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Southam's Sounds: Tom Southam selects his favourite tunes for training indoors

Tom Southam
Tom Southam (Image credit: Jojo Harper)

I should probably clarify that these choices are my own and don't represent the organisation I work for (EF Pro Cycling). There is a pretty broad scope with our lot, at races (remember them) the music on the bus is up to the riders, of course, and I would say that usually when Alberto Bettiol takes control of the bus stereo things generally go in the right direction. 

At Paris-Nice recently I got an unsolicited lesson in East German hip-hop from our other DS Andreas Klier, it's normally a lot of hits from the 1980s with that guy, so it made a nice change.  

Anyway, when it comes to my playlist for time riding indoors, it would be as follows.  

Time - Pachanga Boys. I mean, what better way to start off than with a track that will kill fifteen glorious minutes? I would start off with something heading towards euphoric as you need to start off on the right foot before you get into the real gritty bits later on.

Heaven - The Blaze. First heard this at Gus Morton's house last year when we were doing the Girona MTB 3 day. Goes in the right direction this one. 

Ladders - Mac Miller & All Night - Chance the Rapper. These two for the good times: endorphins bouncing about, lactic acid build-up minimal. It won't last. 'Can't no-one get in my car, I don't even valet'. hah. 

Banquet - Bloc Party. Heard this on 6 Music the other night and remembered what a great tune this is. 

All I Need - Radiohead. I haven't listened to Radiohead since Amnesiac in 2001 but I just started listening the other day and it's all I listen to at the moment. This is dark and kind of stalker-esque but the trainer isn't always a fun place, and I guess things can get a little dark for a moment.  

Dead Editors - Massive Attack. Can't get much darker (or better) than Massive Attack & Roots Manuva. 

All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem. Out of the darkness and into the (early morning) light. Great build into the real pain about to come. 'If I could see all my friends tonight', well, you can't. 

Keep the Car Running - Arcade Fire. I could listen to this on repeat for hours. Sounds like something off Born to Run, and if you go looking on Youtube there is a version of this with The Boss which is spine-tinglingly good. 

Lonely Boy - The Black Keys. Nothing quite like the power of a rock band going at full bore to move you at high speed down some imaginary highway. Apt title too. 

Sweet'n'Sour - The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. THE BLUES ARE NUMBER ONE! Now we are deep in rock band territory. I love this tune: guitars sound as crunchy as a crisp sandwich. 

Danny Nedelko - IDLES. In case things finish on a riotous note: some Bristol punk rock, not to mention a nice lyrical reminder that we are all in this together. 

You can find Tom's selection on iTunes or listen to the playlist we've created below.