Fry wins second title of the weekend

Short track win comes one day after cross country victory

Rowena Fry won the women's short track national championships on Sunday in Adelaide. While it was a familiar result, coming one day after Fry also won the cross country, it was a drama-packed affair with Katherine O'Shea heavily crashing on the second lap, forcing her out of the race and briefly bringing the race to a halt.

Once racing resumed, Heather Logie made all the running at the front with only Fry able to follow her pace. However, Logie lost control on a tight left-hand corner abruptly bringing her race to an end and leaving Fry out in front on her own.

"It was good to win, but it feels a little hollow because of the early crash of Katherine's that took her out of the race," Fry said of one of her main rival's fate. "Unfortunately that's short track racing. There was battle to get to the front and a little clip of the handlebars caused the crash."

"Then Heather was leading when she fell at the front, which changed things a bit, because I was going to try to sit on her and wait for an opportunity to attack but just had to go on my own and it was hard out in front," said Fry, who went on the offensive.

The race for the minor placing saw 18-year-old Rebecca Henderson take the silver medal and Jodie Willett got the bronze.

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rowena Fry  
2Rebecca Henderson  
3Jodie Willett  
4Jenni King (torq australia croydon cycleworks)  
5Joanna Wall  
6Sarah Holmes (Over The Edge Sports Melrose.Ibis)  
7Therese Rhodes (Merida)  
8Kylie Webb (Lonsdale St Cyclery Canberra)  
9Jaclyn Schapel  
10Philippa Rostan  
11Heather Logie  
DNSKatherine O'Shea (Torq Nutrition)  
DNSFiona Macdermid  
DNSTory Thomas (Toro/Spam/Vis)  
DNSRosemary Barnes (NSW Redshift Racing)  
DNSKelly Bartlett  
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