Capo Padrone Winter Tights review

Super warm and protective

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Capo's Padrone Winter Tights boost the proven insulating abilities of fleece-backed Super Roubaix stretch fabric with generously sized Windtex panels covering the front of the knee, outer thighs, and upper shins. Combined with a high-cut front and back that offer a little more warmth around the lower torso, we stayed comfortable on training rides even in bitterly cold and humid conditions down to about -4°C (25°F) – notably better than we can normally manage with fleece tights without any sort of barrier against cold air.

That being said, the Winter Tights aren't strictly for very cold conditions – excellent breathability extends the comfort range upwards of 10°C (50°F), even in bright sunlight. There's also an excellent multi-thickness stretch chamois (made by Cytech) that's well positioned in the body for all-day comfort, reflective detailing on the ankle zippers, and a short zipper up front for easier nature breaks.

Overall fit is good, especially considering that the windproof panels are much less stretchy than the surrounding materials. As compared to previous versions, Capo has also trimmed away some of the Windtex from around the upper thigh in order to infuse a little more give to the fit for riders with bigger legs but without overly compromising the Euro-like trimness.

That being said, we still wished for a slightly tighter fit around the front of the hips and some refinement to the pattern around the knees. Currently, Capo wraps the Windtex panel much further behind the knee than seems necessary and the straight cut isn't terribly conducive to such a huge range of movement. As a result, we experienced some chafing on longer rides.

We would suggest trimming the Windtex panel closer to the side of the knee and giving it more of an hourglass profile – not unlike what glove makers do around finger joints – in order to maintain the protection but give a more form-fitting feel. Riders with generally medium-sized waists but longer legs might also find the Capo Padrone Winter Tights could use a touch more length so sure to try them on before buying.

Overall, the protection is impressive but for this kind of money, we expect the "Made in Italy" label to bring with it a perfect fit, too.

Price: US$280
Pros: Outstanding wind protection and warmth, high quality materials and construction
Cons: Fit around knees and front of hips could use some work
Cyclingnews verdict: 3 stars

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