Rasmussen/ Mørkøv hit out hard on first night

Danes a lap up after furious first night

The home town team wearing the lucky number 7 of the race favourites, Danes  Michael Mørkøv and Alex Rasmussen, took the early lead in the Copenhagen Six Day on the first night.

Seeking to defend their title at the Ballerup Super Arena is an extra added pressure, but the reigning Madison World Champions handled it with aplomb as they powered to a one-lap advantage over all but the Dutch team of Danny Stam and Peter Schep.

The first Madison was contested at a blistering pace, with the major favourites all present on the lead lap. The sprint was won in a convincing fashion by Mørkøv over Swiss legend Bruno Risi.

The Danes then went about racking up points in the minor events, netting minor placings before clocking the fastest flying lap of the night at 13.038 seconds.

Risi and partner Franco Marvulli were also busy padding their points tally with a few sprint wins and taking a derny race, but on the night's final Madison, the Swiss pair missed the break and the Danes, the Dutch pair and three other teams took a lap, leaving Risi and Marvulli down a lap in the overall standings.

Mørkøv and Rasmussen aren't counting the Swiss out yet, as five nights of feverish racing are to come.

"The atmosphere in Copenhagen was ecstatic tonight and the support was extremely motivating. The race started out in a very tough opening but we were in control of the situation which we made clear to our rivals and that was important to us. Although the Swiss are one lap behind, I still consider them as our biggest rivals before Tuesday's finale.

"Bruno Risi has over the past several years been the best six-day race cyclist and I have the feeling he intends to end his career at the very top,”  said Mørkøv.

Madison 1
1Alex Rasmussen / Michael Mørkøv (Den)20pts
2Bruno Risi / Franco Marvulli (Swi)12 
3Robert Bartko / Iljo Keisse (Ger/Bel)10 
4Danny Stam / Peter Schep (Ned)8 
5Leif Lampater / Christian Grasmann (Ger)6   -1 lap
6Jens-Erik Madsen / Marc Hester (Den)4  -2 laps
7Léon van Bon / Daniel Kreutzfeldt (Ned/Den)2 
8Colby Pearce / Daniel Holloway (USA)  
9Andreas Müller / Jesper Mørkøv (Aut/Den)   -3 laps
10Alexei Shmidt / Jiri Hochmann (Rus/Cze)  
11Alexander Aeschbach / Michael Færk (Swi/Den)   -4 laps
12Sebastian Donadio / Tristan Marguet (Arg/Swi)  
13Aloïs Kankovsky / Petr Lazar (Cze)   -5 laps
14Michael Smith Larsen / Michael Berling (Den)   -7 laps
Sprint 1
1Bruno Risi / Franco Marvulli (Swi)5pts
2Alexander Aeschbach / Michael Færk (Swi/Den)3 
3Andreas Müller / Jesper Mørkøv (Aut/Den)2 
4Sebastian Donadio / Tristan Marguet (Arg/Swi)1 
Sprint 2
1Léon van Bon / Daniel Kreutzfeldt (Ned/Den)5pts
2Leif Lampater / Christian Grasmann (Ger)3 
3Colby Pearce / Daniel Holloway (USA)2 
4Aloïs Kankovsky / Petr Lazar (Cze)1 
Sprint 3
1Sebastian Donadio / Tristan Marguet (Arg/Swi)5pts
2Alexei Shmidt / Jiri Hochmann (Rus/Cze)3 
3Alex Rasmussen / Michael Mørkøv (Den)2 
4Jens-Erik Madsen / Marc Hester (Den)1 
Sprint 4
1Bruno Risi / Franco Marvulli (Swi)5pts
2Alexander Aeschbach / Michael Færk (Swi/Den)3 
3Alexei Shmidt / Jiri Hochmann (Rus/Cze)2 
4Leif Lampater / Christian Grasmann (Ger)1 
Sprint 5
1Léon van Bon / Daniel Kreutzfeldt (Ned/Den)5pts
2Robert Bartko / Iljo Keisse (Ger/Bel)3 
3Colby Pearce / Daniel Holloway (USA)2 
4Michael Smith Larsen / Michael Berling (Den)1 
Sprint 6
1Jens-Erik Madsen / Marc Hester (Den)5pts
2Alex Rasmussen / Michael Mørkøv (Den)3 
3Bruno Risi / Franco Marvulli (Swi)2 
4Sebastian Donadio / Tristan Marguet (Arg/Swi)1 
Derny race
1Andreas Müller / Jesper Mørkøv (Aut/Den)10pts
2Aloïs Kankovsky / Petr Lazar (Cze)8 
3Alexander Aeschbach / Michael Færk (Swi/Den)6 
4Alexei Shmidt / Jiri Hochmann (Rus/Cze)4 
5Michael Smith Larsen / Michael Berling (Den)2 
6Leif Lampater / Christian Grasmann (Ger)  
500m TT
1Léon van Bon / Daniel Kreutzfeldt (Ned/Den)0:00:28 
2Danny Stam / Peter Schep (Ned)0:00:02 
Flying lap
1Alex Rasmussen / Michael Mørkøv (Den)0:00:13 
2Jens-Erik Madsen / Marc Hester (Den)0:00:00 
3Sebastian Donadio / Tristan Marguet (Arg/Swi)0:00:00 
4Bruno Risi / Franco Marvulli (Swi)0:00:00 
5Léon van Bon / Daniel Kreutzfeldt (Ned/Den)0:00:00 
6Leif Lampater / Christian Grasmann (Ger)0:00:00 
7Robert Bartko / Iljo Keisse (Ger/Bel)0:00:00 
8Aloïs Kankovsky / Petr Lazar (Cze)0:00:00 
9Alexei Shmidt / Jiri Hochmann (Rus/Cze)0:00:01 
10Alexander Aeschbach / Michael Færk (Swi/Den)0:00:01 
11Colby Pearce / Daniel Holloway (USA)0:00:01 
12Danny Stam / Peter Schep (Ned)0:00:01 
13Andreas Müller / Jesper Mørkøv (Aut/Den)0:00:01 
14Michael Smith Larsen / Michael Berling (Den)0:00:01 
1Bruno Risi / Franco Marvulli (Swi)10pts
2Alex Rasmussen / Michael Mørkøv (Den)8 
3Robert Bartko / Iljo Keisse (Ger/Bel)6 
4Léon van Bon / Daniel Kreutzfeldt (Ned/Den)4 
5Danny Stam / Peter Schep (Ned)2 
6Alexei Shmidt / Jiri Hochmann (Rus/Cze)  
7Michael Smith Larsen / Michael Berling (Den)  
Derny sprint
1Léon van Bon / Daniel Kreutzfeldt (Ned/Den)10pts
2Andreas Müller / Jesper Mørkøv (Aut/Den)6 
3Sebastian Donadio / Tristan Marguet (Arg/Swi)5 
4Alexander Aeschbach / Michael Færk (Swi/Den)4 
5Robert Bartko / Iljo Keisse (Ger/Bel)3 
6Jens-Erik Madsen / Marc Hester (Den)2 
7Alex Rasmussen / Michael Mørkøv (Den)  
8Alexei Shmidt / Jiri Hochmann (Rus/Cze)  
9Michael Smith Larsen / Michael Berling (Den)  
10Bruno Risi / Franco Marvulli (Swi)  
11Leif Lampater / Christian Grasmann (Ger)  
12Aloïs Kankovsky / Petr Lazar (Cze)  
13Colby Pearce / Daniel Holloway (USA)  
14Danny Stam / Peter Schep (Ned)  
1Michael Smith Larsen / Michael Berling (Den)10pts
2Robert Bartko / Iljo Keisse (Ger/Bel)6 
3Colby Pearce / Daniel Holloway (USA)5 
4Sebastian Donadio / Tristan Marguet (Arg/Swi)4 
5Léon van Bon / Daniel Kreutzfeldt (Ned/Den)3 
6Alexander Aeschbach / Michael Færk (Swi/Den)2 
7Alexei Shmidt / Jiri Hochmann (Rus/Cze)  
8Leif Lampater / Christian Grasmann (Ger)  
9Aloïs Kankovsky / Petr Lazar (Cze)  
10Bruno Risi / Franco Marvulli (Swi)  
11Alex Rasmussen / Michael Mørkøv (Den)  
12Jens-Erik Madsen / Marc Hester (Den)  
13Danny Stam / Peter Schep (Ned)  
14Andreas Müller / Jesper Mørkøv (Aut/Den)  
1Leif Lampater / Christian Grasmann (Ger)20pts
2Jens-Erik Madsen / Marc Hester (Den)12 
3Léon van Bon / Daniel Kreutzfeldt (Ned/Den)10 
4Danny Stam / Peter Schep (Ned)8 
5Alex Rasmussen / Michael Mørkøv (Den)6 
6Robert Bartko / Iljo Keisse (Ger/Bel)4   -1 lap
7Bruno Risi / Franco Marvulli (Swi)2 
8Colby Pearce / Daniel Holloway (USA)    -2 laps
9Sebastian Donadio / Tristan Marguet (Arg/Swi)  
10Andreas Müller / Jesper Mørkøv (Aut/Den)  
11Alexander Aeschbach / Michael Færk (Swi/Den)  
12Alexei Shmidt / Jiri Hochmann (Rus/Cze)  
13Aloïs Kankovsky / Petr Lazar (Cze)    -3 laps
14Michael Smith Larsen / Michael Berling (Den)  
Standings after night 1
1Alex Rasmussen / Michael Mørkøv (Den)49pts
2Danny Stam / Peter Schep (Ned)18 
3Bruno Risi / Franco Marvulli (Swi)40   -1 lap
4Leif Lampater / Christian Grasmann (Ger)32 
5Robert Bartko / Iljo Keisse (Ger/Bel)32 
6Léon van Bon / Daniel Kreutzfeldt (Ned/Den)42   -2 laps
7Jens-Erik Madsen / Marc Hester (Den)30 
8Colby Pearce / Daniel Holloway (USA)9   -4 laps
9Andreas Müller / Jesper Mørkøv (Aut/Den)18   -5 laps
10Alexei Shmidt / Jiri Hochmann (Rus/Cze)9 
11Sebastian Donadio / Tristan Marguet (Arg/Swi)21   -6 laps
12Alexander Aeschbach / Michael Færk (Swi/Den)18 
13Aloïs Kankovsky / Petr Lazar (Cze)9   -8 laps
14Michael Smith Larsen / Michael Berling (Den)13   -10 laps
Mini 6-day day 1
1Frederik Bohé / Jonas Wang (Den)7pts
2Mathias Linderod / Andreas Stokbro (Den)7 
3Patrick Leth / Casper Pedersen (Den)5 
4Rasmus Bøgh Wallin / Amalie Dideriksen (Den)5 
5Mathias Laursen / Christian Larsen (Den)5 
6Søren Engberg / Mads Gram (Den)3 
7Nicolai Just / Tobias Asmussen (Den)1 
8Daniel Hartvig / Mads Hjort (Den)  
9Lise Engberg / Oliver Almind (Den)  
10Sofie Kryger / Marcus Jønsson (Den)  
11Stine Ambrosiusen / Cecilie Ludwig (Den)  
12Martin Frank / Rasmus Ambrosiusen (Den)  
13Frederik Vahlgren / Daniel Jensen (Den)  -1 lap
14Emil Funder / Mark Frederiksen (Den)  -2 laps
UIV talents cup day 1
1Damien Corthésy / Loïc Perizzolo (Swi)18pts
2George Atkins / Jonathan Mould (GBr)13 
3Sebastian Lander / Christian Kreutzfeldt (Den)13 
4Emil Hovmand / Mathias Greve (Den)9 
5Ian Moir / Kit Karzen (USA)4 
6Mike Lauge / Nichlas E. Sørensen (Den)3 
7Lasse Norman Hansen / Daniel Mielke (Den)3 
8Simon Bigum / Rasmus H. Lund (Den)1 
9Bob Stöpler / Bouke Kuiper (Ned)1 
10Frederik Schwartz / Casper Degn Larsen (Den)1 
11Philip Frank / Mikkel Mortensen (Den)  
12Davide Comolino / Andrea Comuzzi (Ita)  
13Mathias Øllegaard / Stefan Linné Jørgensen (Den)  
14Jonas Jørgensen / Sebastian Refsgaard (Den)  -3 laps


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