Davis dominates Grand Prix

Australian completes a month of success

Recently crowned Commonwealth Games gold medallist, Allan Davis (Astana) completed the most successful month of his career with victory in the Northside Party Hire Noosa Grand Prix on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

Davis took the bronze medal in Australia at the UCI Road World Championship at the beginning of the month, gold in Delhi mid- month. and celebrated by winning the criterium alone.

Davis made a number of attempts to breakaway before he was eventually joined by Mathew Hayman (Sky) and Jack Bobridge (Garmin-Transitions). Davis has a reputation as one of the best sprinters in the sport and so an attack on the final lap was expected from Hayman or Bobridge. However it was Davis himself who made the move to win on his own.

"When I went I had a look over my shoulder and no one was there so I kept going," Davis said. "Being older I think I will probably race more like that (because) I can do more things than just sprint."

It was a successful end to the 2010 season for Davis after a difficult start.

"I was criticized in Europe and by the media coming back to the season for being a little overweight," the now lean looking Davis said. "I started the year pacing myself for the end of the year, (particularly the) world championships and Commonwealth Games. But they were right and I will be looking at starting next season in much better shape."

Bobridge got the better of Hayman in the sprint for second place but was quick to acknowledge the strength of Davis.

"He was just way too strong for me today. When Allan hit me I had nothing left. He came round me like ten men, so I knew I had to keep going and try for second," said Bobridge.

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