Rudy Project Wing-57 aero helmet - in brief

The fastest lid on Earth?

This article originally appeared on BikeRadar

For a brand new helmet that claims to be the fastest in the world, the Wing-57's poor results in the tunnel in both positions are disappointing.

Pros: Light, airy, comfortable
Cons: Not that fast, delicate visor mounting

Our five-degree testing angle should have played to its strengths as its unique side channels and rear fin are claimed to manage crosswinds like a sail. It's a pity, because it's light, well ventilated (with the plug removed), comfortable for hours and it doesn't get buffeted.

The magnetic clip-on tail extension is a bit of a gimmick – we can see no reason not to use it – and the visor can be knocked out of place more easily than we'd like.

The Rudy Project Wing-57 aero helmet

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