Costello triumphs in Triple RRR Classic

McLennan takes third consecutive women's victory

The 19th edition of Australia's Triple RRR Classic ended in a bunch sprint, with victory going to the unheralded North Queensland teenager Andrew Costello, who triumphed in a frantic dash to the line.

The quality of Costello's victory will be remembered in the annals of Australia's oldest point-to-point mountainbike race, not only due to his tender years. It was the standard of the opponents Costello conquered during that final dash along the sandy strip as he outpaced four-time champion David Wood and local downhill legend Sean McCarroll - both of whom boast international experience at World Cup level.

"It's an absolute honour to win this event, many great riders have won this before me," the Atherton Tableland schoolboy said. "It's absolutely amazing."

A record field of 310 cyclists lined up in outback Mount Molloy to undertake the 44-kilometre journey that transits the World Heritage rainforest before descending via the historic Bump Track to the tropical coast near Port Douglas.

In what turned out to be the fastest start in the race's history, a select group of nine riders formed in the opening kilometres, featuring an eclectic mix of cross country specialists, elite downhillers and big-gear grinding road cyclists. The makeup reflected the unique nature of the Triple RRR, a race that includes a variety of terrain and surface conditions, coupled with an overall negative gradient.

Pre-race rumours that one-time international downhill star Sean McCarroll had come to the race with a mission for the overall title proved to be well founded. The supreme descender in the pack found himself mixing it with the fast men on the approach to the descent of the Bump Track.

Persistent attacks came from the road contingent as the race rolled through Outback Wetherby Station, with the serious contenders working together to counter the moves.

"A couple of the road riders, Ivan Cook and Andre Tonello, got a little breakaway and it was really tough trying to get them back in," Costello said.

The addition of a new technical section in the 2009 course caused a significant shakeup in the lead group. Punctures also proved costly as Tonello, Cook and James Banner-Smith each lost valuable time.

It was on the descent of the Bump Track where the major move of the race eventuated. As expected, the specialist downhillers Wood and McCarroll established a slender lead, but it wasn't enough to stop Costello, who managed to claw his way back onto the lead group as the race rolled across the Mowbray Valley. Smaller and lighter, the conditions on Four Mile Beach ultimately favoured Costello, who still managed to produce strength well beyond his years to win the sprint against two of the Triple RRR's best credentialed exponents.

Relaxing day for Hannah

Taking a more relaxed approach to the race, Australian Downhill Champion Mick Hannah chose to back off and enjoy the scenery with his major objective, the World Championships in Canberra, now just days away.

The fifth placed rider on the World Cup downhill standings is at the peak of his powers and will head to Mount Stromlo refreshed after enjoying every minute of his home race.

"I did take it a bit cruisy today, practice starts on Tuesday for the worlds, and I don't race till Sunday so it's quite a long week," Hannah said.

"I'm feeling pretty confident, my pedalling is stronger than it's ever been and I'm fit and healthy.
I'm going there to win."

Hannah's Manager at Team GT, American Steve Spencer, also made the most of his first taste of the Triple RRR Classic.
"Great experience, rode through some beautiful countryside around Port Douglas, met a lot of great people who cheered us down the hill," Spencer said. "The Triple RRR has been the highlight of the trip."

McLennan three-peat in women's event

In the women's race, Cairns cyclist Abby McLennan continued her unbeaten run, to make it three consecutive victories in the Triple RRR Classic. McLennan was never challenged over the 44-kilometre distance and continues to build in confidence as she prepares to take on the visiting European women in the Crocodile Trophy.

McLennan will spearhead the local Rattle & Hum team, supported by husband Scott and teammate James Banner-Smith, both of whom produced solid performances today.

"We're training to peak for the Crocodile Trophy and these races really help," McLennan said. "The training days are long, but we're starting to get used to them and we can't wait for October."


Elite / Expert women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lauretta Howarth1:58:41 
2Josephine Zammit0:12:17 
Elite / Expert men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sean McCarroll1:31:56 
2David Wood0:00:00 
3James Banner-Smith0:04:21 
4Ivan Cook0:08:21 
5Jeremiah Vella0:08:33 
6Sam Stedman0:08:37 
7Tim O'Dwyer0:08:41 
8Mick Hannah0:11:09 
9Carl Schefe0:26:42 
10Tris Kearns0:32:33 
11Adam Nicholson0:37:53 
12Michael Eckert0:44:10 
13David O'Neill0:44:16 
14Adam Fletcher1:22:12 
DNSTeli Kollios  
Junior men under 15
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joshua Pollock1:48:11 
2Will Marnane0:01:18 
3Matthew Pollock0:02:57 
4Nicholas Costello0:17:25 
5Jack Richardson0:35:50 
6Lachlan McLaren0:48:45 
7Shaun McGoldrick1:08:20 
8Chris Watters1:13:12 
9Ashley O'Neill1:13:47 
DNSLuke Flynn  
Junior men under 17
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nelson Tilley1:32:09 
2Alec Costello0:16:25 
3James Davies0:35:24 
4Dylan Squarci0:38:35 
5Matt Rogers0:45:49 
6Mitchell Fletcher0:51:16 
7Donie Watters0:53:39 
8Kayne Blazely-Kelly0:59:21 
9James Ward1:04:45 
10Jordan Welsh1:04:46 
11Joshua Guernier1:06:59 
12Isaiah Hennessey1:11:06 
13Matthew Kerwick1:22:29 
14Ethan Collinson1:48:17 
Junior men under 19
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Costello1:31:55 
Veteran women 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Abby Mclennan1:45:19 
2Sharon Hoey0:28:11 
3Jeanette Powell0:28:45 
4Jane Barry0:38:02 
5Lesley Sutton0:47:48 
6Lucija Tomljenovic0:48:08 
7Catherine Hellier0:57:48 
8Penny Strickland1:09:04 
9Rachel Hughes1:32:05 
DNSKatrina Cullen  
DNSSarah Hoyal  
Veteran Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mark Viney1:32:40 
2Tim Northey0:05:02 
3Timothy Andersen0:10:24 
4Justin Dring0:10:41 
5Rudi De Faveri0:11:32 
6Wesleigh Roode0:11:35 
7Ross March0:14:17 
8Philip Smith0:14:32 
9Dominic Hoyal0:15:15 
10Mark Allen0:16:04 
11Trent Young0:16:11 
12David Eakin0:17:14 
13Gary Crane0:17:20 
14Rod Miller0:18:05 
15Graham Grant0:22:19 
16Jason Hedges0:23:22 
17Michael Bennett0:23:42 
18Robert Johnstone0:23:49 
19Shane Dempster0:23:59 
20Josh Rayner0:24:53 
21Dale Skowronski0:25:01 
22Paul Guy0:26:24 
23Michael Hibble0:26:28 
24Troy Stockham0:27:00 
25Bill Handebo0:28:06 
26Terry Ebert0:28:54 
27Russell Moseley0:29:29 
28Robert Stevenson0:29:36 
29Matthew Salmon0:30:48 
30Paul Bowtell0:32:58 
31Greg Hutton0:34:05 
32Mick Giudice0:34:10 
33Brad Shannon0:36:57 
34Darran Shannon0:36:57 
35Jay Marron0:37:02 
36Anthony Eckert0:41:31 
37Rowan Pack0:42:05 
38Adrian O'sullivan0:43:31 
39Adam Loughnan0:45:13 
40Vincent Vitale0:46:17 
41Justin Cook0:50:02 
42Umberto Tropea0:50:55 
43Sandy Mar0:50:57 
44Sean Pearce0:51:17 
45Warren Muchna0:51:18 
46Sebastian Reddan0:57:59 
47Steven paul Dieckmann0:58:55 
48Thorstein Stovell1:01:29 
49Duane Bowe1:12:19 
50Gary Perkin1:15:52 
51Mark Maurissen1:15:53 
52Mathew Spiilane1:21:27 
53Anthony Andrews1:29:47 
DNSKent Burbidge  
DNSBen Chandler  
DNSShane Poggioli  
DNFJames Bourke  
Master women 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Simone Wagner2:24:11 
2Jerrie Huchison0:03:07 
3Anne Lavers0:15:02 
4Amanda Pink0:40:37 
Master men 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Scott Mclennan1:37:42 
2Tim Jackson0:07:43 
3Rod Tindale0:08:41 
4Paul Hoye0:09:08 
5Derek Desaunois0:10:04 
6Dean Pollock0:10:11 
7Gavin Butler0:10:34 
8John O'Reilly0:12:26 
9David Quantrill0:12:36 
10Robert Saunders0:12:56 
11Alan Clarke0:17:56 
12Kerrod Cronin0:21:38 
13Steven Sandilant0:21:42 
14Peter Ius0:21:46 
15Martin Sharples0:22:37 
16Vince Scott0:23:40 
17Bob Clanfield0:23:45 
18Andy Everest0:26:48 
19Bret Piccone0:27:02 
20Stephen Salleras0:27:34 
21Mark Flynn0:27:38 
22John Dickinson0:27:55 
23Stuart Macdonald0:28:03 
24Dean Boyce0:28:39 
25Peter Andersen0:30:26 
26Ben Kaesehagen0:31:06 
27Don Everest0:32:00 
28Ian Grimmett0:32:28 
29Hanz Ketterer0:32:33 
30Craig Pearson0:32:52 
31Roger Thomas0:33:27 
32Scott Barber0:35:29 
33Malcolm Barrett0:36:09 
34David Kirkpatrick0:38:34 
35Skip Townsend0:39:45 
36Donal Watters0:39:59 
37Anthony Croke0:42:15 
38Dave Jarrett0:42:29 
39Llew Davies0:44:07 
40Scott Davis0:44:18 
41Martin Barlow0:45:26 
42Grant Park0:51:18 
43Robert Grace1:05:25 
44Steve Spencer1:10:50 
DNSDylan Howells  
Super Master women 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chris Chapman2:25:54 
2Ruth Dunne0:08:55 
3Jacky Cooke0:18:23 
Super Master men 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Mehonoshen1:46:24 
2Joel Groberg0:04:43 
3Richard Knowles0:04:55 
4Mal Mcculloch0:05:30 
5Mark Lavers0:06:42 
6Jonathan Smith0:07:34 
7Grahame Allen0:07:39 
8Frank McGoldrick0:11:05 
9Ken Oswald0:11:42 
10Peter Sexton0:12:06 
11Don Mclennan0:14:52 
12Gordon Dixon0:16:27 
13Tony Marnane0:17:20 
14Peter Stuart0:17:33 
15Tony Pappas0:18:08 
16Peter McNally0:20:47 
17Phillip Jetnikoff0:22:31 
18Glen Mills0:27:50 
19John Koerner0:32:33 
20Paul Houston0:34:38 
21Ray Wright0:34:45 
22Andrew Campbell0:34:59 
23David Sherwood0:36:52 
24Ian Hutchison0:45:32 
25John Griffiths1:03:47 
26Brendan Delargy1:12:34 
27Gary O'Neill1:15:36 
DNSLee Dilkes  
Sport women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Selina Stoute2:08:36 
2Louise Hateley0:45:47 
3Claire Wilson0:56:53 
Sport men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrei Tonello1:36:22 
2Demetri Pappas0:03:55 
3Christopher Florence0:07:05 
4Samuel Pappas0:11:17 
5Jon Standage0:11:52 
6Stuart Sisson0:14:39 
7Lachlan Thomson0:18:23 
8Ian Humble0:18:47 
9Ryan Calcagno0:19:43 
10Sean Willmot0:22:13 
11Dean Addison0:22:49 
12John Wiren0:24:11 
13Heath Austin0:30:27 
14Ray Marcelo0:31:11 
15Peter Davidson0:32:49 
16Chris Borsato0:34:36 
17Andrew Calcagno0:35:50 
18Russell Millard0:38:58 
19Robert Williams0:40:36 
20Reilly Hurst0:44:19 
21Brice Ruellan0:45:00 
22Phillip Derlagen0:52:27 
23Chris Reid1:03:04 
24Matthew Emmerson1:03:05 
25Matthew Coburn1:06:48 
Social Female
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lisa Still1:49:28 
2Simone Zwyer0:02:54 
3Bernadette Tooman0:08:05 
4Val Bowman0:12:32 
5Leah Denman0:12:59 
6Sharon Flynn0:14:03 
7Anne Beare0:23:08 
8Katherine Masson0:35:29 
9Andrea Slattery0:36:06 
10Tanya Hearn0:36:07 
11Amanda Blazely0:42:31 
12Kim Seccafien0:44:41 
13Cathie Oswald0:45:47 
14Pam Palmer0:45:48 
15Lisa Plozza0:49:37 
16Linda van der Salm0:49:37 
17Michelle Costello0:51:12 
18Tracey Hayes0:51:47 
19Jodie Sheldon0:52:03 
20Rachel Reid1:15:06 
21Debbie Thompson1:15:39 
Social Male
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matt Greenwood1:29:30 
2James Hall0:07:23 
3Joshoa Bond0:10:28 
4Oliver Wacek0:11:06 
5Alan Benn0:11:55 
6Jay Schesser0:16:09 
7Jason Berther0:16:11 
8Charlie Waller0:17:49 
9Derryn Richardson0:18:18 
10Lyall Jerome0:22:52 
11Deane McLaren0:23:35 
12Mark Kosky0:26:02 
13Bart Patterson0:26:49 
14Daniel Fisher0:29:49 
15Dave Cuming0:30:26 
16Mark Clotworthy0:32:28 
17Russell Claremont0:33:08 
18Eugen Zwyer0:34:27 
19Austen Buckley0:34:29 
20Andy Baker0:34:29 
21Chook Jones0:35:03 
22Shawn Perera0:35:10 
23Peter Jury0:35:47 
24Scott Campbell0:36:58 
25Sam Maugeri0:37:27 
26Nathan Claremont0:37:33 
27Robert Mcphail0:37:43 
28Brett Freeman0:38:12 
29Mike Thurtell0:40:24 
30Jaeme Zwart0:40:32 
31Luke Sims0:41:21 
32Steven Soda0:41:22 
33Jake Rassmussen0:41:59 
34Brad Kellas0:42:39 
35Steven Curtis0:42:39 
36Paul Sciberras0:42:54 
37Alan Hurst0:43:06 
38Gary Roberts0:43:07 
39Peter Johnson0:44:16 
40Julian Haysom0:44:43 
41Gary Aylett0:45:37 
42Craig Nissen0:45:57 
43Sam Harrop0:46:00 
44Norm Toogood0:48:17 
45Dan O'Connor0:51:22 
46Peter Austen0:53:04 
47Cameron Finter0:53:38 
48Jamie Masson0:55:29 
49Adam Slattery0:56:08 
50James Hughes1:04:31 
51John Menzies1:05:23 
52Wayne Hannah1:06:27 
53Max Quinn1:06:38 
54Jeffrey Walter1:06:39 
55Stephen Trump1:08:46 
56Bob Hayes1:11:45 
57Landon Stroud1:12:01 
58Kerry Walsh1:16:57 
59Dane Wallace1:23:53 
60Tim O'Brien1:23:54 
61Ben Burke1:32:44 
62Roger Griffith1:35:38 
DNSMurray Ferguson  
DNSMichael Keynes  
DNSLuke Wells-Smith  
DNFDaryl Blain  
Junior men - social
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ross Musmarra2:31:26 
2Joe Blazely-Kelly0:20:32 

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