Kask Bambino aero helmet - in brief

Versatile aero lid

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Kask's Bambino's large visor gives an excellent field of vision, enabling a very low position, though the magnets to hold it in place are fussy compared with the simpler Velcro on the POC.

Pros: Very fast, versatile, light, great vision
Cons: Small sizing, visor magnets

The visor flew off when we turned around in the wind tunnel and three of the magnets broke off. The sizing is oddly small, too. The large feels more like a medium from any other brand.

Despite these niggles, it's a great helmet. It performed brilliantly in the tunnel and on the road, it feels even lighter than it is and somehow stays cool enough despite the minimal venting.

With class-leading head-up speed and highly competitive head-down performance, it's as effective on ‘drag strips' as it is on hilly or technical courses where you can't stay locked in a tight position. It comes with a protective carry bag and your choice of visor.

Testing the Kask Bambino aero helmet in the wind tunnel

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