Driscoll over-powers Trebon for Harbin victory

Jones settles for third after dismount

Jamey Driscoll (Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld) claimed the victory in the Harbin Park International, taking advantage of teamwork by Ryan Trebon to neutralize the challenge by Chris Jones (Rapha-Focus) and steal away for the win.

Determined to put a Rapha Focus rider on the C1 podium, Zach McDonald (Rapha Focus) steamed through the sand in the first lap with nine riders on his wheel including: Brian Matter (RACC p/b GG), Trebon, Ben Berden (Raleigh/Clement), Driscoll, McDonald’s teammate Christopher Jones, Chris Sheppard (Rocky Mountain), Troy Wells and Mitchell Hoke (Team CLIF Bar), as well as Bradley White (Mom’s In Tow Cyclocross.) All rode through clean, but behind many were forced to dismount as riders stacked on the turn exiting the sand.

Trebon used the uphill barriers as his launching pad to break up the Rapha Focus grip on the front. Three laps in, he whittled it down to a group of five with teammate Driscoll, the Rapha Focus duo of Jones and McDonald along with Berden. Behind, Sheppard teamed up with Matter in the second group. Josh Johnson (Bissell-ABG-NUVO), Wells and White created a train a few seconds back. With Berden along for the ride, it was Cannondale/CyclocrossWorld versus Rapha Focus.

Jones fired the first shots with a big effort out of the sand and up the hill preceding the barriers. No dice. The group of five slowed with the tactics and allowed Matter and Sheppard to tag on. With five laps to go, Trebon tried again at the barriers, but Jones was having none of it and led through at the top. Later in the lap, Trebon tried again, this time in a stretch of deep mud that transitioned across the road. It stuck. Trebon broke free with Jones leaving Driscoll behind with Berden and Matter. McDonald briefly fell back to 7th behind Sheppard.

Maybe sensing that Matter and Berden couldn’t muster the strength to close the gap, Driscoll charged across on the climb preceding the barriers. It was now a Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld sandwich with Rapha Focus’ Jones in the middle.

After the race Driscoll said Trebon encouraged him to pull and confided that he simply rode hard and opened up a gap on Jones and Trebon. When he saw it, he stretched it through the barriers. McDonald couldn’t answer and was stuck giving Trebon a free ride. With two laps to go, Jones bobbled in the sand and had to dismount. Trebon capitalized and blew past him to solidify second place.

Even with the top three confirmed, the finish wasn’t without drama. Berden and McDonald drag raced to the line for 4th. McDonald took it by a half bike length along the left hand side of the fence. Four riders came to the line fighting for twelfth: Kevin Bradford (Emde Sports-Fitness Fanatics), Chase Dickens (American Classic Pro Team), Allen Krughoff (Raleigh Clement), and Ryan Knapp (The Pony Shop). In the scrum for the line, two riders tangled and Dickens hit the deck hard. He rolled, grabbed his bike in the same motion and narrowly made the top 15 on foot.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1James Driscoll (USA) Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld0:58:29 
2Ryan Trebon (USA) Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld0:00:26 
3Christopher Jones (USA) Rapha-Focus0:00:46 
4Zach Mcdonald (USA) Rapha-Focus0:00:58 
5Ben Berden (Bel) Raleigh Clement  
6Brian Matter (USA) RACC pb GG0:01:19 
7Chris Sheppard (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles0:02:03 
8Bradley White (USA) Moms in Tow Cyclocross0:02:53 
9Joshua Johnson (USA) Bissell-ABG-NUVO0:03:16 
10Benjamin Sonntag (Ger)0:03:31 
11Troy Wells (USA) Team CLIF BAR0:03:39 
12Kevin Bradford-Parish (USA) Emde Sports - Fitness Fanatics0:03:44 
13Allen Krughoff (USA) Raleigh Clement0:03:46 
14Ryan Knapp (USA) The Pony Shop0:03:47 
15Chase Dickens (USA) American Classic Pro Team0:03:52 
16Gian Dalle Angelini (USA) Don Walker Cycles0:03:57 
17Craig Richey (Can) Sponsorconnected.com p/b Ridley Bikes0:04:39 
18Corey Stelljes (USA) Cyclocrossracing.com0:05:06 
19Mark Parmelee (USA)0:05:33 
20Richard Cypress Gorry (USA) Whole Athlete-Specialized0:05:37 
21Sven Baumann (Ger) Wolverine Sports Club0:05:39 
22Craig Etheridge (USA) RALEIGH CLEMENT0:05:45 
23Nicholas Waite (USA) Pro Tested Gear0:05:58 
24Ryan Fawley (USA) Pro Tested Gear0:06:06 
25Lewis Gaffney (USA) Team FITaos0:06:13 
26Greg Wittwer (USA) Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross Team0:06:23 
27Joseph Maloney (USA) KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin0:06:25 
28Tom Burke (USA) Lathrup Industries/Giant Bicycles0:06:26 
29Andrew Dillman (USA) Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team P/B Motorex0:06:47 
30Robert Marion (USA) American Classic Pro CX Team0:06:52 
31Andy Reardon (USA) Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross Team0:07:01 
32Spencer Paxson (USA) Kona Bicycles0:07:13 
33Christopher Bogedin (USA) McDonalds Cycling Team-2laps 
34Jason Siegle (USA) SDG/Felt-2laps 
35Daniel Gerow (USA) Wolverine Racing Elite CX-2laps 
36Ryan Gamm (USA) Ohio Valley Velo Sports-2laps 
37David (Shawn) Adams (USA) Cycle-Smart-2laps 
38John Proppe (USA) Team Lake Effect-3laps 
39Chad Tieman (USA) Team Upland p/b Sustainable Cycling-3laps 
40Christopher Uberti (USA) Team Racing Cyclocross-3laps 
41Justin Crawford (USA) VeloShine Cycling Team-3laps 
42Michael Crouch (USA)-3laps 
43Anthony Viton (USA)-3laps 
44Raymond Smith (USA)-3laps 
45Ernesto Marenchin (USA)-4laps 
46Ashton Wischmeier (USA)-4laps 
47Benjamin Coleman (USA)-4laps 
48Alistair Sponsel (USA)-4laps 
49Scott Baumer (USA)-5laps 
50James Billiter (USA)-5laps 
DNFMike Sherer (USA)  
DNFAdam York (USA)  
DNFTristan Schouten (USA)  
DNFMitchell Hoke (USA)  
DNFTravis Livermon (USA)  
DNSMyles Lietzke (USA)  
DNSTimothy Johnson (USA)  
DNSZachary Bender (USA)  
DNSNathan Robinson (USA)  
DNSWilliam Street (USA)  
DNSJason Monk (USA)  


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