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Video: David Millar's Cervélo S3 race bike

Cycling News
February 18, 15:04,
February 18, 14:20
First Edition Cycling News, Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Former Cofidis teammates Bingen Fernández and David Millar talk training

Former Cofidis teammates Bingen Fernández and David Millar talk training

  • Former Cofidis teammates Bingen Fernández and David Millar talk training
  • David Millar (Garmin Sharp) keeping the tempo high on the front of the field.

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Exclusive look at Garmin-Sharp rider's race rig

WorldTour team Garmin-Sharp's relationship with bicycle manufacturer Cervélo continues in 2014 and during the team's recent Mallorca training camp Cyclingnews took a closer look at David Millar's race bike.

For 2014, Millar's final year in the professional peloton, the 37-year-old Scotsman will be aboard Cervélo's new S3, described by Garmin-Sharp's mechanic as "a combination of the R5 and S5, taking the best of both worlds - being aerodynamic as well as being a little more supple."

While Millar's S3 is "off the shelf, it's something you can go to your local shop and purchase as of 2014", find out the little details about Millar's specific set-up and personal preferences.

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Video created by Laura Fletcher.

Dan DelliBovi 5 months ago
whitney houston? lol
thresholdbrew 5 months ago
It is never a good sign for a bike manufacturer when their top riders opt out of riding the top of the line bike for an older model.
summersover 5 months ago
while the s3 isn't the top of the line bike it just got completely redesigned so its not an older model. The s5 is the one that hasn't changed
east_eight 5 months ago
Watch the video….
PCM Geek 5 months ago
miller is a nice guy and all and he was a good rider at one time, but who cares about a washed up rider like him or what he's riding. it just doesn't matter any more... go figure...
get-biggers-boners 5 months ago
(D O U C H E = PCM geek) a new mathematical constant.
tony365 5 months ago
If you don't care why did you respond
scandalxk 5 months ago
I care. I was at the start at St Gildas des Bois at last year's Tour, and Millar stopped right beside me to sign autographs. Not only was he a nice guy, but also his black Cervelo bike, complete with blue argyle panel on the downtube, was easily the smartest in the peloton at that race. Nice trolling, by the way, PCM Geek. Successful, too ;-)
get-biggers-boners 5 months ago
It's not an s3 it's an s5
get-biggers-boners 5 months ago
the pic on the car on the home page is an s5
stumpjumper 5 months ago
Lovely bike, good luck to Millar!
maldux 5 months ago
Some riders never know when to quit.