Watson and Batty win Canada Cup

Latest cross country round held in Edmonton

Elite Men
1Andrew Watson (Can) Norco Factory Team1:44:01 
2Matt Hadley (Can) Xprezo0:01:04 
3Tim Heemskerk (Ned) UnIted Cycle Racing0:02:03 
4Julien Fillion (Can) Devinci0:03:32 
5Eric Batty (Can) Trek Toronto0:03:38 
6Stefan Widmer (Can) Rocky Mountain0:04:47 
7Roddi Lega (Can) Pedalhead0:05:49 
8Shawn Bunnin (Can) Bicisport!0:06:09 
9Benoit Simard (Can) Emd Serono Specialized0:07:07 
10Leni Trudel (Can) Specialized0:07:09 
11Andrew Thomas (Can) Team SASK / ERTC0:07:23 
12Craig Richey (Can) Blue Competition Cycles0:07:40 
13Brian Bain (Can) CMC/Bowcycle0:07:44 
14Adam Morka (Can) Trek Store Race Team0:08:23 
15Ryan Atkins (Can) EMD Serono Specialized0:08:55 
16Cody Canning (Can) Team Alberta/ERTC - Revolution0:09:04 
17Cameron Jette (Can) Trek Store Race Team0:10:11 
18Kris Sneddon (Can) Kona0:10:34 
19Daniel Sessford (Can) Blue Competition Cycles0:10:38 
20Manuel Fehlmann (Can) Pedalhead/Balance Point Racing0:11:48 
21Thomas Skinner (Can) Oak Bay Bikes/Specialized0:12:30 
22Zachary Hughes (Can) Norco Evolution0:13:18 
23Matthew Krahn (Can) Redbike0:15:55 
24Craig Stappler (Can) Deadgoat Racing0:16:49 
25Nicholas Weighall (USA) RadRacing NW/Herriott sports performance0:19:04 
26Jason Siegle (USA) Bear Valley Bikes0:20:46 
27Justin Middleton (Can) Team Alberta/Juventus0:21:36 
28Peter Knight (Can) Hardcore Cycling Club0:23:50 
29Andre Sutton (Can) Hardcore Cycling Club0:24:25 
30Cameron Mcknight (Can) ERTC - Revolution0:25:11 
31Peter Lawrence (Can) Team H&R Block- Kona0:26:44 
32Bailey McKnight (Can) Team Alberta/Synergy0:27:28 
-1lapJames Mollison (Can) Cyclmeisters/Bow Cycle  
DNFBrian Robinson (Can) CMC/ Bow Cycle  
DNFDavid Larson (Can) Pedalhead Roadworks  
DNFDrew Mackenzie (Can) island racing club  
DNFMike Bidniak (Can) Pedalhead Road Works  
DNFCory Zetterstrom (Can) NBR/BCW  
Elite women
1Emily Batty (Can) Trek Store Race Team1:40:55 
2Mical Dyck (Can) Trek Toronto Store/ Terrascape0:00:17 
3Joanna Harrington (Aus) Fineline Racing Whistler0:04:54 
4Catherine Vipond (Can) Norco Factory Team0:07:54 
5Kate Aardal (Nor) Hardcore0:11:58 
6Joele Guynup (USA) island racing club0:13:22 
7Rébecca Beaumont (Can) Cyclone d'Alma0:14:40 
8Bridget Linder (Can) Hardcore0:17:07 
9Shantel Koenig (Can) redbike0:18:21 
10Erica Musyj (Can) NBR/BCW0:23:39 
11Krystyn Ong (Can) juventus0:24:04 
12Nadine Mueller (Can) Independent0:29:01 
DNFJean Ann Mckirdy (Can) Local Women's Ride  
DNFKelly Hall (Can) Team Alberta  
Junior expert women
1Samantha Grover (Can) Hardcore1:32:43 
2Caeli Baron (Can) Team Alberta/Synergy0:15:30 
DNFGina Kisell (Can) Synergy  
Junior expert men
1Mo Lawrence (Can) Team Squamish1:36:49 
2Eric Emsky (USA) Rad Racing NW/ Hagens Berman LLC0:00:54 
3Kris Dahl (Can) CMC/bow cycle0:03:47 
4James Winter (Can) Team Sask/Fresh Air Experience0:13:24 
5Rob Leigh (Can) Team Squamish0:13:28 
6Jayden Aldrich (Can) Team Sask0:22:38 
DNFMac Garvin (Can) Cyclemeisters/ Bow Cycle  
DNSFelix Wilberg (Can) Team Alberta  
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