Mitchell secures men's title

Gatto takes commanding women's title win


Elite Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Mitchell (Dunbar/Intense/Sombrio)0:03:27.97 
2Jamie Biluk (Pinkbike/Suspensionwerx/ 
3Dean Tennant (Dunbar Cycles/Sombrio)0:03:30.38 
4Thomas Vanderham (Independent)0:03:30.50 
5Ryan Vanderham (Independent)0:03:30.93 
6Adriano Digiacinto (Bryson Racing Clan)0:03:31.61 
7Kenny Smith (SRAM, EVIL, Dakine, Chromagg)0:03:32.32 
8Benoit Rioux (equipe qc xprezo borsao)0:03:34.06 
9Yann Gauvin (Lama Cycles)0:03:34.25 
10Rob Fraser (Primary Racing)0:03:34.51 
11Simon Garstin (Team BC)0:03:34.61 
12Julien Laramee (Quilicot)0:03:35.05 
13Philippe Cyrenne Blanchard (Rocky mountain bicycle/ Cycle néron)0:03:35.07 
14Nick Quinn (brysonracingclan)0:03:35.24 
15Andy Thibodeau (Independent)0:03:35.96 
16Charles-Alexandre Dube (On the Edge Canada)0:03:37.16 
17Ewan Fafard (Cove Bikes)0:03:37.59 
18Matt Zdriluk (LAPIERRE - RACEFACE)0:03:37.73 
19Tyler Gorz ( & CBR)0:03:37.86 
20Matthew Beer (Independent)0:03:37.97 
21Harold Woolnough (Silent Devinci Racing)0:03:38.24 
22Jordie Lunn (Jamis Biles/Rockstar Energy)0:03:38.32 
23Drew Paulter (Primary/TREK/SRAM)0:03:38.34 
24Jeff Hunter (Cove Bikes)0:03:38.62 
24Tyler Gnitt (Independent)  
26Dan Skogland (Cove Bikes)0:03:40.00 
27Sidney Slotegraaf (Lapierre/Raceface)0:03:43.04 
28Ross Measures (Knolly Bikes/SRAM)0:03:44.09 
29Cameron Woods ( 
30Jean Sebastion Therrien (Trident Sports/Banshee Racing)0:03:44.97 
31Jeff Beeston (Trail Bicycles/Eatmore Sprouts)0:03:45.09 
32Aaron Dobie (Dunbar Cycles)0:03:47.49 
33Justin MacKnish (Lamar Cycles/Morewood)0:03:47.63 
34Ross Roseingrave (IDunbar Cycles)0:03:48.81 
35James Frost (Utopia Optics, Leatt Brace, Rudy Project)0:03:48.82 
36Mitch Thornton (Giant / Dakine / Cyclepath)0:03:49.09 
37Benoit LaBelle (Lama Cycles)0:03:50.26 
38Maxime Fortin Faubert (Independent)0:03:51.34 
39Ken Faubert (Dunbar Cycles)0:03:51.82 
40Guillame Lafleur-Smith (Xprezo)0:03:54.93 
41Kevin Landry (Banshee/Trident Factory Racing)0:03:55.02 
42Bryden Rigets (CCN/Intense/SuspensionWerx)0:03:56.23 
43Robert Venables (Dunbar Cycles)0:03:56.82 
44Tyler Paksi (Independent)0:04:08.94 
45Derek Plehwe (XPRESS RACING)0:04:09.36 
46Mike Trickett (Freeride Mountain Sports)0:04:10.58 
47Mark Noftall (Freeride Mountain Sports)0:04:21.02 
48Cole Carter (DHRacer/Intersport/Specialized/Nema)0:05:04.15 
DNSAdam Mautle (Dunbar Cycles/Sombrio  
DNSAdrian Cleary Cleary (Skyride Cycle  
DNSBill Macewen (Steed Cycles  
DNSKyle Lockyer (Devinci  
DNSTaylor Rowlands (Independent  
Elite Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Micayla Gatto (Cycling BC, Oakley)0:03:55.13 
2Miranda Miller (SantaCruz/SRAM/Pinkbike/Cycling B.C)0:04:03.28 
3Casey Brown (Independent)0:04:08.26 
4Rebecca McQueen (Independent)0:04:13.14 
5Kjersten Lone (ProCityRacing/Kali Protectives)0:04:17.40 
6Anne Laplante (Équipe du Québec - XPREZO - BORSAO)0:04:17.50 
7Vaea Verbeeck (Independent)0:04:20.61 
8Danice Uyesugi (CCN/Intense/RaceFace)0:04:24.45 
9Jennifer McMillan ( 
10Jaime Hill (CycleComponentNetwork/Troy Lee Designs)0:04:31.51 
11Kristen Courtney (Independent)0:04:42.29 
12Terri-Anne Howard (Park Cycle/Oneghost Industries)0:05:08.02 
DNFKristen Smart (cove bikes/sombrio clothing  
DNSLorraine Blancher (Ind  
Junior Expert Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Remi Gauvin (PerformX/Evil)0:03:28.51 
2Nicholas Geddes (Norco Factory Team and BC Team)0:03:31.83 
3Kyle Sangers (J&J Cycle)0:03:33.33 
4Riley Suhan (Pinkbike/Devinci, Darkside, Smith)0:03:33.39 
5Max Horner ( 
6Chayse Marshall (Full Boar Bike Store, Sun Peaks, Knollu)0:03:39.94 
7Danny Frey (THESECT/DECAL WORKS)0:03:40.74 
8Tyler Allison (Team BC)0:03:41.60 
9Cody Ratte ( 
10Linden Feniak (Cove / Sunshine Coast Cycling Club)0:03:45.02 
11Guillaume Labrie (Équipe du Québec/LamaCycles)0:03:47.52 
12Alex Currie (Pinkbike/Devinci)0:03:48.59 
13Brandon Indic (Independent)0:03:50.28 
14Philippe Morin (Quebec Provincial Team)0:03:50.32 
15Brenden Klassen (Independent)0:03:51.43 
16Michael Oosterveld (Silent Davince)0:03:52.50 
17Justin Dale (Dunbar Cycles)0:03:52.87 
18Sky Gustin (Lama Cycles/Cycling BC)0:03:54.20 
19Kye Walstrom (Cove Factory Team)0:03:56.66 
20Samuel Thibault (Équipe du Québec - Gravité Sports)0:03:56.97 
21Taylor Smith (Cycle Component Network)0:04:01.78 
22Brennen Brosinsky (Independent)0:04:04.27 
23Cam Porteous (DUNBAR CYCLES)0:04:05.11 
24Al Raines (MC 1 Racing)0:04:07.31 
25Braeden Onciul (Express Racing)0:04:09.30 
26Nicholas Grimm (Bryson Racing Clan)0:04:10.83 
27Cam Hilts ( 
DNSGlithero Caleb (Kamikaze/Troylee  
Junior Expert Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kelsey Begg (Cycling BC)0:05:15.15 
DNSHolly Feniak (Cove / sunshine coast cycling club  
Canada Cup
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
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