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Tax returns and therapy, not tours...

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Heinrich Haussler (Cervelo Test Team) was content with second after recent knee issues.

Heinrich Haussler (Cervelo Test Team) was content with second after recent knee issues.
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Heinrich Haussler (Cervelo) dropped out with a knee problem.

Heinrich Haussler (Cervelo) dropped out with a knee problem.
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Heinrich Haussler

Heinrich Haussler
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When Cyclingnews asked me to write this blog at the start of the Classics I was sure that this week's instalment would be based on my strong showing at the Tour of Flanders and my chances at this weekend's Roubaix.

As it is, I'm still at home recovering from injury. It's been a busy week though, even if I haven't been racing. Why? We'll I've been wrestling with tax forms for the last couple of days.

As most bike riders and human being in general will agree, there's nothing more tedious and painful as filling out tax forms and while they're usually the errands I push aside into the off season, this break has given me the chance to get them out of the way earlier than usual. Man, I can't believe I'm talking to you about tax returns!

Thankfully, it's not all been paper work. I of course watched Flanders on Sunday. It was tough going for me; I wanted to be there, but it's such a big race that I couldn't skip it. I was in front of the television as soon as the coverage started and I have to say the strongest guy won the race. Fabian Cancellara was so strong last week in Flanders, the best guy won.

It looked like a hard race. I've not spoken to my Cervelo teammates yet but Thor looked really good although it was going to be hard for him. Bresechel and Cancellara were so strong but I think that Andreas Klier and I would have been as good and it would have been a different race had we both been there.

But when Cancellara went on the climb and dropped Boonen... well, you just have to be realistic and even if we were in the race I'm not sure we could have done anything. I've never seen anything like that before. You look at Boonen - he's the strongest I've seen him in years and he's winning races again but Cancellara didn't even need to stand up or sprint - he wasn't even breathing. So to get rid of Boonen was really impressive.

Heading into Roubaix it's hard to look past Cancellara as the favourite for the race. I don't think Saxo will work for Breschel. I know he's strong and has good form but I think his chances are better in a race like Flanders. Cancellara has a bigger build and has more experience, but you never know, anything can happen in that race. That's why it's so special.

As far as my condition is going, things are moving along nicely. I've been doing my exercises just like the doctor ordered. Yesterday I went for a really long walk in the hills. It's nowhere near as intense as riding but I've lost so much muscle conditioning since I stopped riding that it's important I try and stay active.

So I loaded up a big rucksack with books and went out for a few hours.

The biggest challenge so far has been watching my diet. As a rider you out your body through so much stress that you need to consume around 6000 calories a day. I'm down to around 2,000 now simply because if I stuck to 6,000 I'd weigh as much as the team bus by now. So watching what I eat is really important - no cakes, no sweets and plenty of fruit and water.

Being at home has one great upside though. I've spent loads of time with my girlfriend. Usually we see each other for just a few days at a time as I'm always away racing but the last few days have been really nice. Sometimes the best thing you need to recover from injury is to be at home, have your own bed, get away from the small hotel rooms where I was and do therapy.