Sweeck leads Belgian podium sweep

Belgians dominate home World Cup

The Belgian Junior men were unstoppable on snow-covered home soil in Kalmthout. Laurens Sweeck, winner of the first World Cup round, added a second solo win to his tally. Daniel Peeters (Belgium) managed to put himself just ahead of Laurens's twin brother Diether Sweeck.

Clément Venturini (France) was best of the rest at fifteen seconds from the winner. Behind him Lars Forster (Switzerland) outsprinted Yannick Eckmann (Germany) and Vojtech Nipl (Czech Republic).

Of the American riders, Bjorn Fox was the first of the delegation at more than three minutes down from the winner.

Full Results
1Laurens Sweeck (Belgium)0:36:51 
2Daniel Peeters (Belgium)0:00:08 
3Diether Sweeck (Belgium)0:00:10 
4Clément Venturini (France)0:00:15 
5Lars Forster (Switzerland)0:00:17 
6Yannick Eckmann (Germany)  
7Vojtech Nipl (Czech Republic)0:00:18 
8Jakub Skala (Czech Republic)0:00:33 
9Federico Zurlo (Italy)0:00:37 
10Tomas Medek (Czech Republic)  
11Quentin Jauregui (France)  
12Silvio Herklotz (Germany)0:00:39 
13Jaap De Man (Netherlands)0:00:42 
14Yorben Van Tichelt (Belgium)0:00:43 
15Fabien Doubey (France)  
16Pablo Rodriguez Guede (Spain)0:00:53 
17Kévin Bouvard (France)0:00:54 
18Jens Vandekinderen (Belgium)0:00:57 
19Michael Vanthourenhout (Belgium)0:00:58 
20Toon Aerts (Belgium-B)0:01:03 
21Lorenzo Samparisi (Italy)0:01:08 
22Daan Soete (Belgium)0:01:15 
23Douwe Verberne (Netherlands)0:01:23 
24Fabian Lienhard (Switzerland)0:01:28 
25Stan Godrie (Netherlands)0:01:34 
26Tomas Bohata (Czech Republic)0:01:42 
27Matthias Van De Velde (Belgium-B)0:01:48 
28Daan Hoeyberghs (Belgium-B)0:01:53 
29Andri Frischknecht (Switzerland)0:01:54 
30Wojciech Malec (Poland)0:02:09 
31Dylan Page (Switzerland)  
32Anthony Turgis (France)0:02:12 
33Koen Weijers (Netherlands)0:02:13 
34Romain Seigle (France)0:02:17 
35Danny Van Poppel (Netherlands)0:02:25 
36Wout Van Aert (Belgium-B)  
37Alistair Slater (Great Britain)0:02:37 
38Steffen Müller (Germany)0:02:44 
39Karl Hoppner (Canada)0:02:57 
40Dominic Zumstein (Switzerland)0:03:00 
41Kevin Suarez (Spain)0:03:01 
42Jorn Claes (Belgium-B)  
43Ondrej Louvar (Czech Republic)0:03:05 
44Bjorn Fox (United States)0:03:10 
45Tom Schwarmes (Luxembourg)0:03:19 
46Hugo Robinson (Great Britain)0:03:21 
47Tomas Svoboda (Czech Republic)0:03:24 
48Yannick Gruner (Germany)0:03:31 
49Zane Godby (United States)0:03:32 
50Patryk Kostecki (Poland)0:03:35 
51Jack Clarkson (Great Britain)0:03:40 
52Enrico Scapolan (Italy)0:04:06 
53Timo Verschueren (Belgium-B)0:04:11 
54Emil Arvid Olsen (Denmark)0:04:14 
55Joseph Moses (Great Britain)0:04:33 
56Marcin Malewicz (Poland)0:04:37 
57Jimmy Reinert (Luxembourg)0:04:41 
58Andrew Dillman (United States)0:04:42 
59Julian Lehmann (Germany)0:04:55 
60Sven Fritsch (Luxembourg)0:04:56 
61Cypress Gorry (United States)0:05:06 
62Kamil Wolkiewicz (Poland)0:05:30 
63Wojciech Szyniec (Poland)0:05:39 
64Ben Krux (Luxembourg)0:05:49 
65Jeroen Meijers (Netherlands)0:05:54 
66Kolben Preble (United States) -3laps 
Junior Men World Cup standings after round 2
1Laurens Sweeck (Belgium)120pts
2Daniel Peeters (Belgium)100 
3Diether Sweeck (Belgium)90 
4Lars Forster (Switzerland)70 
5Clément Venturini (France)57 
6Yannick Eckmann (Germany)56 
7Yorben Van Tichelt (Belgium)45 
8Quentin Jauregui (France)44 
9Jens Vandekinderen (Belgium)43 
10Danny Van Poppel (Netherlands)40 
11Jaap De Man (Netherlands)38 
12Silvio Herklotz (Germany)38 
13Fabien Doubey (France)34 
14Federico Zurlo (Italy)32 
15Tomas Medek (Czech Republic)31 
16Kévin Bouvard (France)30 
17Pablo Rodriguez Guede (Spain)30 
18Vojtech Nipl (Czech Republic)28 
19Stan Godrie (Netherlands)28 
20Jakub Skala (Czech Republic)26 
21Daan Soete (Belgium)23 
22Toon Aerts (Belgium)22 
23Lorenzo Samparisi (Italy)20 
24Daan Hoeyberghs (Belgium)15 
25Jeroen Meijers (Netherlands)13 
26Michael Vanthourenhout (Belgium)12 
27Fabian Lienhard (Switzerland)12 
28Douwe Verberne (Netherlands)8 
29Matthias Van De Velde (Belgium)8 
30Jorn Claes (Belgium)7 
31Maxim Panis (Belgium)6 
32Tomas Bohata (Czech Republic)5 
33Kevin Ledanois (France)3 
34Andri Frischknecht (Switzerland)2 
35Dominic Zumstein (Switzerland)2 
36Wojciech Malec (Poland)1 
37Emil Arvid Olsen (Denmark)1 
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