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USA Cycling Junior/U23/Elite Road National Championships 2010

Date range:
June 22-27, 2010

June 27, Day 6: Road races: Elite men, Junior men 17-18; Elite/U23 women

Abbott tops women's championship

Kirsten Frattini
June 27, 2010, 19:35 BST,
June 28, 2010, 2:49 BST

Craddock claims third junior title

Mara Abbott (Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY12) soloed into the US National Road Championships victory at the Awbrey Butte Circuit Race in Bend, Oregon on Sunday. The victory marked her second national road race title during her career, her first stars and stripes jersey was won in the 2007 road race.

"This is very exciting," Abbott said. "Wearing the US National Championship jersey, especially over in Europe, is such a special thing. I had so much fun wearing it the first time and I am so excited to get to wear it again."

Abbott's teammate Sinead Miller won the US Womens Under 23 Road National Championships held in conjunction with the Elite Womens race.

"The victory is special because I got to do it with such an amazing team," she added. "This victory is something we really wanted and worked hard for. The fact that I get to be the national champion again, Shelley Evans won the crit, Sinead Miller got the Under 23 jersey and Coryn Rivera won all her junior titles, means it is pretty cool that we all got one."

Abbott attacked a small front group along the predominantly downhill run in to the finish line to take the win by three seconds ahead of her teammate and recent winner of the US Criterium National Championships Shelley Evans with Carmen Small (Colavita-Baci p/b Cooking Light) in third.

"The entire team wanted to make the race hard and we were able to work so well today," Abbott said. "Every one of us had the opportunity to win and it just depended on the roll of the dice. To be a part of such a strong team all day long, to win felt so good."

Following the podium placers, the riders trickled in after a long road race with recent winner of the US Time Trial National Championships Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia) placed fourth, eight seconds back, ahead of Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Colavita-Baci p/b Cooking Light) in fifth 34 seconds behind Abbott.

Some 100 Elite Women lined up to contest the US National Road Championships. The course was regarded as one of the toughest held on a 27 km loop that included two decisive back-to-back ascents. The most gruelling climb over Archie Briggs Rd. was positioned inside the last few kilometres of the circuit and was followed by a fast descent to the finish line. They completed four laps for a total of 113 km.

Several breakaways managed to gain time ahead of the field through out the race and one included Robin Farina (Vera Bradley Foundation), Rachel Warner (BMW-Bianchi) and Rebecca Much (Tibco-To the Top). However, all attempts were reeled back in before the base of the final climb over Archie Briggs Rd.

"Over the last climb there were a lot of people who were really motivated and a lot of attacks going," Abbott said. "Evelyn [Stevens] attacked and she and Shelley [Evans] got a small gap. Shelley was obviously fine and was going to make the lead group. That gave me a lot of freedom to make it hard because if I was attacking and the other girls were working, it gave Shelley the opportunity to just sit on."

A lead group formed over the top of the climb that included teammates Abbott and Evans along with Evelyn Stevens, Janel Holcomb (Alto Velo Racing) and Carmen Small (Colavita-Baci p/b Cooking Light).

Abbott countered an attack from Stevens on the last roller before the finish line, approximately two kilometres to go. "I was able to hold that attack to the line," Abbott said. "I looked over my shoulder and I knew it was going to be close. It didn't have to be a massive gap. I could lay it all out there and if I couldn't hold it, Shelley was there and ready to back me up."

Full Results

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Mara Abbott (Peanut Butter & Co./TWENTY 12) 2:55:25  
2 Shelley Evans (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY 12) 0:00:03  
3 Carmen Small (COLAVITA/BACI presented by Cooking Light) 0:00:03  
4 Evelyn Stevens (Team HTC-Columbia) 0:00:08  
5 Theresa Cliff-Ryan (COLAVITA/BACI presented by Cooking Light) 0:00:24  
6 Sinead Miller (Twenty12) 0:00:24  
7 Lauren Tamayo (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY 12) 0:00:24  
8 Kristin Sanders (Team VBF) 0:00:25  
9 Tayler Wiles (Colavita Racing Inc.) 0:00:27  
10 Kathleen Billington (BMW-Bianchi) 0:00:27  
11 Janel Holcomb (Alto Velo Racing Club/Webcor/Al) 0:00:27  
12 Debbie Milne (Absolute Racing Team) 0:00:28  
13 Amber Rais 0:00:28  
14 Amber Neben (Webcor Builders Cycling)    
15 Ashley James (Team Kenda)    
16 Kimberly Anderson (Team HTC-Columbia) 0:00:29  
17 Katheryn Curi Mattis (Webcor Builders Cycling) 0:00:29  
18 Jennifer Wheeler (Lake Washington Velo) 0:00:29  
19 Andrea Dvorak (COLAVITA/BACI presented by Cooking Light) 0:00:29  
20 Katharine Carroll (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY 12) 0:00:29  
21 Teri Sheasby (Veloforma) 0:00:30  
22 Kathryn Donovan (Southern California Velo) 0:00:31  
23 Alice Pennington (Veloforma) 0:00:32  
24 Nicole Evans (Salt Lake City Cycling (SLCC)) 0:00:38  
25 Meredith Miller (Team TIBCO / To The Top) 0:00:39  
26 Alison Starnes (Team TIBCO / To The Top) 0:00:39  
27 Alison Powers (Team VBF) 0:00:44  
28 Amanda Miller (Team TIBCO / To The Top) 0:00:52  
29 Lauren Robertson (FCS/ Metro Volkswagen) 0:01:10  
30 Liza Rachetto (TEAM SYSTEM DATA) 0:01:35  
31 Kristen LaSasso (Team TIBCO / To The Top) 0:01:35  
32 Christina Smith (Veloforma) 0:01:55  
33 Devon Haskell (Team Tibco / To The Top) 0:02:27  
34 Tammy Wildgoose (OCW/Paramount Racing) 0:05:19  
35 Cara Bussell (TriSports Cycling/Eclipse Racing) 0:05:19  
36 Anna Barensfeld (LadiesFirst Racing) 0:05:21  
37 Jessica Cutler (Seattle Super Squadra/Cucina Fr) 0:05:21  
38 Kathryne Carr (Defined Fitness Training LLC) 0:05:21  
39 Lauren Hall (Team VBF)    
40 Megan Guarnier (Team TIBCO / To The Top)    
41 Hilary Billington 0:05:21  
42 Alisha Welsh (Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY 12)    
43 Rachel Warner (BMW-Bianchi) 0:05:22  
44 Lindsay Myers (Veloce Velo/Webcor Builders) 0:05:22  
45 Robin Farina (Team VBF) 0:05:24  
46 Brooke Miller (Team TIBCO / To The Top) 0:05:28  
47 Rebecca Much (Team TIBCO / To The Top)    
48 Erica Allar (Team VBF) 0:12:45  
49 Heather Pryor (Touchstone Climbing) 0:12:46  
50 Sarah Maguire (Priority Health Cycling Team) 0:13:28  
51 Maura Kinsella (Alto Velo Racing Club/Webcor/Al)    
52 Whitney Schultz (Team 0:13:28  
53 Kimberley Turner (Seattle Super Squadra) 0:13:29  
54 Catherine Varland (Thumbprint Racing/ 0:13:29  
55 Brenna Lopez-Otero (Bend Memorial Clinic Total Care) 0:13:29  
56 Megan Melack 0:13:29  
57 Jenna Kowalski (VRC/NOW-MS Society)    
58 Louise Smyth (Metro Volkswagen) 0:13:30  
59 Greta Neimanas (xXx Racing) 0:13:30  
60 Amy McGuire (Wheelworks Racing) 0:13:31  
61 Judy Jenkins (Specialized Designs for Women) 0:13:31  
62 Emily Foxman (Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club) 0:13:32  
63 Ally Stacher (Veloce Velo/Webcor Builders) 0:13:36  
64 Lauren Hecht (Alto Velo Racing Club) 0:15:45  
65 Kristen Hetzel (TriSports Cycling/Eclipse Racing) 0:19:12  
66 Leia Tyrrell 0:20:31  
DNF Beatriz Rodriguez (Southern California Velo)    
DNF Shontell Gauthier (COLAVITA/BACI presented by Cooking Light)    
DNF Melissa Sanborn    
DNF Kelly Benjamin (COLAVITA/BACI presented by Cooking Light)    
DNF Lauren Liscinski (VRC/NOW-MS Society)    
DNF Kacey Manderfield (Wolverine Sports Club)    
DNF Jacqueline Kurth (Team Kenda)    
DNF Julia Lafranchise (VRC/NOW-MS Society)    
DNF Arielle Filiberti (Specialized Designs for Women/B)    
DNF Lindsy Campbell (Northern Rockies Cycling Team)    
DNF Cinthia Lehner (BMW-Bianchi)    
DNF Jane Wolcott (Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club/L)    
DNF Shelby Reynolds (Sugar Cycles/Sugar Cycles Facto)    
DNS Ruth Clemence (Specialized Designs for Women/B)    
DNS Jennifer Gaertner (Coeur d 'Alene Velo Racers (CDA)    
DNS Jade Wilcoxson    
DNS Alexandra Graebe (Camelback Cycling Club/Bicycle)    
DNS Haley Juno-Galdes    
DNS Tyler Stewart    
DNS Jessica Phillips (COLAVITA/BACI presented by Cooking Light)    
DNS Nichole Wangsgard (unattached)    
DNS Lindsay Fox (Veloforma)    
DNS Molly Van Houweling (Metromint Cycling)    
DNS Samantha Schneider (Team TIBCO / To The Top)    
Category 1 men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Michael Olheiser (Moontoast) 3:52:53  
2 Russell Stevenson (Seattle Super Squadra) 0:00:56  
3 Jesse Moore (California Giant Cycling/Califo)    
4 Philip Mooney (Yahoo Cycling Team) 0:00:57  
5 Ryan Parnes (Yahoo Cycling Team) 0:00:59  
6 Christopher Parrish (Lake Washington Velo/Hagens Ber)    
7 Zachary Davies (Groove Subaru Cycling Team)    
8 Christopher Deluise (ZMOTION Racing Team) 0:01:00  
9 Kennett Peterson (Lake Washington Velo) 0:01:01  
10 Jared Gilyard (RIDECLEAN)    
11 Scott Gray 0:01:02  
12 Kris Lunning (Above Category Racing)    
13 Gregg Brandt (GrandStay Hotels)    
14 Taylor Kneuven (Liquid Cycling Club/Adageo Ener)    
15 Lang Reynolds (Lake Washington Velo/Hagens Ber)    
16 Elijah Romer (Team Oregon)    
17 Norman Bryner (MiDuole)    
18 David Glick (RIDECLEAN) 0:01:03  
19 Andrew Boone    
20 Michael Mathis (Century Road Club Association)    
21 Christopher Hong (Escalera Racing Club/Team Exerg)    
22 Bradley Winn 0:01:04  
23 Sam Krieg (krieg cycling)    
24 Joshua Dillon ( / Cannondale) 0:01:09  
25 David Zimbelman (Echelon Gran Fondo/Zteam) 0:01:22  
26 Shane Buysse ( 0:01:23  
27 Zachary Tittensor (VeloCity Cyclists/Canyon Bicycl)    
28 Daniel Cassidy (US Military Cycling)    
29 Michael Telega (Pista Palace/Team Pista Palace) 0:01:25  
30 Mat Stephens (FCS/ Metro Volkswagen/Metro Vol)    
31 Greg Krause    
32 Benjamin Blaugrund (Team Hotel San Jose/Hotel San J) 0:01:26  
33 Ian Stanford (GrandStay Hotels) 0:01:28  
34 Quinn Keogh (Landrover-Orbea Cycling Club/Te) 0:01:30  
35 Arthur Rand (Santa Cruz County Cycling Club) 0:01:31  
36 Patrick Stanko (Kryki Sports/Lenovo)    
37 Robert Sweeting (Globalbike Racing/Team Globalbi) 0:02:06  
38 Jared Barrilleaux (California Giant Cycling/Califo) 0:02:36  
39 David Santos 0:02:42  
40 Cameron Cogburn (CCB/CCB Racing) 0:03:08  
41 David Wenger (Super Squadra/Bicycle Sport Sho) 0:03:16  
42 Jonathan Eropkin (Team Bicycles Plus/SAFEWAY/Bicy) 0:03:47  
43 Kevin Rowe (Exergy) 0:04:35  
44 Shannon Morgan ( 0:05:09  
45 Anthony Aker (Pista Palace/Team Pista Palace) 0:05:10  
46 Eric Marcotte (Pista Palace/Team Pista Palace) 0:06:37  
47 Osvaldo Olmos (California Giant/Specialized)    
48 Adam Switters (Yahoo Cycling Team) 0:06:49  
49 Sam Johnson (Lake Washington Velo/Hagens Ber) 0:08:31  
50 Steven Holland 0:10:43  
51 coulton hartrich (Santo Cycling Team) 0:10:44  
52 Kai Applequist (Escalera Racing Club/Team Exerg) 0:10:45  
53 Ian Dille (Super Squadra/Bicycle Sport Sho)    
54 Edward Micek (WebCyclery Racing/BendBroadband) 0:10:46  
55 Phil Wikoff (Super Squadra/Bicycle Sport Sho) 0:11:09  
56 Aaron Sander 0:11:20  
57 Joshua Bartlett (Landrover-Orbea Cycling Club/Te) 0:12:37  
58 Chris Aten (Camelback Cycling Club/Bicycle ) 0:12:38  
59 Chris Swan (Team Oregon)    
60 Sean Passage (Lake Washington Velo/Hagens Ber) 0:17:50  
61 Galen Mittermann    
62 Mark Shimahara (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling) 0:19:21  
63 Carl Hoefer 0:19:22  
64 Bradley Gehrig (Cole Sport/cole sport) 0:19:28  
65 Jacob Brewer (Herring Gas Cycling/Herring Gas) 0:20:58  
66 David Albrecht (Chico Corsa Cycling Team/Chico ) 0:29:39  
67 Wayne Stetina (Amgen-UBS Elite Masters) 0:34:49  
68 Mike Sohm (VeloCity Cyclists/Canyon Bicycl) 1:04:19  
DNF David Brockbank (VeloCity Cyclists/Canyon Bicycl)    
DNF Brian Bosch (Yahoo Cycling Team)    
DNF Phillip Elsasser (Hagens Berman Elite Cycling Tea)    
DNF Connor Spencer (Metromint Cycling)    
DNF Paul Thomas (RIDECLEAN)    
DNF Vincent Owens (Yahoo Cycling Team)    
DNF Brian Forbes (RIDECLEAN)    
DNF Steve Reaney (California Giant Cycling/Califo)    
DNF Timothy Mitchell (CCB International)    
DNF Stastny Chris (California Giant Cycling/Califo)    
DNF Daniel Harm (Lake Washington Velo/Broadmark )    
DNF Tyler Dibble (Yahoo Cycling Team)    
DNF Carlos Vargas (Team Hotel San Jose/Hotel San J)    
DNF David Klipper (Guinness Cycling Team)    
DNF Ty Magner (Athens Velo Club)    
DNF Evan Huffman (Yahoo Cycling Team)    
DNF John Bergmann (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)    
DNF Brandon Lynch (Escalera Racing Club/Team Exerg)    
DNF Remi McManus (team exergy)    
DNF Tyler Jewell (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)    
DNF Patrick Briggs (Yahoo Cycling Team)    
DNF Chris Stuart (Escalera Racing Club/Team Exerg)    
DNF James Cunningham (Team Ville)    
DNF Paul Bourcier    
DNF Donald Reeb    
DNF Samuel Pickman (California Giant Cycling/Califo)    
DNF Joshua Carter (Team Hotel San Jose/Hotel San J)    
DNF William John Corey Steinbrecher (Pista Palace/Team Pista Palace)    
DNF Josh Crow    
DNF Jerome Townsend    
DNF Brandt Tyler (California Giant Cycling)    
DNF Dylan Mcnicholas (CCB International)    
DNF Alister Ratcliff (    
DNF Kevin Mullervy (Escalera Racing Club/Team Exerg)    
DNF Conor Mullervy (Team Exergy)    
DNF Sterling Magnell (McGuire Cycling Team)    
DNF Michael Gallagher (US Armed Forces)    
DNF Domingues Cory    
DNF Barry Lee (Team Hotel San Jose/Hotel San J)    
DNS Mathew Davis (Team LaS'port)    
DNS Chris Turner (Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club)    
DNS Sergio Hernandez (VRC/NOW-MS Society)    
DNS Jonathan Baskin    
DNS Michael Easter (Franco Factory Team)    
DNS Sean Coleman    
DNS John Hunt (California Giant Cycling/Califo)    
DNS Brian Williams (Northern Rockies Cycling Team/M)    
DNS Jason Short (Matrix Cycling Club/Matrix/RBM)    
DNS Steven Beardsley (Gentle Lovers)    
DNS Gabe Varela (San Diego Bicycle Club/ACQUA AL)    
DNS Joshua Liberles (Ten Speed Drive Racing/Ten Spee)    

Junior Men

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Lawson Craddock (Hot Tubes Development Cycling T) 2:42:16  
2 Tanner Putt (Cole Sport/cole sport) 0:00:12  
3 Daniel Farinha (San Jose Bicycle Club/SJBC) 0:00:19  
4 Robin Carpenter (Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp/) 0:00:20  
5 Edison Turner (Greenville Spinners Bicycle Clu) 0:00:20  
6 Peter Taylor (U.S National Team) 0:00:21  
7 Eamon Franck (Team Specialized Racing/Team Sp) 0:00:30  
8 Zack Noonan (Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp/) 0:00:30  
9 Ben Gabardi (Herring Gas Cycling/Herring Gas) 0:00:30  
10 J Fette (Lake Washington Velo/Hagens Ber) 0:00:31  
11 Colt Peterson (Bike Religion) 0:00:31  
12 Paul Lynch (Corner Cycle Cycling Club/CL No)    
13 Juan Carmona (Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp/) 0:00:31  
14 David Benkoski (Team Specialized Racing) 0:00:31  
15 Jesse Keough (Corner Cycle Cycling Club/CL No)    
16 Mathew Lipscomb (Greenville Spinners Bicycle Clu) 0:00:31  
17 Benjamin Salibra (Century Road Club Association/J) 0:00:31  
18 Angelo Roman (CMG Racing Team/Hammer Nutritio) 0:00:31  
19 Cory Williams (Major Motion Cycling Club)    
20 Nate Geoffrion (All Sport-Team Swift) 0:00:32  
21 Jeffrey Perrin (WestSide Cycling/RMCEF/RMCEF Ju) 0:00:32  
22 Alexander Meyer (St Paul Bicycle Racing Club/Bia) 0:00:32  
23 James LaBerge (Team Specialized Racing/Team Sp) 0:00:32  
24 John Tomlinson (xXx Racing)    
25 David Kessler    
26 Anders Newbury (Hot Tubes Development Cycling T) 0:00:33  
27 Ben Bertiger (Major Motion Cycling Club) 0:00:33  
28 William Zellmer (CMG Racing Team/Hammer Nutritio) 0:00:33  
29 Joel Acosta (Major Motion Cycling Club) 0:00:33  
30 Jake Boone (Team Bicycles Inc./TBi - Dedica) 0:00:33  
31 Andrew Ramage (Southern California Velo) 0:00:34  
32 Cesar Simmons (Major Motion Cycling Club) 0:00:34  
33 Alex Parks (TriStar Cycling Team/Tristar-Mo) 0:00:34  
34 Nathaniel Beams (Prochain Cycling) 0:00:34  
35 Jonathan Merritt (WestSide Cycling/RMCEF/RMCEF Ju) 0:00:34  
36 David Goodman (Frazier Cycling/Frazier Cycling)    
37 Austin Boswell (Hot Tubes Junior Development Te) 0:00:35  
38 Alex Jensen    
39 Shannon Maris (CMG Racing Team/Hammer Nutritio) 0:00:35  
40 Andrew Hemesath (Holowesko-Felt-Garmin Junior De) 0:00:35  
41 Taylor Gaines (Prochain Cycling) 0:00:35  
42 Neal Forbes (Prochain Cycling) 0:00:35  
43 Taylor Clements (Major Motion Cycling Club) 0:00:35  
44 William Rader (Bicycles Plus/Nova) 0:00:35  
45 Luke Lininger (Borah Development Team) 0:00:36  
46 Andreas Freund (Davis Bike Club/Davis Bike Club) 0:00:36  
47 Michael Pincus (FCS/ Metro Volkswagen/Metro Vol) 0:00:37  
48 Neal Shepherd (USA National) 0:00:37  
49 Jos Chalmers (florida velo development) 0:00:37  
50 Benjamin Swedberg (Rad Racing NW/Hagens Berman) 0:00:38  
51 Smith Tony (Whole Athlete) 0:00:41  
52 Thomas Jondall (White Mountain Road Club/Landis) 0:00:42  
53 Nick Newcomb (Whole Athlete) 0:00:43  
54 Jacob Arnold (Carolina Flyers) 0:00:54  
55 Amir Merali (Z's Bike Shop / Vista 0:00:54  
56 Jonathan Acosta (Major Motion Cycling Club) 0:01:27  
57 Joe Prettyman (Beaverton Bicycle Club/Bike n H) 0:01:31  
58 Wes Holloway (All Sport-Team Swift) 0:02:58  
59 Rhys Rathbun (Holowesko-Felt-Garmin)    
60 Benjamin Wolfe (Corner Cycle Cycling Club/CL No) 0:03:18  
61 Charles Hanlon (Guys Racing Club) 0:04:58  
62 Benjamin Monaghan (BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Sq) 0:04:59  
63 Ben Barthel (Echelon Santa Barbara) 0:05:00  
64 Michael Dziedzic (Bicycle Ranch)    
65 Gabriel Murray (Black Sheep Junior Cycling) 0:05:00  
66 Alexander Vaughan-Ruiz (Major Motion Cycling Club) 0:05:00  
67 Wesley Kline (Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp/)    
68 Kevin McGuire (ACT) 0:05:00  
69 Parker Kyzer (Greenville Spinners Bicycle Clu) 0:05:01  
70 Kenny Strickland (San Jose Bicycle Club/SJBC) 0:05:04  
71 Michael Reidenbach (Catoctin Cycling Club) 0:05:04  
72 Andrew Bennett (Team Specialized Racing/Team Sp) 0:05:04  
73 Andrew Lanier Jr (Team Specialized Racing/Team Sp)    
74 Davis Bentley (Whole Athlete) 0:05:05  
75 David Brookes (National Capital Velo Club/Spok) 0:05:06  
76 Phillip Somers (Wheatland Wheelers/L'Ecole No.) 0:05:10  
77 Maxwell Robb (Velosports Racing Asheville/DIY) 0:05:12  
78 AJ Snovel (Davis Bike Club/Davis Bike Club) 0:05:14  
79 Kevin Burgess (Carolina Junior Development/Car) 0:05:17  
80 Alexander Kusztyk (Southern California Velo) 0:09:26  
81 ruben delcristo (Z's Bike Shop / Vista 0:09:57  
82 Daniel Tisdell (Team Specialized Racing/Team Sp) 0:09:59  
83 Griffin Stone (Stevens Bicycle Racing) 0:10:03  
84 Collin Berry (Bike Religion) 0:10:35  
85 Michael Small (Central Arkansas Velo/CARVE) 0:10:37  
86 Aasin Taylor (Major Motion Cycling Club) 0:11:39  
87 Ryan Eastman (USA Junior National Team) 0:11:42  
88 Clinton Anderson (Northwest Velo/First Rate Mortg) 0:12:59  
89 Robert Chorost (RIDECLEAN) 0:15:12  
90 Phelan Kostur (Team Oregon) 0:15:12  
91 Scott Stern (Southern California Velo) 0:15:13  
92 Ricky Randall (Matrix Cycling Club/Matrix/RBM) 0:15:18  
93 Alexander Gee (Tieni Duro Junior Cycling Team) 0:17:06  
94 Chandler Knop (Felt/Holowesko/Garmin) 0:18:29  
95 Jacob White (Team Power Train) 0:24:06  
96 Ian Sewalt 0:24:10  
97 Argenis Morales (Major Motion Cycling Club) 0:24:10  
98 Andrew Sjogren (Pull Thru Racing/Team PossAbili) 0:24:12  
99 Royce Strange (GS Tenzing) 0:24:13  
100 Ethan Moorhead (Violet Crown Sports Assoc) 0:25:01  
101 Vance Fletcher (Des Moines Cycle Club/DMOS/RDMB) 0:25:02  
102 Redding Shelby (Team Bicycles Inc./TBi - Dedica) 0:25:02  
103 Cole Sprague 0:25:02  
104 Evan Kirk 0:25:03  
105 Oliver Hiller (Corner Cycle Cycling Club/CL No) 0:25:04  
106 Ian Sullivan (Velosports Racing Asheville/DIY) 0:39:29  
107 Samuel Phillips 0:39:29  
107 Kyle Anderson (FCS/ Metro Volkswagen/Metro Vol)    
109 Spencer Jordan (Fayetteville Wheelmen/Tyson Rac) 0:40:29  
110 Ryan Gadow (San Jose Bicycle Club/SJBC) 0:42:29  
111 Daniel Rudalev 0:42:31  
DNF Zachary Semian (Chester County Cycling Foundati)    
DNF Torey Philipp (Team Specialized Racing/Team Sp)    
DNF John Piasta (All Sport-Team Swift)    
DNF Alex Battles-Wood (Team Hotel San Jose/Hotel San J)    
DNF Taylor Warren (Florida Velo Jr Development Tea)    
DNF Michael Raynor (Velosports Racing Asheville/DIY)    
DNF Adam Hodes (Tieni Duro Junior Cycling Team)    
DNF Joseph Christensen (San Jose Bicycle Club/SJBC)    
DNF Merrill Lutsky (Silver Cycling/SilverCycling)    
DNF Wyatt Briggs (Uwharrie Wheelmen/powered-byou)    
DNF Cody Tapley (Davis Bike Club)    
DNF Aubrey Moore (Greenville Spinners Bicycle Clu)    
DNF Zachary Wick (Davis Bike Club/Davis Bike Club)    
DNF Geovany Morales (Major Motion Cycling Club)    
DNF Evan Wynn (DIY Music p/b AYC)    
DNF Preble Kolby    
DNF Jeffrey Alpert (Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp/)    
DNS Kristopher Jorgenson (CMG Racing Team/Hammer Nutritio)    
DNS Christopher Flanagan (All Sport-Team Swift)