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Video: Andreu on the Alpe d'Huez

Cycling News
July 19, 2013, 02:23,
July 19, 2013, 03:23
First Edition Cycling News, Friday, July 19, 2013
Tour de France
Frankie Andreu talks to Cyclingnews on the Alpe d'Huez

Frankie Andreu talks to Cyclingnews on the Alpe d'Huez

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American ponders the fortunes of Froome, Contador, Rodriguez

Former road captain on US Postal, Frankie Andreu was as surprised as any the way the cards fell for general classification rivals Chris Froome (Sky) and Alberto Contador (Saxo-Tinkoff) over two ascents of Alpe d'Huez.

In this exclusive video, the American casts his eye over the edge-of-your-seat action that took place on stage 18.

"I think [Contador] expected to get a little bit more time on the downhill and that didn't happen," says Andreu. "I think it took a lot of energy out of him. But when you don't have the legs you've got to search for desperate tactics and I think that's where Alberto is. He doesn't want to be second, he's not satisfied with second or third."

Andreu was also surprised to see Froome suffering as much as he did on the second ascent.

"I hadn't seen Froome bonking with the sugar low. I hadn't seen that before."

Watch the complete video below.


azureskies More than 1 year ago
big respect to porte, frankie is right.
johnlh More than 1 year ago
I like the way how he deflected the reporter's lead into the Postal vs Sky doping question. Frankie is smart.
mondonico More than 1 year ago
Frankie has forgotten more than I have ever known about cycling. But I still have a few questions. Why do so many think that Saxo wanted to get more out of the downhill and not just want to be in front? Where has Saxo ever gained real time on a downhill? Yea, lets get in front and if they screw up were in better position. So does Alberto want to just sit on 2nd or is he going to attack and try for the win? You sound like you think he wants to do both Frankie? Why do they have to attack on the first climb tomorrow or not at all? Yea Frome and Sky are without a question the strongest. But if you keep attacking, just small attacks maybe they make an error. If your not happy in 2nd as Frankie says then ya gotta keep hittin, and hittin. Every chance you have even if your weaker! But then see above. I hope AC at least tries to attack. I get it if he just does not have the legs. But don't just sit back and let the race finnish out.
philjthommo More than 1 year ago
AC and Sanchaz took time on a downhill finish in 2011 TdF from memory.
Cance > TheRest More than 1 year ago
yes Col De Manse stage 2011 to Gap, where AC, Evans and Sanchez attacked and got 1½ min on little Schleck
Jeff Youngs More than 1 year ago
Frankie who? Who cares what this confirmed cheat has to say. He was part of the we should respect his opinion? Come on Cycling News, use retired cyclists we can look up to in your reporting. "In an interview with the New York Times in September 2006, Andreu admitted that he had taken EPO to help prepare for the 1999 Tour de France.[4] Andreu said he was introduced to Performance-enhancing drugs in 1995 while he was riding for Motorola.[5] Frankie Andreu gave more details in his September 2012 USADA affidavit declaring he used EPO in 1998 as he traveled preparing for the 1999 Tour. Andreu declared he knowingly received EPO injections in 1999 after races by the USPS Team doctor, Dr. del Moral. In 1999 immediately after the Tour de France, his wife Betsy, found a thermos with EPO in their refrigerator. Betsy questioned Andreu about the drugs and was very upset. In a signed affidavit to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) Frankie Andreu testified he responded to his wife by saying, "You don't understand. This is the only way I can keep up in the Tour." from Wikipedia
Julian Dupree More than 1 year ago
Frankie came BRAVELY and HONORABLY came out before everyone else and didn't do it at the end of the barrel of a gun. He told Armstrong he wasn't going to do it anymore even if his cycling suffered. This caused the Wrath of Armstrong to be released on him. Armstrong fired him from the team for NOT doping anymore. Armstrong had Several of Frankies jobs destroyed and the strain on his marriage. Jeff Youngsyou are an IDIOT. I don't think you know anything about cycling and you sure as heck don't know anything about Frankie. He is truely one of the good guys. He is stood up when he could have just followed the Omerta. Your a toad.
Jeff Youngs More than 1 year ago
Well I may be an Idiot, I know several people that will agree with that and I can give you several reasons to support it...but I sure as hell did not cheat to get that
Buddy Dogwoof More than 1 year ago
Well said Julian and Jeff! What Jeff may not comprehend is it takes cheaters knowledge to catch cheaters. If you never raced on the continent you don't understand the pressure to "perform." Frankie has turned out to be one of the good guys for coming clean early. Jeff, the real world needs more people like Frankie and Betsy as cycling is an embarrassment due to the transgressions of many before and after LA. Froome is now the target, due to the bad boy behavior of past years and may or may not be clean, Let's hope he is clean and Jeff can continue with his dreamworld views.
Lufts More than 1 year ago
I have nothing against Frankie, and do respect his delayed honesty, we have gone overboard. It is Greg LeMond of that era that should be revered. And no, you don't need to have been a cheater to know one. LeMond stood up to Armstrong long before ANYONE else except Christophe Bassons, and is single handedly responsible for getting people to recognize that 1)drug tests are a joke and 2) you can tell from wattage whether someone is cheating. Which, btw, is why Skye's refusal to release power numbers is so disturbing.