4nm, 5nm and 6nm to cover the most common torques (Image credit: Graham Cottingham)

Merida Adjustable Torque Tool

Sometimes it’s the simple things which make the biggest difference and having peace of mind as you quickly tightening bolts around expensive carbon components is one of them. Rather than having to look out and faff around with a full torque wrench, Merida’s Adjustable Torque Tool allows quick adjustments to preset 4nm, 5nm and 6nm settings, perfect for the majority of stem bolts and seatpost clamps.

The T-shaped handle gives a good grip when in use and is made out of a robust feeling nylon plastic. The torque settings are adjusted on the top of the tool using a 6mm hex key. A 3mm, 4mm and 5mm hex key and t25 tool are included with the extra bits neatly stored in the handle for when they are needed.

Price: £26.99

Merida’s Adjustable Torque Tool is available at your local Merida dealer

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POC Define

POC has six different colours available that should appeal to most (Image credit: Graham Cottingham)
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POC Define

A chunky hydrophilic nose piece helps keep them in place (Image credit: Graham Cottingham)
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POC Define

The legs also feature hydrophilic material to help keep them tucked behind your ears (Image credit: Graham Cottingham)

POC Define Sunglasses

POC’s Define sunglasses range seeks to strike the delicate balance between performance on the bike yet casual enough to wear every day without looking like you have stepped out of the future.

The Define glasses come with POC’s Clarity lenses were developed with optic masters Carl Zeiss to improve clarity in bright conditions. Should you need them, corrected lenses are able to be fitted to the frames.

The frames come in 6ix colours and are made from a transparent polymer called Grilamid. The nosepiece and the temples feature hydrophilic rubber grips to keep the glasses on your face whether sprinting up a climb or rattling down some gravel. Should things go wrong, the legs pop off to reduce damage in the event of a crash and simply snapped back into the screwless hinges.

Price: £150.00 / $180.00 / €170.00
Colours: 6

 The POC Define sunglasses are available from POC Sports

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