Minnaar defends downhill world championship in front of home crowd

Hannah and Graves give Australia remaining two podium spots

To the delight of hometown fans who packed the mountainside, Greg Minnaar (South Africa) defended his downhill world championship title in the final event at the UCI Mountain Bike World Championship on Sunday afternoon in Pietermaritzburg. The Australians had a good day, too, with Mick Hannah in second spot and Jared Graves in third.

"Thanks to South Africa for backing me. It wasn't just Pietermaritzburg - people travelled from all over South Africa," said Minnaar, who owns a bike shop almost next to the course.

"I had a terrible practice this morning. I've been battling with a hip injury all year, and my right leg hasn't really been working. I went back to the house after practice, and the chiropractor helped me."

"At the top of the track during my run, I felt I was going pretty well. The marshalls were shouting my name - that's a lot of pressure!"

Johan Potgieter (South Africa) got the fans warmed up by setting an early best time of 4:13.719 as the seventh man down the mountain on a dusty, dry, pedally track on a cool afternoon.

Next to assume his position in the hot seat was Australian Graves, who knocked a whopping 12 seconds off Potgieter's time. Graves, who has been busy competing in the enduro World Cup this year, actually raced his enduro bike rather than a downhill bike.

"I decided to race my enduro bike here today about five months ago. I knew I would be busy racing enduro all year and not have much time to ride my downhill bike this year," said Graves.

"I did the downhill World Cup in Fort William earlier this year and never felt comfortable on my downhill bike. I didn't want to spend all this week setting up my downhill bike. If there is one track you can get away with a slightly smaller bike, it's this one. I knew I'd lose time up top, but I figured I'd make up time at the bottom. It paid off."

His ride was so impressive that it held up as the fastest until the sixth to last rider of the day. In between, Steve Peat (Great Britain), Nick Beer (Switzerland) and Matthew Simmonds (Great Britain) would come close by placing second best times at the moment of each of their runs, but none could unseat Graves.

Peat was racing his 21st consecutive downhill world championships.

Several riders seemed to be doing well at the first split, but then would loose time in the middle section leading up until the second split - usually so much it would cost them any chances at the podium. The pedalling was taking its toll.

Two favorites crashed out of contention: Danny Hart (Great Britain) and Aaron Gwin (United States). The latter, although he gingerly rode the rest of the way down the track, appeared to have a significant shoulder injury and was immediately attended by medics after finishing.

Mick Hannah (Australia) was the next man to occupy the hot seat. He was four seconds up by split 1, then 3.9 seconds up by split 2. He had been the fastest rider during the time session and was clearly flying all week. He finished in 3:59.454.

"It was encouraging to see Tracey do so well after some rough months," said Hannah of his sister, who medalled in the elite women's downhill.

"A couple of years ago, I was having a rough time. I signed with my current Hutchinson United team, and my goal was Worlds in South Africa. It was a three-year plan. As I got into it, I started progressing everywhere else, and this became just just another race."

Hannah also said he appreciated all the crowd support during his run.

First-year elite Loic Bruni (France) was not fast enough to make the podium and Sam Hill (Australia) was already down by seven seconds when he did a superman and took a huge crash.

The crowd roared to life as the third to last rider, Minnaar, took to the start. He looked good on the upper portion of the track and was up by 1.049 seconds at split 1. The crowd got very quiet and held its collective breath when he was down by 0.866 at split 2, but unlike the other competitors on the day, Minnaar made up time on the last section to set a new best time of 3:58.058.

"I got through the first technical section pretty good," said Minnaar. "Mid-way down, I was empty on the tabletops. Coming down to the bottom, my legs were on fire and were burning. I could hardly breathe, but I knew I didn't have much track left. I dug deep in that last section."

The second to last man, Steve Smith (Canada), couldn't keep his winning ways going from the Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup a few weeks ago and crashed almost right out of the gate on the first corner. His chances at a medal were over quickly.

Finally, Gee Atherton (Great Britain), a former world champion, took to the start. He didn't look nearly as smooth during his run and by split 1, he was slower by 1.536 seconds. At split 2, he was 3.533 down and seemed unlikely to make up enough time to upset Minnaar.

As confirmation came in that Minnaar did indeed have the best time, the crowd went wild, just beginning the celebration of his third world title and guaranteeing lots of partying would happen across Pietermaritzburg tonight.

Remarkably, Minnaar flatted during his run, but even he didn't feel it at first.

"I think I flatted in the last rock section, but I only felt it over the Moneymaker and came into the last jump," he said. "Through the last section, I straightened it up as best I could. I knew I could carry speed and didn't want to risk anything."

Full Results

Elite men downhill finals
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Greg Minnaar (South Africa)0:03:58.058 
2Michael Hannah (Australia)0:00:00.396 
3Jared Graves (Australia)0:00:03.333 
4Samuel Blenkinsop (New Zealand)0:00:03.746 
5Matthew Simmonds (Great Britain)0:00:03.939 
6Nick Beer (Switzerland)0:00:04.041 
7Gee Atherton (Great Britain)0:00:04.303 
8Marcelo Gutierrez Villegas (Colombia)0:00:04.423 
9Johannes Fischbach (Germany)0:00:04.759 
10Troy Brosnan (Australia)0:00:06.582 
11Loic Bruni (France)0:00:06.922 
12Markus Pekoll (Austria)0:00:07.019 
13George Brannigan (New Zealand)0:00:07.927 
14Neko Mulally (United States Of America)0:00:08.878 
15Steve Peat (Great Britain)0:00:09.204 
16Andrew Neethling (South Africa)0:00:09.709 
17Wyn Masters (New Zealand)0:00:11.317 
18Florent Payet (France)0:00:12.766 
19Josh Bryceland (Great Britain)0:00:13.042 
20Patrick Thome (France)0:00:13.181 
21Lorenzo Suding (Italy)0:00:13.503 
22Guillaume Cauvin (France)0:00:14.265 
23Tiaan Odendaal (South Africa)0:00:14.430 
24Brook Macdonald (New Zealand)0:00:14.813 
25Antonio Ferreiro Pajuelo (Spain)0:00:14.977 
26Isak Leivsson (Norway)0:00:15.036 
27Marc Beaumont (Great Britain)0:00:15.040 
28Rémi Thirion (France)0:00:15.613 
29Johann Potgieter (South Africa)0:00:15.661 
30Damien Spagnolo (France)0:00:16.118 
31Ziga Pandur (Slovenia)0:00:16.184 
32Mario José Jarrin Molina (Ecuador)0:00:17.619 
33Logan Binggeli (United States Of America)0:00:18.735 
34Faustin Figaret (France)0:00:18.935 
35Filip Polc (Slovakia)0:00:19.625 
36Kevin Aiello (United States Of America)0:00:19.999 
37Robin Wallner (Sweden)0:00:20.161 
38Andreas Sieber (Germany)0:00:20.223 
39Francisco Pardal (Portugal)0:00:20.334 
40Stefan Garlicki (South Africa)0:00:20.408 
41Hayden Brown (South Africa)0:00:20.705 
42Emanuel Pombo (Portugal)0:00:21.338 
43Zakarias Blom Johansen (Norway)0:00:21.372 
44Sidney Slotegraaf (Canada)0:00:21.718 
45Forrest Riesco (Canada)0:00:21.751 
46Timothy Bentley (South Africa)0:00:22.110 
47Oscar Harnstrom (Sweden)0:00:22.304 
48Manuel Gruber (Austria)0:00:22.461 
49Jasper Jauch (Germany)0:00:23.469 
50Alasdair Fey (South Africa)0:00:23.500 
51Christian Textor (Germany)0:00:23.757 
52Louis Hamilton (New Zealand)0:00:23.944 
53Benny Strasser (Germany)0:00:26.061 
54Martin Knapec (Slovakia)0:00:26.458 
55Maximilian Bender (Germany)0:00:26.508 
56Mitch Ropelato (United States Of America)0:00:26.868 
57Marco Milivinti (Italy)0:00:30.300 
58Jeremias Maio (Argentina)0:00:32.019 
59David Trummer (Austria)0:00:33.382 
60Santiago De Santiago (Argentina)0:00:34.945 
61Bernardo Neves Cruz (Brazil)0:00:35.236 
62Naoki Idegawa (Japan)0:00:35.701 
63Steve Smith (Canada)0:00:37.195 
64Kazuki Shimizu (Japan)0:00:39.486 
65Nataniel Giacomozzi (Brazil)0:00:39.782 
66Danny Hart (Great Britain)0:00:44.563 
67Aaron Gwin (United States Of America)0:01:00.436 
68Samuel Hill (Australia)0:03:23.462 
DNSMatej Charvat (Czech Republic)  


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