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UCI Mountain Bike World Championships 2012

Date range:
August 31 - September 9, 2012

September 08, Junior men cross country:

Cooper cruises to junior men's cross country title

Sue George, Mountain Bike Editor
September 08, 2012, 9:25 BST,
September 08, 2012, 21:53 BST

French duo round out podium

Anton Cooper (New Zealand) win the junior men's cross country world championship

Anton Cooper (New Zealand) win the junior men's cross country world championship

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Anton Cooper won a gold medal for New Zealand in the junior men's cross country race at the mountain bike world championships in Saalfelden, Austria on Saturday morning. The Kiwi rider upset defending champion Victor Koretzky (France) and Titouan Carod (France).

"One of my goals I set for this year was to win the world championships," said Cooper. "It's been a dream as a kid to win this thing. I'm finally satisfied. I felt relaxed. Everything just fell into place."

Cooper set the pace from the start and only Koretzky could hang at first; however, the French maintained a strong presence at the front of the field. On the first lap, Cooper was chased by three French riders in a row: Koretzky, Carod and Antoine Bouqueret (France) and Romain Seigle (France) was not far behind them.

"The pace was hot. I knew going up the first climb because I could listen to the other riders breathing," said Cooper. "I got first into the singletrack. I wasn't quite on to it and I let a couple of the riders pass me, but I managed to get them back not long after and took the lead again. I played my cards well. I felt comfortable with my race and how it was going."

Carod bridged up to Cooper and Koretzky on lap two, but by the end of that lap, Cooper had dropped them both and would ride the rest of the start-loop-plus-four-lap race on his own off the front.

Koretzky and Carod were left to battle for silver and they remained close throughout the race, but the defending champion triumphed in the end.

"I felt good today, but Anton was stronger," said Koretzky. "For me, it was difficult on the uphill road sections. After he dropped me, I ended up in a race with Titouan. I went into the last singletrack first to keep my second place on that final lap.

"The French junior team is so good. It's a good achievement for us French juniors."

Carod said, "I feel very good. In the start, I had a bobble, and on the second lap, my legs were good, and I got on the wheel of Anton. We French are very strong. Anton and Victor got clear of me, but in the finish, Victor and I were very tight."

Seigle was fourth ahead of Keegan Swenson (United States) in fifth.

"I had a little problem at the start and missed my pedal. I had to catch up, but I felt good," said Swenson. "The race was fast - consistently fast."

Swenson, who will move up to the U23 ranks along with all of the top nine finishers on the day, is looking forward to the transition and was delighted to make his goal of finishing in the top five. "It was a great season. I had a bunch of top 10s and World Cup finishes and a national title. I'm excited for the U23s. It will be fun."

Full Results

Junior men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Anton Cooper (New-Zealand) 1:06:53  
2 Victor Koretzky (France) 0:02:17  
3 Titouan Carod (France) 0:02:34  
4 Romain Seigle (France) 0:04:06  
5 Keegan Swenson (United States Of America) 0:04:35  
6 Antoine Bouqueret (France) 0:04:54  
7 Enea Vetsch (Switzerland) 0:04:57  
8 Kevin Panhuyzen (Belgium) 0:05:06  
9 Beltain Schmid (Italy)    
10 Manuel Fasnacht (Switzerland) 0:05:07  
11 Nicolas Sessler (Brazil) 0:05:34  
12 Eirik Sverdrup Augdal (Norway) 0:05:40  
13 Georg Egger (Germany) 0:05:52  
14 Ben Zwiehoff (Germany) 0:06:01  
15 Martin Frey (Germany) 0:06:05  
16 Dominic Zumstein (Switzerland) 0:06:06  
17 Piotr Konwa (Poland) 0:06:18  
18 Andri Frischknecht (Switzerland) 0:06:26  
19 Artem Shevtsov (Ukraine)    
20 Lukas Baum (Germany) 0:06:35  
21 Oleksii Zavolokin (Ukraine) 0:06:42  
22 Boris Cara (Belgium) 0:07:07  
23 Martin Stosek (Czech Republic) 0:07:21  
24 Sebastian Carstensen Fini (Denmark) 0:07:24  
25 Jesper Slik (Netherlands) 0:07:30  
26 Emil Linde (Sweden) 0:07:35  
27 Toki Sawada (Japan) 0:07:44  
28 Ben Bradley (Australia) 0:07:46  
29 Nigel Mcdowell (New-Zealand) 0:08:13  
30 Raphael Gay (France)    
31 Peteris Janevics (Latvia) 0:08:14  
32 Jan Vastl (Czech Republic) 0:08:48  
33 Marc-Antoine Nadon (Canada) 0:08:50  
34 Daniel Voitl (Germany) 0:08:51  
35 Luis Camacho (Costa Rica) 0:09:04  
36 Philipp Bertsch (Germany) 0:09:13  
37 Edvard Vea Iversen (Norway) 0:09:21  
38 Ruslan Boredskiy (Russian Federation) 0:09:25  
39 Massimo Rosa (Italy) 0:09:26  
40 Elias Hagspiel (Austria)    
41 Michael Mayer (Austria) 0:09:40  
42 Patrick Belton (South Africa) 0:09:43  
43 Niels Rasmussen (Denmark) 0:09:47  
44 Omer Shubi (Israel) 0:09:49  
45 Javier Cerdeno (Spain) 0:10:02  
46 Sam Gaze (New-Zealand) 0:10:31  
47 Denis Fumarola (Italy) 0:10:42  
48 Samuel Stean (Great Britain) 0:10:46  
49 Amado Goncalco Duarte Basilio (Portugal) 0:10:55  
50 Casey Williams (United States Of America) 0:11:07  
51 José Pedro Silva Dias (Portugal) 0:11:28  
52 Alberto Rossi (Italy) 0:12:01  
53 Max Foidl (Austria)    
-1lap Paul Rodenbach (South Africa)    
-1lap Alexandre Vialle (Canada)    
-1lap Kohei Maeda (Japan)    
-1lap Mathieu Dehaeze (Belgium)    
-1lap Michael Thompson (Great Britain)    
-1lap Felipe Rodrigo Garry Rojas (Chile)    
-1lap Louis Bendixen (Denmark)    
-1lap Franco Nicolas Adaos Alvarez (Chile)    
-1lap Iain Paton (Great Britain)    
-1lap Diego Gonzalez Calderon (Spain)    
-1lap Karl Henrik Nordbakken (Norway)    
-1lap Martin Fusek (Czech Republic)    
-1lap Sylwester Seweryn (Poland)    
-1lap Gregor Krajnc (Slovenia)    
-1lap Philipp Wetzelberger (Austria)    
-1lap Roman Vladykin (Russian Federation)    
-1lap Christopher Aitken (Australia)    
-1lap Lukasz Szymczuk (Poland)    
-1lap Guy Niv (Israel)    
-1lap Peter Disera (Canada)    
-2laps Fabian Costa (Austria)    
-2laps Amit Krispil (Israel)    
-2laps Maksymilian Jedrzejczyk (Poland)    
-2laps Andrea Maccagli (San Marino)    
-2laps Cristian Losonczi (Romania)    
-2laps Gregor Dimic (Slovenia)    
-2laps Ben Comfort (Australia)    
-2laps Kyle Dorkin (South Africa)    
-2laps Connor Bell (United States Of America)    
-2laps Blaz Kadivec (Slovenia)    
-2laps Jihun Lim (Republic Of Korea)    
-2laps Jose Antonio Barroso Roque (Spain)    
-2laps Leandro Baez (Argentina)    
-2laps Nikita Fedorov (Russian Federation)    
-2laps Ricardo Pelegrina (Argentina)    
-2laps Simon Vozar (Slovakia)    
-2laps Andreas Mündle (Liechtenstein)    
-2laps Adam Horvath (Hungary)    
-2laps Matej Fackovec (Slovakia)    
-2laps Dominik Banyai (Hungary)    
-2laps Luka Pussnik (Slovenia)    
-2laps Dylan Hattingh (South Africa)    
-2laps Paolo Rigo (Croatia)    
-3laps Lukas Kaufmann (Austria)    
-3laps Pawel Kawalec (Poland)    
-3laps Slobodan Stankovic (Serbia)    
DNF Ondrej Glajza (Slovakia)    
DNF Romain Bannwart (Switzerland)    
DNF Fredrik Fang Liland (Norway)    
DNS Lucas Newcomb (United States Of America)    
DNS Johan Widen (Sweden)    
Rankings by nation
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 France 300  pts
2 Switzerland 276  
3 Germany 267  
4 New-Zealand 233  
5 Belgium 222  
6 Italy 214  
7 Norway 196  
8 Czech Republic 189  
9 Denmark 182  
10 Austria 175  
11 United States Of America 172  
12 Ukraine 166  
13 Poland 155  
14 Canada 148  
15 Great Britain 141  
16 South Africa 132  
17 Australia 131  
18 Japan 123  
19 Israel 118  
20 Spain 116  
21 Russian Federation 115  
22 Portugal 106  
23 Brazil 92  
24 Chile 86  
25 Slovenia 80  
26 Netherlands 78  
27 Sweden 77  
28 Latvia 72  
29 Costa Rica 68  
30 Argentina 32  
31 San Marino 26  
32 Romania 25  
33 Slovakia 25  
34 Hungary 22  
35 Republic Of Korea 19  
36 Liechtenstein 13  
37 Croatia 7  
38 Serbia 4