Powers solos to USGP lead

Another podium for Page

Jeremy Powers (Cyclocrossworld.com) left nothing to chance when he attacked a star studded front row of cyclo-cross talents from the gun and continued on to a solo win at the Planet Bike Cup, round one of the US Grand Prix of cyclo-cross series held in Madison, Wisconsin.

Technical setbacks marred the race for favourites Erwin Vervecken (Revor-Baboco) and Jonathan Page (Planet Bike), who clawed their way back into second and third place respectively.

"I always hope for this and I'm ecstatic," said Powers, who attributes his winning form to the tough road season that recently ended at the Tour of Missouri. "This is the biggest win in my career. This wasn't the easiest way to win and I told Jamey that I was going to go ballistic at the start and to just hang on."

Powers' win granted him the early lead of the USGP series.  He was honoured to pick up the slack for the series' defending champion and teammate Tim Johnson who could not start due to a separated shoulder sustained following a crash one week ago.

Powers leads the overall ahead of Vervecken and Page; the trailing two riders won't contend the series beyond round two on Sunday after which their contracts take them back to the European calendar for the start of the UCI World Cup series which kicks off in October.

"It's so early and a lot of these races come down to November and December," said Powers. "I want to have a consistent season at the beginning and have a good season later on through the World Championships. It's great to do well here and having the jersey is cool but it's definitely not my top priority.

"I think it is something that if we get, we are psyched but if we don't then we are really happy to be on the podium every weekend."

Powers makes his own luck

Some 60 riders took their places on the tarmac eager to kick off the USGP's newest addition to the series. Title sponsor Planet Bike threw its top dog into the mix with the 2007 World Championship silver medalist Jonathan Page.

The drum roll continued as front row call-ups included three-time world champion Erwin Vervecken, US National Champion Ryan Trebon (KONA), recent Cross Vegas winner Jamey Driscoll (cyclocrossworld.com) along with notable European talents Christian Heule (Rendementhypo) and his teammate Tim van Nuffel.

"I'm the best I've ever been at the beginning of the season and these guys are very good competitors," said Page. "It's good bike racing and the same as any race would be in Europe right now. I love racing in front of my sponsors, Madison is a great town. I want to thank Planet Bike and everyone else who came out to support this race."

Powers took matters into his own hands from the gun by launching a cagey attack. He opened up a large advantage over the first lap that forced everyone else to play catch-up. Only two reconnected to include Page and Vervecken and the rest were left to ride their own race, out of contention for the victory as early as the third lap.

Trebon's relentless efforts to regain contact with the leaders was not enough and he remained in fourth place, roughly 15 seconds behind.

"When Jonathan and I were away, I thought, 'This is going to be hard and I'm going to need to sit on for a couple of laps and get more fuel back in the tank,'" said Powers, who rode the first two laps alone before the two chasers caught up. "I definitely overcooked that first lap a little bit but that was my plan. I wanted to go as hard as I could and isolate the guys that I knew would be trying to sit on. That was my goal to go as hard as I could at the start."

Page headed the train hard enough to cause Vervecken to struggle behind. His work kept the trio at a safe distance from the ever-chasing Trebon and the continuing line behind containing Geoff Kabush (Rocky Mountain), Chris Jones (Champion System), Andy Jacques-Maynes (Bissell) and Jesse Anthony (Jamis) and Driscoll.

The short end of the straw

A slight bobble through a technical corner caused Vervecken to lose valuable time to the two leaders. He pulled out all the stops to try to catch back up however, Page looked over his shoulder around each corner and turned up the heat forcing Powers hanging on for the ride. The Belgian displayed just why he has rainbow stripes on this sleeves and regained contact with five laps to go.

"I made a little mistake and I had to chase with everything I had," said Vervecken. "I was like 50 metres behind the race and I almost never closed that gap again. We were both really tired and the two others were 10 seconds behind. Jeremy was strong, he could always ride the stairs and I couldn't, I ran them. I lost ten meters each lap so after ten laps that's a hundred metres. Jeremy was the strongest today.

In the meantime, all eyes were on Page to win the debut event and he looked to be in complete control. The crowds roared as he lead Powers into the ‘stranglers' run-up, a steep set of stairs followed by a 50m incline. The cheers turned to gasps as a rolled tire caused Page to go down at the base of the stair. Powers continued on alone.

"It was my race to lose," said Page who took three bike changes during the following laps. "I just had to keep my calm and try not to over do it or under do it. I did my best today and the way the circumstances were, at least I got third place and this is my fourth race of the season so four times on the podium is nice."

Valuable seconds passed as both Vervecken and then Trebon passed Page who struggled to put his tubular back on the wheel. He passed through the pit lane snagging a second bike before setting off on a high-speed chase for a podium place. Powers remained the man of the hour fighting to maintain a slim cushion over Vervecken, now riding in second place. Trebon and Page rode through at an evenly matched tempo, three-second apart and neither gaining any ground on the next place.

"I tried to get the tire back on but I couldn't do it with my hands so I kicked it back on with my foot," said Page. "When you have bad luck, you have bad luck. I felt good today but bad luck happens."

Vervecken clawed his way back in the game, passing Powers over the barriers with two laps to go and the race was on for the victory. Powers made his winning move when he attacked the Belgian on the run-up and holding a mere three-second lead into the final straight ahead of Vervecken. Page, who caught and passed Trebon on the last lap muscled his way into third place.

"This is my fourth time coming to America and the level has certainly improved," said Vervecken who competed in his first US cyclo-cross race in 2001. "I had a pretty good day today. I fought for what is worth and the guys were very strong. At the moment I fell, I just couldn't go anymore and then Jonathan had bad luck but otherwise the two were very strong. It's always fun to be able to ride here at the beginning of the season. I like the atmosphere and to see that it grows every year and I hope someday in the future it will be as big as in Belgium."


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeremy Powers (Cannondale / CyclocrossWorld.com)  
2Erwin Vervecken (Team Revor-Baboco-Champion System)  
3Jonathan Page (Planet Bike)  
4Ryan Trebon (KONA)  
5Geoff Kabush (Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain)  
6Christopher Jones (Team Champion System)  
7James Driscoll (Cannondale / CyclocrossWorld.com)  
8Jesse Anthony (Team Jamis Bikes)  
9Andy Jacques-Maynes (Bissell Pro Cycling)  
10Tim Van Nuffel (Rendement-Hypo Cycling Team)  
11Mark Lalonde (Planet Bike)  
12Ryan Knapp (BikeReg.Com)  
13Brian Matter (Team Geargrinder)  
14Troy Wells (Team Clif Bar)  
15Tristan Schouten (Planet Bike)  
16Barry Wicks (Kona)  
17Chance Noble (California Giant-Specialized)  
18Mike Sherer (Alderfer Bergen)  
19Molly Cameron (Portland Bicycle Studio)  
20Joseph Schmalz (KCCX/Verge)  
21Justin Robinson (California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized)  
22James Lalonde (Planet Bike)  
23Travis (Tj) Woodruff (Pioneer Racing)  
24Will Black (Moots)  
25Scott Mclaughlin (SRAM Factory)  
26Dave Hackworthy (Bianchi/Grand Performance)  
27Mitchell Kersting (Rapid Transit Racing)  
28Shannon Skerritt (Vanilla Bicycles)  
29Kevin Hulick (The Vanilla Workshop - Speedvagen Racing)  
30Adam Mcgrath (Thule/Van Dessel)  
32Nicholas Weighall (Rad Racing NW)  
33Pat Lemieux (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)  
34Jason Siegle (Bear Valley Bikes)  
35Bjorn Selander (Ridley Factory Team)  
36Kyle Fry (MCOR)  
37Jesse Rients (Nature Valley/Penn Cycle)  
38Bryan Fawley (Park Place Dealerships)  
39Kevin Klug (Courage Cycles Inc)  
40Michael Kennedy (Barbasol/ Rapid Transit)  
41Robert Kendall (Barbasol)  
42Andrew Reardon (Starbrite Carwash / MOAB)  
43Lyle Hanson (Great Dane Velo Club)  
44Luca Lenzi (The Pony Shop)  
45Jack Hinkens (Ridley team)  
46Matthew Allen (behind bars/ lgr)  
47Jason Lowetz (Team Bearclaw)  
48Spencer Haugh (Behind Bars/LGR)  
49Logan Vonbokel (Mesa Cycles Racing Team)  
50William Street (Sisu Custom Cycles)  
51James Holmes  
DNFJordan Roessingh (ISCorp Cycling Team/Nova Cycle Sports Fo)  
Singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Daniel Casper (GrandStay Hotels)  
2Wallace Alexander (Goodrich Cyclocross Team)  
3Michael Curtes (Fuel Cafe/Milwaukee Bicycle/Garage 864)  
4Travis Braun (Gravy Train)  
5Carl Ham (Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro)  
6Colm Flannery (Proctor Cycling Team)  
7Russell Jobs  
8Grant Coisman (Mad City Velo)  
9Timothy Bates (Bare Knuckle Brigade)  
Junior men 10-14
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ian Mcshane (Red Zone Cycling)  
2Gavin Haley (Red Zone Cycling)  
3Everett Jones (Baraboo Sharks)  
4Garrett Roth (is corp)  
5Samuel Huang (Planet Bike)  
6Jedidiah Fritzinger (Red Zone Cycling)  
7Edward Fritzinger (Red Zone Cycling)  
8Sam Beste  
9Luke Johnson (Alderfer/Burgan)  
10Caleb Swartz  
11Matt Mcburney (Team Angell Park)  
Junior men 15-16
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jordan Cullen (Planet Bike)  
2Mitchell Bogardus  
3Nathan Labecki (Expo Racing)  
4Gage Rodriguez  
5Alexander Riva (Kenosha Velosport)  
6Christopher Osborne (ISCorp/Nova Cycle Sports Foundation)  
Junior men 17-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cody Kaiser (California Giant-Specialized)  
2Yannick Eckmann (SV Kirchzarten)  
3Robin Eckmann (SV Kirchzarten)  
4Thomson Remo (Barabpoo Sharks)  
5William Bain (Team Louisville)  
Cat. 2-3 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mark Parmelee (Cycletherapy)  
2Tim Yuska (Iron Cycles)  
3David Thomas (Team Magnus)  
4Nate Woodman  
5Andrew Coe (SKC Racing)  
6Tim Pacholski (Velo Trocadro)  
7Luke Batchelor-Clark (Team Magnus)  
8Michael Hemme (Courage)  
9Michael Hills  
10Jesse Perreault (Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames)  
11Joshua Roeser (Nature Valley/Penn Cycle)  
12Andrew Dillman (Red Zone Cycling)  
13Seth Eckert (Great Dane Velo Club)  
14Christopher Mantel (velo trocadero cycling)  
15Chad Salla (Alderfer Bergen)  
16Peter Hurst (Rapha Racing)  
17Henry Loud (Team Pegasus)  
18Garrison Riegel  
19Mark Norton  
20Ross Cerniglia (My Wife Inc)  
21Chad Tucker (My Wife Inc.)  
22Matt Light (Alderfer Bergen)  
23Bryan Fosler (Team Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare)  
24Luke Holtan (velo trocadero cycling)  
25Jon Suyko (Amgen Cycling Club)  
26Paul Belknap (Hudz/Subaru)  
27Cale Wenthur (Team Pegasus)  
28Ronald Knutowski (Fuel Cafe / T6)  
29Nicholas Vetter (Bianchi/Grand Performance)  
30Casey Masterson (velo trocadero cycling)  
31Kelson Danielson (5Nines Cycling)  
32Ron Knaflic (Kettle Moraine Flyers)  
33Trevor Koss (IS Corp)  
34Ted Burger (Flatlandia)  
35Jeffrey Austin - Phillips (Behind Bars / Little Guy Racing)  
36James Buddenbaum (SilverCycling)  
37Maxwell Riordan (Chicago Cuttin Crew)  
38Zack Rielley  
39Nathaniel Swanberg (Birchwood/GIS)  
40Chris Kinonen (XXX Racing-AthletiCo)  
41Paolo Urizar (xXx Racing-AthletiCo/The Bonebell)  
42Dan Ellerkamp (Magnus)  
43Daniel Cleary (Loon State Cyclists)  
44Matthew Johnson (Alderfer Bergen)  
45Tim Hayes (Behind-Bars/LGR)  
46Jeff Abel (DICE)  
47Nick Fochtman (Leadout Racing/Chicago Dr. Cycling)  
48Chris Padfield (Team Pegasus)  
49Chad Dean (5Nines Cycling)  
50Patrick Flannery (5Nines Cycling)  
51Jason Svaldi (Great Dane Velo Club)  
52Vincent Galatro (Flying Penguins)  
53Brent Keller  
54Michael Wakeley (Blue Competition Cycles)  
55Ryan Lindsay (Zephyr Wheel Sports/Cyclesport)  
56Kerry Drake  
57Robert Thomas (Half Acre Cycling)  
58Christopher Kreidl (Planet Bike)  
59Craig Harding (My Wife Inc.)  
60David Pilotto (Flatlandia)  
61Rick Walls (TwinSix)  
62Jacob Sisson (Wildthyme/Hampton Velo presented by IF)  
63Kyle Williams (Iowa City Cycling Club)  
64Scott Neperud (Team Magnus)  
65Adam Birr (Velo Rochester)  
66Helge Pedersen (Half Acre Cycling)  
68Michael Benedek (Team Lake Effect)  
69Timothy Hotchkiss (Team 53X11 Coffee)  
70Nils Gibson (Team Magnus)  
71Timothy Strege (Half Acre Cycling)  
Cat. 4 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Micah Fritzinger (Scheller's)  
2Brian Lark  
3Christopher Sherpitis (xXx Racing)  
4Spencer Cone  
5Michael Plymale (5Nines Cycling)  
6Brandon Leach (Johnny Sprockets)  
7Thomas Hooyer (Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro)  
8Corey Stelljes (Chain Smokes)  
9Daniel Schaefer (Team Fond du Lac Cyclery)  
10Tyler Avery (Team Pegasus)  
11Gustaf Juffer  
12Gary Burkholder (SnakeBite Racing)  
13Hoenisch Andy  
14Derek Nussbaum Wagler (Mad City Velo Club)  
15Colm Flannery (Proctor Cycling Team)  
16Andrew Rosch  
17Bryan Frazier (Wildside Velo Club)  
18David Studner (Brazen Dropouts)  
19Swartz Andy (Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro)  
20Brandon Scheiner (Team Pegasus)  
21Paul Loeper  
22Mike Norman (Chicago Endurance Sports)  
23Ben Marchewka (Team Pedal Moraine)  
24Seth Haskell  
25Mark Fasczewski (Krystal Cycling Team)  
26Noah Marcus (Chain Smokers)  
27Sean Kozak (xXx Racing)  
28Dan Hendricks (UW-Milwaukee)  
29David Blomme (Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro)  
30Aaron Goldberg (My Wife Inc)  
31Ben Schreiber (Fond du Lac Cyclery)  
32Jeff Bernaeyge (A51 Racing)  
33Wally Kunstman (sheboygan Bicycle company)  
34Matthew Walker (Team Pegasus)  
35David Johnson (Saturn of Toledo/Shell Cycling Team)  
36Brandon Elliott (Iron Cycles)  
37Chris Pappathopoulos  
38Scott Ross  
39Zachary Redding  
40William Knudson (Planet Bike)  
41Scott Larson (Super Awesome Party)  
42Antonio Valenti (TEAM PEGASUS)  
43John Mcneill (Team Pegasus/Bare Knuckle Brigade)  
44Benjamin Van Couvering (Team Pegasus)  
45Stephen Gaffield (Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro)  
46Timothy Theobald (Cafe Hollander RDC)  
47Matteo Bardelli (Krystal Cycling Team)  
48Kendall Mcfarland  
49David Price  
50Phillip Stutz  
51Christopher Quinn (Planet Bike)  
52Nicholas Matecki  
53Don Iwen  
54Christopher Gabrielson (Wildside Velo Club)  
55Michael Sohasky  
56Dean Zigman  
57John Curtinn (Headhunters)  
58Joe Alligood (Ellsworth)  
59Tyson Beck (Team Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare)  
60Jeremy Lentz  
61James Davis  
62Ryan Bartelme (Team Pegasus)  
63Chris Strahm (Roscoe Village Bikes)  
64Joel Slezak  
65Michael Eggen  
67Robert Moreland (MAD CITY VELO CLUB)  
68John Ryan (Alderfer Bergen)  
69Bradley Tennis (Wild Side)  
70Shawn Mcmahon (Team Magnus)  
71Bruce Leblanc (Flying Rhino's Cycling Club)  
72David Vogt (Flying Bobcats)  
73Andrew Borell (Attitude Sports)  
74Tim Skinner (Flying Bobcats)  
75Brian Duncan  
76Thomas Theisen (IS Corps)  
77Timothy Bryan  
78Robert Davies  
79Kobus Rossouw  
80Randy Koplin  
81Matthew Newell (Hudz-Subaru)  
82Daniel Boyles (Behind Bars/LGR)  
83Stephen Bagwell  
84Christopher Beaver  
85Aaron Mcginnis (Gen X Cycling)  
86Charles Aldous  
87Colin Ehlert (Team Magus)  
88Tyler Robbins  
DNFSage Brown (Team Sports)  
Master men 35+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ali Goulet (Church of the Big Ring/LOOK)  
2Michael Wissink (Specialized)  
3Jeff Weinert (Wolverine Sports Club)  
4Richard Feldman (Durance - Colnago)  
5Brian Conant (The Pony Shop)  
6Jerry Long (emdesports.com/Fitness Fanatics)  
7Ralf Warmuth (Westwood Velo)  
8Andrew Messer (DRT Racing)  
9Jonathan Card (Saturn of Toledo)  
10Tim Butler (River City Bicycles)  
11Jon Gallagher (Cole Sport)  
12Philip Webb (Barbisol)  
13Eric Sondag (Pony Shop)  
14Arthur O'connor (ChurchofTheBigRing/RealCyclist)  
15Matt Williams (GrandStay Hotels)  
16Matthew Scott (Team ICO)  
17Tim Boundy (Verdigris Cycling)  
18Matt Silvia  
19Craig Faulkner (crossniacs)  
20David Peters (Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro)  
21Jay Moncel (Wolverine Sports Club)  
22Shawn Meinke (Colavita Racing)  
23Jeff Curtes (Fuel Café / Vanilla Workshop)  
24Brian Koeneman (Team Wheel & Sprocket)  
25Marty Netzel (Specialized)  
26Erik Enyedy (Kraft / Velo Club Roubaix)  
27Charles Erndl (Team DRV/Deathrowvelo-clothing)  
28Walid Abu Ghazaleh (Van Wagner)  
29Michael Phillips (Curt Goodrich Racing Team)  
30Lorne Anderson (La Bicicletta)  
31Matt Jordan (HRS/Rock Lobster)  
32Wade Loberger (Team Wheel & Sprocket)  
34Jeffrey Craig (Team Wheel & Sprocket)  
35Jason Crago (Yakima Bike Vigilantes)  
36Chris Goehrig (Stoton Velo Club)  
37Jared Roy (Cyclocross Magazine)  
38Thomas Macdonald (Curt Goodrich Racing Team)  
39Paul Roltgen (Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro)  
40Scott Robertson (Curt Goodrich Racing)  
41James Cullen (MBRC/Flanders)  
42Mark Dolin (Lakes Area Physical Therapy)  
43David Greenblatt (Brazen Dropouts / Cronometro)  
44Jason Meshberg (Flatlandia Cycling)  
45Thomas Kenny (Team Extreme)  
46Mark Badger (Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro)  
Master men 45+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Mcshane (Calistoga Racing Team)  
2Christian Zauner (Verdigris Cycling)  
3Wayne Simon (Verdigris Cycling)  
4Troy Krause (Lincoln Industries - Highgear)  
5Bob Bergman  
6Jeffrey Appeltans (Mambo Kings Racing)  
7Gregory Ferguson (MadCity Velo Club)  
8Paul Mckinney (Curt Goodrich Racing Team)  
9Scott Arrigoni (Verdigris Cycling)  
10Mark Wolowiec (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)  
11J Devon Alvarez (Cole Sport)  
12John Iltis (Mi Duole)  
13Waldek Stepniowski  
14Kenneth Smith (okc velo)  
15Thomas Hooyer (Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro)  
16Mathew Baroli (Wolverines/Michigan Youth Cycling)  
17Joseph Brown (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)  
18Steel Bokhof (Turin Bicycle)  
19Christopher Berge (Team Magnus)  
20Scott Bond (Speedway Wheelmen)  
21William Kuster (Loon State Cyclists)  
22Rick Meloff (La Bicicletta/ J. Lindeberg)  
23Allan Thom (Half Acre Cycling)  
24James Linn (Turin Bicycle/Barker+Nestor)  
25Brian Petted (Fuel Cafe /Team Extreme)  
26Darryl Mataya (Mad City Velo)  
27Jay Mongillo (Keltic Construction / Zanes Cycles)  
28Michael Anderson  
29Michael Cisek (Ridley Factory Team)  
30Paul Warloski (My Wife Inc)  
31Robert Schueler (Hampshire Cycle Club)  
32Paul Schoening (Team Plan C)  
33David Simmermon (Planet Bike)  
34Patrick Rasmus (Spring Street Sports)  
35David Mccollum  
36David Bartol (MBRC/Flanders)  
37Roy Hough (Fugi)  
Master men 55+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gregory Pautsch (Planet Bike)  
2Landon Beachy (Bike Tech Racing Club)  
3Gordon Paulson (Planet Bike)  
4Glen Jones (Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro)  
5Tom Palmer (Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro)  
6John Craychee  
7John Duncker  
8Albert Weigel (Velo Club Roubaix - VCR)  
9Bill Kennedy  
10Julian Coupland (Velo Club Roubaix - VCR)  
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