Longo-Ciprelli wins again

51-year-old Frenchwoman claims 57th national championship

Age hasn’t slowed down the incredible career of Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli (Rhône-Alpes), who will spend another season in the French Time Trial Champion jersey after today’s victory. The title takes the 51-year-old’s title tally in the discipline to nine, complemented nicely by the 15 road race champion titles she’s picked up along the way.

Longo-Ciprelli finished way ahead of her nearest rival on today’s 24.7 kilometre title race. Her nearest rival was Edwige Pitel (Michela), who finished 1:19 minutes behind, while Christel Ferrier-Bruneau (Vienne Futur) was just a further 12 seconds behind.

Longo-Ciprelli’s age is increasingly outweighed by the titles she has won, having claimed 57 national championships across the disciplines and levels she’s competed in. That number could increase later this week when the French road title race is up for grabs.

Full Results
1Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli (Rhône-Alpes)0:34:51 
2Edwige Pitel (Michela)0:01:19 
3Christel Ferrier-Bruneau (Vienne Futur)0:01:31 
4Aude Biannic (Bretagne)0:01:45 
5Julie Krasniak (Lorraine)0:01:48 
6Delphine Pelletier (Centre)0:02:04 
7Mélodie Lesueur (ESGL 93)0:02:09 
8Caroline Mani (Vienne Futur)0:02:19 
9Audrey Cordon (Vienne Futur)0:02:21 
10Amélie Rivat (Rhône-Alpes)0:03:03 
11Julie Augizeau (Pays Loire)0:03:18 
12Joanne Duval (Bourgogne)0:03:27 
13Sophie Creux (ESGL 93)0:03:37 
14Alna Burato (Champ Ard)0:03:47 
15Jenifer Letue (Vienne Futur)0:03:48 
16Marie-Laure Cloarec (Ile France)0:04:03 
17Emmanuelle Merlot (Vienne Futur)  
18Justine Macret (Normandie)0:04:07 
19Annick Le Helley (Bourgogne)0:04:23 
20Béatrice Thomas (ESGL 93)0:04:33 
21Stéphanie Baud (Bourgogne)0:04:42 
22Aurélie Bramante (Rhône-Alpes)0:04:49 
23Mélanie Bravard (ESGL 93)0:05:19 
24Monique Gallo (Alsace)0:05:20 
25Anaïs Valiavanos (Champ Ard)0:05:28 
26Roxane Fournier (ESGL 93)0:05:42 
27Fiona Dutriaux (Vienne Futur)0:05:43 
28Nathalie Cadol (ESGL 93)0:05:55 
29Juliane Wibert (Lorraine)0:05:57 
30Lauréna Cussy (Normandie)0:05:59 
31Marion Rousse (ESGL 93)0:06:15 
32Elodie Hegoburu (ESGL 93)0:06:39 
33Fanny Riberot (Lointek)0:06:42 
34Kelly Gambier (Ile France)0:07:23 
35Blandine Camus (Provence)0:07:25 
36Aurore Verhoeven (ESGL 93)0:07:40 


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