Video: Inside the Garmin-Sharp bus at the Giro d'Italia

Guided tour of the team's luxury transportation

The Garmin-Sharp team bus at the Giro d'Italia is – not surprisingly – filled with Garmin navigation devices and Sharp appliances. The team bus driver gave Cyclingnews a tour of the luxury team bus, showing off all of its gadgets and tools.

The kitchen section include a microwave, from Sharp, of course, a coffee machine and a refrigerator filled with water. There is also Sharp music system, which can be used as is, or the riders can hookup their iPads or other devices.

In addition, there are three televisions in the sitting area, as well as storage space for the riders to store their gear.

Along with being a technological hotbed the team bus offers the riders sanctuary at the starts and finishes of major races. Join us on a tour of the bus.


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