Carmiooro-A-Style double whammy

Sella wins stage, teammate Ventoso secures overall victory

The Carmiooro - A-Style team closed out a successful Cinturó de l'Empordà in fine fashion on Saturday with a stage win by Emanuelle Sella and overall victory by Francisco Ventoso.

Sella and Ventoso, part of the final stage's winning four-man break, crossed the finish line in first and second each with his arms aloft in celebration. Recently crowned U23 world champion Romain Sicard (Orbea) followed in third while Ibon Zugasti (Azysa Conor WRC) finished fourth.

"I am delighted and grateful to my team, and especially my breakaway partner Sella," said Ventoso. "His win was the best way to thank both him and the team. What a great job throughout this race they've done for me. Without them and the trust placed in me victory would not have been possible. I never tire of saying that I am delighted with the whole team."

Carmiooro-A-Style swept each of the event's three stages, with Ventoso the victor in the first two. In addition to winning overall, Ventoso claimed the points competition while teammate Sella won the best foreign rider classification.

1Emanuelle Sella (Ita) Carmiooro - A-Style3:39:50 
2Francisco Ventoso (Spa) Carmiooro - A-Style  
3Romain Sicard (Fra) Orbea  
4Ibon Zugasti (Spa) Azysa Conor WRC  
5Raul Garcia (Spa) Andorra-Grandevalira0:00:28 
6Rafael Rodriguez (Spa) Superfroiz0:00:32 
7Kenny Terweduwe (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht  
8Danielle Callegarin (Ita) Centri Della Calzatura  
9Aleksey Shchebelin (Rus) Sp. Tableware-Gatsoulis Bikes  
10Alexandre Geniez (Fra) VC La Pomme  
11Dimitri Puzanov (Rus) Andorra-Grandevalira  
12Francisco Torrella (Spa) CCN Valencia Terra I Mar  
13Alexandre Rycavoc (Rus) Lokomotiv  
14Sergey Chemesky (Rus) Lokomotiv  
15Sergio Pardilla (Spa) Carmiooro - A-Style  
16Miguel Minguez (Spa) Orbea  
17Jaume Rovira (Spa) Andorra-Grandevalira  
18Karol Andrzej (Pol) Azysa Conor WRC0:01:06 
19Niels Van Dijck (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht0:01:10 
20Estevan Parra (Spa) Superfroiz0:01:12 
21Janich Marie (Fra) VC La Pomme  
22Oriol Colome (Spa) Azysa Conor WRC  
23Vicente Garcia (Spa) Andorra-Grandevalira  
24Paul Hendrik Kneppers HOL CJAM CKT Novatec  
25Josep Betalu (Spa) Alcoletge  
26Miguel Rubiano (Col) Centri Della Calzatura  
27Carlos Oyarzun (Chi) Superfroiz  
28David Francisco (Spa) Burgos Monumental - Castilla Y Leon0:01:19 
29Alain Van Der Velde (Ned) Centri Della Calzatura0:01:28 
30Giuseppe Muraglia (Ita) Centri Della Calzatura  
31Nicolas Bonet (Fra) VC Vaulx En Velin0:01:48 
32Alvaro Garcia (Spa) Campoclaro  
33Antonio Miguel (Spa) Campoclaro  
34Carlos Torrent (Spa) Andorra-Grandevalira  
35Jose A. Desegovia (Spa) Superfroiz  
36Diego Tamayo (Col) Carmiooro - A-Style  
37Andres Avelino (Spa) Burgos Monumental - Castilla Y Leon  
38Sergio Casanova (Spa) Campoclaro  
39Alexander Porsev (Rus) Katyusha Continental  
40Pedro Solano (Spa) Azysa Conor WRC  
41Evgeny Popov (Rus) Katyusha Continental  
42Sibrecht Pieters (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht  
43Artur Ershov (Rus) Lokomotiv  
44Petr Ignatenko (Rus) Katyusha Continental  
45Fco. Javier Lopez (Spa) Andalucia Cajasur  
46Yauhen Sobal (Blr) Centri Della Calzatura  
47Walter Pedraza (Col) Sp. Tableware-Gatsoulis Bikes  
48David Peña (Spa) Alcoletge  
49Raul Castaño (Spa) CCN Valencia Terra I Mar  
50Diego Gallego (Spa) Burgos Monumental - Castilla Y Leon  
51Alexandre Ryabkin (Rus) Lokomotiv0:01:56 
52Jose Vicente Toribio (Spa) Andalucia Cajasur0:00:32 
53Angel Vallejo (Spa) Andorra-Grandevalira0:03:12 
54Joeri Calleeuw (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht0:08:27 
55Kit Gilham (GBr) Sportcover  
56Oscar Brualla (Spa) CJAM CKT Novatec  
57Eugenio Loria (Ita) Centri Della Calzatura  
58Carlos Lapuerta (Spa) Alcoletge  
59Roman Osuna (Spa) Andalucia Cajasur  
60Quiensy Vens (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht  
61Victor Jimenez (Spa) Superfroiz  
62Jose Belda (Spa) CCN Valencia Terra I Mar  
63Aristide Ratti (Ita) Carmiooro - A-Style0:08:39 
64Eneko Echeverz (Spa) Orbea0:12:08 
65Sebas Tamayo (Col) Carmiooro - A-Style0:13:04 
66Eric Berthou (Spa) Carmiooro - A-Style0:13:05 
67Julien Antomarchi (Fra) VC La Pomme0:14:10 
68Jordi Sargatal (Spa) CJAM CKT Novatec0:14:23 
69Albert Ebri (Spa) Azysa Conor WRC0:14:25 
70Gorka Ursua (Spa) Azysa Conor WRC  
71Rafael Valls (Spa) Burgos Monumental - Castilla Y Leon0:17:19 
72Roman Maksinov (Rus) Lokomotiv0:17:23 
73Sergio Carrasco (Spa) Andalucia Cajasur0:17:34 
74Guillaume Bonet (Fra) VC Vaulx En Velin  
75Vasile Anastopoulos (Gre) Sp. Tableware-Gatsoulis Bikes0:19:26 
76Francisco Cordon (Spa) Andalucia Cajasur0:19:28 
77Mathie Delaroziere (Fra) VC La Pomme  
78Pascual Martin (Spa) CCN Valencia Terra I Mar  
79Jordi Fite (Spa) ECP Freebike  
80Juan Vicente Della (Spa) Campoclaro  
81Ioannis Tamouridis (Gre) Sp. Tableware-Gatsoulis Bikes  
82Valeri Kaikov (Rus) Lokomotiv  
83Pierre Sanlaville (Fra) VC Vaulx En Velin  
84Edgar Nohales (Spa) Superfroiz  
85Emmanouil Daskalakis (Gre) Sp. Tableware-Gatsoulis Bikes  
86Kevin Dawson (GBr) Sportcover  
87Javier Puit (Spa) CJAM CKT Novatec  
88Egor Korolev (Rus) Lokomotiv  
89Jonathan Brunell (Fra) VC La Pomme0:19:55 
DNFAiran Fernandez (Spa) ECP Freebike  
DNFVicente Grau (Spa) Campoclaro  
DNFJoaquin Ortega (Spa) CCN Valencia Terra I Mar  
DNFJose Aguilar (Spa) Andalucia Cajasur  
DNFAlexis Rodriguez (Spa) Superfroiz  
DNFMikel Landa (Spa) Orbea  
DNFRicardo Garcia (Spa) Orbea  
DNFAndoni Blazquez (Spa) Orbea  
DNFBenat Urain (Spa) Orbea  
DNFEduard Prades (Spa) Andorra-Grandevalira  
DNFMaxim Gourov (Kaz) Carmiooro - A-Style  
DNFArtur Krol (Pol) Centri Della Calzatura  
DNFLuca Zanasca (Ita) Centri Della Calzatura  
1Emanuelle Sella (Ita) Carmiooro - A-Style25pts
2Francisco Ventoso (Spa) Carmiooro - A-Style20 
3Romain Sicard (Fra) Orbea16 
4Ibon Zugasti (Spa) Azysa Conor WRC14 
5Raul Garcia (Spa) Andorra-Grandevalira12 
6Rafael Rodriguez (Spa) Superfroiz10 
7Kenny Terweduwe (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht9 
8Danielle Callegarin (Ita) Centri Della Calzatura8 
9Aleksey Shchebelin (Rus) Sp. Tableware-Gatsoulis Bikes7 
10Alexandre Geniez (Fra) VC La Pomme6 
11Dimitri Puzanov (Rus) Andorra-Grandevalira5 
12Francisco Torrella (Spa) CCN Valencia Terra I Mar4 
13Alexandre Rycavoc (Rus) Lokomotiv3 
14Sergey Chemesky (Rus) Lokomotiv2 
15Sergio Pardilla (Spa) Carmiooro - A-Style1 
Sprint 1 - Cistella, km 33.2
1Jose Belda (Spa) CCN Valencia Terra I Mar3pts
2Artur Krol (Pol) Centri Della Calzatura2 
3Joeri Calleeuw (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht1 
Sprint 2 - Sant Climent Sescebes, km 73.1
1Jose Belda (Spa) CCN Valencia Terra I Mar3pts
2Artur Krol (Pol) Centri Della Calzatura2 
3Yauhen Sobal (Blr) Centri Della Calzatura1 
Mountain 1 - Alt de la Salut (Cat. 3) km 42.0
1Yauhen Sobal (Blr) Centri Della Calzatura3pts
2Jose Belda (Spa) CCN Valencia Terra I Mar2 
3Joeri Calleeuw (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht1 
Mountain 2 - Pic d'Agullana (Cat. 4) km 52.1
1Joeri Calleeuw (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht1 
Mountain 3 - Alt de Perafita (Cat. 2) km 102.7
1Giuseppe Muraglia (Ita) Centri Della Calzatura6pts
2Raul Garcia (Spa) Andorra-Grandevalira4 
3Sergio Pardilla (Spa) Carmiooro - A-Style2 
Mountain 4 - Alt de St. Pere de Roda (Cat. 1) km 121.5
1Luca Zanasca (Ita) Centri Della Calzatura9pts
2Sergio Pardilla (Spa) Carmiooro - A-Style6 
3Francisco Ventoso (Spa) Carmiooro - A-Style3 
Mountain 5 - Alt de Garriguella (Cat. 4) km 138.5
1Francisco Ventoso (Spa) Carmiooro - A-Style1 
1Carmiooro - A-Style11:00:02 
3Azysa Conor WRC0:01:46 
6Centri Della Calzatura0:02:40 
7Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht0:02:58 
8Burgos Monumental - Castilla Y Leon0:04:23 
10Katyusha Continental  
11CCN Valencia Terra I Mar0:10:15 
12Andalucia Cajasur  
15VC La Pomme0:15:22 
16Sp. Tableware-Gatsoulis Bikes0:21:14 
17CJAM CKT Novatec0:23:30 
18VC Vaulx En Velin0:38:18 
Final general classification
1Francisco Ventoso (Spa) Carmiooro - A-Style11:23:39 
2Ibon Zugasti (Spa) Azysa Conor WRC  
3Emanuelle Sella (Ita) Carmiooro - A-Style  
4Romain Sicard (Fra) Orbea  
5Raul Garcia (Spa) Andorra-Grandevalira0:00:28 
6Rafael Rodriguez (Spa) Superfroiz0:00:32 
7Kenny Terweduwe (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht  
8Aleksey Shchebelin (Rus) Sp. Tableware-Gatsoulis Bikes  
9Jaume Rovira (Spa) Andorra-Grandevalira  
10Miguel Minguez (Spa) Orbea  
11Dimitri Puzanov (Rus) Andorra-Grandevalira  
12Francisco Torrella (Spa) CCN Valencia Terra I Mar  
13Alexandre Geniez (Fra) VC La Pomme  
14Sergio Pardilla (Spa) Carmiooro - A-Style  
15Alexandre Rycavoc (Rus) Lokomotiv  
16Karol Andrzej (Pol) Azysa Conor WRC0:01:06 
17Niels Van Dijck (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht0:01:10 
18Janich Marie (Fra) VC La Pomme0:01:12 
19Vicente Garcia (Spa) Andorra-Grandevalira  
20Oriol Colome (Spa) Azysa Conor WRC  
21Paul Hendrik Kneppers HOL CJAM CKT Novatec  
22Miguel Rubiano (Col) Centri Della Calzatura  
23Carlos Torrent (Spa) Andorra-Grandevalira0:01:48 
24Antonio Miguel (Spa) Campoclaro  
25Jose A. Desegovia (Spa) Superfroiz  
26Sergio Casanova (Spa) Campoclaro  
27Diego Tamayo (Col) Carmiooro - A-Style  
28Petr Ignatenko (Rus) Katyusha Continental  
29David Peña (Spa) Alcoletge  
30Alexandre Ryabkin (Rus) Lokomotiv0:01:56 
31Fco. Javier Lopez (Spa) Andalucia Cajasur0:02:19 
32Raul Castaño (Spa) CCN Valencia Terra I Mar0:02:46 
33Carlos Oyarzun (Chi) Superfroiz0:03:15 
34David Francisco (Spa) Burgos Monumental - Castilla Y Leon0:03:24 
35Estevan Parra (Spa) Superfroiz0:03:29 
36Giuseppe Muraglia (Ita) Centri Della Calzatura0:03:43 
37Andres Avelino (Spa) Burgos Monumental - Castilla Y Leon0:05:27 
38Sergey Chemesky (Rus) Lokomotiv0:05:43 
39Artur Ershov (Rus) Lokomotiv0:06:59 
40Danielle Callegarin (Ita) Centri Della Calzatura0:07:43 
41Eugenio Loria (Ita) Centri Della Calzatura0:08:27 
42Victor Jimenez (Spa) Superfroiz  
43Alain Van Der Velde (Ned) Centri Della Calzatura0:09:59 
44Roman Osuna (Spa) Andalucia Cajasur0:10:44 
45Angel Vallejo (Spa) Andorra-Grandevalira0:11:15 
46Aristide Ratti (Ita) Carmiooro - A-Style0:12:11 
47Julien Antomarchi (Fra) VC La Pomme0:14:10 
48Josep Betalu (Spa) Alcoletge0:15:34 
49Sebas Tamayo (Col) Carmiooro - A-Style0:16:02 
50Nicolas Bonet (Fra) VC Vaulx En Velin0:16:10 
51Alexander Porsev (Rus) Katyusha Continental  
52Pedro Solano (Spa) Azysa Conor WRC  
53Yauhen Sobal (Blr) Centri Della Calzatura  
54Diego Gallego (Spa) Burgos Monumental - Castilla Y Leon  
55Kit Gilham (GBr) Sportcover0:16:13 
56Jose Vicente Toribio (Spa) Andalucia Cajasur0:17:05 
57Sibrecht Pieters (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht0:18:21 
58Roman Maksinov (Rus) Lokomotiv0:19:40 
59Egor Korolev (Rus) Lokomotiv0:21:45 
60Quiensy Vens (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht0:22:49 
61Evgeny Popov (Rus) Katyusha Continental0:24:02 
62Walter Pedraza (Col) Sp. Tableware-Gatsoulis Bikes  
63Jose Belda (Spa) CCN Valencia Terra I Mar0:24:43 
64Sergio Carrasco (Spa) Andalucia Cajasur0:25:25 
65Mathie Delaroziere (Fra) VC La Pomme0:26:39 
66Alvaro Garcia (Spa) Campoclaro0:26:41 
67Oscar Brualla (Spa) CJAM CKT Novatec0:27:37 
68Albert Ebri (Spa) Azysa Conor WRC0:28:47 
69Carlos Lapuerta (Spa) Alcoletge0:30:41 
70Joeri Calleeuw (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht0:31:03 
71Eric Berthou (Spa) Carmiooro - A-Style0:31:14 
72Pierre Sanlaville (Fra) VC Vaulx En Velin0:33:50 
73Jordi Fite (Spa) ECP Freebike  
74Jonathan Brunell (Fra) VC La Pomme0:34:17 
75Eneko Echeverz (Spa) Orbea0:36:34 
76Juan Vicente Della (Spa) Campoclaro0:36:35 
77Edgar Nohales (Spa) Superfroiz0:38:59 
78Rafael Valls (Spa) Burgos Monumental - Castilla Y Leon0:39:33 
79Francisco Cordon (Spa) Andalucia Cajasur0:42:22 
80Valeri Kaikov (Rus) Lokomotiv0:44:39 
81Gorka Ursua (Spa) Azysa Conor WRC0:57:59 
82Guillaume Bonet (Fra) VC Vaulx En Velin1:03:19 
83Jordi Sargatal (Spa) CJAM CKT Novatec1:05:49 
84Kevin Dawson (GBr) Sportcover1:07:24 
85Vasile Anastopoulos (Gre) Sp. Tableware-Gatsoulis Bikes1:10:02 
86Ioannis Tamouridis (Gre) Sp. Tableware-Gatsoulis Bikes1:10:04 
87Pascual Martin (Spa) CCN Valencia Terra I Mar1:10:54 
88Emmanouil Daskalakis (Gre) Sp. Tableware-Gatsoulis Bikes  
89Javier Puit (Spa) CJAM CKT Novatec  
Points classification
1Francisco Ventoso (Spa) Carmiooro - A-Style70pts
2Kenny Terweduwe (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht31 
3Rafael Rodriguez (Spa) Superfroiz29 
4Ibon Zugasti (Spa) Azysa Conor WRC28 
5Carlos Torrent (Spa) Andorra-Grandevalira28 
6Danielle Callegarin (Ita) Centri Della Calzatura28 
7Emanuelle Sella (Ita) Carmiooro - A-Style25 
8Eugenio Loria (Ita) Centri Della Calzatura25 
9Janich Marie (Fra) VC La Pomme21 
10Vicente Garcia (Spa) Andorra-Grandevalira19 
11Raul Garcia (Spa) Andorra-Grandevalira17 
12Romain Sicard (Fra) Orbea16 
13Antonio Miguel (Spa) Campoclaro12 
14Aleksey Shchebelin (Rus) Sp. Tableware-Gatsoulis Bikes10 
15Estevan Parra (Spa) Superfroiz7 
16Alexandre Geniez (Fra) VC La Pomme6 
17Sibrecht Pieters (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht6 
18Dimitri Puzanov (Rus) Andorra-Grandevalira5 
19Francisco Torrella (Spa) CCN Valencia Terra I Mar4 
20Oriol Colome (Spa) Azysa Conor WRC4 
21Mathie Delaroziere (Fra) VC La Pomme4 
22Alexandre Rycavoc (Rus) Lokomotiv3 
23Karol Andrzej (Pol) Azysa Conor WRC2 
24Sergey Chemesky (Rus) Lokomotiv2 
25Artur Ershov (Rus) Lokomotiv2 
Sprints classification
1Jose Belda (Spa) CCN Valencia Terra I Mar11pts
2Eugenio Loria (Ita) Centri Della Calzatura7 
3Giuseppe Muraglia (Ita) Centri Della Calzatura5 
4Mathie Delaroziere (Fra) VC La Pomme5 
5Danielle Callegarin (Ita) Centri Della Calzatura2 
6Yauhen Sobal (Blr) Centri Della Calzatura1 
7Joeri Calleeuw (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht1 
Mountains classification
1Giuseppe Muraglia (Ita) Centri Della Calzatura37pts
2Jose Belda (Spa) CCN Valencia Terra I Mar20 
3Sergio Pardilla (Spa) Carmiooro - A-Style18 
4Diego Tamayo (Col) Carmiooro - A-Style17 
5Eugenio Loria (Ita) Centri Della Calzatura10 
6Francisco Ventoso (Spa) Carmiooro - A-Style6 
7Raul Garcia (Spa) Andorra-Grandevalira4 
8Yauhen Sobal (Blr) Centri Della Calzatura3 
9Carlos Oyarzun (Chi) Superfroiz3 
10Sebas Tamayo (Col) Carmiooro - A-Style3 
11Joeri Calleeuw (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht2 
Young rider classification
1Romain Sicard (Fra) Orbea  
2Kenny Terweduwe (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht  
3Miguel Minguez (Spa) Orbea  
4Alexandre Geniez (Fra) VC La Pomme  
5Alexandre Rycavoc (Rus) Lokomotiv  
6Karol Andrzej (Pol) Azysa Conor WRC  
7Niels Van Dijck (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht  
8Vicente Garcia (Spa) Andorra-Grandevalira  
9Petr Ignatenko (Rus) Katyusha Continental  
10Alexandre Ryabkin (Rus) Lokomotiv  
11Sergey Chemesky (Rus) Lokomotiv  
Regional rider classification
1Ibon Zugasti (Spa) Azysa Conor WRC  
2Jaume Rovira (Spa) Andorra-Grandevalira  
3Oriol Colome (Spa) Azysa Conor WRC  
4Carlos Torrent (Spa) Andorra-Grandevalira  
5David Peña (Spa) Alcoletge  
6Pedro Solano (Spa) Azysa Conor WRC  
7Oscar Brualla (Spa) CJAM CKT Novatec  
8Albert Ebri (Spa) Azysa Conor WRC  
9Carlos Lapuerta (Spa) Alcoletge  
10Jordi Fite (Spa) ECP Freebike  
11Jordi Sargatal (Spa) CJAM CKT Novatec  
Foreign rider classification
1Emanuelle Sella (Ita) Carmiooro - A-Style  
2Romain Sicard (Fra) Orbea  
3Kenny Terweduwe (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht  
4Aleksey Shchebelin (Rus) Sp. Tableware-Gatsoulis Bikes  
5Dimitri Puzanov (Rus) Andorra-Grandevalira  
6Alexandre Geniez (Fra) VC La Pomme  
7Alexandre Rycavoc (Rus) Lokomotiv  
8Karol Andrzej (Pol) Azysa Conor WRC  
9Niels Van Dijck (Bel) Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht  
10Janich Marie (Fra) VC La Pomme  
11Paul Hendrik Kneppers HOL CJAM CKT Novatec  
Teams classification
1VC La Pomme34:26:51 
2Katyusha Continental0:03:52 
3Andalucia Cajasur0:04:52 
5CCN Valencia Terra I Mar0:11:19 
7Sp. Tableware-Gatsoulis Bikes1:13:01 
8CJAM CKT Novatec1:13:03 
9VC Vaulx En Velin1:26:03 
10Carmiooro - A-Style10:44:40 
12Azysa Conor WRC10:48:12 
15Centri Della Calzatura10:50:00 
16Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht10:50:36 
18Burgos Monumental - Castilla Y Leon11:12:10 
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